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Sunita ]

40 minutes

Grade 1

Lesson: States Of Matter

Unit Overview
Main Idea (Claim) Summative Assessment

Introducing the students on states Exam

of matter.

Guiding Questions Objectives (know/understand/do/value)

The student will . . .
What is matter?
What are the three primary form Be able to recognize that matter is
that matters comes in? anything that takes up space (has
How to know that something is volume) and has mass.
matter or not? Be able to understand that matters
What are the key characteristics of comes in three primary forms; solid,
states of matter? liquid and gas.
Be able distinguish the key
characteristics of states of matter.

Time Instructional Procedures and Strategies

10min Beginning the Lesson
s Warm up
Show the video on matter
Explain the students that Matter is anything that has mass and takes
up space. And has a mass.
Show students the container of water.

Developing the Lesson

Explain that the container is matter, and that the water and air inside are also
25min matter.
s Mark the water level on the outside of the container.
Show students the rock. Tell them to watch what happens to the water level when
put the rock in the water.
Drop the rock in the container. (The water level
Sunita ]

40 minutes

Grade 1

Should rise).
Ask the students what happened.
Lead them to the conclusion that if the rock moved the water level up,it must take
up space, and therefore it is matter.
Tell the students that that matters comes in three primary forms; solid,
liquid and gas.
Define them each on the board solid, liquid and Gas.
Explain the key characteristics of states of matter.
Show video for better understanding

Closing the Lesson


Formative Assessment Differentiation

Discussions Checking them time to time.


clear, wide-mouth
four-cup container