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Disclaimer: This is a private and unofficial translation. Permission has been sought and granted on the condition that a request may be made in the future for them to be removed from Boardgamegeek.com.

Player Setup (Step 7): Each player takes a double sided token. Choose one more expansion than there are
players, ie: 2 players means there should be 3 expansion tokens, 3 players 4 tokens, 4 players all 5 tokens. Place these
tokens next to the main board. They belong to no player (just like End Bonus cards).

Also place the 2 Year Plan factory and Freight Car locomotive pieces next to the main board.

Board Setup (Step 9): NB: Make sure no engineers have the
Shuffle the new engineers into their A or B piles. same number. If this happens put the
Place/deal the engineers onto the board as normal. second numbered engineer to the
Make sure no engineers have the same numbers. side and deal another.

Gameplay: All rules of the base game are maintained.

Explanation of tokens and Engineer pieces:

When a player chooses their double sided token they take one of the expansion tokens that was previously set aside
(next to the end game cards etc.) and place this on their player board. The double sided token is returned to the box/bag.

2 Year Plan factory: Take the factory and place it in your industry track. When you move your industry marker
onto the factory immediately take 2 of your own ? tokens, perform their actions and place them on this factory.

NB: This can only be done once. Your 2nd industry NB: During the final scoring, these 2 ? tokens count
marker will NOT activate this factory a second time.* towards the ? End Bonus Card total (max. 42 points).**

Industrial Boom: Once played, you may double your industry advancements. You may also partly or totally forgo
doubling an advancement. You may not double advancements you receive through a ? token (original or expansion).

Freight Car: When you choose this tile, take the Freight Car locomotive and place it behind locomotives
with a combined value of at least 3. The Freight Car locomotive does not need a locomotive spot. At the
end of each round, before scoring, take 2 advancements of your choice on the line this locomotive sits.

Headhunter: Choose an engineer from those in the box and put 6x Mixed: Get 3 industry advancements
it into play as their own engineer. and 3 black track advancements.
NB: As before, no duplicate engineer numbers are allowed.

Olga (A-4): Place another of your workers on another players NB: We recommend using Olga in a
unused Engineer and perform its action. 2-player game. Use in a 3/4 player
This Engineer is now occupied. game at your own risk.

Ludmilla (A-7): Gain 5 VP. Then take the start bonus cards and select one. Pass the remaining cards
to the next player in turn order until all players have chosen a card. Immediately use the card. Players
may choose 3 VP instead of a card.

Pjotr (B-14): Using a coin instead of Dimitrij (B-11): On one line only, you
your worker, you get 3 black track may advance the grey track until it is
advancements. immediately behind the black track.

*Georg Wild of HiG in a Spielbox forum **Helmet Ohley by email Version 1.2 Provided by Alexjrc (K_Salz)