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Hard Compound
Trowelled, Cast or
Sprayed on Wear Protection
for System Components
and Pipes

The Wear Protection People

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KALCRET Hard Compound

Trowelled, Cast or Sprayed on Wear Protection
for System Components and Pipes

KALCRET hard compound is the A specific portion of steel fibers is

general term for cement bonded added to enhance the structural
wear protection materials. These strength. The type of steel fibers
are based on inorganic materials used depends on the thermal,
of high strength and good wear chemical and corrosive stress to
resistance. which the wear protection will be
exposed. Expansion joints will be
The specific density is attained
provided when KALCRET is used
by a well balanced particle size
at higher temperatures.
distribution of the individual
components. The pores between Concerning its chemical resis-
the cement portions are filled by tance KALCRET is more stable
the addition of superfine particles than regular concrete. However,
of micro silica. KALCRET can not be used as
acid protection.
KALCRET reaches high com-
pressive strength after 8 hours. Ideal for material
It is excellently suited for repairs. combinations KALCRET: wear protection
The mixture includes defined material out of a bag
KALCRET is also fit for combi-
additives and is made up of: nation with other materials from
hard aggregate materials the Abresist Corp. wear protection
program, such as with
cement binder
micro silica
fused cast basalt
zirconium corundum
high alumina ceramics

Technical advice
Numerous varying factors
determine which material from
Abresist Corp. will be best for
solving a particular wear problem.
After having reviewed the
conditions of the particular
application, our experts will give
you comprehensive advice and
submit proposals tailored to
the particular requirements.

Structural composition of KALCRET:

high strength cement matrix, hard
aggregate materials 0.1 4 mm in
size (bauxite or corundum)

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trowelled compound
This compound allows protection high strength and abrasion
of vertical, inclined and curved resistance to wear caused
surfaces. by sliding friction
large surface lining
with no joints
varying lining thickness
depending on the stress
due to wear
can be used after 8 hours
suitable for temperatures up
to 1200 C / 2192 F
cast compound high thermal shock resistance

This material will be particularly even complicated

useful for protecting flat surfaces geometries are feasible
against wear or if formwork can ideally suited for repairs
be used. can be installed at the site
by locally available staff
complete wear protection
optimal solution when used
in combination with other
wear resistant materials
from Abresist Corp.
sprayed on compound
KALCRET sprayed on compound
allows large surfaces to be lined
in a minimum of time. It may be
applied by spraying horizontally,
vertically or even overhead
without any problems.

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Working with KALCRET


Packing and storage Concrete surfaces require Installation

cleaning (they must be free of
Normally, KALCRET is packed KALCRET can either be applied
forming oil and loose particles)
in 25 kg bags. Steel fibers are at the Abresist Corp. plant or at
and shall previously be wetted
delivered in 1 kg packages. (as it is standard practice for the the site. A comprehensive range
application of cement bonded of tools and equipment is availa-
Provided the hard compound is
materials). ble for installation on site.
stored in a dry environment, it
can be kept at the site up to
Setting time
12 months after production.
75% of the final strength of the
Working temperature KALCRET will be reached after
The optimal working temperature 8 hours at a temperature of about
ranges between 10 C / 50 F 20 C / 68 F. That period is
and 30 C / 85 F. Working at identical with the minimum
temperatures below 5 C / 41 F setting time, e.g. for repairs.
will not be feasible without Temperatures of less than
heating the system to be lined. 20 C / 68 F will require longer
We recommend the use of pre- setting times.
fabricated KALCRET shapes
when large surfaces have to Check list
be lined at temperatures below sufficient quantities of
5 C / 41 F. KALCRET and steel fibers
Surface preparation clean water (potable water)

The use of KALCRET hard correct power supply

compound requires a careful working tools
preliminary treatment of the protected working zone
surfaces to be lined:
no direct sunlight
Fastening of an appropriate
surface sealing system
wire mesh to the relevant surface Welding the wire mesh to the
is done with the aid of suitable surface to be lined: distance personal protection (gloves,
accessories. It shall be mounted approximately 250 mm
helmet, goggles, mask)
at a distance of 5 mm from the duly observe safety
surface to be lined. Fastening data sheet
points at a spacing of about
250 mm will be adequate. The duly observe working
wire mesh shall be fixed stiff and instructions
rigidly. Other reinforcements can
be chosen for thicker coatings.
Steel surfaces require
cleaning. Sandblasting is not

Stiff and rigid fastening distance

to the wall to be lined: about 5 mm

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Tools Required for Working KALCRET

It is recommended to use the

tools and accessories tested
Tools and accessoires
by Abresist Corp. for working KALCRET spraying system
KALCRET. also offered with mixer,
This tailor made equipment has compressor and generator
been extensively used in actual as independent unit for
practice. Several units have been installing 1000 kg/h
customized and are not offered KALCRET forced circulation
on the market. mixer with wear protected
tank, mixing capacity approx.
30 liters; 1.5 kW motor,
33 rpm (other mixers on
KALCRET spraying system
various bricklayers tools
and vessels
vibration trowel approx.
23.5 x 13.5 cm
internal vibrators
external vibrators
graduated flasks
(1.5 and 3 liters)
Wear protected tank of a prebent wire mesh (material
KALCRET forced circulation mixer to be matched to the specific
tools and accessories for
attaching the wire mesh
(material to be matched to
the specific requirements)
steel fibers (material to be
matched to the specific
surface sealing spray
(curing liquid)
polyethylene sheeting

Tools and accessories

for working KALCRET

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Spraying with KALCRET

Hard, Abrasion-Resistant
and Quickly Applied

KALCRET-S can be sprayed to

line large surfaces with KALCRET
Advantages of KALCRET-S
within a minimum amount of time time tested wear protection
at rates of more than 5 m2/hour compound
(at 25 mm thickness).
excellent abrasion values as
Spraying can be done horizontally defined in ASTM
and vertically. It can even be homogeneous structure
worked overhead and enables with little porosity
the lining of complicated surfaces
smooth surfaces obtained
without difficulty.
by reworking
KALCRET spraying technology Investigations have shown that minimum setting time of
the properties of sprayed on no more than 8 hours
linings do not differ practically
from those of comparable short installation time due
vibration compacted linings. to high application rate
beyond 5 m2/hour
The addition of steel fibers has overhead working feasible
positive effects on strength and without difficulty
structural stability. The fibers are
added to the mixture during the homogeneous, jointless
spraying process. and intensely compacted
sprayed on layer
Depending on the particular
variable thickness options,
application, additional insulation preferably from 20 to 100 mm
may be placed between the lining
Even overhead working is feasible
and steel jacket. Heat losses are
without problem
reduced and low cost unalloyed
structural steels may be used
thanks to a lining system
characterized by an optimized
temperature gradient.
Operating temperatures beyond
50 C / 122 F require selective
provision for expansion joints.
In addition, temperatures of
more than 100 C / 212 F
require observing special
heat up curves.
Homogeneous structure

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Spraying technology Check list

spraying system specially provision for all materials,
developed for working including KALCRET-S and
KALCRET-S steel fibers in sufficient
continuous and homogeneous quantities
delivery of the KALCRET-S
compound up to the spray safe supply of clean,
nozzle potable water, power and
water amounts and the timing compressed air
of injection have been surfaces must be clean
developed to ensure proper
moisture level and distribution check proper installation
in KALCRET-S of wire mesh
steel fibers added direct apply KALCRET by spraying
to the mixture during the
spraying process check layer thickness
spraying system, complete generate smooth
with materials and tools, can KALCRET surface
be contained for installation
have surface sealed
on site
after spraying or
working distance 800
1200 mm from the surface cover it with polyethylene
to be protected sheeting
delivery distance of the
sprayed compound up to
Working with KALCRET spraying 100 m; vertically 40 m

Reinforcement and wire mesh Smooth surface

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Trowelling and Casting

Prepare KALCRET Compound

Fill KALCRET quantity needed

in a forced circulation mixer. 1 bag
of KALCRET (25 kg) yields approx.
9 liters of compound.
Mix dry hard compound for
about 30 seconds.
Duly observe water dosing rate.
Exactly measure the required
water quantity and slowly add it
during mixing. Make sure only
clean potable water of a maximum
temperature of 25 C / 77 F
and a minimum temperature of
15 C / 59 F is used. 1. Empty the bag of KALCRET 2. Add water as specified in the
hard compound in the mixer working instructions
The desired stiff / plastic
working consistency will be
reached after 5 - 8 minutes
CAUTION: duly observe
the working instructions on
the KALCRET bag.
The mixing period and the
required water quantity may vary
within narrow limits depending on
the ambient conditions and the
product properties.
As a general rule, we
recommend to add steel fibers
at a rate of 1 kg of steel fibers
3. Mix for 5 to 8 minutes and 4. The compound should have
per 25 kg bag of KALCRET.
check result a plastic or stiff/plastic
The steel fibers are added consistency
towards the end of the mixing
period (after 5 - 8 minutes)
without causing agglomeration.
Mixing period: approx. 2 minutes.
The optimal working
temperature ranges from
10 to 30 C / 50 to 86 F; direct
sunlight should be avoided.
KALCRET can be worked up
to 1 hour after mixing subject to
ambient temperatures of
20 C / 68 F.
The setting time is
at least 8 hours. 5. Add steel fibers 6. The stiff/plastic KALCRET com-
pound (X) to be applied by trowelling
is compacted with the aid of a
8 vibration trowel
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  ;;; +2

25 kg Water Mix for About 1 kg Mix at least

KALCRET e.g. 1,225 kg 5 - 8 minutes of steel fibers 2 minutes

Check list
clean mixer, clean quality of steel fibers
potable water depending on specific
water of moderate temperature application
(15 - 25 C / 59 - 77 F) steel fibers shall not clog,
materials free of lumps therefore add them
selectively and slowly
duly observe water dosing rate
the KALCRET compound is
maintain mixing period of at ready for use as soon as
least 5 - 8 minutes in a forced it features a plastic or stiff/
circulation mixer plastic working consistency
in case the KALCRET the castable KALCRET
7. Steel fiber materials matched to
compound is too dry, add compound (Y) thus treated
the specific application are offered
water at steps of 50 ml each has a good plastic consis-
per 25 kg KALCRET tency, the compound to be
add 1 kg steel fibers per bag applied by trowelling (X) a
of KALCRET after mixing stiff/plastic consistency
period of 5 - 8 minutes not to be used at
temperatures below
5 C / 41 F

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Working with KALCRET

Trowelled Compound

This compound allows protection Protect the surfaces against

of vertical, inclined and curved quick evaporation of the residual Check list
surfaces. moisture. This can be done either make sure the surfaces
with a surface sealing spray or are clean
KALCRET is homogeneously
by covering with polyethylene
mixed and can be applied with safely fasten the wire mesh
the appropriate tools to the
prepare a good stiff/plastic
prepared sub surface. Depending Operating temperatures above KALCRET compound for
on the lining thickness, the material 50 C / 122 F require provision trowelling
is applied and compacted by of expansion joints. In addition,
layers. The KALCRET vibration temperatures of more than make sure the correct water
trowel ensures systematic 100 C / 212 F require observing quantity is added
compacting. Normally, the layer specific heat up curves. mix for at least 5 - 8 minutes
thickness ranges between 20 and check whether the mixture is
We recommend either the
80 mm. The surface is sub- free of lumps; if not, mix again
KALCRET spraying technology or
sequently smoothed.
the use of prefabricated shaped mix for 2 minutes after
Steel and concrete surfaces elements for overhead linings. adding steel fibers
require fitting a prebent wire apply KALCRET a little
mesh to ensure good adhesion. thick and compact
The minimum setting time is completely back-fill wire mesh
8 hours at an ambient temperature and compact the compound
of 20 C / 68 F. use vibration trowel
check layer thickness
Working temperature: establish smooth
10 30 C/ 50 86 F KALCRET surface
immediately apply
surface sealing or
cover with polyethylene

1. Prepare compound to be 2. Generously apply compound

trowelled as instructed and compact it

Working time:
1 hour

3. Ensure good backfilling of 4. Check layer thickness and

wire mesh equalize it, if necessary

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Cast Compound

KALCRET cast compound is Surfaces supported in formwork

particularly effective in lining flat can be stripped after about Check list
surfaces. Normally, simple form- 8 - 24 hours (depending on the carefully prepare formwork
work will do. Special formwork layer thickness) at ambient
will be made for vertical and temperatures of 20 C / 68 F. make sure surfaces are clean
inclined surfaces; that formwork They shall be protected after- check use of wire mesh
will then be backed. The form- wards against quick evaporation prepare a good plastic
work should be as smooth as of the residual moisture. This can KALCRET compound
possible on the KALCRET side. either be done by means of a for casting
surface sealing spray or by
The cast compound is mixed as duly observe correct
covering with polyethylene
specified, filled in the prepared addition of water
formwork and compacted with mix for at least 5 - 8 minutes
the aid of a vibrator. Slow Operating temperatures above
check whether the mixture
admission and compacting of 50 C / 122 F require provision
is free of lumps;
small quantities at a time will for expansion joints. In addition,
if not, mix again
ensure uniform wear protection. temperatures of more than
100 C / 212 F require observing mix for 2 minutes after
specific heat up curves. adding steel fibers
cast and compact KALCRET
use vibrator
check filling
Working temperature:
10 30 C / 50 86 F establish smooth
KALCRET surface
have surface sealed
after casting or
covered with polyethylene

1. Prepare formwork 2. Prepare cast compound

as instructed

Working time:
1 hour

3. Carefully fill formwork 4. Use external vibrator

for compacting

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Prefabricated Products
KALCRET Pipes and Pipe Bends

Pipes and pipe bends lined with KALCRET trowelled KALCRET is more economical for inside
are produced with a standard inside diameter diameters beyond 600 mm.
of more than 40 mm.
One benefit of the KALCRET wear protection lining
Inside diameters up to 600 mm are lined with is that the lining can be made thicker in the outer
castable KALCRET whereas the use of radius of the bend (extrados) which is subject to the
greatest wear (asymmetric cross section).
The fabrication method allows high flexibility when
fixing the bend radii. Specially narrow bend radii are
realizable as well.
All well known pipe connections from the Abresist
Corp. program can be used. Wear of the protective
lining can be monitored by KALDETECT.

inside diameters of more than 40 mm
radii from 500 mm onward (variable)
pipe lengths up to 5000 mm
jointless lining from 20 mm layer thickness onward
asymmetric cross section (see picture)
available with standard Abresist Corp. flanging
lining wear monitored by KALDETECT

KALCRET for high temperatures

KALCRET featuring a specific wall setup is offered
for use at high temperatures. A special insulation
material is mounted between the steel jacket and
the abrasion resistant KALCRET compound.

temperature difference up to 620 C / 1148 F
at a wall thickness of 55 mm
low weight due to minimized dimensions
use of low cost unalloyed steel as structural
Highly wear-resistant
Insulation material 20 mm excellent wear protection even at high
Unalloyed steel 5 mm temperatures up to 1000 C / 1832 F

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Prefabricated Shaped Elements


KALCRET hard compound as pre- Lining of preheater cyclones but also short installation times.
fabricated shaped elements has in a cement plant The complete installation of more
performed well in practical opera- than 200 square meters has
Prefabricated KALCRET shaped
tion. Tiles and shaped been implemented in less than
elements are used with insulation
elements made from the cast 2 weeks at temperatures below
and mechanical fastening to the
compound are prefabricated at 0 C / 32 F. The system could
steel plates (see pictures). This
the Abresist Corp. plant and resume operation immediately
will ensure not only high wear
equipped with well known afterwards.
protection, high thermal insulation
attachment hardware, such as
weld bolts.
The shaped elements are
compacted on a vibrating table.
The dimensions of the shaped
elements depend on the handling
required. Dimensions of
300 x 1000 mm at a thickness
of 30 mm are available.

minimized number of
different shaped elements
homogeneous compaction
of the prefabricated shaped
elements, producing
consistently high quality
drastically reduced installation
time; large surfaces can be
lined quickly and precisely
even overhead with pre-
fabricated shaped elements
the lining can be used
immediately after installation;
no setting times are needed
there is no problem to fit
linings with prefabricated
shaped elements made from
KALCRET during the winter
months at temperatures
below +5 C / +41 F;
costly heating of the
components to be lined
is not necessary

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Range of KALCRET Products

The Right Material
for Every Application

Hard compound particle size mm 0.1 4
Density g/cm 3
2.7 2.9
Ultimate compressive strength MPa 170 190
Ultimate bending tensile strength MPa 22 26
Max. application temperature C (F) 400/1200 (752/2152)
Percentage of hard compound % 70 Raw meal duct in a cement plant


Working procedure
X = applied by trowelling
Y = applied by casting
S = applied by spraying
Temperature limits
N = up to 400 C / 752 F Hot gas cyclone designed for
T = up to 1200 C / 2192 F temperatures of 1000 C / 1832 F

Wear rate
B = hard compound bauxite
C = hard compound corundum

Example 1
B = hard compound bauxite
N = up to 400 C/752 F
X = applied by trowelling Prefabricated shaped elements,
e.g. for bunker lining
Example 2
C = hard compound corundum
T = up to 1200 C/2192 F
Y = applied by casting

Example 3
B = hard compound bauxite
T = up to 1200 C/2192 F
S = applied by spraying Lined cyclone in a cement plant

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Typical Applications
KALCRET has Excellently Stood
the Test for Many Applications

Typical applications

deviation hoods
dust collecting ducts
gas purifying systems
hydraulic conveying systems
Lining of a raw meal grinding mill Pulverized coal bends for a power pipe bends
in a cement plant plant with prefabricated KALCRET
pipe bends
pneumatic conveying systems

aluminum smelters
cement industry
Lining of the impact wall of Lining of a wind box underneath
coal fired power plants
a coke loading bay a sintering belt in steel works
glass factories
iron/steel production
mineral wool production
non ferrous metal mining
and beneficiation
waste incinerating plants

Clinker dust transport pipe in

a German cement plant

Prefabricated shaped elements,

e.g. for cyclone lining
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KALCRET is Hard, Wear Resistant

and Easily Applied

Lining the separator

of a ball mill used by the
cement industry with

Lining of a cooler pipe that

handles clinker in a cement plant
with KALCRET-BNY hard compound;
the prefabricated shaped elements
with integrated insulation have been
provided with mechanical fastening
The KALCRET spraying techno-
logy allows quick and reliable
lining of large surfaces; this
illustration shows lining of a
scrubber in a steel making plant
with KALCRET-S hard compound

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