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BODHI SAAR Dated 30-03-2017 Brought to you by Bodhi Booster ( Bodhi News website http://News.BodhiBooster.


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The mega problem of China!

Economic treaties, Infra projects and financing, Political treaties, Protectionism and nationalism, Regional conflicts, World wars and conflicts

1. Chinas communist regime has ambitious plans for the OBOR and CPEC. But with India unhappy about its territorial integritys violation in Gilgit-Baltistan
region, things have become very tricky. Both China and Pakistan want India to join CPEC rather than oppose it.
2. The $ 54 billion worth CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor), passing through the Gilgit-Baltistan region of J & K, joining Baluchistans Gwadar
port with Chinas Xinjiang provience, is considered both by China and Pakistan to be a game-changer.
3. As an answer to CPEC, India has pushed ahead refurbishment of Chabahar port and construction of railways in Iran. The general perception on Indias
opposition in China and Pakistan is that India wants only to secure geopolitical mileage and is opposed to any initiative aimed at economic transformation of
Pakistan. Nothing could be more wrong!
4. $ 27 billion of the CPEC resources have been allocated to undertake 18 power projects. The goal is to create a stable electricity and logistics environment for
an export manufacturing economy in Pakistan. China has now started peddling a new idea CPECs main competitor is Make in India. Now China is
desperate to get Indias support in CPEC, as otherwise the entire project can get tangled in complexities. Hence, the Chinese lawyers and authors are on an
5. Chinas new logic # 1 : Due to a huge increase in blue-collar wages in China every seven years, factories are either likely to stay in China with heavy
automation, or shift to other Asian countries. For Asian countries including India and Pakistan, capturing the relocated manufacturing is crucial.
6. Chinas new logic # 2 : China has a huge lead in textiles alone, shipping $ 274 billion in exports annually against Indias $ 40 billion, the second largest
exporter. Even if India can take the major share of textile exports, it would create more direct jobs than the 3.7 million jobs currently in Indian IT and BPO
7. Chinas new logic # 3 : India has almost 1 million new job seekers every month. With more and more industries rapidly shifting to automation, the BPO and
IT workforce would shrink by 5 lakh jobs in the next five years.
8. Chinas new logic # 4 : 12 fast-tracked electricity projects under CPEC are slated for completion in 2018. This will allow shifting of Chinese state-owned
companies to Pakistan with generous Chinese financing.
9. Chinas new logic # 5 : The pace of progress in infrastructure sector in India is comparatively slower. This would slow down the speed of Make in India
further. On the other hand, Pakistans manufacturing growth will be strengthened by Chinese logistical support.
10. It remains to be seen how India will react. Pakistans continued recalcitrance against India is serious trouble, and with China showing zero respect for
Indias concerns, things may get stuck.
11. Read more about Regional Conflicts here, and about view video analyses on Regional Politics here.

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BODHI SAAR Dated 30-03-2017 Brought to you by Bodhi Booster ( Bodhi News website

1.Bodhi Saar inputs (video) + 2.Highlights + 3.Bodhi Resources + 4.Downloadable PDF

Indian elections and EVMs
Elections, Facts and numbers, Parliament and assemblies, Political parties and leaders, Post-independence India, Statistics

1. Sadly it seems to be a common practice in India now, that after every election the losing parties start blaming the EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines)
for some imagined fraud or malfunction. This despite the fact that the Election Commission of India (ECI) has time and again demonstrated the reliability of EVMs
with transparent measures. Various Court judgments can also be cited, which upheld the reliability of the machines.
2. Why are Indian EVMs tamper-proof? (1) EVMs used in India, are standalone machines, not networked either by wire or by wireless to any other machine or
system, and hence are not vulnerable to influence or manipulation from any other source, (2) The software in the machine is burnt into a one-time programmable
chip and can never be altered or tampered with, (3) This source code is not handed over to any outsider.
3. The standard operating procedure (SOP) prescribed by the ECI is : (1) Political parties and candidates are provided an opportunity to participate in testing
the reliability of the machines, (2) During the first level of testing, party representatives are invited. They can select randomly 5% machines in which up to 1000
votes are polled to demonstrate reliability of the machines, (3) A computer programme randomly allocates machines to constituencies, (4) in the second level of
testing, the machines are randomly allocated from the constituency headquarters to the polling station, using a computer programme, (5) At the second level, the
candidates are allowed to check the machines randomly. This information can be passed on to their representatives at the polling stations, (6) Finally, before the
start of the polling process, each presiding officer conducts a mock poll to demonstrate the correctness of the machines.
4. When some people alleged that the machines are programmed to record votes to the same candidate who gets the first 50 votes, the ECI mandated using 100
votes in the mock poll.
5. The other standard weapon employed by the losers is the reference of countries where EVMs have been given up! Netherlands and Germany are
cited, but in Netherlands, the machines used were networkable PC-type running on OS (Operating System), and in case of Germany, their Supreme Court had
disallowed EVMs because their law did not have the enabling provision. This situation arose in India also in 1984, as the law at that time had provision for use of
ballot paper only. You can download many useful Election related resources from Bodhi Resources page.
6. People also wrongly cite the example of the US, whereas there such a networkable DRS (Direct Recording System) machine is extensively used. In fact, the Bush-
Gore election spat in 2000 was over the misreading of votes recorded on ballot papers.
7. In the post-2009 general elections, an expert form the US conceded that standalone; non-networked Indian machines cannot be interfered with.
8. Another security measure in the Indian machines against the Trojan horse or secret programme in the software to transfer votes to a particular party is that
machines of a different vintage are used in an election. This negates the possibility of the machines being programmed even before the names of the candidates
are announced by the parties. (The position of a candidate in the EVM is decided alphabetically). Read many Bodhi Saars on elections here.
Read our full Bodhi on State of Indian economy and elections. here
9. The introduction of VVPAT (Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail) is a step in the right direction, which will further strengthen transparency. However, full
coverage with VVPAT is expected by 2019.

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BODHI SAAR Dated 30-03-2017 Brought to you by Bodhi Booster ( Bodhi News website

1.Bodhi Saar inputs (video) + 2.Highlights + 3.Bodhi Resources + 4.Downloadable PDF

Nuclear India, Peaceful intentions

Defence forces, Military and defence alliances, Military technology, Nuclear weapons, Warfare

1. For many decades now, India has remained a role model of peaceful use of nuclear energy, and non-proliferation of nuclear
weapons technology despite constant provocations from two neighbours.
2. Demands for reassessing Indias nuclear doctrine are raised regularly. But India is already committed to a No First Use or its
intention to retaliate massively to any nuclear first strike by an enemy.
3. But there is another aspect of it. India reserves the right to nuclear retaliation in the event of a major attack against India or
Indian forces anywhere, by biological or chemical weapons. Download SIPRI factsheet from Bodhi Resources page.
4. We tend to club together nuclear first use and biological and chemical first use. The former has not occurred since 1945, and the latter,
especially chemical, continues, whether by state or non-state actors. A recent example : the recent assassination of North Korean Kim
Jong-nam in Malaysia by the chemical agent VX
5. Although, chemical weapons are banned, they are frequently being used in Syria and Iraq, where their use is attributed to the Islamic State (IS).
6. The 1992 Chemical Weapons Convention has only partly made their use utterly responsible. There is a fairly strong norm governing
non-use of nuclear weapons, whereas the norm against the use of chemical weapons is still not so strong.
7. The Syria chemical weapons situation : Bashar al-Assad used the nerve agent sarin against civilians in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta
in August 2013, killing over 1400 people. Though, President Obama invoked a red line about the movement of chemical weapons in the
region, eventually stepped back from a military response to that attack. A diplomatic solution was eventually found with the help of Russian
President Putin, and Syria agreed to dismantle 1300 tonnes of chemical agents and acceded to the Chemical Weapons Convention.
8. Can India resist popular pressure for decisive retaliation if Indians suffered such a chemical attack is the main question?
9. Nuclear weapons, at best, deter other nuclear weapons. These weapons are a political force, as limited number of states possesses
them and they can cause immense generational and environmental consequences.
10. In the words of late K Subrahmanyam, nukes are like the million pound note that is not to be squandered lightly.
11. That is the reason why the No First Use policy works well. It builds stability into deterrence by promising retaliation in the event of extreme
provocation. That also explains Chinas anger at deployment of US THAAD in South Korea.
12. Read a Bodhi on Indias defence preparedness, here. Read some Bodhi Saars on Nuclear weapons related issues, here

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ds fl)kar ds fr lefiZr gSA
3- ijarq bldk ,d vU; igyw Hkh gSA Hkkjr ;k Hkkjrh; lsukvksa ds fo#) dgha Hkh fd;s x, jklk;fud ;k tSfod gfFk;kjksa ds eq[k geys ds fo#) tokch ijek.kq geyk djus ds vius vf/kdkj dks
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4- gekjh o`fk ijek.kq gfFk;kjksa ds igys mi;ksx vkSj jklk;fud vkSj tSfod gfFk;kjksa ds igys mi;ksx dks ,df=r djus dh jgh gSA buesa ls igyk o"kZ 1945 ds ckn dHkh ugha gqvk gS] tcfd nwljk]
fo'ks"k :i ls jklk;fud] jkT; k;ksftr ;k xSj&jkT; k;ksftr yxkrkj tkjh gSA gky dk ,d mnkgj.k % jklk;fud ,tsaV oh,Dl }kjk eysf'k;k esa dh xbZ mkj dksfj;k ds fde tksax&uke dh gky
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6- o"kZ 1992 ds jklk;fud gfFk;kj lEesyu us muds mi;ksx dks vkaf'kd :i ls gh vR;ar tokcnkj cuk;k gSA ijek.kq gfFk;kjksa ds mi;ksx ugha djus ds ekunaM dkQh gn rd dM+s gSa] vTCdh
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BODHI SAAR Dated 30-03-2017 Brought to you by Bodhi Booster ( Bodhi News website

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1. Climate Change US President Donald Trump signed the Energy Independence executive order to
support the coal industry and undo the Obama-era regulations to curb climate change. A coalition of 23
states and local governments pledged to fight the order in court.
2. World politics While the British government is readying itself to push the EU exit process, Scottish
lawmakers voted on Tuesday to seek a new referendum on independence, creating an unwelcome situation
for the government. Their demand is that they must be given a chance to vote on their future before Britain
leaves the EU.
3. Indian economy Amenities provided to employees beyond the stipulated CTC would attract GST. The
term supply of goods and services to a related party without consideration is included in the definition of
GST, where the term related party also includesemployees.
4. Constitution and law The Finance Bill, 2017 was passed by the Lok Sabha with all the 40 amendments
and sent to the Rajya Sabha for passage. Some opposition parties are planning to move two amendments in
the Rajya Sabha , one against the sweeping powers to income tax department to conduct search and
surveys without sanction from higher authorities, and the other related to disclosure of names of companies
making financial contributions to political parties.
5. Indian economy Banks Board Bureau Chairman VInod Rai said that India is planning to adopt a
regional-based model to consolidate public sector banks in the country. The aim is to have a strong bank in
each region and avoid branch-based redundancies. Lenders in India had stressed loans of 9.64 trillion
rupees ($ 147.33 billion) as of end December 2016. About 90% of these being with the state-owned banks.
6. Energy The power ministry said that India became a net exporter of electricity for the first time. The
upcoming cross-border lines with neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar will further
increase sales. India has been investing heavily in power generation infrastructure over the past few years.
7. Persons and personalities PM Modi will visit the US later this year. He will meet President Trump during
his visit. A White House statement said that President Trump expressed support for the PMs economic
agenda and emphasized his great respect for the people of India. Earlier, the President congratulated PM
Modi on the outcome of recent state assembly elections in a telephonic conversation.
8. Science and technology NASA scientists have developed a stopwatch that can measure within a
fraction of a billionth of a second, a development that can help record precise height measurements of sea
ice, glaciers forests and the rest of the earths surfaces.
9. World politics British Prime Minister Theresa May signed the historic letter on Tuesday that launched
Brexit when it was delivered to EU President Donald Tusk, formally informing him of Britains intention to
leave the bloc ending UKs 44 years of membership. Tusk tweeted We already miss you. Thank you and
10. Companies, products, services The Supreme Court has banned the registration and sale of BS-III
vehicles from April 1, 2017. As a result of this decision, auto companies, both four-wheeler and two-wheeler
manufacturers would be left with over Rs. 12,000 crore worth of junk inventory.
BODHI SAAR Dated 30-03-2017 Brought to you by Bodhi Booster ( Bodhi News website

1.Bodhi Saar inputs (video) + 2.Highlights + 3.Bodhi Resources + 4.Downloadable PDF

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