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Western Europe
The laws, culture, history, and geography of Western
Europe are quite varied, and each country within that area
is ethnically diverse. This goes beyond the simple effects
of international immigration, and extends far back into Unlike the brotherly relationship between Austria and
the regions history. Areas like Basque country, Catalonia, Germany, Spain and Portugal are more akin to rival twin
and Corsica all have a strong regional identity, even within brothers. Both were global powers with overseas colonial
their respective nations. On top of this, every country has empires from the time of the Renaissance until the 20th
communities of foreign nationals and descendants of century. Both knew harsh dictatorships beginning in the
the former colonies that show melting pot is not just an 1930s (Franco and Salazar, respectively). Both remained
American dish. neutral during the World War II (though Portugal leased its
Azores bases to the Allies and was thereby instrumental in
All countries of Western Europe (and Central Europe, see the success of the Battle of North Atlantic whilst Spain was
that Atlas of Earth-Prime entry) are signatories to the in- sympathetic to the Axis powers), and both knew the taste
ternational treaties that allow UNISON to operate within of freedom in the mid-1970s (with the death of Franco
their borders, and most European capitals have a UNISON and the Carnation Revolution, respectively). After 45 years
office or assigned representative. Thus far, only Spain of harsh dictatorial rule, revolution gave way to a surge of
and Portugal have allowed UNISON agents freedom. It led both countries to adopt very
to operate solo. In all other countries, lax laws on activities that are penalized
agents must have support from the in other countries, including crime
local authorities. fighting and the maintenance of
For independent heroes, a secret identity.
things vary widely from Being a vigilante in the
city to city. Heroes can peninsula is quite easy,
turn to an information even for foreign heroes.
network called the Eu- Only local heroes with
ropean Coordinated a record of property
Heroes Organization damage (or worse,
(ECHO) for help un- civilian casualties) are
derstanding regional likely to have prob-
legal differences.

The European Union

has nothing like an of-
Western Europe lems with the local
authorities. Foreign
heroes, as long as they
ficial superhero team. have a good reputation,
The reason lies in the will be provided some as-
very nature of European sistance. Those with a bad
Union, which started as a track record will be highly
solely economic entity and has scrutinized, but will probably
since transformed into an admin- not be arrested on the spot as long
istrative union and regulating body. as they do not do anything blatantly
It has never included a military or police illegal in the country.
component. The legal and logistical problems inher-
ent in a pan-European superhero team have always A LAND OF HEROES
kept such a project from reaching fruition. During each
major crisissuch as the second invasion of the Basque Long ago, in the Atlantean era, the Vascones people, later
Country by the dragon Sugaar (see later in this entry) called the Basques, emerged, speaking a language unlike
and the Amsterdam Ascent (see the Central Europe any other in the region. Their origin remained a mystery
entry)the various European teams have proven they for thousands of years. In the 12th century, Amadis of
can work together when needed. Gaula, a Knight from the Stars, fought for justice while
armed with a green sword of light. In the 19th century, a
ECHO is present and ensures the transmission of in- Portuguese freedom fighter named Dama de Ouros (the
formation related to paranormal threats everywhere Queen of Diamonds) helped the people of Lisbon fight
in Europe, using local informants to relay messages to the French during the Peninsula War.
heroes around the continent in times of need. Moni-
tored by the European Union and NATO, the initiative While Spain and Portugal remained mostly neutral in
also includes joint training sessions and exercises as well World War II, each was in awe of the Axis and Allied super-
as regular information meetings. Due to these meetings, beings. At least one faction within the Spanish govern-
a number of European heroes are at least familiar with ment traded safe passage to Latin America for members
each other. of the Thule Society in exchange for occult secrets. In


1993. The most serious threat Spain had ever known

WESTERN AND CENTRAL EUROPEAN ORGANIZED CRIME resurfaced in 1997, when the great dragon Sugaar ap-
If youre running a street level or Iron Age series, assume peared in Bilbao to reclaim his old Basque domain. The
organized crime in this part of the world is as ethnically ancient wyrm was driven back into Faerie by Mximo
diverse as it is in the United States, but as a whole they (the future Ajax, see later in this entry) and the oth-
are all much less likely to embrace open violence than erworldly being called Sandalphon (see following).
in the Americas. Italian and Sicilian Mafias are present Sugaar has returned several times to plague the Basque
across the continent along with the Eastern European country, stopped by los Nuevos Invencibles and by the
mafiyas (which are relative newcomers). Regional differ- Spanish/Portuguese duo known as Espada (Sword) and
ences are numerous: Escudo (Shield).
North African crime organizations are much more
influential in the region. EL AGUILA DE SANGRE
The Colombian cartels have a long history in Spain,
but not elsewhere.
In 1975, Manuel Salas de Cabrera, el Aguila de Fuego, re-
luctantly retired at the request of King Juan-Carlos. For
Germany, Denmark, and Netherlands are the only years, the patriot watched as successive governments
countries in Europe with a strong subculture of slowly erased the legacy of Franco, turning Spain into
biker gangs.
another soulless and godless nation under the pretense
France has the historically strong Corsican mafia of freedom. The aging hero passed his frustrations and
and Germany the Turkish and Lebanese mafia. disappointments to his grandson, Pablo. One fateful day
Asian crime organizations, like Yakuza, are almost in 2005 on which the old man saw Spain legalize same-
unheard of on this part of the continent, but small sex marriage, he decided that society had gone too far.
units of the Chinese Triads have been reported, Too old to take action himself, he summoned his grand-
mostly dealing in prostitution. son and told him of his duty to Spain, and of his legacy.
There is no true crime-ridden city, but a mild culture Once sure Pablo would heed this calling, Manuel made
of corruption exists in some parts of Spain, Portugal, him the new host of the Dakini. Christening his grandson
and southern France. Places with the worst reputation el Aguila de Sangre, Pablo rose as the Blood Eagle, new
for crime in Western Europe are Galicia, the Costa Del redeemer of Spain.
Sol, Marseilles, the northern suburbs of Paris, the Berlin
district of Neuklln, Hamburg, and Liege. Strangely, Since then, el Aguila de Sangre has targeted separatist
places where it is legal to smoke potlike Amsterdam terrorist groups, left-wing political parties, human rights
or Brusselsare quite safe. White-collar crime, such as militants, and organized crime. He has also sunk boats full
money laundering, also occurs in financial capitals and of illegal immigrants in the Mediterranean and attacked
tax havens like Frankfurt, Zurich, and Liechtenstein. the British military base in Gibraltar at least twice in his
misguided quest to return to a different time.

1960, this mystical knowledge led to the rise of Manuel El Aguila de Sangre uses the Energy Controller arche-
Salas de Cabrera, a faithful follower of Franco, as the host type, with the addition of 5 alternate effects to his Energy
of a Dakini, an extraterrestrial energy life form he found Control array to reflect the versatility of his powers. In ad-
in India. Salas de Cabrera became El Aguila de Fuego (the dition, raise his Presence to 4 and add the skills Expertise:
Fire Eagle), first superhero of the Peninsula and protector Politics 4 and Intimidation 8.
of Spain until his dismissal in 1975. In Portugal, the gov-
ernment started a secret programO Quinto Imprio SANDALPHON
(the Fifth Empire)to obtain or create super-soldiers,
but the program was cancelled without success due to The name Sandalphon comes from syn- (together) and
economic troubles. Rumors say the program remained adelphos (brother). During the 12th century, the wizard
active until the 2000s as an underground criminal cartel Arcalaus, nemesis of the knight Amadis, was able to
led by a mysterious mastermind called O Encoberto (the summon Appolyon, Angel of destruction. Overpowered
Hidden One), but there is nothing to put proof to these by the mighty demon, the knight asked three mystics
rumors. one each from the traditions of Christianity, Judaism, and
Islamto perform a last ditch counter-ritual. Their efforts
During Francos and Salazars dictatorships, any super- summoned a mighty protective angel, the Sandalphon,
human activity not sponsored by the government was who banished the demon back to Hell. Impressed by the
strictly prohibited. The coming of democracy, however, power of their assembled faiths, the mystics decided to
resulted in the rise of superhuman activity in the Pen- create a secret cabal and keep themselves ready to face
insula. The swashbuckling crime fighter Rosa Mosqueta any mystical existential threat. The groups descendants
(Wild Rose) fought Tubaro Negro (Dark Shark) in Lisbon, have invoked the ritual of the Sandalphon only a half
and in Madrid the villains el Monculo (the Monocle, who dozen times since, but each was instrumental in defeating
claimed to come from an alternate 19th century) and el an apocalyptic threat.
Mscara de Plata (the Silver Mask, a killer cyborg armed
with retractable claws) fought each other for control of The Sandalphon is a powerful being. It uses the Elemen-
the criminal underworld. The first Spanish super-team, tal archetype from the Gamemasters Guide, which a few
los Invencibles, started in 1986, but the whole team was alterations. First, increase Strength to 14, then add Close
killed in Freedom City during the Terminus Invasion of Attack 6, and add the skill Expertise: Religion 14.


ESPADA & ESCUDO Both Espada and Escudo use the Battlesuit archetype.
However, Espadas Damage effect lacks range, to reflect
One of the first Star Knights crash-landed on Earth 800 that its a sword. Her advantages are Accurate Attack,
years ago after an epic battle with a cosmic evil. Stranded Close Attack 4, Improved Critical (Energy Sword), Im-
on this primitive planet with no way to repair his equip- proved Initiative, and Precise Attack (Close, Concealment).
ment or contact Mentor, he chose to fight for justice on For Escudo, replace the Ranged Damage effect with Move
this world and became the famed knight of the green Object 12, and add AE: Deflect 12. Also, remove the Ac-
sword, Amadis of Gaula. Over time, he married an Earth curate Attack advantage.
woman, had children, and eventually passed peaceful-
ly in his old age. Worried that his armor and weapons EL LATIGAZO AND EL VIOLONISTA
might fall into the wrong hands, Amadis willed that his
family bury him in a secret tomb in the Sierra de Gredos In 2009, Eduardo Mosqueira and Pablo Blanch were minions
Mountains. of MENACE. They were involved in a plan to bomb the
Madrid Assembly, their plot foiled by Espada and Escudo.
Centuries later, in 2006, a young archaeologist discov- Mosqueira lost both hands and was severely burned during
ered Amadiss tomb. Amazed by the strange armor and the battle, while Blanch had his right arm severed at the
weapons, Dr. Beatriz Arroyo quickly deduced that her shoulder. MENACE, not wanting to waste useful soldiers,
discovery was not archaeological, but technological. She opted to rebuild the pair as cyborg operatives. Mosqueira
brought her treasure to her ex-boyfriend, Nuo Da Cunha, became Whiplash, whose cybernetics give him enhanced
a Portuguese nanotechnologist. Attempting repairs, the strength, reflexes, tactical analysis, and hands equipped
two young scientists unwittingly sent a signal into space, with electric whips. Blanch became the Fiddler, had his arm
drawing unwanted attention from a Grue scoutship that replaced by a pincer (reminiscent of a fiddler crabs claw)
recognized the energy signature of the Star Knight tech- with a sonic blast emitter. The pair have been the personal
nology. Eager to get their hands on such precious items, nemeses of Espada and Escudo ever since.
the Grue attacked. Fortunately, the signal also brought
Earths Star Knight, Maria Montoya. With the help of Arroyo Both el Latigazo and el Violonista use the Weapon Master
and Da Cunha, the Grue were thwarted and Star Knight, archetype. El Latigazo has the Fast and Urban Acrobat
impressed by the courage of the pair, asked Mentor options and his whip is a power instead of equipment
to allow them to keep Amadiss armor for themselves. (but has the same effects) and Sub-dermal Armor (Im-
Mentor agreed and provided them with power suits and pervious Protection 5). El Violonista has the Blocking
specialized equipment. Beatriz, armed with a laser sword, option, Sub-dermal Armor (Impervious Protection 5),
became Espada (Sword), and Nuo, equipped with a force Pincer (Strength-based Damage 5 (Penetrating 5)) with
field generator, became Escudo (Shield). AE: Sonic Emitter (Cone Area Damage 5).


THE FIERY SUGAAR when he learned itand all of its defendershad sunk
beneath the sea.
A long time ago, when the first buildings of Atlantis To his astonishment, the old wyrm grew melancholy at
were still wooden huts, Sugaar arose: one of the mighti- losing Mari. Bored and depressed, Sugaar retired to his old
est wyrms the faerie dimension had ever seen. The cool, lair in the depths of the faerie mountains, and let himself
mountainous region was already settled by tribes of Jen- fall into endless torpor. Over time, his dreams grew trou-
tilaks (giants) and elves, and the humans living there were bled. A disturbing harmonic reached his mind. A kind of
a primitive but peaceful lot. They accepted Sugaar as their songthe same kind of magic his long-lost consort had
lord and he blessed them with knowledge. They adopted used. He woke and immediately followed the strange call
his language, draconic, and mixed it with words from the through the dimensions.
giant and elven tongues to form the mysterious Basque
language that challenges linguists to this day. He taught His wings lifted him into the skies above a strange city
them how to craft metal, stone, and wood. He was their of stone and glass, full of frightened humans. An even
one and true god: DraaHerensugaarO, who they called stranger temple rose below him, calling him as a moth
Sugaar. For eons, he guided his followers, looked after to flame. He soon found the calls origin: a gathering of
them, and protected them. human sorcerers. They explained to the mighty wyrm that
they found books about him from ancient Atlantis, books
Then a stranger came to him. Her name was Mari. She written by the magician Mari. For years they had tried to
was one of the wisest magicians of famed Atlantis, and reach him. Finally they used occult architecture to create a
immortal like him. She came to him to find allies in dimensional beacon (something they called the Guggen-
the Atlanteans crusade against the Serpent people of heim Museum) and called him to do their bidding.
Lemuria. Sugaar had no interest in the petty quarrels of
lesser beings and rebuffed her. Still, he was intrigued by A puff of his fiery breath taught them what he thought
this human woman of such power, so he asked her to of that and a flap of his wings scattered their ashes to the
stay and entertain him with tales of Atlantis. She com- winds as Sugaar the Fiery rose up to reclaim his domain.
plied, hoping she could win him over, and for weeks she
told him the stories of her world. Something blossomed
between the giant reptile and the humanoid woman. He
Sugaar has come to understand how much the world
took her as a consort of sorts, a revered goddess of rain
changed since the time of his reign. Still, he is eager to re-
and weather. However, her home was in great danger,
establish his old domain. His pride was deeply wounded
and so she had to leave after she was unable to convince
when Ajax (then known as Mximo) defeated him upon
Sugaar to help. The next time he heard of Atlantis, was


his first appearance. He cannot accept that a human

bested him, nor that his former Basque servants have for- SUGAAR PL13
gotten him. The magic that the cabal wove into the struc-
STR 12 STA 12 AGL 0 DEX 0 FGT 10 INT 5 AWE 6 PRE 8
ture of the Guggenheim Museum exerts a subtle influ-
ence on his mind, and while it cannot control him, it does Powers: Bite (Strength-based Damage 3, Penetrating 3);
Claws (Strength-based Damage 2, Split); Dragon Breath
call him to return to Earth. (Cone Area Damage 13); Dragon Resistances (Immunity 14
(Fire Damage, Cold, Disease, Heat, Poison, Pressure, Radiation,
The ancient wyrm has tried to coerce separatist Basque Sleep, Starvation and Thirst, Vacuum)); Dragon Senses (Senses
groups to his side, but being ruled by a reptilian overlord 4 (Acute Smell, Detect: Magic Awareness, Infravision, Tracking
doesnt exactly fit with their political agenda. He also at- (Smell))); Dragonhide (Impervious Protection 8, Innate);
tempted to invade the Basque country by force, but his Huge Dragon (Growth 12, Permanent; Enhanced Strength 2,
Only for Lifting (total lifting Str 14 (400 tons))); Otherworldly
army of giants, Cyclops, and elves was repelled thanks
(Movement 1 (DimensionalFaerie realms to Earth-Prime);
to ECHO, SWORD, and los Nuevos Invencibles. Most re- Tail (Strength-based Damage 2, Extra Limb (Tail; Improved Trip
cently, he tried to create his own human pantheon to rule instead of Improved Grab), Reach 2 (10 ft.)); Wings (Flight 6
by proxy, but this scheme failed thanks to los Nuevos In- (120 MPH), Wings)
vencibles. Three members of the pantheon remain: one is Advantages: All-out Attack, Animal Empathy, Benefit 3
the separatist Basque terrorist Harritasun; another is the (Draconic lord of the Faerie), Benefit 5 (Billionaire), Daze
former Heiress of Sugaar, now known as the internation- (Intimidation), Diehard, Fearless, Improved Trip, Languages 4
(Basque, Elven, Giant, Draconic, French, Spanish), Leadership,
al spy-thief Sugar Babe; and the last turned against Sugaar
Minion 5, Power Attack, Ritualist
to become the cold-controlling heroine Nevasca.
Skills: Athletics 4 (+16), Close Combat: Claws 2 (+12), Expertise:
Magic 8 (+13), Insight 4 (+10), Intimidation 4 (+18), Perception
MADRID 4 (+10), Persuasion 6 (+14), Stealth 0 (-12)
Offense: Initiative +0, Dragon Breath (Close, Cone Area
Madrid is the capital, cultural heart, and economic center Damage 13), Bite +10 (Close, Damage 15, Penetrating 3), Claws
of Spain, as well as the major economic center of south- +12 (Close, Damage 14, Split), Tail +10 (Close, Damage 14,
Reach 10 ft.)
ern Europe, eclipsing even Rome. As such, it is also the
major center of super-human activity in the peninsula. Defense: Dodge 6, Parry 6, Fortitude 14, Toughness 20, Will 12
Los Nuevos Invencibles are based here, as were their pre- Complications: MotivationPower: Sugaar wants to
decessors. The team occupies a building they own in the reestablish his kingdom on Earth and rule over his subjects.
center of the city from which they operate across all of Monstrous: Sugaar is a giant dragon from out of myth.
Mythic Weakness: Just as Sugaar was summoned by magic,
Spain. The solo hero el Matador has been offered mem- he can be banished back to the faerie realms with the correct
bership several times but has repeatedly declined, choos- ritual.
ing to plague the Madrid criminal world and the Labyrinth
Totals: Abilities 58 + Powers 109 + Advantages 25 + Skills 16
by himself. + Defenses 22 = 230 (Growth adjustments included in stats.)
The main supervillain in the area is (now-elderly) el Mon-
culo, who still controls a sizable part of the citys under- was saved by a strange mystic who told Rodrigo that she
world. In recent months, the city has faced a mob war wanted to help him in his crusade. The woman gave him a
between el Monculo and a pair of supervillains: Estrella magical cloak, granting him the ability to teleport himself
(Star, an energy controller) and el Enamorado (the Lover, a and others. With this new ability to escape his tormentors,
psychic). After a recent fight with los Nuevos Invencibles, el Matador soon became the scourge of the Labyrinth and
the villains hinted that they belong to an organization the Spanish criminal underworld.
called the Major Arcana whose members are all named
after tarot cards. El Matador is a seasoned hero that uses the Martial Artist
archetype, but with Strength, Stamina, and Dexterity
So far theres no proof the Major Arcana actually exist and at 6 ranks each. Leave his Dodge and Parry at 13 each
its possible Estrella and en Enamorado made up the name and increase his Toughness to 10. He also uses a sword
to trick or impress the heroes. If true, it suggests a villain (Strength-based Damage 3, easily removable) and his
group of unprecedented size22 memberswith a wide Cloak (Teleport 4 (500 feet), Accurate, Change Direction,
range of powers! Turnabout, Removable). With these adjustments, hes a PL
12 hero with an attack bonus of +13 with his sword, which
EL MATADOR deals 9 damage.

During a trip to the United States in 2000, the young EL MONOCULO

Rodrigo del Prado was unlucky enough to be selected
by the Labyrinth. He managed to escape his tormentors, Now past 70, Alejandro Pozuelo feels like a relic. Originating
but not before being subjected to the horrid DNAscent on an alternate Earth where technology knew its golden
process. Luckily, he was blessed with increased speed, age in the 1870s (a world which has since been destroyed
agility, and reflexes. On the run and harassed by Labyrinth by the Terminus), el Monculo (The Monocle) earns his nom
minions, Rodrigo fought back and began to disrupt their de guerre from his bulky steam-powered cybernetic eye-
operations. The inexperienced youngster was ultimately lens. His cybernetics provide enhanced visual senses, but
no match for the highly trained forces of the Labyrinth his main advantages come from his weird, alternate-world
and soon found himself cornered in a Madrid alley. He technology. Over the years, he has built a small personal


their predecessors. Once the dragon and his army were

EL MONOCULO PL11 repelled, the heroes decided to work as a team since no
STR 0 STA 1 AGL 1 DEX 4 FGT 4 INT 9 AWE 5 PRE 4 Spanish super-team existed at the time. They settled in
Madrid in a government-sponsored building and have
Powers: Clockwork Eye (Senses 12 (Visual: Analytical,
protected Spain from crime and other threats ever since.
Extended 2 (x100), Infravision, Microscopic Vision 2 (cell-
size), Counters All Concealment), Removable); Phlogiston
Field (Sustained Impervious Toughness 14, Removable); EL ABANDERADO & LA MENINA
Quick-Thinking (Quickness 4, Limited to mental tasks);
Steam-powered Jet Pack (Flight 6 (120 MPH), Removable); Cristobal Jimenez became el Abanderado (The Standard
Steampunk Gadgets (Variable 6 (30 points of gadgets), Slow:
Bearer) when he and his sister Lola (The Maid of Honor)
Must be changed at his lab)
were irradiated by a mysterious pre-Colombian artifact
Advantages: Beginners Luck, Benefit 4 (Multi-millionaire), during a MENACE attack on a Madrid museum. The two
Benefit 3 (Underworld Figure), Connected, Contacts, Eidetic
Memory, Equipment 5, Improved Initiative, Improvised Tools, siblings used their newfound powers to dispose of the
Inspire 3, Inventor, Languages 4 (English, German, French, villains and quickly became the official superheroes of
Spanish, Portuguese, Fumusian native), Ranged Attack 6, Skill Spain. Later, tired of political struggles, the pair went free-
Mastery (Technology), Well-informed lance, but managed to maintain good relations with the
Equipment: Cell phone (smartphone), multi-tool, fine manor (HQ) government. Their relationships proved useful when the
siblings asked for support when creating the los Nuevos
Size: Huge Toughness: 10 Features: Computer, Defense
System, Garage, Grounds, Gym, Infirmary, Library, The siblings are both paragons; for El Aban-
Living Space, Personnel, Power System, Security
derado, raise his Intellect to 2, add Investiga-
System 2 (DC 30), Workshop
tion 4, and his Expertise is Archaeologist. For La
Skills: Expertise: Criminal Mastermind 6 (+15), Menina, raise Dexterity to 3, add Athletics 4,
Expertise: Engineering 5 (+14), Expertise: Science
6 (+15), Insight 5 (+10), Investigation 4 (+13), and her Expertise is Technology.
Perception 2 (+7), Persuasion 3 (+7), Stealth 4 (+5),
Technology 6 (+15), Vehicles 5 (+9) IMAGO
Offense: Initiative +5, Laser Rifle +10 (Ranged,
Damage 12), Unarmed +4 (Close, Damage 0) Horacio Cuellar is a mutant gifted with the
Defense: Dodge 6, Parry 6, Fortitude 6, ability to transform his body into living
Toughness 15, Will 10 psionic energy. He is the team psychic and
telekinetic. Cuellar had a normal life until he
Complications: MotivationRecognition:
El Monculo wants to be recognized as a was robbed and beaten in an alley. Lying
genius... and as a major underworld figure. bloody on the ground, Cuellars powers
He enjoys the money and privilege that activated and he found himself float-
come with his position, but honor and ing outside his body. He scared off
respect is what he desires more than anything.
Disability: El Monculo is a nearly 80-year-old his attackers, using his abilities with
man and sometimes he feels his age. Honor: little control or finesse, then took his
Despite being a villain, El Monculo likes to think injured body to the hospital. After re-
he is a gentleman who does not take unfair covering, he operated as a solo hero
advantages. Prejudice: El Monculos signature
before meeting la Menina and being
cybernetic eye and unusual style often gets
strange reactions. Outworlder: Although hes recruited into lose Nuevos Invencibles.
been on Earth-Prime for a while, El Monculo
is originally from the world of Fumus, an Imago uses the Energy Controller arche-
Earth similar to, but not quite like it. type. The alternate powers for his Energy
Totals: Abilities 56 + Powers 81 + Control are Telekinesis (Move Object 10,
Advantages 34 + Skills 23 + Defenses 17 = 211 Accurate 4), Telepathy (Mind Reading 12),
Phantasms (Illusion 6 (All Senses, Limited
army outfitted with steam-powered to one subject). He also has the complica-
laser rifles and other anachronistic items. tion Weakness: Imago leaves his inanimate
Thwarted several times by los Nuevos body behind every time he shifts to his
Invencibles and el Matador, el Monculo psychic form.
now must face a new threat to his under-
world empire, a new group calling itself NEVASCA (OR BLIZZARD)
the Major Arcana (see previously).
Initially reluctant to integrate with a gov-
LOS NUEVOS INVENCIBLES ernment-sponsored team, the cold-pow-
ered Carmen Arenales finally agreed,
The second group called los Invencibles, rebelling against her former draconic
or more accurately los Nuevos Inven- master, Sugaar.
cibles, formed in 2002 during Sugaars Nevasca uses the Energy Controller
second attempted conquest of Basque archetype and has powers with the
country, nine years after the demise of cold/ice descriptors. Her flight has the


Platform flaw. Her alternate effects include Ice Constructs Urganda also possesses the Artificer advantage which she
(Continuous Create 8, Innate), Cold Snap (Environment 8 uses to create magical items, such as the Matadors cloak.
(Extreme Cold)).


Grifo was once Sharidar Trevo, a young idealist from the Barcelona is 2,300 years old and yet one of the trendiest
Aerie of the avian race. Unlike others of his kind, Shari- cities in Europe, often seen as a vacation city due to its
dar was curious about the outside world, so he set out to beaches and thriving nightlife. It is also one of the richest
travel and explore. He chanced upon and saved the life trade capitals on the continent. As such, it has attracted
of a polar explorer, but the pair were captured by and ex- many unwelcomed visitors. MENACE tried to ransom the
perimented on by the Labyrinth. Sharidars avian features city during the 1992 Olympics, but was thwarted by el
were enhanced and he gained the ability to transform into Cartagins, a new hero who claimed to receive his powers
a clawed human-eagle hybrid. He joined the heroes of los from the spirit of Hamilcar Barca, founder of the city.
Nuevos Invencibles during their fight against Sugaar and
became a close ally and friend to the group. Although the city has seen several super-battles over the
years, the most famous metahuman in the area is neither
Grifo uses the Warrior archetype with the Wind-Riding hero nor villain. Alonso Risueo was blessed with the
and Super-Senses options, as well as Claws and Beak ability to use kinetic energy (more precisely sonic vibra-
(Strength-based Damage 2). tions) to power psychic abilities like emotion control and
mental attacks. First a popular party animal and then a
LISBON talented DJ, Alonso realized he had powers when, on a
job in Freedom City, he was hit by a sonic blast from the
The Portuguese capital is divided between its old charm- Maestro and instinctively retaliated with a psychic bolt.
ing districts and its modern business centers. Lisbon is The Freedom League helped him develop his powers,
also the largest and closest port on the European side of after which he returned to Spain.
the Atlantic, and its role as a center of trade also makes it Today DJ SoundForce is one of the highest paid DJs in
attractive to smugglers. the world. His parties are consistently sold out at least
The Lisbon underworld is ruled by an alliance of three six months in advance. People are aware that the emo-
crime lords known as los Tres Grandes, or the Big Three: tions they feel are induced by his powers, but partygoers
Laurissilva, a woman able to psionically control plants; attend of their own free will. The authorities have noticed
Raid, a wisecracking but deadly mercenary; and Rumor, a that recreational drug use is remarkably low at DJ Sound-
man able to turn himself and others invisible. Forces parties, so they tend to leave him alone.

Those villains are harassed by Cachorro Maluco (Mad Dog),

a staff-using adept of the jogo do pau martial art. Mad Dog FRANCE & MONACO
received his magical fighting staff from a secretive mystic France has known its share of heroes since the time of
figure called Urganda a Desconhecida (Urganda the Roman conquest. Starting with the druids and their pupil,
Unknown). The story goes that Urganda is also the indi- the famed Lancelot du Lac of Arthurian legend, the list
vidual who gave el Matador his cloak, and that she may be also includes Joan of Arcthe first and only incarnation of
related to Picatrix (see following). Whatever the truth may the spirit of Franceand Nostradamus, the master mage
be, the mystic is skilled at avoiding attention. of the 16th century. France has also seen a number of vil-
lains, like the cursed LeBlanc family (whose progenitor
URGANDA THE UNKNOWN AND PICATRIX Henri Lupus LeBlanc visited Freedom City in the 1690s)
and the draconic enchantress Melusine.
In the 12th century, the lost Star Knight Amadis (see
Espada and Escudo, earlier in this entry) had many ad- The first true modern superhero appeared in 1935, when
ventures. Some of these involved the evil wizard Arcalaus the police inspector Jean-Michel Aumont was captured
and his nemesis, the magician Urganda. Late that century, by a party of serpent folk while investigating a series of
a fight between Arcalaus and Urganda created a magical crimes in Paris. In the catacombs deep beneath the city,
explosion which projected them through time, forcing they removed his eyes and replaced them with those of a
them into the year 1995. After a period of adjustment, Ar- Morlock. Day-blind but armed with a darkness-generating
calaus maintained his evil ways, but adopted the fashions device, Aumont became the Nyctalope, scourge of crime
of this new time period and christened himself Picatrix in Paris. He was followed by Belphegor, The Phantom of
after a grimoire from his time. Rather than operating pub- the Louvre, whose fear-inducing mask inspired terror in
licly, Urganda chose to indirectly affect events, supporting the hearts of criminals.
heroes in their fight for justice as she did in her own time.
The German occupation saw the rise of powered resis-
The pair have continued their war with one another, but
tance fighters like the Reynard Rogue and Guillotine, as
mostly operating behind the scenes, like chessmasters
well as powered Vichy collaborators like the wolfman Is-
playing heroes against villains to further their ends.
engrim (Pierre-Andr Leblanc, then the recipient of the
Both Urganda and Picatix are experienced mystics, each Leblanc wolf curse). Belphegor also sided with the occupi-
with up to ten alternate effects in their Magic array. ers, although it is not known if he was turned, blackmailed,


The amended law encouraged a new generation of heroes

MONACO and villains. A woman claiming to be the enchantress Me-
Monaco is not a French city, but a sovereign city-state lusine appeared in 1987 and battled a hero named the
and monarchy along the coast of the Mediterranean; Zouave (whos since retired). In 1993, two French heroes,
however its government is aligned with French political, la Rose Rouge (the Red Rose) and Rorqual, fought and
military, and economic interests by treaty. It is a well- died in Freedom City during the Terminus invasion. This
known tax haven and jet set destination, and is also one time also saw the creation of the first French superteam
of the strongholds of both the Labyrinth and MENACE la Brigade Fantastique (the Fantastic Brigade)led by the
due to its very repressive laws on superhuman activity. late crime fighter Docteur Justice.
The head of the Labyrinth in Monaco, a superhumanly
intelligent gadgeteer called le Numro Un (the Number
One), oversees their operations there. Operating from an DEEP UNDER: THE YS CRISIS.
underwater base somewhere off the coast of Monaco,
the Labyrinth has also been able to use the principal- In 2003, a team of archeologists discovered the sunken city
ity to smuggle goods and even foreign supervillains in of Ys off the coast of Brittany and brought a few pieces of
and out of France. Since the Monegasque police closely Atlantean artwork back to the surface. These scientists
watch the city itself, the Labyrinth conducts most of did not know this Atlantean colony had been destroyed
their operations from that base and only handles the because of its corrupt leadersworshippers of the Name-
affairs they must on the surface, such as money laun-
less Onesand that some of the artifacts they recovered
dering and inland smuggling.
were cursed. When one of the items was unwittingly ac-
On dry land, the city and its famous casinos have seen tivated by the unscrupulous French diplomat Alexandre
regular visits from various superhumans attracted to Taillard de Wrms, he was transformed into a strange,
big money and style. The Countess Carat, when she aquatic creature (the future Frog Prince, now a member
was active, and more recently, Larceny Inc., Faade, the
of the Fables). When the Sea King became aware Ys had
Magpie, and Faster Pussycat all spend time in the city.
been discovered, he immediately sent a small army of At-
lantean forces to occupy and protect the sunken city from
scavengers. The French government was unhappy with
or even replaced. Each is now part of French history: the
that outcome and relations have been tense between the
Reynard Rogue (Amelie Dutemps) was killed in Utska; the
nations for years. Ys is still under Atlantean control, and the
Nyctalope and Belphegor killed each other in a gunfight
Atlanteans continue to search for artifacts and secure the
during the Paris liberation; and Isengrim was captured by
ruins. A few eldritch incidents have spread chaos on the
the Allies, sentenced to death in the post-war trials, and
French Atlantic coast, like the near-destruction of the city of
executed by a firing squad using silver bullets.
Lorient by a sea monster in 2009. The Frenchwho derog-
atorily call Atlanteans les poiscaille (the fishies)seek to
COLORFUL HEROES regain control of the city as they feel they should oversee
such a clear danger to their people. Atlanteans see surface
For the two decades following World War II, France was people as children playing with powers that humanity was
mostly void of powers because the majority of them never meant to know, let alone use.
were killed during the conflict. In 1961, the brutal in-
vasion of Paris by SHADOW reminded the French gov- France, in its role on the U.N. Security Council, has made
ernment that superheroes were a luxury they couldnt trouble for Atlantis and thrown up roadblocks to it gaining
afford to be without, and the first French super-soldier status as a U.N. country. Unless Atlantis somehow makes
program was initiated. This led to the creation of the peace with France, its entirely possible it will never join
Tricolor in 1965, a mutant whose abilities allow him to the U.N. fully. Unfortunately, Atlantis is unwilling to cede
switch between three sets of electromagnetic powers: any of its underwater territory to surface dwellers, partial-
blue (lightning), white (light), and red (fire). The Tricolor ly due to it being the French and partially because of the
served his country until 1968, when he was dishonor- precedent it would set. For now, the two nations remain
ably discharged without explanation. The public soon chilly toward one another, to say the least.
learned the Tricolor was dismissed because he refused
to stand against protesters during the demonstrations
and general strikes of May, 1968. This information lead
to massive public support for the hero, and the Tricolor Beautiful sights aside, the City of Light has also been a
declared himself free from the government, who retaliat- place of crime and vice, from the Apache gangs of the
ed by making it mandatory for powered operatives to be 1910s to modern suburban youth gangs. The northern
supported by either a local or national administration. suburbs of Paris, or the Nuef-Trois (nine-three) as they
Defying the law, the Tricolor remained active until the are called (la Courneuve, Saint-Denis, Saint-Ouen), are
late 1970s, making his interactions with the government the least safe due to high gang activity, but crime is not
notoriously tense. The powers-regulating law softened limited to the suburbs. Large organizations, like the Laby-
in the eighties after the Tricolor retired. The changes rinth, dont operate in the slums, but they have locations
allowed unions, associations, and private corporations in the main business areas, like the futuristic western area
to support heroes provided they also take responsibil- of la Dfense. Supervillains, like the art thief Magpie who
ity for any resulting property damage (or worse, civilian sometimes operates here, prefer the tourist areas filled
casualties). with museums, art, and riches.


Crime in the 1970s and 80s saw the rise of villainous Karim Achir, grew up in. All three wanted a better life and
figures like the misshapen Quasimodo, a Morlock who had no intention of joining the local gangs. They chose
was later revealed to be the same individual whose eyes sport as their way out, eventually becoming experts in
were switched with Nyctalope (see previously). Quasimo- parkour, vert skating, urban move, and, more convention-
dos organization, the Cathedral, was the scourge of Paris ally, soccer.
and the nemesis of the Tricolor. Quasimodo was killed
when he was buried alive in the Catacombs in 1985. His One day, Said discovered that local gang members had
favorite pet, the orichalcum gynoid Esmeralda, was sub- tried to recruit his kid brother as a pusher. Said did not
sequently deactivated by the Red Rose a few years later. take it well. He and his friends discussed their disap-
The current criminal masters of Paris are the drug lord le proval with the thugs and things quickly escalated into
Furet (the Ferret) and his rival, the stylish dandy known a fight. The police, mistaking the fight for a gang feud,
as BCBG. Both men are normal humans, but they often intervened and arrested Said and his friends after a wild
employ paranormals like the femme fatale Vnneuse chase through the city. After being released, the three
(Venomous), the mad psychic Docteur Bizarre, or the youngsters were contacted by an old French-African
scythe-wielding cyborg Ankou to deal with other super- man (the retired hero, Zouave (see the Colorful Heroes
beings. section earlier in this entry)). The stranger had been im-
pressed by their skills, and wanted to make an offer. They
FREERUNNER would receive enough money to pay for their studies and
support their families in exchange for using their athletic
In every major city in the world there are places where no skills to fight crime in their home city. The three agreed.
child should have to grow up. The Paris suburbs of la Cour- Equipped with the high tech gear provided by their bene-
neuve, Aubervilliers, and Clichy-sous-bois are such places. factor, the three share the identity of Freerunner and
Drug dealers, carjackers, and con men were omnipres- protect the northern suburbs from crime and vice.
ent in the world Said Allouche and his friends, Toufik and

STR 4 STA 5 AGL 6 DEX 6 FGT 12 INT 0 AWE 3 PRE 2
Powers: Cyber-skates (Speed 5 (60 MPH), Quirk: Hard surfaces
only; AE: Jump Boosters (Leaping 3 (60 feet), Removable);
Parkour Expert (Movement 5 (Safe Fall, Sure-footed, Swinging,
Wall-crawling 2; Limited: Urban areas only)); Shock Tonfa
(Damage 4 (Easily Removable, Split)
Advantages: Agile Feint, Contacts, Defensive Roll 3, Equipment
6, Evasion 2, Favored Environment (Urban), Grabbing Finesse,
Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative 2, Improved Trip, Instant
Up, Languages 2 (Arabic, English, French native), Move-by
Action, Redirect, Uncanny Dodge, Well-informed
Equipment: Commlink, night vision goggles,
rebreather, toolkit (basic), Utility Belt (Array;
Boomerangs (Strength-based Damage 1, Reach
4 (20 ft.)), AE: Flash-Bangs (Ranged Burst Area
Affliction 3 (Resisted by Fort.; Visual and Auditory Impaired,
Disabled, Unaware)), AE: Sleep Gas Pellets (Cloud Area Affliction
4 (Resisted by Fort.; Dazed, Stunned, Asleep)), AE: Smoke Pellets
(Cloud Area Concealment Attack 4 (All Visual Senses))


Size: Medium; Toughness: 12; Features: Concealed 4 (DC 25),
Power System, Workshop
Skills: Acrobatics 8 (+14), Athletics 6 (+9), Close Combat:
Unarmed 4 (+16), Expertise: Urban Move 4 (+4), Insight 2 (+5),
Intimidation 4 (+6), Investigation 4 (+4), Perception 4 (+7),
Ranged Combat: Thrown 6 (+12), Stealth 6 (+12), Technology
2 (+2), Vehicles 2 (+8)
Offense: Initiative +14, Boomerangs +12 (Ranged, Damage
5), Shock Tonfa +12 (Close, Damage 8), Unarmed +16 (Close,
Damage 4)
Defense: Dodge 12, Parry 12, Fortitude 8, Toughness 8/4*, Will 8
* Without Defensive Roll.
Complications: MotivationJustice: Freerunner seeks to
help and bring justice to the suburbs of Paris. Reputation:
Due to their tempers, Freerunner has bad relations with all the
other heroes in France.
Totals: Abilities 76 + Powers 12 + Advantages 26 + Skills 26 +
Defenses 15 = 155


For most French citizens, Marseille is seen as the most corrupt city in the nation. Its position on the Mediterranean Sea
and its proximity to Italy and Maghreb has made this otherwise beautiful and ancient city a virtual freeway for illicit
trafficking. After World War II, the main underworld crime families who sided with the resistance were granted infor-
mal immunity. This arrangement lasted until the crime lord nicknamed Fredo le Fada (Crazy Fred) made the mistake
of killing a policeman. The revenge killing of Fredo by an unidentified vigilante triggered a bloody gang war, which in
turn forced the police to attempt a purge of the underworld. But it was too late for that. Criminals prospered in the city
for years and infiltrated the citys leadership. Conventional police operations would never clean up years of corruption
and criminal culture.
Today, the Marseille mafia is still very influential, coming from the old Corsican and Italian families and the northern dis-
tricts gangs. The reptilian monster called Tarasque works for the Marseille mafia. The shapeshifting crime lord Roi Carnaval
(King Carnival, secretly one of Faades identities (see Threat Report for more information)) also operates in Marseille from
time to time.

Since Freerunner is not a registered hero, he is hunted by BAROUD

police and criminals alike. The deep distrust for authorities
that comes from their juvenile arrests only makes matters When you grow up in Corsica, you learn not to cross the
worse. They feel the same about registered heroes, whom wrong people: the separatist groups, the old family clans,
they see as super-powered attention hounds with little in- or the mafia. Julien Castelloni did anyway. The young
terest in people with real needs, an attitude that registered policeman thwarted a bombing in downtown Ajaccio
heroes (especially la Brigade Fantastique) dont appreciate. and caused the untimely demise of an influential sepa-
As a result of all these factors, Freerunner has sour relations ratist leader. With only two optionsleave the island or
with nearly everyone in the heroic community (and some always watch over his shoulderJulien chose the former
of the public), despite the good the trio does. and enrolled in the Foreign Legion. What happened after
is known only to Julien himself: an overseas mission in
LA BRIGADE FANTASTIQUE French Polynesia on the site of a past nuclear test trans-
formed him into a super-soldier gifted with enhanced
physical attributes and the ability to absorb kinetic energy
The government-sponsored team la Brigade Fantastique
and magnify it. Now named Baroud, Julien was assigned
operates in Paris, actively opposing the criminal element
to la Brigade soon after his transformation.
there, but also deals with national and international threats
to their country. The members of the team include the tele- Baroud uses the Weapon Master archetype with the
kinetic Marianne, the gun-wielding Baroud (Last Stand), the Healing Factor and Gun options. Raise his Strength and
gadgeteer Arsenal, and the re-activated Esmeralda. his Stamina to 6 and his Fighting to 8.
Genevieve Henart is the third superhero to hold the name
A scientist who accidentally merged with an abstract
of Marianne. The other two were a wind-controller in the
dimensional singularity during an experiment gone
mid-eighties and a super-strong powerhouse who retired
haywire, Franois Bonnotte has the ability to create spatial
in 2007 due to an unexpected pregnancy. As Marianne,
singularities near himself, allowing him to miniaturize
she is the symbol of France and the French people, the
items as long as they remain near his body. He became a
very representation of the Republic and she hates every
registered, non-active power within the CNRS (the largest
bit of it. Nothing fated Genevieve to become a patriotic
governmental research organization in France), but Fran-
hero; she was a skilled police inspector when a failed
ois was soon drafted into la Brigade as Arsenal, a science
operation against a MENACE base activated her latent
and tech expert. Aware of his lack of firepower when com-
telekinetic powers. Since the previous Marianne had just
pared to his more gifted (and experienced) teammates,
retired, she was immediately pressured by her superiors
Franois designed a series of weapons and utility items
and the government to take up the mantle. After a good
that he keeps miniaturized until needed, affording him a
deal of resistance, Genevieve finally complied and joined
personal armory hidden within his costume.
la Brigade. Since then, the serious, no-nonsense former
policewoman has done a professional job, but she hates Arsenal uses the Gadgeteer archetype. His power to keep
the exposure and the needless social niceties inherent to miniaturized gear on his body is reflected with 4 ranks of
her role. She is taking more and more time off from her Feature. His blaster has two additional alternate effects :
social duties and her superiors fear its only a matter of Stun Ray (Ranged Affliction 12 (Resisted and Overcome
time before she slams the door and leaves the country by Fort; Dazed, Stunned, Paralyzed) and Repulsor (Move
with no patriotic symbol. Object 12, Limited to away from Arsenal).
Marianne uses the Psychic archetype, but replace the Te- ESMERALDA
lepathy power set with a TK Blast (Ranged Damage 10),
raise her Stamina, Agility, and Intellect each to 3 and her An intelligent robot created by Lemurian science and
Fighting to 5. powered by alchemical magic, Esmeralda w as the all-


purpose lackey of the Morlock Quasimodo. He found incarceration, only partially regaining his sanity. As long
the android within a Paris catacomb in the 1930s. It took as an employer can provide him the opportunity to use
decades for him to fully repair the robot, but when he did, his energy scythe, any job is fine for Ankou, the cybernetic
she became his obedient servitor for most of the 1970s and personification of death.
80s. After Quasimodos death, Esmeralda remained buried
and inert in the catacombs until Talos found and reactivated Ankou uses the Construct archetype. Raise his Awareness
her. During a conflict with la Brigade, trapped under rubble and Presence to 2. Instead of the options listed, Ankou has:
with Arsenal, she became intrigued by the hero, because Scythe (Damage 10 (Penetrating 10), AE: Energy Blast
he treated her like a person and not a weapon or techno- (Ranged Damage 10), and Propulsors (Flight 6 (120 MPH)).
logical curiosity. She decided to defect from the Foundry
and explore the concepts of humanity and freedom. CRO-MAGNON THE CAVEMAN
Esmeralda uses the Construct archetype with the Undead
Revenant option. Replace the skills Technology and Ve- Glaciologist and polar explorer Sbastien Chaballe lived a
hicles with Expertise: Magic and Expertise: Alchemy. normal life, until he became hopelessly lost while explor-
ing the arctic. Strangely, and thankfully, he was rescued
by an Avian wanderer named Sharidar Trevo, but before
ANKOU the Avian could return Chabelle to safety, the Labyrinth
captured the pair to use them in a devolution experi-
Working as a scientist for criminal organizations can bring ment. Sharidar was mutated into a hybrid of raptor and
you some interesting opportunities. In 1995, Claude Le man (and became el Grifo of los Invencibles), while Cha-
Bihans superiors at SHADOW brought him the remains balle was transformed into a hulking super-strong ape-
of an advanced omegadrone that had been salvaged man, but retained his human intelligence. Dubbed Cro-
and smuggled out of Freedom City. He studied the alien Magnon by the media, Chaballe became one of the most
technology for more than a decade, until the day his son well-known scientists in the country while also acting as
Ronan became the victim of a car crash. Unbeknownst the arch nemesis of the Labyrinth in France. Sponsored
to SHADOW, Le Bihan decided to use the technology by the NCSR, Cro-Magnon is based in the alpine town of
to rebuild his quadriplegic and brain-dead son. But the Grenoble and mostly operates in southeastern France.
shock of his rebirth and new form was too much for the
teenager. He killed his father and rampaged across Britta- Cro-Magnon uses the Powerhouse archetype, but lower
ny before being arrested by la Brigade Fantastique. Since his Strength and Stamina to 10, and raise his Intellect to 5.
then, he has alternated between periods of rampage and He has Expertise: Scientist and gains 6 ranks of Profession:
Polar Explorer.



The woman known as Melusine was born several thou- STR 15 STA 15 AGL 2 DEX 0 FGT 9 INT 0 AWE 1 PRE 2
sand years ago in a vat on the lost continent of Lemuria, Powers: Hulking Reptilian Form (Alternate Form (Standard
a failed attempt to hybridize human and Lemurian DNA. action to change forms), Tunneling (Burrowing 6 (4MPH),
Melusine is a misshapen, draconic woman with a natural Penetrating), Combat Tricks ((Array of Strength Alternate
affinity for magic. Unstable, she was required to spend Effects), AE: Foot Stomp (Burst Area Damage 7), AE:
Shockwave (Burst Area Affliction 13 (Resisted by Dodge,
lengthy periods of hibernation in a special bio-crypt. Overcome by Fortitude; Dazed and Vulnerable, Stunned and
After sporadic periods of activity in Arthurian times and Prone), Extra Condition, Limited Degree, Limited to targets on
the Middle Ages, Melusine awoke in the 1980s to become the ground), AE: Thunderclap (Burst Area Affliction 7 (Resisted
one of the main menaces in mainland France, seeking to and Overcome by Fortitude; Dazed and Vulnerable, Defenseless
and Stunned), Extra Condition, Limited Degree)), Enhanced
create her personal queendom.
Fighting 3, Enhanced Stamina 7, Enhanced Strength 7,
Enhanced Trait 10 (Fortitude +3, Intimidation +9, Athletics +1,
Melusine uses the Sorcerer archetype from the Gamemas-
Close Attack 2), Growth 2 (Permanent), Immovable (Immunity
ters Guide with the addition of complications for being 10 (Being Moved), Sustained), Armored Form (Impervious
physically Unstable, requiring long stays in her bio-crypt, Toughness 15), Super-leaping (Leaping 7 (Stacks with Leaping
and Misshapen, which causes revulsion in others. 3, total 10 (1 mile)), Regeneration 1 (Stacks with Regeneration,
total 2), Tail (Extra Limbs)); Supernaturally Powerful (Immunity
TARASQUE 10 (Life Support), Leaping 3 (60 feet), Impervious Protection 3,
Regeneration 1, Senses 2 (Darkvision), Speed 3 (16 MPH))

Since her awakening, Melusine has attempted to take Advantages: Benefit 1 (Former mafia enforcer), Benefit 2
(Independently Wealthy), Close Attack 2, Daze (Intimidation),
over France many times. One of these required the trans-
Diehard, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Initiative,
formation of certain people into human-reptilian hybrids Languages 4 (French, Italian native), Startle, Takedown 2,
like her. The most spectacular success is the mafia en- Ultimate Effort (Toughness checks)
forcer Florian Langlade, now known as Tarasque. Far more Skills: Athletics 3 (+19), Deception 3 (+5), Expertise: Mafia
violent than intelligent, the seven-foot-tall, hulking, rep- Enforcer 6 (+6), Intimidation 6 (+18), Perception 3 (+4),
tilian brute has clashed several times with French heroes Persuasion 3 (+5), Ranged Combat: Throw 8 (+8), Vehicles 5 (+5)
and is one of the most wanted criminals in the country. Offense: Initiative +6, Unarmed +11 (Close, Damage 15 or
alternate effects), Throw +8 (Close, Damage 15)
Tarasque has two identities, one as a large, strong (slightly
superhuman) man, and the other as the super-powerful Defense: Dodge 5, Parry 8, Fortitude 18, Toughness 18, Will 8
Tarasque. It takes him a round to turn into Tarasque, Complications: MotivationRecognition: Tarasque revels
during which he increases in size, adds hundreds of in the power he has and wants to be appropriately respected
and feared. Enemy: Tarasque is wanted by the
pounds to his frame, and grows a
authorities, includng many Eropean heroes.
spiky carapace and tail. Identity: Tarasque has to keep his identity
a secret or risk being apprehended
Prejudice: In his reptilian form, Tarasque
is a large, scary monster. Bully: No
matter his form, Tarasque is a bully and
enjoys lording his strength
over others. Reputation:
Tarasque is well-knwown
as a violent monster with
a penchant for destruction.
Totals: Abilities 46 + Powers
114 + Advantages 13 + Skills 9
+ Defenses 11 = 202



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enchantments, personalities, teams, personas, likenesses another, independent Agreement with the owner of Bruce R. Cordell, John Tynes, Andy Collins, and JD Wiker.
and special abilities; places, locations, environments, such Trademark or Registered Trademark. The use of
creatures, equipment, magical or supernatural abilities or any Product Identity in Open Game Content does not Mutants & Masterminds, Copyright 2002, Green Ronin
effects, logos, symbols, or graphic designs; and any other constitute a challenge to the ownership of that Product Publishing; Author Steve Kenson.
trademark or registered trademark clearly identified as Identity. The owner of any Product Identity used in Open
Product identity by the owner of the Product Identity, and Game Content shall retain all rights, title and interest in Advanced Players Manual, Copyright 2005, Green Ronin
which specifically excludes the Open Game Content; (f) and to that Product Identity. Publishing, LLC; Author Skip Williams.
Trademark means the logos, names, mark, sign, motto,
designs that are used by a Contributor to identify itself or 8. Identification: If you distribute Open Game Content Silver Age Sentinels d20, Copyright 2002, Guardians
its products or the associated products contributed to the You must clearly indicate which portions of the work of Order, Inc.; Authors Stephen Kenson, Mark C.
Open Game License by the Contributor (g) Use, Used that you are distributing are Open Game Content. Mackinnon, Jeff Mackintosh, Jesse Scoble.
or Using means to use, Distribute, copy, edit, format,
modify, translate and otherwise create Derivative Mate- 9. Updating the License: Wizards or its designated Mutants & Masterminds, Second Edition, Copyright 2005,
rial of Open Game Content. (h) You or Your means the Agents may publish updated versions of this License. You Green Ronin Publishing, LLC; Author Steve Kenson.
licensee in terms of this agreement. may use any authorized version of this License to copy,
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Content that contains a notice indicating that the Open
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this License. You must affix such a notice to any Open this License with every copy of the Open Game Content 2011, Green Ronin Publishing, LLC; Author Steve Kenson.
Game Content that you Use. No terms may be added to You Distribute.
or subtracted from this License except as described by Mutants & Masterminds Atlas of Earth-Prime: Western
the License itself. No other terms or conditions may be 11. Use of Contributor Credits: You may not market Europe, Copyright 2015, Green Ronin Publishing, LLC;
applied to any Open Game Content distributed using or advertise the Open Game Content using the name Authors Daniel Eymard.
this License. of any Contributor unless You have written permission
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