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Second edition Unit 1 Grammar Practice

Level 2

Complete the sentences with the past 3 Circle the correct words.

continuous form of the verbs in the box.
1 While my parents were living / lived in Spain,
have talk watch they got married.
learn eat stay 2 As we nished / were nishing our meal, our
friends arrived at the restaurant.
1 I was watching TV last night with my
3 Who did you talk / were you talking to when
I tried to phone you?
2 We about the First World
4 Jake was carrying the plates when he dropped

War in our History class today.
/ was dropping one on the oor.
3 I a shower when you rang
5 The lm started while we were buying /
my phone.
bought our tickets.
4 Jack with his grandparents
6 I was breaking / broke my leg while I was
last weekend.
playing football.
5 My parents already
dinner when I got home.
4 Match the parts of the sentences.
6 Abby still on the
phone at one oclock this morning! 1 While I was watching the match, g
2 I was running across the road when
2 Complete the questions and write the 3 While we were driving to Wales,
answers. 4 They were still writing in their books when
1 you / walk to school / when it started to rain? 5 While they were playing tennis,
( sit in the classroom) 6 Sally was travelling in South
Were you walking to school when it America when
started to rain? 7 We were just leaving the house when
No, I wasnt. I was sitting in the classroom.
2 Mario / play football yesterday?
a the lesson nished.
( play basketball)
b the car broke down.
c I remembered my keys.
d it started to rain.
3 your friends / dance / when you got to the
party? () e I fell and hurt my arm.
f she lost her passport.
g the TV stopped working.
4 Ellie / use her phone / during the French
lesson? ()

PHOTOCOPIABLE Cambridge University Press 2012 Level 2 Unit 1

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