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Animators as BC a step towards Cashless ecosystem for SHGs

1. Objective: To provide a Cashless ecosystem for SHGs by graduating animators

under EShakti project to work as BC.

2. Stakeholders: ASP, Animators, Banks, SHG & Implementing agency

3. Role of stakeholders:

Bank will engage ASP as a corporate BC

ASP will function as a corporate BC to provide an integrated
software for BC interface at the same time managing EShakti
portal as ASP. This will happen through provision of bridge
technology with EShakti App and CBS platform of banks, as a
result parallel book keeping and banking will happen
Animator will serve as agents under tripartite agreement with Banks, ASP
s as corporate BC and NABARD which host EShakti
SHG will function as customers accessing financial services at their
IA Will oversee the role of animators at ground level

4. Modus operandi:
a. Case of SHG member Loan amount withdrawal (using BC interface by animator
as BCA) SHG A/c SHG member A/c: Animator will give money to SHG
member with Aadhar enabled biometric identification. At the same time, this
member loan amount withdrawal will get reflected in EShakti data base through

b. Case of SHG member Loan amount repayment SHG member will give money to
animator and Animator will transfer money using BC interface to SHG member
A/c SHG A/c. Simultaneous ebook keeping as well into EShakti data base
through App. In short, a & b are reverse of each other.

5. Issues to be examined:
Whether dual authentication of SHG leaders is required to approve any
withdrawal transaction from SHG A/c to Member A/c? If yes, then it requires
the presence of SHG office bearers for each transaction relating to their SHGs.
If no, what is the alternative?
Or some information passed on to animator regarding any loan disbursement
SHG meeting decision will hold good for transaction?
6. Benefits:
a. The aim is to provide a cashless transaction environment for SHGs in rural
unbanked areas in the larger alignment with the digital India inclusion
o Lowering down the transaction costs in accessing basic financial services by
SHG members.
o All transactions (SHGs inter lending & internal repayment) will be routed
through bank and hence, there will be a transaction trail tracking of each
transaction with biometric identification. SHGs will not be handling any cash
with them, their cash in hand will be zero.

b. However, there is another important motive behind engaging animators as BC

and that is sustenance of EShakti project in the long run or in other words, a
roadmap for exit strategy of NABARD from the project.
o NABARD is bearing the ASP charges for the first year, but keeping the
interests of ASP from 2nd year onwards is crucial for the sustenance of this
project. This can happen when there will be sufficient remunerative services
for the animators to carry on the SHG monthly upload transaction once
NABARD stops giving the handholding charges to animators through IAs.

o The another important feature of this set-up will be that animators, in turn,
will be linked to ASP over a period of time and function as a collection agent
of SaaS user charges from SHGs as well. The ASP can develop a mechanism
to adjust or receive charges from animators remuneration and, in effect, this
ecosystem will sustain the project in the long run.

7. Extant instructions of RBI for corporate BC engagement by banks:

Ref. RBI circular no. RBI/2010-11/217 DBOD.No.BL.BC.43/22.01.009/2010-11
dated September 28, 2010; (Eligibility criteria for corporate BC and scope of
activities vide ref. para 2 (v) & 4 (v) respectively)