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Port of Esbjerg gateway for wind power in Europe

The Port of Esbjerg is Denmarks largest port on the North Sea, and it is the The Port of Esbjerg is home to
European market leader when it comes to handling and shipping out wind more than 200 companies which
power. More than 2/3 of the offshore wind capacity installed in Europe is together employ more than 10,000
shipped out from the port. people. The companies represent
the entire supply chain within the
The Port of Esbjerg played a key role in the rise of Denmarks offshore wind in- offshore and energy industries.
dustry, which took off over a decade ago with the installation of the worlds first
large-scale wind farm 15 km off the coast, Horns Rev I. Since 1868, the Port of Esbjerg
has been the centre for sea
Today, more than 2/3 of the offshore wind capacity installed in Europe ori- carriage and trade between Den-
ginates from the Port of Esbjerg, including the offshore wind farms Butendiek, mark and the rest of the world.
Northwind, Humber Gateway, Westermost Rough, London Array and Sandbank.
Today, the Port of Esbjerg is
an international, multimodal
The Port of Esbjerg is ideal for shipping out wind power due to its unique expe-
transport centre and an impor-
rience and location, modern facilities, flexible areas and supply chain, which
tant Scandinavian gateway to
includes several of the worlds leading companies specialised in handling and
the whole world. Transport to
servicing wind installations.
the harbour area is unimpeded
In 2015 alone, 450 MW of offshore wind capacity were shipped out from the thanks to the motorway right to
port, which is equivalent to almost half of the total amount of wind capacity the door, and shipping companies
connected to the grid in Northern Europe during the same period. can incorporate Esbjerg in destina-
tions and voyage plans with a min-
As the primary base port for wind power installations, the Port of Esbjerg has imum of deviation from the north
more experience handling wind installations than any other port in the world south-going axis for sea carriage.
be it in terms of pre-assembly, testing or shipping.
Moreover, the Port of Esbjerg is
And with a proven ability to handle six wind projects at a time, you will not find the primary service and support
more space, flexibility or dedicated quay areas anywhere else. port to the Danish oil and gas in-
dustry, and it is market leader in
When projects multiply and wind turbines get bigger, the Port of Esbjerg evolves Europe in terms of handling and
to meet new demands and we are committed to remain the leading gateway shipping out wind power.
for wind power in Europe.

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offshore wind industry in vessels in 2015 shipped out from lift installation
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Gateway Scandinavia