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ENC2135: Research, Genre, & Context

Project 1: A Digital Artifact Analysis

Parts of the Assignment
Genre's Affordances and Constraints 1)Proposal
2)Analytical Essay
Introduction 3)Rhetorical Rationale
The purpose of this project is twofold: first, we will establish our own working definitions of
genre based upon the readings from class as well as outside sources we deem important to
their definition; second, we will select one digital artifact (the options are endless here-- a
video, a social media platform, a website, audio, a blog, & a plethora of other digital items) Due Dates
which we will analyze through the lens of genre. This analysis will attend to the conventions Proposal: to blog before class on
of this particular genre, how it works due to its context and form, and how circulation of this
Wednesday, January 18. (200
particular genre serves the artifact itself. Because you are framing a definition first, sources (up
words min + artifact)
to four) should be included in this assignment, which will serve as an introduction, or refresher,
for in-text citation methods. Included in this project: 1) Proposal 2) Analytical Essay 3)
Rhetorical Rationale. The Essay: First draft before
midnight Sunday, January 29 to
The Assignment Blackboard. (1200 word min)
The Proposal of the project should be simple; treat it as though you want approval for your Final draft before midnight Friday,
idea. It should both introduce the artifact you want to explore and give us, the readers, a rough February 10 on Blackboard (1200-
outline of what you envision this project looking like. It should allow us to see the bigger scope 1500 words).
of this project while also giving you an opportunity to think about the purpose of the essay.
Why did you select this artifact, and why do you think this is relevant to to the concept of Rhetorical Rationale: Should be
genre? How will this artifact help us better understand your definition of genre? Your proposal included with your final draft of
should be a minimum of 200 words, include a link to the artifact, and should be posted to your The Essay and submitted by
blog before the start of class it is due. While this is a necessary part of the assignment and midnight, Friday February 10 on
included in the overall Project grade, it is also graded in the same manner of our other Blackboard (300-400 words).
blogposts. If you submit it and it meets the standards presented, it will count for 5% of your
project 1 grade; if it doesn't meet the requirements, you won't get credit. The concepts you
outline in your proposal are not set in stoneyou will not need to follow your proposal or
rewrite it if you change your project's outline. Ancillary
The Essay will count for 85% of the project grade and go through at least two full drafts and This project, like the other three
other supplemental materials. Your thesis should be focused on exploring the meaning of major projects of the course, will
genre through your artifact. That it to say, it should establish what genre means, according to
be included in the final ePortfolio
you, and help us understand that meaning through the artifact. As long as your essay centers
for the class.
around this thesis, there is no right or wrong way to approach this. Your definition of genre
should differ from those of your peers, and how it is explored in this essay will be different
based upon your artifact. Your audience (in this instance, a group of your peers who have a After you have submitted the Final
basic understanding of the term genre and an interest in your interpretation of it), already Draft and received the grade you
know the dictionary definition of the word. What they don't know is how you see genre as earned (as well as my feedback),
multi-faceted, complicated concept. As you compose, consider the following questions: 1) What you will have an opportunity for
is genre as a function? How do I know? 2) Why does this artifact stand out to me in relation to one more revision if you choose to
genre? 3) What are the constrains and affordances of the artifact in relation to genre? How follow the final revision guidelines.
is that related to genre? 4) How does this artifact circulate and why does that matter (if at all) You will have two weeks from
to genre? 5) What is the purpose and audience of the artifact,& how does that situate it within receiving your grade to initiate this
genre? revision process.
This Essay will be between 1200-1500 words, not counting the works cited. The first draft must
meet the minimum word count to receive full credit for the overall project grade. Both required
drafts of this essay must be submitted to Blackboard.
The Rhetorical Rationale should serve as a reflection at the end of your writing process.
Think of it as writing about writing and displaying your meta-cognitive skills to reflect on the
previous assignment. Things to consider while composing the RR: 1)What did the scope of the
project (from your proposal to your final draft) look like and why? How did your ideas develop,
and what did that development show about the process? 2) What did the physical act of writing
these drafts say about you and the composing process? (Did you write some of it by hand?
Did you write it on your phone? 3)What revisions did you make and why based off of either the
one-on-one meeting and the class workshops? Not all of these questions need to be addressed,
but they should create a starting point for your RR. Be sure to include actual, concrete specifics
about your changes and avoid the abstract as much as possible. This will count as 10% of your
grade and it should meet the same criteria as The Essay. Your RR should be between 300 and
400 words and included at the end of your final draft of The Essay when you submit it.

As this is a major project for this course, style, purpose, and approach are all important
factors that will weigh into the final grade. The process and following the assignment
guidelines is also important, as is grammar and mechanics. As a class, we will compose a
rubric based upon these principles.