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Symbols Sigils and Spells

By Lolita Perdurabo
The Beginnings
Nerja Caves in Spain
Seals, possibly 43.000 years
It might be an example of
Neanderthal Cave Art.
13.000 years older than
Chauvet Cave Paintings,
France, thought to be the
oldest Palaeolithic cave art.
Cave Art in Crimea
Central Oregon Cave Art
Namaroto spirits and the Rainbow Serpent, Burlung, Australia
Aboriginal rock art Spectacle Island, Hawkesbury River
El Castillo at least 40.000 years old
symbolic forms preceding formulation of ,or
first forms of written language, (possibly 70 000 years old)
Spells, Symbols and Language
Casting a spell focuses on use of words either verbally or in a written form.
The written form uses symbols to communicate the message.

Spell as a noun in old English means

'story, speech'
and from Proto-Germanic spellan

'to tell'.
In Proto-Indo-European language the verb spel means

"to say aloud, recite."

As we know the modern verb to spell also means to

say the letters of a word.

Sigils are a type of symbols constructed from letters of
a word or a sentence (a spell) that are then used to cast
this spell in an abstract form so it appeals to the
unconscious mind.

Henry Cornellius Agrippa, Three Books of Occult

Austin Osman Spare
Henry Cornellius Agrippa
15 September 1486 18
February 1535
Three Books of Occult
Sigils and Seals of Goetia
Name sigil can be used in relation to a sign or a seal of a spirit that
can be contacted and or controlled through this sigil.
Grimoires and Magic Squares
Khajuraho Temples, Book of wonders 14
India 950- 1150 century
Austin Osman Spare

Alphabet of Desire
Sigil creation based on
Symbols across the world
Daoist Qingyanggong Chengdu
Aum or Om
Hindu and Buddhist divine symbol
Koomir- Slavic symbol of life cycles and time and neo-pagan
wheel of the year.
Eye of Horus
Veve Damballah
Gods and Goddesses
Hermes, Eros and

Gods represent
universal principles.
Archetypal Figures
Religious Icons

Erzulie Dantor
Black Madonna of
Cross cultural
Divination Symbols as Spells
Qabalah Automatic Drawing.
Tarot Scrying.
Runes Dream interpretation.
I Ching Ouija Board.
Tree of Life
and Qabalah
Tarot and Qabalah
Tarot and Alchemy
Emblemata Nova
The sun, success

shield of the clouds

and shining ray
and destroyer of ice.
I Ching
MODESTY creates success.
The superior man carries things
Within the earth, a mountain:
The image of MODESTY.
Thus the superior man reduces that which
is too much,
And augments that which is too little.
He weighs things and makes them equal.
Tables of Correspondences
Automatic Drawing

Surreal Automatism

Practiced by Picasso,
Dali, Breton and Spare

BALLETre by J. Coleman Miller,

Scrying and Cleromancy

John Dee's Aztec Scrying Mirror in

British Museum
Dream Interpretation
Messages from Gods
Alternative Reality
Temptations of Devils
Sigmunt Freud's The
Interpretation of Dreams
Jung and Hall
Dream Work

Dr. Emad Kayyam Dream Work

Ouija Board
Magical Languages and cyphers
Runes Ogham- Druidic tree
Enochian Angelic Language
Theban or Honorian alphabet
New Aeon English Qabala
Origins of Symbols
Divine Reality Everyday life

Shamanic visions Nature

Collective subconscious Culture
Dreams Politics
Politics of Symbolism

Great Rite and Leroi-
Gourhan's cave art
sword and cup
Workshop Plan
How to cast a spell Finding meanings of the
name in NAEQ and
True Will
Creating personal symbolic Creating a sigil for the
magickal name.
Cleromancy using seeds. Creating a sigil using
Creating magickal name magick squares.
using cypher. Creating a mojo -group
Using automatic drawing or individual.
to obtain a vision of the
Symbols Sigils and Spells
"a symbol, like everything else, shows a double aspect. We must distinguish,
therefore between the 'sense' and the 'meaning' of the symbol.
It seems to me perfectly clear that all the great and little symbolical systems of
the past functioned simultaneously on three levels: the corporeal of waking
consciousness, the spiritual of dream, and the ineffable of the absolutely
The term 'meaning' can refer only to the first two but these, today, are in the
charge of science which is the province as we have said, not of symbols but of
signs. The ineffable, the absolutely unknowable, can be only sensed.
It is the province of art which is not 'expression' merely, or even primarily, but a
quest for, and formulation of, experience evoking, energy-waking images:
yielding what Sir Herbert Read has aptly termed a 'sensuous apprehension of

Joseph Campbell in The Symbol without Meaning

The End.
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Slide 02: Cave Painting of Seals by Nerja Cave Foundation

Slide 07: El Castillo cave painting by Pedro Saura
Slide 08: Typology of Non-Figurative Signs (after Genevieve von Petzinger) from

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Slide 39: Gematria Tables by H. Churchyard

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Slide 17: Aum Bangalore parade float by Matthew Logelin from Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Slide 36: Runestone by Marieke Kuijjer, Ogham alphabet by Rico38

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Slide 01: Alchemic circle1,2,3 By Damianadrian

Slide 04: Central Oregon Cave art By Gabeguss
Slide 06: Aboriginal rock art Spectacle Island by Tim Stewart
Slide 13: Hindu Magic Square by RainerTypke
Slide 16: Qingyanggong Chengdu by Felix Andrews (Floybix).
Slide 18: Kolomir by by Ratomir Wilkowski, Kazimierz Mazur
Wheel of The Year by Midnightblueowl
Slide 22: Dantor by by Stheno88
Slide 24: Tree of Live by Frater Ponderator
Slide 25: Sola Busca and Waite Smith analogies 3 Swords by Almadeangelis50
Slide 31: BALLETre by J. Coleman Miller
Slide 33: Freud by FlyBit43
Slide 34: Dream Work by Emad Kayyam
Slide 37: Enochian by Obankston
Slide 40: NAEQ cipher by Lolita Perdurabo
Slide 41: Swastika Dorstep by Marcika
Slide 42: Chalice of St. Adalbert. by Krzysztof Mizera
Slide 46: Elements by MaEr
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Slide 42: Athame and Boline by Kim Dent-Brown

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Slide 05: Namaroto spirits and the Rainbow Serpent by HTO

Slide 11: Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim uploaded by AndreasPraefcke
Slide 12: Seals of Marbas and Haagenti
Slide 13: 16th century arabic magic square
Slide 14: Alphabet of Desire
Slide 15: Aboriginal art owls by Hibernian
Slide 19: Eye of Horus from the excavations of Jacques de Morgan
Slide 20: Veve Damballah by Chris
Slide 26: Jean Dodal Tarot trump 13, Emblemata Nova
Slide 27: Emblemata Nova
Slide 28: Runic letter Sowilo
Slide 29: Table of Corrsepondence 777
Slide 35: Ouija Board
Slide 38: Theban alphabet
Slide 40: Liber Al,

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