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Date: march 4 Location: Singapore Academic Speaking

Part 1
1. Whats your full name
2. Where do you come from
3. Are you a student or working
4. Why did you chose this kind of work
5. What do you want to do in the future
Part 2
Describe an appointment wherein you forgot
Why?what happened? Whats your feeling on your experience? Who is this person?
Follow-up questions:
1. What will you do in the future to prevent this from happening
Part 3
1. Which is more important, meeting with your friends or meeting at work?
2. Whats the importance of knowing your family history?
3. Do you love reading books when you were a child?
4. What books did you read about?
5. Do you prefer borrowing or buying books?
6. Did you ever read books twice? If not, why?
7. Did you had a fav teacher when you were a child?
8. What qualities do you think a good teacher is?
9. Did you ever experienced teaching someone?

Venue : Kuwait Test : General Speaking:

Part 1 : about yourself?
Where do you live apartment/house?
Hows look like?
What are the views through your windows?
Part 2 : about a project done in work/ study?
When? Where? And with whom?
Part 3 : about teamwork?
Teamwork applicable in students or not?

Speaking Section 1 (questions about your home, chocolate and etc), Section 2
(Describe a time when you used imagination), Section 3 (follow-up questions on
imagination, i.e. childrens imagination, to what extent imagination used these days,
Impact of TV or book)

3 March, Almaty, Kazakhstan Speaking. British Council

1. What is your name
2. What do you do
3. Why did you choose to do what you do
2 part
Discuss about situation when you have missed/forgot an appointment
Why have you missed
Why it was important
How did you feel about it
Questions about water
Do you like spending time near water such as ocean, river or a lake
have you had a holiday near water
what did you do
3 part
Questions about forgetting appointment: is it more important meeting with friends or
meeting at work, forgetting about small things
What do you like doing with your family

Academic Iran
You work in foreign country for short-time:
How work?
What kind of work is proper for short-time in foreign country?
Benefit of working in international company?
Basic specification to work in international company?
Why some people dont like to work in foreign country for short-time?
Academy or practical , which of them are more important, why?

My speaking exam was on 03.03.2017 in Kyiv,Ukraine

Part 1
Where do you live?
Tell me about your apartment?
What do you see from the window of your apartment?
What do you do with photos you take?
Do you have a lot of photos from your childhood?
Do you take photos when you travel?
Part 2
What business would you like to start in the future?
What do you need for that?
When do you want to do that?
Why you want that?
Part 3
What small business would be easier to start where you live?
Why some people do not start their own business?
What is better to work on somebody or to have your own business?
How government can support small businesses?


Thanks Liz Your website was really great help for me.
3 March,2017
Speaking module..
Part 1
1.What is your name?
2.where do u live?
3 what is an interesting place near your area?
4would you like to live there in future. why/why not.?
5 Do you oen remember your dreams?
6.do you like to listen to other peoples dream?
7 is there any special significance of dreams?
8.What are popular indoor sport games in you country?
9do you play indoor games?
10 what indoor games were you used to play as a child?
Cue card:
Describe a family member who made you proud.
who this person is
what he did
when this happened
part 3
when parents feel proud of there children
do parents give rewards to children when they achieve such goals
do parents always give gis or reward to their children?
when old people feel proud to the young generation
when you felt proud on your work
when other people feel proud of themselves?

I had sat for my IELTS speaking test today (3rd March) at IDP Subang Jaya,Malaysia
Part 1
Do you live in a house or flat?
Describe your house?
What do you see from your window?
Did you have a favorite teacher?
Describe her
Role of a teacher?
Have you played a role of a teacher before?
Part 2
Whats your favourite movie?
Where and when you watched the movie?
With whom did you watch the movie?
What was the movie about?
Part 3
Did your friends enjoy the movie?
Was it a popular movie?
Is foreign movies popular in your country
Has movie changed much since you were a kid?
The types of movies people like to watch?
Why some people like to watch black and white movies?
People spend alot making movies ,is this the right thing to do?

i am rossabelle from kuala lumpur, malaysia. today (2/3/2017) i sat for my ielts speaking
at british council in malaysia and will be si_ing for my writing, listening and reading
so my speaking session was about:
part 1 :
-study or work
-subjects im currently taking
-how oen i use mirrors
-is it necessary to decorate house with mirrors
-how oen i remember my dreams
-do u enjoy listening to others dreams
-do you think you should believe dreams
part 2
-describe a decision someone made that you disagreed with
-who where and when
-what is the decision
-did you tell them your opinion
-what happened to that decision
part 3
-do you need others opinions in making decision
-which one is better: individuals decision or grouped decision
-what factors affecting someones decision

I would like to share some questions of my speaking part (GT, 02.03, Russia). Hope it
helps as well as previous postings were helpful to me!
Part 1. Where are you from?
Where do you live?
Do you like to live in Moscow?
Do you plan to change a place you live in?
Do you wear watches?
Did you wear watch when you was a child?
Part 2. Describe the most polite person you know. Who he/she is? How close do you
know his/her? Why he/she is polite? Why it is impostant to you?
Part 3. Politeness relates questions.
Why it is important to be polite?
Do you think people are polite in your country? Why?
Is it important to teach kids to be polite?
Which an age group are more polite? Old or young people? Why?
Where people are more polite in cities or in the countryside? Why?
Good luck with your endevours!

My speaking exam wan on 28 February

Part 1
What do you study or work
What your plan in the future
Do you war watch
Do you like wear watch when you was child
Did you got watch as a gi
Cue card
About speech
General questions
How can speeker present a speech to children
I dont remember for other sorry
I have reading and writing and speakin on 4 march

Today i had speaking exam, the questions asked were:

Part 1: hometown
famous person
Part 2: Describe an event which made you laugh
Part 3: Are comedy shows popular in your country
Importance of laughing

New Delhi, India
Date : 1 Mar, Speaking (LRW- 4th Mar)
Hi Liz,
I saw your videos on speaking test, they were really useful. Today I had Speaking exam
and the questions were.
Part 1-
JOB related question
Kind of job , do you like your job, will you ever change your job and other question:
Photography :
What kind photography you like
How you share your photography , which one u like pictures or videos.
do you prefer to write on paper or in computer device ?
Part 2 :
Your Favourite advertisement
Part 3
Other questions related advertisement

Sahil salhotra,phagwara(india)
Speaking test 28/02/2017 idp
Question about money,accommodation,colours and food
Apointment missed
Family background and history.
Hi liz!I had my speaking test today March 1, 2017
Module: academic
Location: Manila Philippines
Part1: do you work/study, which do you prefer comfortable shoes or good looking
shoes, do you play indoor games, do you think children nowadays spend too much
time in playing video games,do you think people need to spend much on shoes, what
do you think about people who owns a lot of shoes
Part2: say something about a newly opened shop
Part3: all about malls..where can you find big malls..
part 1: contains many structures of questions (past (participate), present and future)
topic1: General questions: Hometown? do you like your city? do you live in a flat or in
a house? describe your house? what do you see from your window?
topic2, lets move on another topic; celebrities, what is your preferred celebrity in your
country? Do you wanna be one of the celebrities in your country in the future? why?
topic3, celebration, what kind of party your country celebrate? are you interested in
them? did you assist one of them before? and there are other questions.
part2; cue card
talk about a short work experience you want to do it in a city from other countries,
you should talk about:
where is situated this city?
why you choose this city?
why do you want to go there?
explain what do you wanna change there.
part3: talk about work abroad
why many people dont want to work abroad?
what will be the skills that you will develop if you go abroad to work for a short time?
how? what else?
what kind of work is provided in a different country? why? what do you think it
comes aer this work? why and then what is the third one?
last question: what kind of facilities the multinational company provides to a_ract
employees? and she stopped me in the middle.

Speaking academic
2017 03 01
Part 1
Ur full name?
Are u a student or a job holder?
About celebrity
Fav celebrity of ur country?
Hav u seen any of dm in public?
Do u wana live dare life?
Part 2
Any country u wana work 4 a short period of tym?
Which country
Why u wana work
Why do sm ppl work in dare own county rather dn abroad?
Wat all works can we do for short period of tym in abroad?
Benefits of working in an international companies?
I do nly remember dis much..

Thank you, tips from your website helped me during my speaking test which was on
sat 25/2/2017. Questions
part A.. do you work or study? What job do you do?Do you thin you work too hard
on our job sometimes?Where are you from?What do you do aer work?Do you prefer
comfortable shoes or nice shoes?Do you by shoes online?do you prefer to have alot of
friends or just one best friend?do you hang out with your friends oen?what do you
do with your friends?
Part Bdescribe a quiet place you like to gowhere it is, when you go there,why you
like the place (something like that)..follow up question..when last did you go there
Part c..do you think people prefer to work with noise or not?does it cut across board?
what are other sources of noise apart from traffic?should the government put a policy
in place to regulate noise?

For my speaking test asked about home where you live , are you prefer to live there?
about hometown advantage disavantage to live there. My cue card about holiday,
where you would like to go on holiday? what to do? How to go? with who?

Today, speaking was of my friend .

Part 1 was all about hometown 6questions
Part 2 describe your interesting neighbour
Part3 neighbours,family 8questions
He told me ,his examiner was very polite .I gave speaking very well
Germany , Cologne
speaking :
1- Background about my life and future plans
2-teaching experience
3-Activities with my kids in our free time
25 Feb 2017
New Zealand
Part 1
Do you work or study?
Do you work hard?
What do you usually do aer work?
How do you spend time with friends?
What kind of TV programmes do you watch?
Did you use to watch a lot of TV when you were young?
Do you do the housework?
Is there any household chore you dislike?
Did you use to help in the house when you were a child?
Do you think it is important for children to help with the housework at home?
Part 2
Describe a cafe you have been recently. Say:
who you went with
why you went there
what you ate or drank
Part 3
Why do some people dislike inviting friends to their own house?
Some people think you dont know a person until you go to their house, do you agree?
We werent supposed to live a big city surrounded by strangers, what do you think?
Test Date: Feb 11, 2017
Location: USA
Speaking (the ones I remember):
Do I live in a house or an apartment?
What can I see from my apartment?
Do I like it when people visit me? Why?
Do I like to meet people at home or outside?
What do I do when people visit me at home?
Why is it important to meet people?
Do I like chocolate?
How oen do I eat chocolate?
Why do people like chocolate?
Did I ever give anyone chocolate as a gi?
Which tall building do I like the most? Why? What is the name of the building? Where
is it located? Describe the building.
Have I ever visited the building?
How many times?
With whom?
Should new buildings be built in historical cities/neighborhoods?
What if we have a need to build new structures, but there is no more space le in the
How important is an architects role in a new building?

IELTS Academic 25 Feb 2017

study or job ?
your favourite color ? was it same in at the time of childhood?
your favourite teacher ? and some others questions related to teachers
Cue card : your favourite movie/film
do old peoples like to watch old movies or todays movies.
do old people still like to watch movies in black n white?
high money spent on movie guarantee movie success ?
why people are making so many animated movies now a days?
and some other question related to this topic.

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Date 25th of Feb, 2017
Part 1:
What is ur full name?
Where are you from?
Do study or work?
Do you know how to play any kind of musical instruments?
Did ur parents teach u to play any kind of instruments?
Did u take any musical class when u were in the school?
how can music improve childrens mentality
What do u usually take in ur bag?
Do you take the same items in ur bag in the evening?
What do u do for ur relaxation?
Part 2
Cue card:
describe an international meal that you had when u traveled abroad.
Part 3
is it important 4 u to know the origin of the food you eat?
what is the benefit of trade between 2 countries?
What the effect of air pollution in the environment?

speaking part 1
about bags
what type of bag do you use
and why do you take photo
do you prefer taking photo or video
part 2
what of scientific field do you intersted in[medicine phsics pychology]
part 3
was also related to part 2 topic
what are the most popular inventions over the 100 year
in what way science effects our life

About the speaking test:

Colour, house, then about money aswell,different between ppl with high salary and
low, what you can do if you have a lot of money.

Thanks for sharing Colours is not an easy topic for some people. Here
are a couple of questions from that topic:
Is your favourite colour today the same as when you were a child?
Is there any colour you would never wear?
Do any colours in your country have a particular meaning?

Part 2: about special meal you want to eat and who you would want to eat it with,
why. etc.
Part 3: All about food, still. Food as part of culture. Food and sanitation. Food in your

Part 1: Music/Musical Instrument

Public Transport
Part 2: Describe a famous person
Part 3: All about celebrity and society

I have done my speaking exam today in Uzbekistan.
what do you do?
indoor computer games(3 or 4 question about games and famous games around
describe a situation that you have disagreed with somebody.
why some people have difficulty making decision?
what makes a good decision maker?
is it betterto to make decision on your own or in a group?
How importan decision for gowernment ?
that is all.
tomorrow will be other part.

Here are the questions from the test as far as I can remember:
Part 1: Introductions and where I live?
Part 2: Describe a gi that I gave to someone recently
what it was ?
why did I choose it and its significance
To whom did I give it to?
Explain and describe the occassion for giving the gi
Part 3: Are handmade gis betteror commercialized gi sets
what is your opinion on the commercialization of gis?
what type of gis do you personally prefer especially on holidays?

I took my speaking test yesterday on 22 February in Uzbekistan.(Academic)

About hometown and is it interesting place to live and will I live there in future??
Robots and if I like them, is it good?
My secondary school,classmates and whether i keep in touch with them now??
Cafe which I visited
when and where it was
why i went there
what i ate and drank
why i liked or disliked this cafe
differences between cafe and restaurant
variety of meals and music are important for popularity??
What makes cafes special than others??
Is it a good place to have meeting with friends

Hello Liz.was a great speaking test today thanks to you

Part- 1
Part- 2
Describe about and an activity you do for first time and you feel excited about it
we should try to learn new things ?
why people fear while try to learn new thing ?
most of people in your country doing repeated things or diffrent thing ?

Location Colombo, Sri Lanka

Test date 22/02/2017
Do I live in a house or apartment, describe my house, what can I see through my
Holidays to be remembered, why people need holidays
Chocolate, why everybody likes chocolate, characteristics about chocolate, why people
use chocolate as gis
Cue card was about imagination, an incident where I used my imagination, what
were the outcomes, any impact on the result from imagination, children vs adults
imagination, either reading story books or watching cartoon makes more imaginations
in children and what are the reasons behind the answer

today in Kochi(India).
Part 1: 1. Where are you from?
2. Have you ever forgot to take some important thinga while going out?
3. What are things that u uaually carry when going out in the day time and in the
4. About shoes(what kind of shoes do I prefer?
5. Have you ever did online shopping and why?
Part 2(que card)
1. Trip to countryside
2. What did u do there?
3. With whom did u go?
Part 3
1.What are the effects of tourism in countryside?
2. What are the changes happened in countryside today compared to earlier days?

British council (Bangladesh)

I had my speaking today.
q-card was easy but I am not satisfied with my follow up question answers
student or service holder
subject and why
favourite teacher in school & why
want to be a teacher?
I said no then she asked why?
did u use e-book
did u teach someone?
your favourite movie
about film industry & history

i had my speaking test last day

1.what you do work or study
2.what you do in your free time aer hard work
i answer that in some detail like started with in my leisure time is that correct
replacement for free time ?
3.do you used to play video games when you was younger
4.followup was why you dont play much than before
que card topic
what job you like to do?
which type of people can have this job
is this highly paid and why ?
and last something like that what you think its good for career ?
analytical section
what type of job in your country are highly paid
some jobs are highly paid other are not
why people want to accumulate wealth and still not happy
is saving money good habit
i elaborate this answer last that some people when they are happy they want to spend
more money but save part from their expenses to use it in future for hard times .
most of statements i said i dont agree with this like one was
do you think in job salary ma_ers alot only in choosing job ?
i said no salary is so important for someone who wants to excel in his carrer so he will
do hardwork by that dedication he could make bright career so then he will be get paid
so in choosing job professionals always concern bout career prospective .
Kindly analyse my answers if i was right or wrong in explaining some answers
My other parts are on saturday any useful tips .Thanks

Speaking part1
Do you live in a house or flat, how ur house look like,,what you see from windows
Which color uh like,,what is favourite color amongst your friend circle,,which color uh
dont want to paint in your room n why,,
Desribe a holiday uh like,,do you prefer to stay at home or go outside on holiday and
more on this topic
Describe a song you find interesting
Which kind of music you usually listen,,which kind of music young people listen in
your country,,do old and young people listen same music,,do you prefer lyrics or words
in a song and more

Test date: 22nd February, 2017

Type: Academic
Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Part 1
Do you study or work?
Why did u choose the subject?
What are you plans regarding your education?
How oen do you go to a water site?
What do you like to do there?
How important is family to you?
Who are you close with in your family?
How do you spend time with your family?
Part 2
Describe a person u recently met
How did she influence
Follow up question with would u meet her again?
Part 3
How do u meet people in your country?
How can u be polite when you meet them for the first time?
Should the workers in a workplace be friends with each other?
Is it necessary to balance your professional life and personal life?
How can you balance it in your life?

test date
Part Ist:
Introduction (name, address, Student/work, why did you choose this subject?)
Who is your favorite celebrity?
have you ever seen your celebrity in public?
Reading: do you like reading books?
have you ever read an e-book?
what are the benefits of reading an e-book?
part 2
describe an event when you see a wild animal.
who was with you?
where?. and so on
then some question about wild animals.
why do people like to keep different kind of pets?
what are the effects of over population/pollution on wild life?
How these affected wild animal influence human health.

Zee, Feb 22, Pakistan

What is your name?
What do you do?
What do you do aer work?
Do you help out in household chores? Things you like and dislike to do?
How oen do you watch mirrors? Have your purchased one? Are mirrors a good
decoration object?
Any incident that makes you feel proud about your family? Who did it?
Parents are increasingly focusing their a_ention on buying toys and materialistic
objects. Comment.
What is the impact of pride on society? How it negatively influences society?
Parents are increasingly focused on academic achievements; how they can improve it?

feb. 20,2017
Location: Vietnam
part1 : about where you live,type and description of a house where you live in, what
you can see in your window.
part2: about imagination
how do you imagine
When do you usually imagine
how easy/difficult for you to imagine
part3: how imagination is important?
how it is important to children?
what do you think is important for the children reading story books or learning by
watching in television?
Test Date 16 February 2017
Type General
Location Colombo Sri Lanka
Speaking part 1
Name/ Hometown/Music
Cue card
Weather condition would you like
Part 3
Regarding weather / cloths for different weather condition/ global warming

Part 1
Hometown 1.it is in treating place.2 do you want to live in future.2 how do you like to
live there .
Televisions 1 .what kind of programs u watch.2 why. 3 in childhood u watch TV. 4
Friends 1.u prefer one best friend or 100 friends. 2 why 3 do you invite them at ur
Part 2
Talk abut visited cafe.
Part 3
1 .difference between cafe and restaurant
2 .where people celebrate festivals.
3 .where people invite there relatives for meal.

February 16, 2017
Davao, Philippines
Part 1: Are you working? What is your work? Is it still the work you have in mind in
the future?
Part 2: Describe an interesting or unusual thing you did recently. Who? Where? When?
Why is it interesting/unusual?
Part 3: How is free time spent now by children different in the past? (Plus some other
follow up questions relating to free times of kids)

speaking :
talk about a good service you received in a restaurant or shop

Date : 20 Feb 2017

Module : General Training
Country : India ( Ambala)
I had my IELTS speaking Exam today and the examiner asked me following questions
General questions about Friend and Robots
Cue card about recently opened shop
where it is?
what does it Sell?
Local shops
Small shops versus Big shops
Quality or price what ma_er a lot to you while buying any product?

Part 1
do you live in a house or apartment? How it looks like? What can you see from the
Part 2
Main topic: Describe a moment that you had to use your imagination
(when it was? what happened? Did you enjoy or not?)
Part 3
She kept asking about imagination. I dont remember exactly the questions, but it was
something like:
how childreen use their imagination? Who use it more oen: childreen or adults?
Does a computer have more imagination than a human?

General Test 16/02/17

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Part 1
Which part of the country do you live?
How oen do you look at the mirror?
Do you think mirrors are good decoration objects?
Did you ever buy clothes online?
When you buy shoes, you opt the comfortable or fancy one?
Describe a well paid job that you think you would do well.
What are the most well paid jobs in your country? What are the least? What do you
thing its important to have in a company for the worker? Do you think that rewarding
is a good way to show how important one job is?

Location: Delhi
Section 1:
Usual questions.
a) Do you live in an apartment/house?
b) Describe the view from your window?
c) How does your apartment look from outside?
d) Who do you feel more connected with in your family?
e) How do you spend time with your family?
Section 2: An interesting trip that you would like to plan.
I had prepared points for this and kept a watch on examiners expressions to guess
how much time is le. Think I managed to speak for about 2 mins.
Section 3: It was about transport, maybe because I talked about a road trip in my
section 2. Questions: transport system in your city, the difference in the transport
system in city and countryside, do you think pedestrians do not have enough
facilities, transport systems, and effect on the environment.

First Section To talk about what I do currently, things that i take around with me, if I
have ever forgo_en to take anything, and how to make sure we have taken all our
belongings before leaving a place.
Second Section(CUE CARD)- Something that I would like to do in my life that is not
related to my work or studies.
Third Section Why do people plan? Is it easy to follow a plan thats made? or to follow
a routine. AND some questions regarding the answers i gave. PLUS HE ASKED ME

part 1- Are you studying or working? And the topic of TV shows I found in your site,
part 2- Describe an interesting activity the you did for the first time (somewhere along
those lines)
part 3- Dont remember. Sorry.
Speaking: describe your city
What shoes do you prefer?
Related questions to these topics
Cue card: describe an occasion when you spent time with young child
Part 3: questions about my school
About toys and children activities
Has it changed a lot compared to past
About expensive toys, should parents buy it?
How to develop their imagination and similar questions on topics related to children
family and relationships

first in speaking test usual questions,,,your name, place and what you are
doing now a days ,,,what you are doing in free times,,,,do you like robots,,,did you
loved the movies about robots ??did you will like it you are si_ing in the car and robot
is driving it ,,,?? what is the maximum distance you covered through public
transport??,,,what is the situation of public transport in Pakistan?? do you think it will
be improved in future.one minute to think about topic about the story of
your last travel..aer telling the story the examinar start asking question about my
story i.e do you like country side ?? do you think it is suitable for all age people .tell
me about the advantages of living at country side?? did government should
commercialize country side???? it was all my than in listening test a girl is renting
motor home, than in 2nd listening test a boy and girl is talking about the ancient place
and in third the women was presenting some experiment on agriculture.reading
first passag the unique kind of ants of newzeland,,,,,2nd passage about hardcopy
machine 3rd passage writer views about book make up your mind..yes if some
one find the answers or these above question share with methankyou:)

Speaking Test:
19th Feb 2017.
Telephones, Mirror,
Describe a place where you would not use your telephone
-Where is that place
-Why can not use
-What would you like to do if you got the chance to use
Is it a positive impact or negative impact on youngsters
How old people use telephones
If someone talk loud in public places how this will impact on others
Friend of mine got a different topic which I never heard of,
Describe an incident when you came in contact with a wild animal.
-What was the animal doing?
-What did you do?
Both test held in Singapore.
What is your full name?
What did you do you work or study?
What did you do aer work?
Do you like shoes?
How did you choose shoes what is important ( comfort or trendy)
What did you learn from history, how can we apply it today?
Do you think that good and bad experience has the same impact?
How will future generation will learn from us?
General Training
11 Feb Porto Alegre, Brazil
Speaking Test:
Part 1: What part of the country are you from?
Is the city where you live interesting?
What housework do you do around the house?
Is there anything in particular that you dislike doing? Why?
Did you use to help around the house as a child?
why and how can parents teach their children to help?
Do you play any instruments?
Did you use to as a child?
Is it important for parents to motivate their children to play instruments?
How can they do it?
Part 2: Talk about someone who disagreed with you
What happened?
Why did they disagree?
Did you tell them your opinion?

Follow-up question: do you oen disagree with people?

Part 3: Why some people have difficulty making decisions?
What makes a good decision-maker?
Is it betterto make decisions on your own or in a group?
How can parents teach their children to make decisions?

I cannot remember all the questions and their orders.
What do you do?
Do you feel like you need to work hard sometimes?
Do you do household chores?
As a child, did you help with household chores?
What household chores do you hate doing?
Talk about a book you want to read again
When did you learn about it
What is it?
What is it all about?
Do you think reading habits of people have changed?
Do you think classic literature is important? Why?
What do you learn from them?
Do you think ebooks has changed the number of readers? Why?

My speaking was really hard topic to speak about it.
1. general info
2. why people are using mirror before going to work or study on these days?
3. why celebrities use to wear the expensive watches these days?
4. How did you feel when wearing watches during your school days?
Task 2:
Describe a time that you heard about popular Countrys riots?
1. what did you heard?
2. when did you heard?
3. How did u felt aer heard about the countrys riots?
4. give me possible suggestions for reducing the riots in this society?
Part 3:
1. advantages and disadvantages of countrys riots?
2. how countrys riots does it affect the social context?
3. How ppl comes out of this country riots?

speaking test ( 12-feb-2017 )

Im from india
Thankyou maam your website is very helpful for us and you are doing a good job
part 1 : it was about study or work ?
you prefer only one good friend or group of friends
you like shoes ?
you see look or comfort ?
part 2- describe a interesting speech ?
part 3 : it was about visual aid

Test type
Test date
Speaking 9/2/2017
Wri_en 11/2/2017
Test venue: Lagos, Nigeria
Part 1
My Hometown
Interesting place to visit in my hometown
How people relax in my hometown
My profession.
Why did I choose it
Any plan to change my profession in the future.
Cue card
Describe an interesting song you listened to.
Title of song
Where you listen to it
Why the the song is interesting
Part 3
The type of music people in my country love to listen to
Any difference in music people listen to in the past and the present
Which do people prefer, the lyrics of the song or the music.
Why do people listen to music generally

Examination Date: 11- Feb

Location: Bahrain
Test taken: IELTS
Module: GT
Part 1
Lets talk about some information related to yourself
1. Tell me about your hometown where do you live?
2. Do you have an idea to move out from where you currently live?
Lets talk about shoes
1. What do you look for when you buy shoes? Do you buy expensive shoes or
comfortable shoes and why?
2. Have you ever bought shoes online?
Part 2
Cue Card Topic
Describe a situation on a decision you disagreed with
i. With whom did you disagree with?
ii. What was the incident?
iii. What was the reason and
iv. The outcome
Part 3
Lets talk about more general things that are related to what youve just spoken about
1. Do you think its good to speak out your mind and give your opinion on anything
about what you think is right or wrong?
2. Do you think that anyone should be allowed to make their own decisions? (Here I wasnt clear if it was
related to children or adults so I asked the examiner whether its
related to Children or adults and answered accordingly)
3. Do you think its important to get advice in terms of marriage or university
4. How do you think is the best way to communicate a decision whether its good to
communicate the benefits of the decision or how its going to affect the individuals?

Exam date- 11th February, 17

Type- Academic
Place- Chandigarh, India
Speaking date- 8th February, 17
The questions were easy initially and the cue card was also ok
The cue card was:
Describe an interesting neighbor
I think i did ok and my grammer is good too.. bt there were a few( 3-4 i mean)
questions were i got struck up.. like
Can a country be called a community?

Type of Test: Academic

Date of Test: 11 Feb 2017
Location of Test: Manila
Part 1:
Do you work or study?
Why did you choose that job?
Do you want to have different job in the future?
Do you spend much time with your family?
How do you spend it with them?
Do you read a book?
Do you think e-books are more convenient?
Part 2:
Cue Card
Describe an activity that you occasionally do that is a bit expensive.
You should say:
What is it
When do you do it
With whom
And why do you enjoy doing this activity
Part 3:
Question related to my answer in Part 2-
When was the last time you did the activity?
Follow up questions:
Do you think men and women spends money in the same manner?
What do you think are the advantages of having a lot of money?
(I forgot the other questions in Part 3, but most of them are about money and what is
the thing that I will spend most of my money)

I just gave my speaking(academic) from Edmonton 12/02/2017

Whts ur name,
Wt cn I call u
U live in house or apartment
How does it look like
View from ur window
Part 2
A piece of equipment that u like
Who else used it
Would you like to have robot at home
Y machines r important
Wt kind of jobs machines cn do instead of human
(In part two I talked about my digits photo frame, I could speak fluently, had pause of 3
seconds in between, I never expected this topic.
Liz , can you consider digital photo fram as a piece of equipment?)

Speaking test: 11 Feb 2017

Listening, Reading & Writing: 12 Feb 2017
Part 1 Do you have a house or apartment? How is it? What is your favourite colour &
why? Was it the same when you were a child & Why? What is the favourite colour
among your friends?
Do you like to write by hand or type on a keyboard & Why? When you were a child
were you writing more than today & Why?
Part 2 Describe your favourite film/movie.
Why do you like it? Whats the story about?
Part 3 Why do some people still like black and white movies? What kind of movies do
old people like? What kind of TV show do people in your country like? Do you think it
is the responsibility of the film makers to show the truth in their films & Why?

Speaking: Were do you come from?

Tell my about your home.
What do you see when you look through the window of your house?
Did you like reading as a child?
Do you bay or borrow books and why?
What kind of books have you read recently?
For 2 minutes tell my about:
an advertisement you have recently seen
where did you see it?
what is it about?
What facinates you about the advertisement?
tell me about the advertisement?

I took the test on 11 February in Brazil.

Speaking test: (that is what I remember)
Part 1 there were some questions about Bags
Part 2 describe an expensive activity you occasionally do.
Part 3 what expensive things do most people spend their money in // is there any
difference in the way men and women spend their money? // Why do people are so
fascinated about the lives of rich people?

My IETLS test was on 11th Feb, at Newcastle, Australia. General Training. Speaking:
part 1: study and chocolates.
part 2: describe an advertisement.
part 3: celebrities and advertisement.

Speaking: Part-1
-Is it betterto have one best friend than to have many friends? (related 2/3 questions)
-How long can you remember a dream?(related 2/3 questions)
-A decision you disagreed with
Making decision-related some other questions

Speaking: (9th Feb 2017)

Cue card:
Recently met a person who you dont know before
who is he
where you met
what did you talk
explain why you like to discover about him in future.

Exam date: February12 2017 General training

place : Cochin
Speaking Questions
Basic personal details
About the place you live
Describe the view from window
Do you like visitors
How oen would they come and why do you like them
Do you like to go visit them or like to invite them ??
What do you like to do with visitors ??
Cue card : Talk about a special gi you would choose for a friend . On which
occasion would you like to give that gi and why would you give him .
Discussion : all about giving gis to children and friends .
Which one would you choose homemade gis or normal gis from shops .??
What are the gis which can be given to children other than chocolates ??
Does any gi would be harmful to give for a young child ?
At what age are they supposed to start reading books ? Why ??

Part 1:
What is your job, what are the responsibilities, what do you think your future job will
be, who is local artist whom you admire and why, have you traveled near water (I
dont really undertand what this means), have you traveled using boats, and do you
think all people need to be able to swim?
Part 2:
If you can choose a country abroad which you can work temporarily (short time),
what would it be, and why?
Part 3:
Advantages & disadvantages of working abroad & working in international companies,
constraints in working abroad, consequences of working in informal sector

i was taking academic speaking exam in edmonton

part 1 : what is your hometown? you live in house or apartment? how it looks like?
do you enjoy your holiday? tell me about your recent holiday?
13/03/2017 Recent IELTS Exam Questions and Topics 2017
http://ieltsliz.com/recent-ielts-questions-and-topics/comment-page-4/#comments 92/194
part 2: descirbe a time that you are busy?
what do you do? when? what is about ? why you are busy?
part 3 do you prefer busy or do nothing? why?
what ways you can do when worker worked extra time?
what is the advantages and disadvantages when people got so much workload in hand

Hello, i just took the ielts speaking test in Dublin.(10/02/2017)

thanks Liz for a lot of valuable information and i want to share the questions.
-do you live in a house or an apartment?
-what does it look like?
-which colour do you like?
-when you were a child, which colour was your favourtite?
-which colour do you and your friends like?
-which colour would you decorate your house with?
-the subject was garden
-how do people use their garden or terrace or other outside field?
-do you think having a garden is important for children?
-about gardening.. i dont remember well..

10th of Feb, Germany

Part 1:
-what is your full name
-where are you from?
-which part of your country are you from?
-do you like your hometown?
-can you imagine to live and work in your home town?
-do you like doing housework?
-what kind of housework do you oen do?
-is there some task of housework that you dont like to do?
-did you have to help in the household when growing up?
-do you think it is important to help in the household as a child?
-did you learn how to play an instrument
-do you think it is betterto learn an instrument at a young age?
-do you think music should be tought in school?
some more about that
Part 2:
A situation where you werent allowed to use your mobile phone (When, why, )
(how can I possibly talk about something like this for 2 minutes?)
part 3:
-Internet/mobile phone
-what do you think about storing data online?
-how do you think mobile phones changed social interactions (positive/negative)
-What do you think about the quality of conversations in social networks?

i had my speaking test on Feb 10th.

Questions related to my job and chocolates.
Interest in science (Choices Physics & Medicine) cant remember 3rd
Part 3
Mostly on Medicine

Test Date: 9th Feb 2017

Place: Kochin, Kerala, India.
Type: Academic
Part 1
Work, hometown, hang out places at your hometown
describe apartment, view from window
Part 2
A person whom you recently met
Would you like to meet him/her again
Part 3
Making close friendship at work good or bad
Importance of friendship
Do you meet your friends oen?
meeting by person / over internet which is be_er?
Advancement in technology affected communication?

part 1 about my work

house hold works
part 2
interesting speech
barriers of speech
importance of audio visual aids

Part 1
Where do you live, in an apartment or a house.
how does it look like
what can you see from a window from your apartment?
Part 2
Do you like visitors coming into your house, why?
what all you do when visitors come home?
Are you more comfortable going to friends house or they coming into your house?
Do you like bags?
what kind of bags do you use?
do you think bags should be different for every occasion?
Part 3
topic was talk about a day when you dressed up, why did you dress up, who helped
you dress up (prepared yourself)
questions were related to organizing.
how can we teach our children about being self-organized.
what are the ways to be self organized.

I recently had my speaking test in Uzbekistan. Topics were as usual, background,

hometown, robot influence on human life, films about robot, watch, whether I used to
wear a watch as a child, why some wear very expensive watches.
Part 2 cue card was
describe a job than you think youd do well
what the job is
what is required to do this job
Part 3 was on motivation at work, what factors motivate employees at workplaces and
whether rich are happier, thet final question was whether the poor are happier.

Today I took my speaking test (Bhopal, INDIA)

Task 1: she asked me general questions about my studies and hometown.
Task 2: describe your favourite movie
-you should say when u saw the movie
-where you saw the movie
-with whom you saw the movie.
Tast 3: some follow up questions regarding movies and film industry in India.

IELTS. I had my speaking test today (9th Feb, 2017) in Delhi. Following are the
questions asked to me.
-Where do you live ?
-Is it a interesting place where you live ? do you want to live there in future?
-Do you watch TV a lot ?
-Topic to speak for 2 minutes:
What you would like to do or plan in future apart for you studies or career
-People facing issues aer demonetisation in India ? what kind of problems.
-What steps govt are taking for the issues in your country

Sri Lanka
This is my 3rd a_empt.
Part 1 :
1. Are u working or studying?
2. Do you think sometimes you have to work hard?
3. What would you like to do aer finishing work?
1. Do you like wearing comfortable shoes or good looking ones?
2. Do you think people should spend more money on a pair of shoes?
3. Have u ever bought shoes online?
4. Do you know anyone who has a number of pair of shoes?
Part 2
Describe a place that you visited in country side
1.Where did you go
2. With whom you went
3 What you did
round off question : Do you want to go there again..
Part 3
1. Benefits of countryside
2. Do you think in future people will move more to country side
3. Comparison of city and country
4. Which age group should it be ideal to live in country side
5. Visiting country side , why would people visit it kind of a question..

I had a speaking test in Australia/Perth IDP center on 09/02/2017.

This is the list of my questions as I can remember:
Q1: Introduce yourself
Q2: What are you doing at the moment, are you working or studying?
Q3: What is your reason for your work or sudy?
Q4: Where do you live? Do you like to stay here or go back to your country?Why?
Q5: Do you like wildlife?When was the last time you came across wild animal?
Q6: what was your reaction?When was that?where did you see wild animal?With
whom you were? What was the animal reaction?
Q7: Why people keep animal at their home as a pet or other kinds of animal?
Q8:What is our impacts on wildlife and nature?

I had speaking test yesterday(07-02-2017) at Embassy Lounge

Part-1 Questions were about hometown,watching television,shoes.
Part-2 Questions was, Describe any famous person you want to meet.
Part-3 Questions were difficult.Some of them were
1. Do anybody need talent to become a Celebrity?
2.Do you think celebrities do positive or negative things deliberately to become
3.what are advantages or disadvantages or being a celebrity?
4. Do famous people now were famous in past?

Part 2 Cue card : Describe that one special meal you would like to have in near future
say when you want this
with whom and where
why will this be special
Part 3 Continued on the subject of food and restaurants
a) What do you think about future of restaurant businesses?
b) Apart from food quality, what do you look for in a restaurant? I answered
ambiance, locality etc. He right away asked me what is the meaning of ambiance. So I
guess they might check if you really know the meaning or you have just memorized the
c) What do you think of the awareness level of food nutrition among public in your
d) What is your opinion on Government control over the food eaten by public ( in
terms of controlling the nutritional value of the food)
e)Can you think of anything which has revolutionized the food industry of late?
f)Describe any unusual eating place you have visited? What was so unusual about it?

Speaking: Part 1:
1. Describe your apartment.
2. What is the view like from your apartment window?
3. Do you like taking frequent holidays from work or study?
4. Do you enjoy vacations?
5. Where did you go for your last vacation?
6. Who is your favorite celebrity in your country?
7. Have you seen any celebrities in public?
8. Do you want to be a celebrity?
9. Do you enjoy reading books about celebrities?
Part 2:
Describe your favorite movie.
1. When did you watch that movie?
2. Why did you watch that movie?
3. What is the movie about?
Part 3:
1. Do you like watching movies?
2. What kind of movies are famous in your country?
3. Do you think film makers are spending too much money on movies?
4. Should films be made only based on facts?
5. Do the movies change the way people look at history?
6. What kind of movies do you prefer watching? Why?

Speaking :
talk about your home.
talk about your hometown.
do you like stay in your hometown or not? why?
Cue card: talk about your favorite food
why you like this food
when you eat it? which materials use in this kind of food . in wich season you eat it
and why?

how you choose a restaurant for having a meal (besides the taste of the food)?
and she asked me a lot of question about it.

Hello, I took the academic test last weekend in Ecuador.

Part 1: Where do you live? Is it a nice place to live? Do you expect to live there in the
future? Do you watch TV? What kind of programs do you like? Do you like to talk
about dreams with others? Do you think they have a meaning? Do you want to study
about the meaning of the dreams?
Part 2: Talk about a book you would like to read again.
What was the book about? When did you read it? Why do you want to read it again?
Part 3: Questions about reading habits, about technology and books.

Test date: 21 of Jan 2017
-What part of the country do you live in?
-Is your city an interesting place?
-Do you plan to stay there in future?
-How oen do you look in the mirror?
-Would you buy something without looking in the mirror?
Cue card:
Describe the most polite person you know.
-who she/he is;
-when you met her/him;
-in what ways is she/he polite.
Tell me about some situations which could be solved being polite.
Are schools nowadays teaching children how to be polite?

I am Jaskaran Singh and yeasterday was my speaking in Jalandhar at The Maya hotel.
Basic questions:-
1. How the robots are effecting the human,s life?
2. How it works at home in household works?
3. How it will look like if it drive the car?
4. How it will effect the humans life?
5. Do you think indoor activities are beneficial for us?
6. Which activities you followed in your childhood?
7. How we can enjoy the indoor activities?
8. Will it change in future? If yes in which type of indoor activities will follow by the
Talk about your favourite weather
.Name of it
.When it comes
. Why you like this particular weather
Cross questions:-
1. How people enjoy the wedding occasions in your country?
2. Which rituals are followed in your culture?
3. Do people of your country spend more and more money on weddings?
4. Should we spend it or not? Why?

Part 1
Do you live in a house/flat?
What view do you see from the window of your house?
Do you like chocolates?
Why do you think chocolate is very famous worldwide?
Do you give chocolates as gis?
PART 2 Describe an equipment
What do you use it for?
Who among your family uses the equipment as well?
Why do you think the equipment is important?
Equipment on Factory
Comparison of uses (young and old people)
Technology in the office
What do you feel about Robots?
Impact of technology in human lives
Discussions on: VACATION
Latest vacation
Why vacation is important?
Unforge_able vacation
Should vacation be short or long? and why?

Part 1
Do you work or study?
Do you have to work hard?
What do you usually do aer work?
What kind of shoes do you like?
How do you choose your shoes?
Do you prefer to buy online?Why?
Do you like to look at mirrors? Why?
Do you have any mirror in your home?
Are mirrors important for decoration?Why
Part 2
Describe an event you joined in countryside
Where was it?
When was it?
Explain do you enjoy it?
Part 3
Do you like to live in countryside?Why?
Should government support to live in countryside?Why?
How can government support to live in countryside?
What kind of people prefer to live in countryside?
Are public transports important? Why?

General module
Test centre Pune.. date 22/01/17
Part 1
13/03/2017 Recent IELTS Exam Questions and Topics 2017
http://ieltsliz.com/recent-ielts-questions-and-topics/comment-page-4/#comments 110/194
About place where I live, hows the place?
Do u like staying here?
would u like to continue to stay in future
Abt Indoor game
which indoor game u play now
which u were playing wen u wer younger?
Do u think now a days kids spend more time on computer?
Any indoor game u would like to learn ?why ?
Abt Household work(washing clothes, cleaning house)
Which type of household work u do currently?
u helped ur mother in household work wen u were young?
-do u think children should help in house hold work ?
Part 2
Describe a quite place which u normally visit?
Which is that place?
Where the place is ?
How oen u visit?
Why u visit ?
Wen u last visited this place
I spoke abt lakeside
Part 3
Den she asked me abt other than lake which place do u think is quite?
I said temple.. so again she asked further abt any other place u think??
Dont u think park is quite place..?? So I replied no coz of children play there so bit
Earlier there were more quite places compare to now?
Many ppl wen they work play some music in background is it helpful? Do u feel Many
enjoy this?
What if there is complete silence in the world wat will happen??

My test date: Jan 21 2017

Location: BC Hanoi, Vietnam
My speaking test was:
* Part 1
+ Do you live in a house or an apartment?
+ What does your house look like?
+ What can you see from the windows?
+ Do you like chocolate?
+ Why chocolate is so popular around the world?
+ Did you like chocolate when you were a child?
+ Do you spend much time with your family?
+ In your family, who looks like you the most? (Why?)
+ Is family important in your country?
* Part 2: Describe a time when you needed to use your imagination
what the situation was
what difficulties were
why you needed to use imagination
And explain how you felt about it
* Part 3
Children + imagination
When do children have to use their imagination?
What is the differences between children use imagination nowadays and those in the
Do children use much of their imagination nowadays?
How can teachers encourage their students to be more creative?
Which one needs more imagination, reading a book or watching cartoons?
Job + imagination
Which jobs need imagination ?
Do you think in the future, jobs will require more imagination?

IELTS General Training

21 January 2017
Speaking section 2: Describe a happy event that you prepared for and hosted. What did
you do to prepare for this event? How helped you in the preparation? What response
did you receive from friends and participants in the event?

Personal questions:
what things do you usually take with you when you go out ?
do you take different things when you go out in the evening vs during the day ?
what are your techniques to make sure not to forget your things ?
have you ever forgo_en something important to take with you ?
Talking for 1-2 minutes:
Describe a place where you go swimming that you like.
what the place looks like
when do you go there
what kind of persons go there
Follow up questions:
is the place more suited for a certain age group
is the place more popular during a specific time of the year
Advanced vocabulary questions:
Topic: Leisure facilities
do you think leisure facilities are important for our society ?
do you think it is important to have leisure facilities everywhere ?
do you think the state should subsidize entry to these facilities for some persons ?
do you think leisure and cultural facilities are important for young people ?

Jan 21st Auckland NewZealand General module

Hometown-name and to say whether it is an interesting place place,place I
work,watches-why people wear expensive watches,am i allowed to wear watch at my
work place,have i received watch as a gi nytime?
Cue card-Historical event from your country-wat s it,who are involved,how do you
know about it,why it is important,who all r involved?
Discussion topics were about history,museums etc ehich was a bit tough for me.

Speaking part 1 do you like chocolate? Do you like rob give chocolate? Why does give
chocolates about present ?
Part 2 talk about a person you met thats you would like to get to know be_er?
Howve is he or she? Why would like to know more?
Part 3 friendship. Whats do you thing is friendship? Where do you make friends? Do
you think you think we Can make friends at work? Can people be friends with their
boss? Do you think friendships thats started at school are the best ( or last longer)?

Location Test : Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

Test Date : 21/1/2017
Task 1 :-
Are you studying or working?
What are you studying ?
Do you think students should work very hard in their studies?
Do you have a lot of mirrors at home ? Do you consider them as decoration items?
Do you oen look at mirrors?
Do you play any musical instruments ? What is it ?
Should schools give much importance to music ? Why dont they?
Should children play musical instruments ? Why?
Task 2 :-
Speak on a family member you are proud of.
Do you oen think about that family member ? Why ?
How to make your parents proud ? What are the criterias ?
Task 3 :-
Is it good to reward students in schools?
Should students be awarded regularly in schools ?
Would students become vain if awarded oen with trophies?
Does nation pride affect global harmony ? Why ?

My Speaking test was on Jan 16, 2017 and tomorrow i am going to appear in
in my wri_en modules.
In Speaking Part 1:
My examiner asked some questions about chocolates,photography and my subject.
In Part 2:
I have to speak about a place in my hometown that can use for any sports activity.
In Part 3:
There are some questions about society competitiveness, recent sports trends and
selfishness in societies.

Today I had my speaking test.

Part 1 :
Tell me about your hometown
Would you like to go back to your hometown
Do u play any musical instrument?
Do you think children should be encouraged to learn music
Part 2
Cue Card
Tell me about a book you would like to read twice
Part 3
Will you recommend this book to your friends
Has the reading habit changed in recent times
Do you think conventional way of reading books was betteras readers were able to
mark few lines with the help of a pencil
Do u think making children read books is a good idea

Abu Dhabi
January 20, 2017
cue card : if you want to go to other country for a short time, what job you will do?
something like that.
he also asked me about photographs and bags what i usually wear,
about travels, about companies? i dont know why its different topics..i mean unlike
part 2 should be connected to part 3?
they have booklet, and they can just choose which topic they want to ask? by flipping
the pages?

My IEILTS speaking test was today 21 Jan 2017

aer introduction she asked me :
Do you oen wear watch? Do u receive watches as presents?
Tell me about indoor games do u like this kind ofgames?
Are u interested in learning new indoor games?
Tell me about one of your family member u were proud about and why?
Do you think adults nowadays fell proud easly ?
Is it good or bad that people fell prod about their possessions?
In the last question i heard it positions and i asked her to clarify and she did
wish me luck tomorrow in my reading nd writingand speaking test

Module: General
Test Date: Jan 20, 2017
Test Centre: Surat, Gujarat, India
(I am from Pune but I was advised to appear for a IELTS test from a comparatively
smaller neighbouring city. Not sure it helps! )
Speaking test
Part 1: Introduction. Do you study or work? What do you immediately do aer work?
Do you want TV a lot? As a child did you watch TV a lot? Do you oen see dreams? Do
you think dreams tell you anything? With whom do you share your dreams related
information? Given a chance would like to learn about how to interpret dreams?
Part 2: Cue Card
Your favourite holiday destination.
What is it?
With whom you want to go there?
What will you do there?
Explain why it is important for you to visit this place.
Part 3:
What care tourists should take at the holiday destination? Do you think it creates a
problem for the locals or do they welcome them? What are the disadvantages of
tourism? What care should be taken to overcome these advantages? How has tourism
changed in the recent years?

21 jan. 2017
Speaking test:
-Full name
-Do you work or study
-Why did you choose this major
-whos your favorative celebrity in your country?
-Have you ever seen a celebrity in public
-do you want to be a celebrity
Cue Card:
Consider you want to run a small buisness
what is the business
what will you need
where will it be
Follow up questions:
is it betterto work for someone or to have a buisnesscompare.
which is more important for a buisness: practical experience or academic education.

Test : GT
Date of Test : 20th Jan 2017
Location : Abu Dhabi
Hi Liz, First of all thanks a lot for your amazing and interactive blog, which
extremely useful for those who preparing for IELTS without any extra tuition.
learn from others experience is really helpful to know the way examiner asking
question and especially types of questions.
Here I am sharing my Speaking test questions, which completed just now.
Part 1
-What is your full name?
-Where are you from?
-are you working?
-Do you need to work hard on your work?
-What you do aer working hours?
-Which indoor game do you like to play?
-Which indoor games you used to play when you were young?
-Do you use public transport to reach at work?
-When you did your last journey by public transport/
Part 2
Cue card: explain your experience on foreign food you ate
-When you ate it first time?
-Where you ate this?
-How your feeling about it?
-Do you like it or dislike it?
-Is it really important to mention belonging country name on the food?
-What is difference in local made food and imported food?
-How important international trade between countries?

india punjab,.
part 1,,_ what is your full name ?
do you live in home or appartment?
what type of colours you like?
what you do in making your room a_ractive ,.?
part2,. talk about tall building which you like or dislike ?
part 3 ,.-how clima_e effects on tall building?
what problems face by the people in tall buildings?
do you think in the future tall buildings are constructed?

Module: general
Location : Sudan
your full name
-study or work
-where do you live flat or house
-discibe your appartment
-view when you look out from your windows.
do you oen carry bags
-what types of bags
-do you chang bags according to occations
-when you buy a bag what you look for.
I dont remember if there were more questions in this part.
Part 2:
talk about a person you recently meet. Who where and what he looks like.
Part 3:
where you meet people
do you think people should have same intersts to be friends
-What criteria do you look in a friend
how do people in your country make friends
-school friends are best friends (Idont memorize same words)
benefits of having friends with same interests

Date:14 January
Location: Iran-Tehran
Speaking test:
part 1: hometown, favorite color, photography
part 2: describe when you work as a member of a team
part 3: team working, the role of leaders in team working, other factors in a successful
team, such as equipment and training.

Part 1
Describe your village
Is it a good choice living in your village?
What do you prefer to watch in TV?
Do you prefer to watch TV alone or with someone else?
Did you love to watch TV more in your childhood?
As a child did you interested in robots?
Cue Card:
Describe two people you know who are related to each other.
Follow up question
Do they have any relations with them?
Part 3:
Is it an advantage to be in a extended family?
Is there any kind of change has happened in the family life during past few years?
How family is important?
Is it important to intervene the government to educate people on how to carry out
family life?

Today was my speaking exam in Patiala, Punjab , India.

Introductory Questions:
Do you work or study?
Do you like indoor games? What type of games did you play in your childhood?
Do you like any other indoor game apart from this?
How much do the people of your country play computer games?
What type of work do you want to do in your future?
Cue Card topic
A decision someone took which you disagreed on.
Follow up questions:
1. What important decisions do the people of your country take?
2. Which decision is more difficult to take education or marriage?
3. How can a person improve the wrong decision about marriage?
4.What do you think about the parents who take all the decisions for their children?

Part 1:
-Do you live in a house or in an apartment?
-How does it look like?
-Do you like to receive visitors?
-Do you prefer to receive visitors or to visit?
-What do you normally do with your visitors?
-Do you have bags?
-Which kind of bags are they?
Describe a place in which you would like to live for a short time. How do you know
this place? Have you been there previously? What would you do there?
Part 3:
-What do you think about moving to a different place to work for a short-time?
-Do you think is beneficial for people to work for a short time in a different place?
-Many companies are aware of the cultural problems that this employer mobility could
bring and they have start to take some measures. Which methods they should

Hello Everyone,
-Academic module;
-14th January 2017;
So Paulo Brazil;
Do you work or study?
Whats your job?
What do like to do aer work?

Part 2
Describe an occasion that you received a good service from a company or shop
You should say:
Who provided the service;
When and where you received the service;
Whom you were together with;
and explain how you felt receiving a good service.

Section 1:
What do you do? (work) Why did you choose this? What do you plan to do in
Do you like reading about celebrities? (No) Which is your favourite local celebrity?
Would you like to be a celebrity?
Do you like to read? (Yes) Have you ever re-read a book? Why?
Section 2:
Describe a garden youve been to and liked. (I think the why and locations were
required too)
Section 3:
Do you think people know where their food comes from? (was about nature &
Do you think people in Singapore are more aware of this, given that it has to import
so much?
Do you think growing plants in Singapore will help improve this awareness?
What plants grow in Singapore?
Do you think school programmes will help to improve awareness about the

My exam was on 14th january

Venue Mansoura egypt
Do you work or study?
Why did you choose this profession
Did you have a favorite teacher
Why did you like him
What makes the teacher favorite for his students
Describe your best holiday and why you like it
How long do you like vacations to be and why
Do you prefer to stay at home on weekends or to go out
Other questions but I cant remember them
Cue card
A business you like to start where would you start it and what do you need to start it
Section 3
What are the small businesses found in your city
How could business be successful
What are the disadvantages and advantages of owning your own business iver
working in company
Do you think practical training need to be included in training courses

Academic, 16th of January, Kazakhstan.

Cue card was about a time when I was not allowed to use the mobile phone.
In third part had questions like
Does technology affect friendship?
Something about robots, dont remember exact questions , is a robot driving a car
instead of a person a good idea , advantages and disadvantages of storing
information on the internet.
Speaking test
Part 1
1. Do you study or work?
2. Whats your job?
3. Why did you choose it?
4. Do you want to change your job in a future?
5. Do you like holidays?
6. How oen do you take photographs?
7. What do you do with photo you take?
8. What do you like more: photo or video?
Part 2.
Describe an interesting advertisement that you have seen. You should say:
where you saw it
what it was about
why you think it was an interesting advertisement.
Part 3
1. What type of advertisement do you know?
2. What type of advertisement is the most popular in your country?
3. Has the advertisement changed in last 2-3 years?
4. Should the government restict advertisement of some goods (alcohol etc.)?
speaking cue card
talk about something interesting you do in your free time recently
I talked about travelling to another country to help as a nurse in immigrants camp and
talked about what did I do there I am not sure if this an off point answer to the
question or not as the examiner was not happy.

I am Amarjot Singh and today was my speaking in The Maya hotel

1. What is your name?
2. Describe your hometown?
3. Why you like to live here?
4. What is the speciality of your hometown?
5. Will you like to live here in you future?
6. Are you worker or a student?
7. What is your qualification and subjects?
8. Why you like these subjects?
9. Which is your favourite color?
10. Why you like this color?
11. Did you like same color in your childhood?
12. Do your friends like this color or not?
Talk about an appointment which you forgot
. When you forgot it
. Where was your appointment
. Why you forgot it
1.Do you think appointment is good or not?
2. How we can remember the appointment?
3. Is it important or not to remember appointment?
4. Which one you give the more importance to your appointment or friends?
5. Do you think youngsters should know about their grandfather and forefather?
6. Why youngsters like to know them?
7. Is it good or not?
8. How they get knowledge about it?

Ielts centre-Nepal
Ielts date 12th jan
module: Academic
Speaking 13th Jan
-Are you a student or worker?
-Why did you choose this subject?
-What will you be doing aer completing your studies?
-How is your hometown?
-What do you like the most about it?
-What do people usually do here?
Cue card: describe a time when you have forget the appointment(e.g..with doctor or
-When was the appointment?
-Why did you forget about the appointment?
-What happened aer you forger about it?
-Is business& doctor appointment important or meeting with friendsimportant?what
do you think?
-Do you usually remember the appointment?
-What do people usually do to remember appointment? Like any signs?
-Is family history important to know?
Do you think it is benefit to have a goodtalk with your ancestors??
Part1&part3 went well but I am afraid of part2.as I was stucked for a moment.

Started off with the introduction and moved on to my profession. Questions like
why did you choose your profession, how do you like it.
Went on to whether I like travel and where have I travelled to from work. Then the
holidays and how long is an adequate holiday.
Got the cue card of an appointment I had missed. Was simple and the examiner
prompted me to talk for just about another 10 secs.
The last section was on memory and its importance in daily life. Also some questions
on family tree.

Part 1:
name, id
Colors Topic:
What colors do you like?
what colors are not likely to be put in the bedroom?
During child hood do you like any colors?
I forgot other ones.
Part 2:
Tallest Building which you recently saw
What kind of building it is?
What you like about it?
What you dont like in the building?.
Few questions Topic 2:
what are the disadvantages living in tall buildings?.
Do you like Your own interior design for your house?
One more question Do you prefer to hand writing or type?.
When do you use Handwriting?.

Basic questions
1. What is your name?
2. What is the meaning of your name?
3. Tell me something about your hometown?
4. Why you like to live here
Talk about swimming pool
.Name of the swimming pool
.When you visit this swimming pool
.Why you visit this swimming pool
Follow ups
1. Do you think we should learn swimming ?
2. How it is beneficial for us?
3. How we can learn it with easy way?

Today was my speaking and my basic questions are

1. What is your name?
2. Are you student or worker?
1. Do you like to use public transport?
2. Do you prefer longest journey by public transport?
3. Why you prefer it ?
4. Do you think this trend will increase in future?
1. In which type of activities you liked in your childhood?
2. Did this important for you or not?
3. Why do you think this activity was beneficial for you?
4. Why you took participate in this activity?
CUE CARD Talk about a book which you like to read again
.Name of the book
. When you read it
. Why you want to read it again
Follow ups
1. What type of stories children want to read?
2.When you buy book which things you note?
3. Will technology decline the libraries?

IELTS Academic Module

Part 1:
Are you working or studying?
What are you working as?
Tell me about your job.
-Do you prefer to have one best friend or a few friends?
Why do you prefer to have a few friends?
Do you oen go out with friends?
-What do you together?
Do you think that you will have more friends in future?
-Do you like watching TV?
-What do you like to watch?
Do you prefer to watch alone or with someone else?
Part 2:
A well paid job you think of.. Describe why it a well paid, how to get it.
Follow up questions: Do you think you want to be take up this job? Which occupation
should be given a betterpay?
Part 3: Cant remember the exact questions
Is being rich a good thing?
-Do you think people should save for the future?
-Something about accumulated wealth
-what makes a person choose a job aport from the pay it offers?

Speaking2: Describe the preparations you did for a happy event in your life.
what the event was about?
what preparations you did?
were preparations proved to be successful?
Speaking3: why some people are organized in their life, and others are not, how can
they learn to be organized, apart from parents who else can teach them, (u said teacher,
so how can they teach them?), what do u think? do un-organized people enjoy more
or organized?

Test General
Date Speaking 6th and LRW 7th Jan 2017
Location Bangalore
Hi Liz,
Thanks a lot for your site and was really helpful for my test. This site really helped me
especially with reading (like skim/scan etc for passage tips)
Below are the details :
Speaking :
Whats your Full Name
Do yo live in a house of apartment
What is the view like from your flat
Cue Card:
Describe an incident or situation which made you laugh
What was the incident
Where were you at that time
Who was there along with you
I spoke about a recent FB post about a girl who was was driving a two wheeler with
her purse in the front. A Pilion rider on a bike grabs her bag and they move on. The
girl leave her scooter and runs behind them. I told that it was a funny situation and
anyone who gets into that situation should look for the current resources that they
have (like her scooter and chase them instead of running) and also use presence of
I dint take take the 1 minute to make notes but started off and in between she was
prompting me to talk. In the initial discussion she kinda stopped me and moved to the
next (as was speaking more)
Unable to recollect the exact wording but was something like this Do you think
Comedy shows are good
In Continuation to that she asked Humor in Media and ads.
Also asked if a funny incident be perceived as same by 2 individuals (somewhat same
lines). I did elobrate and at the end concluded by saying that if I get into a
embarassing situation for me it is not funny but for others who are viewing/watching
its funny

Speaking test
Part 1 tell me your full name
Where do you come from
Do you work or are you a student
What work do you do?
Part 2
Describe a new shop in your town/city
-what shop is that?
-do you like it?
Part 3
Is it necessary if the government will help small shops?
What is the importance of having small shops near tour home
What will people do to a_ract buyers?
What do you do relax yourself aer work
Do you think there has differences in dealing with old and young people to a_ract
them in buying their products?
Comy or colorful shoes?

Part 1 questions about mirror:

1. How oen do you look at mirror?
2.Do you like mirror?
3.Do you think mirrors can be used to decorate your house?
4. Did you buy any mirror ?
Prior to mirror, there were few questions on shoes:
1. Do you buy based on the looks or based on comforts?
2. Do you buy shoes online?
3.Is it necessary to spent lot of money on shoes?
4.Some people buy more than one pair. Is it necessary?
5.Do you buy clothes online or do you like try it on you before buying?

I am Zeeshan (nick as Zee) from Lahore, Pakistan

I just had a speaking test today (7th January, 2017)
1. Can u tell me your full name?
2. Are you working somewhere or student?
3. What are you studying?
4.During your graduation, did you make friends?
5. What type of events did you a_end during graduation?
SECTION-2____ it was about Cafe (up to 2 minutes)
Describe a Cafeyou visited recently
where is this cafe located?
What did you like and dislike at cafe?
SECTION-3 (related to section 2)
Do you think people enjoy that cafe?
Which type of people go to cafe?
What does younger people do at cafe?
Which place is be_er, a Cafe or a restaurant? How?
What do younger people do at cafe?
Do you think that younger people and older people enjoy the cafeteria in same way?
>>About Family Socializing:
What social events do people enjoy in your country?
Do you think it is important to invite every relative/family member to your event? And
What do younger people do in these events and what do older people do?
>> Public Transport
Have you travelled through public transportation? Do you like it?
Do you take Public transport for your work/college? Why not?
How do you think people choose public transport?
Do you see the people will use public transportation more in future of less in future?
>>About journey
How far have you travelled using public transport?
Which things you usually carry while travelling?
Have you ever forgo_en something important to carry?

Location: Perth
Date: 7 January 2017
Type: General Training
Part 1
What colour do you and your friends like?
What do you know about your local celebrities?
Part 2
Describe a location where sports take place (e.g. stadium)
Explain the following items:
Where is it located?
What is in it?
Who goes there?
Part 3
Do you think more children do sports nowadays compared to the children of the past?
Do you think competition is good?
What do you think competition is bad?

Exam GT
Place Bahrain
Part 1 Related to yourself
1. Did you read books when you were a child?
2. Who do you think you are mostly like in your family?
2. Where do you live in an apartment or a house?
3. What does it look like?
4. What do you see around when you look through the window?
Part 2
Describe a gi that you gave recently to someone
1. Who you gave it to
2. Why you gave it
3. How did you feel about it
Part 3
1. Do you give gis in your country?
2. What kind of gis do you think is suitable to give for children? (Based on my answer
I think she posed the next question)
3. Do you think that gis for children should always be educational?
4. Who do you think likes to receive gis adults or children?

I took the speaking test today i.e jan5,2017

location: hyderabad
are u a student ?
what course are u into?
why did u chose that stream?
what is the importance of family in your community?
whom do u resemble in your family?
what would you like to do in your free time ?
do you ever read books?
what kind of books do u read?
do u prefer to buy the books or lending them?
whats your favourite book?
what do u like in that book?
is there any book that made u to read twice?
(Lengthy task isnt it?)
what is ur favourite subject in science among these
and it was mentioned in the bracket(choose from physics,medicine)
I was struck at this point it was really a tough question for me ..i was supposed to
speak about science that too either physics or medicine..i really felt uncomfortable to
speak ..it was a subjective question which cannot be answered in a general waymany
would get the chance of chosing their own subject but i was forced to pickup science
and also the subject
why is physics important for you in your life?
what is the effect of physics in your life which made u to chose ?(i do feel that both the
questions mean the same)
how do children learn physics from museums?
there any difference in physics methodology from past to the present?
whats the greatest invention in physics in the history?
why do people dislike physics?
Exam Date: 05/01/2017
Location: Chennai
Speaking Exam
Part 1
1. Where are you from?
2. Describe about your hometown?
3. Do you plan to live there in future?
4. What is your favourite TV program?
5. Do you oen watch Tv?
6. Do you spend time on watching TV when you were as a child?
7. Do you prefer to watch TV alone or together?
Public Transportation?
8. Do you ever use public transport?
9. Is it easy to go for your work using public transport?
10. Do people in your country use public transportation in future?
11. Do you like transport system in your country?

Part 2
Describe a plan what you are going to do in future except study or work?
What it is?
What you have to do for it?
How you want to achieve it?
And explain how you feel aer achieving your plan?
Part 3
1. Describe about day-to-day planning?
2. Is planning that much important?if yes y?
3. Some people are thinking planning is waste of time what you think about it?
4. When do children in your country plan?
5.Parents are guiding for their children what would you say?

exam date: 03/01/2017

Part 1:
I do not remember the question exactly but it was about photos
eg 1) do you take many photos? why?
eg 2 : with whom do you take photos?
eg3: what will you prefer, Photo or Video? why?
Part 2: (I dont remember the point exactly)
describe a place where you go to relax
1 where is the place
2 why is it good
3 what is there to relax
few question based on this topic

Academic 05/01/2017
Place:hyderabad, india.
General self questions(work or study)
What do you do in free time.
What kind tv programs do you watch?
Do you like music ?
What sort music you like?
Do you know any type of music to play?
Cue card:
Describe Same People from the similar family you like.
Who are there
Why do you like them
What are qualities they have.
Part 3:
Do you like to live with lot of people or alone
Few questions about individual and combined family advantages you think.
Exam date Date: 04.01.2017/City -> Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Examiner. Marie.
Speaking questions.
Part 1.
Do you study or work?
Do you ever feel that you have to study harder?
Do you prefer to have one best friend or many friends?
How oen do you usually meet with your friends?
What do you usually do with your friends?
Do you think you will make more friends in the future?

Is it easy for you to travel from home to college?
Tell me about the longest travel?
Do you enjoy travelling?
do you think public transport will improve in the future? (I could not exactly recall this
last question)
Part 2.
Tell about the book you read and want to read again.
what is the name of the book,
when you read it
who suggested you this book
explain why you want to read this book again.
Part 3.
Do you think that people of your age read a lot?
Do you believe that modern devices made reading haabits easier?
Did people in the past read books as much as people do these days?
How will reading habits change in the future

Speaking Test, perth, Australia

Part 1
Do you work or study
13/03/2017 Recent IELTS Exam Questions and Topics 2017
http://ieltsliz.com/recent-ielts-questions-and-topics/comment-page-4/#comments 166/194
What was your work about
Did you face any difficulties in your work
Do you prefer colour or comfort
Have you purchased online
Do people have variety pairs of shoes
Household activities
How oen do you do household activities
Which household activity you dislike
Should children be taught to do household activities
Part2 cue card
Describe your neighbor
Who are they
When was your first meet with them
Any interesting thing about them
Part 3
How to build good relationship with your neighbours
Are neighbours important
Compare the neighbours of your current place with your country you are from
It was pre_y easy. Have done well. But still nervous of the score. In part 2 he himself

IELTS Academic Module

Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Speaking Questions
Part 1
1. What is your name?
2. What shall I call you?
3. What part of your country do you live
Lets talk about friends
1. Do you prefer a few close friends to a lot of friends?
2. How much time do you spend with your friends?
Lets talk about shoes
1. Would you rather have a pair of shoes with better design/look or with comfort?
2. What do you think of spending too much money on a pair of shoes?
3. Have you ever bought shoes online?
Part 2
Describe a holiday you would like to go in the futher.
Have you told anyone about your plans (follow-up question)?
Part 3
1. What is the best age to travel do you think?
2. What are some difficulties that people face while travelling?
3. How one can overcome these problems?
4. Would you prefer staying at a hotel or in a host family when you visit a country?