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Chinese Pinyin Definition

chnpn product; goods; merchandise

bngku collapse; crumble; fall
bindngchngbn variable costs
binj limit; bound
binjlrnl profit margin
bpngdng unequal; unfair
bzhngdngjngzhng unfair competition
cif wealth; riches; fortune
ciwyc financial forecast
chj disparity; gap; the difference (in distance; amount
chngbn cost (manufacturing, production, etc.)
chcho trade surplus
chku exit; speak; export
dikunrn lender
dinzshngw e-commerce
dngmng Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
dngnnygujilinmng Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN)
duchngjjn hedge fund
dubin multilateral; polygon
fnlngdun anti-trust; anti-monopoly
fnrng prosperous; prosperity; booming (economy)
fzhnzhngguji developing country
fizhngfzzh nongovernmental organization
fngxin risk; venture; hazard
fnxio retail; distribution
fbi corruption; corrupt; rotten
fs resuscitate; recovery
fzngzhng negative growth
gig to reform
gngj to furnish; provide; to supply
gngki shngsh public listing; go public (with a company
gngs jizh corporate value; company value
gngs zhiqun corporate bond
gngszhi corporate bonds
gngtngshchng common market
gngyng to supply; provide; offer
gngyng shng supplier; provider
gngz wages; pay; earnings; salary
gunshu customs duty
gupi lit. to hang up a plate; to open up for business
gdngchngbn Fixed cost
gdngshur fixed income
gdng stockholder; shareholder
gujhubjjn IMF (International Monetary Fund)
gukqun treasure bonds; treasury bill issued by a governme
gumnshngchnzngzh GNP
gumnshur measures of national income and output
gunishngchnzngzh gross domestic product
guzhi national debt; government debt
gpio shares; stock (market)
gpioshchng stock market
hnggunjngj macro-economic
hngl dividend; bonus
hush afternoon market
hu'rji Wall Street
hungjn gold
hungjnchbi gold reserve
hushng rise again
hub currency; money
hubzhngc monetary policy
huw goods; commodity; merchandise
jig price
jigqsh price discrimination
jingjn bonus
jiog complete a business transaction
jioy business transaction; deal; trade
jioychngbn transaction cost
jizh value; worth
jchshsh infrastructure
jjn fund; endowment
jnku import; entrance; enter
jngj economy; economic
jngjjnhng economic equilibrium
jngjxu economics
jngjzngzhngl economic growth rate
jnglrn net profit
jngq economic prosperity; (economic) boom
jngzhng compete
jnrng banking finance; financial
jtun group; bloc; circle; clique
jzhnll base rate (of interest)
kzhpishur disposable income
kugugngs transnational corporation; multinational corporatio
ll interest rate
lnghby zero-sum game
lrn profit
lx interest (on a loan)
lngdunqy monopoly
mol gross profit
moy (commercial) trade
moynch trade deficit
moypnghng trade balance
moyshnch trade surplus
miyun U.S. dollar
nix domestic demand
umng the European Union; EU
uzhulinmng European Union / EU
pomjngj bubble economy
pnknl poverty rate
pchn go bankrupt; go broke; bankruptcy
qhu futures (on goods)
qitknjng (Game theory) prisoners dilemma
qunqibinnun global warming (PRC usage)
qunqihu globalization
rnjnshur per capita income
shngpn goods; commodity; merchandise
shngsh (said of seasonal goods or new products) go on th
shngw business; commercial affairs
shngxin upper bound; superior limit
shngchnzngzh total output value; gross product
shchngzhnyul market share
Shjimoyzzh World Trade Organization
shjiynhng World Bank
shuy earnings; profit
shuzh income and expenses; cash flow balance
shungsh no-win situation; lose-lose
shungyng mutually beneficial; win-win
shu tax
slsh Zurich, Switzerland
snsh loss (financial); lose
tokng to hollow out
toshu tax evasion
tdipn substitute product
tnghupngzhng inflation
tnghujnsu deflation
tngmng alliance; league
tngzhng inflation
tngzhngl inflation rate
tuz investment
tuzynhng investment banking
tuxijnjhu retirement plan
wihuchbi foreign exchange reserves
wihujioy Forex trading
wiyu to break a contract
wji (commodity) prices
wpn articles; goods; materials
xinjnliling cash flow
xiofi consumption; spending
xiofiwjizhsh consumer price index
xiofizh consumer
xiol efficiency
xioshu to sell; to market; sales
xnxngshchng emerging market
xnyng'd line of credit
xnyngpngj credit card rating
xnz salary
xqi requirement; demand (economics)
yngj accrual (accounting)
yngynchngbn operating costs
ynhnchngbn implicit cost; hidden cost
yushng'rxi top to bottom
ywng desire; lust
zngzh increase in value; appreciate
zngzhshu value added tax (VAT)
zhipio bond (financial)
zhiw debt
zhngji appreciate (in value); increase in price
zhji depreciate; depreciation (in value of property)
zhku discount
zhngqun negotiable securities
zhngqunjioysu stock exchange
zhd system; institution
zhshichnqun intellectual property rights
zhsh index
zhunl patent
zht main part; subject; agent
zbnjigu capital structure
zchn property; assets
zjn funds; funding
zyumoy free trade
zyumoyq free trade zone
zyumoyxidng free trade agreement
zyun natural resource; resource

erence (in distance; amount; progress; etc.)

roduction, etc.)

st Asian Nations (ASEAN)

ast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

booming (economy)



go public (with a company)
company value


to open up for business

etary Fund)
ry bill issued by a government

ncome and output

ment debt


eal; trade

economic) boom

on; multinational corporation


rs dilemma

s or new products) go on the market
ss product

cash flow balance




ncrease in price
n (in value of property)