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Short Paper 1 Eny (Enkhtsetseg Bat-Erdene)

Chinas Role in World Trade Organization (WTO)

After 15 years of negotiations and debates, WTO members welcomed China to the WTO and

China finally its accession into the WTO in 2001. Chinas accession in 2001 was a major step

for Chinas integration into global trade and for the further internationalization of the WTO

trading system. Chinas accession boosted global trade and its rapid economic rise, with the

countrys share in global exports and imports rising and made huge contribution to both

domestic and global growth. China has played in the WTO since its accession to the global

trade organization 16 years ago.

The accession has removed many barriers for Chinese products to enter the global market and

lifted Chinas trade. Before the accession, there were many debates about the quality issues of

the Chinas products between WTO members. Those debates and fear were completely

overblown now.

First half of its accession WTO has seen inward foreign investment into China over hundred

billion USD but now China is actually investing more and more overseas. According to the

study, Chinas share of the world trade in 2015 reached 14.6%, making it by far the worlds

largest trade. The sectors, which are the most efficient in Chinese economy, are the most

exposed to international trade.

After entering WTO, most of the trades of the China were textiles, toys and other low profit

commodities. As Chinas technology is not as well developed as countries like USA and

Japan, large proportions of its exports are labor-intensive goods. Chinas action of exporting

is very often labeled as dumping at the first time and it has been changing over the years.

The deficits of high tech exports and the need of more intellectual contained products that are

what China is experiencing. Though faced with strong international competition and

challenges, China is provided with a chance to learn from the successors like their ways of

manufacturing, product promotion and marketing, management and many other things.
Chinas inclusion into the WTO was completely game changer to reshape the global

economic landscape since China has been a big contributor to global economy. The world

economy had been led by developed economies for many decades and the growing economy

of China is gradually reshaping the global economic landscape. Chinas identity in the WTO

is developing country. Up the till the time when China entered he WTO, about 85% of the

members were developing country. However, the power distribution within the WTO is very

unfair. China has the power to influence and to change.

Since the joining the WTO, China has lowered its tariffs by a large margin, and has made

achievements in the construction of the market economy system according to the scholars.

Moreover, as China is getting more and more powerful and able to make the game rules in

global economy.

Now China is playing constructive and leading role in WTO, a lot of countries, companies

and consumers have benefited from the increasingly opening of the Chinese market. Chinas

economic development since it joined to the WTO has been one of the most remarkable

phenomenon in the 21st century.

China has been one of the most influential members of the global trade. It has more chances

to develop itself and to challenge itself.