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My individual reflection on the community service on the progression of recycling, which in turn

contributed to the saving of our precious ecosystem of valuable resources. It all began when
members of our group wisely placed suitable waste paper disposal baskets, variously amongst
the university's computer labs. I observed students, and staff alike, who fully utilized our waste
paper disposal units as the days went by. It was a process that couldnt be fulfilled in a short
amount of time, but I knew the best strategy would be to encourage students and staff, to pass
the message to others that our waste paper disposal baskets needed more attention and
awareness. When our objective of reaching a certain limit of waste paper was met, the day
came where my utmost contribution was to flourish. I, as for the rest of our international team of
community servers, was the head in charge of transportation service in order to bring forth the
waste paper from the university to the recycling center, conveniently situated approximately 4.5
kilometers away in Cyberjaya. I met up with Fahad and Mostafa on the day I was to transport
the paper. We walked up to the library where the first waste paper disposal unit was, and then
next to the computer labs. After collecting the final waste paper basket I escorted them to my
vehicle, which was located to the west of the university on the open field used as an unofficial
parking lot. Since they are international students I understood that we shouldnt have brought
them too far to any unfamiliar places, so the recycling center just so happened to be in between
the university and their residence, on their everyday commute. Once we arrived at the recycling
center, we noticed how quiet it was which suggested that this place did not receive much
attention. Saddened by the fact, I knew deep down that our presence gave light to the honor
and integrity of the community's duty to reduce, reuse and recycle (also known as the three
Rs). Our documentation of our visit was an enlightening experience and will hopefully shed light
on recycling awareness, for the better of Earth and mankind. We took several photos to provide
evidence of our recycling contributions, supplied with boxes and bin bags full of waste paper
that could have easily been mixed up with other trash and helped those who do handle trash
save their time and efforts to separate them from other types of trash and travel to a recycling
center, and also prevent the likelihood of these papers from becoming dirty and no longer
usable or recyclable. After our visit and dropping off the waste paper, we journeyed our way
back to the university safely and learnt a valuable lesson that we can now share with our friends
and family. Furthermore, I would like to emphasize the fact that the service we provided to the
community was one that everyone can do, with little effort makes big differences. - Kevin

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