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AYC Mumbai 2016 Read for Session 1 & 2

What will your response be to God, when He tells you that, when you trusted in Christ as
your savior, He did a miracle in creating you as a new baby in Christ and you were born
again as his beloved son & daughter in His family & He is your Heavenly Father? (What
reputation do you have being a child of God? How big is your heavenly Fathers family?
How many brothers and sisters do you have?) (John 3 & Titus 3)

As a newborn baby in Christ, you are the new creation, created in the image of God in true
righteousness and holiness and made to be partakers of His divine nature. He has given
promises to let you know that he has given everything you need to live life on earth and also
provision to life a godly life. (He is asking whether you are aware of what provisions He
has given? Do you know how to access it and use it? Whether you are drawing
resources out of his provision? Do you know how to live out of the divine nature that
God has given to you? How?) (Eph. 4:24 & 1 Pet. 1: 1 to 8)

As your Heavenly Father, He tells his plan, which is to help you grow and mature in the
divine nature of Christ in which He has created you as a new creation. (Did you realize he is
taking responsibility as your heavenly Father to plan and help to grow and mature you?
How would you reply to Him, or respond to Him so that He can fulfill his plan to help
you grow? What responsibility is yours to take? How will you cooperate with your
heavenly Father, to grow and mature in the nature of Christ) (Eph. 4: 1 to 15.)

As your Heavenly Father, he has not left you as an orphan but has given you God the Holy
Spirit to be in you, and the Lord Jesus who is the Word of God to walk alongside you in your
lifes journey, to grow and mature in your divine nature created like God in righteousness
and holiness. (What does it reveal about the heart of your heavenly Father, who has
made sure your relationship with Him will not be on the basis of your performance, and
his presence to be there every moment of your life to make you live out His Sons
nature in you?) (Eph.4 : 24; John 14: 15 to 21)

He also wants you to know that when Lord Jesus paid the wages of your sin on the cross,
you were separated from its domain and power (Rom.6), & He has left the presence of sin in
you to teach your old sinful self (nature), and the world that influences you, and the devil
(Rom 7), that He will stand with you to resolve your sin & will guide you to do His will
(Rom. 8). (How will your respond be to your Heavenly Father who will stand with you to
resolve your sin and to guide you to do His will? Are you still ashamed of your sin or
does this give you confidence that God will protect you from sin when you cooperate
with Him?)

As His child God wants you to know that He has an enemy that has ruined His creation and
created havoc, and that enemy is the devil, this world, and your old sinful selfish nature. His
game plan is to save you and give you the right to be His child, who will fight the enemy
along with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. He has made you a warrior
a soldier to fight the enemy of your heavenly Father. (Growing up as His child, do you love
your Heavenly Father? Is your Heavenly Fathers enemy also your enemy? You cannot
be His child and be friends with His enemies? Do you see why your Heavenly Father has
put on you, His armor? How sincere and seriously are you taking your Fathers call to
fight the battle?) Eph. 2 & 6

As your Heavenly Father knows the battlefield and you do not, He wants you to, allow His
Holy Spirit to lead you in the battle against your enemies and He will enable you to kill the
deeds of sin & defeat your enemies. Rom. 8; Christ is your sanctifier and He is not ashamed
of you, as you cooperate with him to resolve sin issues, (Heb. 4:12; Heb. 2: 10 to 18) (No
matter how worse the sin issue you may be facing, God will be with you to battle it out.
What confidence it gives to you and what outcomes you see as a result of God being
with you when you encounter sin? Will you be ruthless in dealing with your sin as it
affects your heavenly Father & grieves the heart of the Triune God? Will you hate sin as
your heavenly Father does? Will you mercilessly kill it?)

As your Heavenly Father desires; you should focus on the new heart, which you have been
given, where his laws are put, and the fruit of the Spirit is ready to bear fruit in your life.
Dont waste time focusing on the heart of your old man that defiles you, but stay connected
with Christ and the fruit of the Spirit of God will be the outcome of your new heart. (Ezek.
36:26; Heb.10.16; Matt. 15:18 to 20) (What do you think?)

As your Heavenly Father, He notices you are putting a lot of effort to live a life pleasing to
Him, but failing zillion times. He wants you to know, that you dont have the ability to do His
will out of your own strength that is why He has grafted you in His vine as a branch, so that
you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Also without allowing the Holy
Spirit to lead, you will not be able to walk in the spirit and will end up living in your flesh,
which will enslave you again. Do not bring sorrow to God the Spirit by living in sin & dealing
with sin on your terms, dont forget He is with you when you sin? (What does this tell
about how your heavenly Father views you, when you continue to live in your sin? What
will be the grief He will have when He sees you continuing in your sin? How does your
self-determined efforts affect Him? What is the secret to live out of the divine nature
from the vineyard metaphor & dependent relationship with the Holy Spirit?) (John 15 &
Romans 8, Eph. 4:30)

As your heavenly Father, he wants you to know the gifts of grace given to you to when you
sin in order to heal and restore the fellowship with your heavenly Father. He has given you
repentance as His gracious gift so that you will turn from your selfish way to His way, the
gift of renewing your mind to remind you to live out who you are in Christ, and who He has
made you to be in Christ. To confess and seek forgiveness for the sins you do, and to receive
His love and to love others. (God did not give repentance, forgiveness, as a means to fix
your sinful behavior but to restore your fellowship so that He can enable you to live who

He has made you to be; a new creation in Christ Jesus? How do you view and use
repentance, forgiveness and renewing of your mind?) (2 Tim.2:25; Rom 12. 1 to 3; 1 Pet.
2:24; 1 John. 1:9)

As your Heavenly Father, He sees you putting all your efforts in NOT sinning. He wants you
to stop your focus on NOT sinning, and instead focus on LOVING HIM with all your heart,
your entire mind, all your soul and all your strength as it will enable you to receive His love
and experience authentic relationship. He also wants you to love Him with the FIRST-LOVE
with which you loved Him. He wants to stand with you to resolve sin in your life by guiding
you in His path of righteousness. He does not want you to forget that His Son is the great
Shepherd. (Matt. 26: 32-40; Rev. 2:4; 1 Pet. 2:25) (How loving God takes care of your sin

He will make you to experience freedom from sins slavery that makes you to try to live a
life pleasing to God through our behavior, and failing a zillion times. To experience freedom
from condemnation, free from fear of punishment for sin, freedom from performance as a
basis for relationship. He will let you to enjoy the freedom to live authentic life of love,
peace, grace, and the very nature of His Son. (What should I believe about the finished
work of the life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus to experience the freedom
from sins slavery and to be free to live in an harmonious relationship with your heavenly
Father?) Rom.5, 8, Gal. 5

As your Heavenly Father, He wants you to know that He has a big picture for your life. His
dream, and desire is to see you living for the benefit of others (Note not for yourself), loving
them, guiding them, influencing them just like His only begotten Son. Your Savior and Lord.
(Do you know what reason the Lord Jesus took hold of you? Do you know what is the
higher calling you were called for? Do you know what you are supposed to run the race
of faith for? Do you know what rewards you are suppose to run for? What is the big
picture of Gods desire for your life?) (Phil. 3: 12 to 14; 1 Tim. 6:11; 2 Tim. 2:22; 1 Pet.
3:11; Titus 2:14; 1 Cor. 9: 25 to 27; Rev. 2:10; 1 Pet.5: 2 to 4; 2 Tim. 4: 8; 1 Thess. 2: 19 to

By the way this is a life-long journey on earth, you are called out of your sinful nature and
created new in as partakers of His divine nature to pursue the calling to live out the holiness
of Christ. The result of living out of the holiness of Christ enables our divine nature to
oppose sin in your life. You are encouraged train yourself in godliness which is your
attitude to honour, and respect God, for you to love Him, and desire to do what God wants
you to do. (What will be the life long goal your heavenly Father wants you to pursue in
light of living out life of holiness and being trained in godliness?) (Titus 2: 11 to 13)

At the end of your lifes journey, you would have fought the life of faith and look forward to
meeting your Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Who will richly reward you for
battling with Him your life and sin issues, and influencing others as His son and daughter?
(Gods will is that you should discover your life calling, and walk into the reasons he
placed you on this earth?) Heb. 11

While you may experience the joy of being in your Heavenly Fathers presence, you will
enter into a most exciting event in your life, when you will come back to this earth, with the
Lord Jesus Christ, to serve under His Kingship for a millennium. (Discuss what you feel and
think about the day you will come with Christ to rule this world?) Rev. 3: 19 to 21

What an exciting moment you will enjoy when you see the Lord Jesus rule in righteousness
where there will be sweeping changes globally in every aspect of humanity, right from
political turnover to Kingship of Christ, environment will be spiritual in nature, ethical in
effects where rule of rod will enforce discipline, social justice will be finally seen, economic
equality will be realized, geographical changes will change the global landscape, botanical
changes will ensure fertility, zoological changes will eradicate blue cross. There will be a
great joy to serve as the Lambs wife in the Kingdom of your Savior and Lord Jesus.
(Knowing this as our future, how do you see your lifes journey as your heavenly Fathers
preparation of training time for the reigning time with Christ?) (Zech. 14:4; Isa. 11: 6 -16;
35: 1 2; 65:21-24)

As your Heavenly Father, He wants to affirm you His love, and encourage you to run the
race with endurance looking at His Son, who is the author and the finisher of your faith. He
is looking forward to the day He has established for you to meet Him face to face, till then
enjoy the fellowship of your Triune God, and walk together towards eternity. (From all that
you learnt out of this truth how will you live out of your divine nature?) Heb. 12


Environments that sKmulates our

impure heart

Pure Heart is Directed by

Principles of a Person Living in Us Enemy

What Next?

Sinful nature sKll in us.

Whats does God expect me to do Wearing Mask
about it? culture &


What am I taught at What do we think will What do you think we need

Home, assemblies, happen to us if all our to do to not sin?
Youth camps to deal struggles with sin are
With sin? openly known?

What do you think happens in

Sin thrives in our relaKonship with God, What do you think is Gods
when we sin? Does He go plan in creaKng a pure heart in us?
hiddenness away and come back aWer we
ask for forgiveness? How does God wants to deal
With us in creaKng a pure heart?









Forgiveness GiWs of
Renew your mind






My position in Christ My Possessions in Christ My provision in Christ

Joined to the Lord Every Spiritual Savior (My author of
becomes - One spirit Blessings in Heavenly Salvation) Heb 2:10
with the Lord 1 Cor Places Eph 1:3 Substitute Matt. 8:17
6:17 Obtained an Jesus Christ my Lord
Adopted Son/Daughter inheritance Eph 1:11 Rom 7:25
Eph 1:5 Sealed with the Good Shepherd John
Child of God 1 John promised Holy Spirit 10:11
3:1 Eph 1:13 Shepherd & Guardian of
Precious to God Isaiah Made partakers of my soul 1 Pet 2:25
43:4 divine nature 2 Peter Sanctifier & Sanctified are
Accepted in the 1:4 all one Heb 2:11
Beloved Eph 1:6 Joint heirs with Christ Compassionate High Priest
Called by my name Romans 8:17 Heb 4: 14 to 16
Isaiah 43:1 Given His Divine Power Christ my Advocate 1
Baptized with Christ 2 Peter 1:3 John 2:1
death Rom 6:4 Treasures in jars of clay Christ my Mediator 1 Tim
United with Christ in 2 Corinthians 4: 7 to 2:5
resurrection Rom 6:5 9 Christ our Life Col 3:4
Your life hidden with Fellowship of His Christ my wisdom of God,
Christ Col 3:3 sufferings Phil 3:10 righteousness, holiness
You have been I have the mind of and redemption 1 Cor
filled/Complete in Christ 1 Cor 2:16 1:30
Christ Col 2:10 Victory through Lord Christ is my power 2 Cor
Sanctified 1 Cor 1:30 Jesus Christ 1 Cor 15: 12:9
Created in Gods 57 Healer of my sin and its
righteousness and Riches of His grace damaging effects 1 Peter
holiness Eph 4:24 Eph 2:7 2:24
Related to God - Abba Gift of the Holy Spirit Armor to resist the devil
Father Gal 4:6 John 16:7 Eph 6
Heir of God Gal 4:7 I have eternal rewards Christ my victory 1 Cor
Christ the vine Christ I Matt. 6:4, Phil 3:14 15:57
am the branch John Place prepared in Christ my Chief Shepherd
15 Heaven John 14:3 1 Pet. 5:4
Conformed to His Eternal Life John 3:16
Image Rom 8:29 Valuable to my
Christ is my life Col Heavenly Father Matt
3:4 6:26
Seated in Heavenly
Places Eph 2:6
Gods workmanship
created in Christ Jesus
Eph 2:10
Bride of Christ Rev
Members of Christs
body 1 Cor 12:27

My Heavenly Father will My Heavenly Fathers My Responsibility in Christ
for me through Christ goals for Me done through the power of
the Holy Spirit
I am chosen by God to be Love Him and Others Matt Receive love to love others
Holy Eph 1:4 22:36-40 Rom 5:5
I am born again John 3 Talk to Him in secret Matt. Know 1 Cor.6:19; Rom
I am a new creation 2 6:6 6:1 to 11
Cor. 5:17 Grow and mature to the Reckon/ Count/Consider
I am regenerated Titus stature of Christ Eph 4:13 Rom 6:11
3:2 Created to do good works Present Rom 6:12 to 14
I am filled with the Holy Eph 2:10 Yield Rom 6:13
Spirit Eph.5:18 Ambassador for Christ 2 Put off and Put on Eph
I am led by the Spirit Cor 5:2 4:22 to 24
Romans 8 Preach the gospel Mark Put to death Rom 8:13
I am redeemed Lk. 19:10 16:15 To be led by the Spirit
I am forgiven 2 Pet. 1:9 Make disciples Matt.28:19 Rom 8:14
I am washed and made Teach his commands Matt. Resist the devil James
clean - 1 Jh. 1:7 28:20 4:7
I am justified Rom 5:1 Sent to the world John Fight the good fight of
I am reconciled 2 Cor. 17:18 faith 1 Tim 6:12
5:18 Baptize in the name of the Prepared to meet the Lord
I am sanctified 1 Cor.6:11 Father, Son and Holy Spirit Matt.24:42
I am substituted on the Matt.28:19 Remember Jh.14:26
cross - 1 Pet 2;24 Unity among the members of Renew (Mind/Inner
I have repentance as a the body of Christ. Eph 4:1- man/for spiritual power/do
grace gift 2 Tim.2:25 4 His will)
I am a royal priest- 1 Pet. Fellowship of the saints Transform Rom 12:2
2:9 Heb. 10.25 Repent Rev. 2:5
I am a masterpiece Remembering the Son 1 Pray 1 Thess 5:16-18
Eph.2:10 Cor. 11 Meditate- Phill. 4:8
I am saved Rom, 10:9-10. To glorify God 1 Cor 10.31 Think with mind of Christ.
I am know eternal life To rule with His Son- 2 Tim. Phil 2
John 17:3 2:12 Allow the power of God- 2
I am made righteous and To be led by His Spirit Rom Tim 1:7
Holy Eph.4:24 8 Deny Self & take up the
I am conformed to Christs To be filled with His Spirit cross to follow Jesus
image Rom 8:29 Eph 5:18 Luke 9:23
I am a citizen of Heaven To teach, help, counsel, Grow & Mature in Christ
(Holy Nation) Philip. 3:20 comfort, remember, battle, Heb 5:14; Eph 4:15
I am a conqueror Rom kill the deeds of our body, to Humble Phill. 2
8:37 do His will through the Holy Submit James 4:7
I will be given authority to Spirit. John 14:15 to 26; Obedient John 14:23
rule over nations Rev. Rom.8 Suffer with Christ Phill.
2:26 To overcome the world 1 3:10
Jh.5:4 Exalted by the Father 1
Resist the devil Eph.6 Pet. 5:6
War against the flesh Gal. 5 To live out in newness of
Christ must increase & I life Rom 6:4
decrease Jh.3:30 To live out of the divine
nature 2 Pet. 1:4

AYC Mumbai 2016 Readout for Session 3

Cultivating in our hearts the same hatred of sin that God has towards sin!

We cannot hate sin out of our sinful nature, only by being partakers of the divine nature
of God we will be able to hate sin the same way God hates it.

As we are made a new creation in Christ, we are thankful that we are created in the
likeness of God in his righteousness and holiness (Eph.4: 24) being part of our divine

As our sinful nature naturally taught us to sin, so will the divine nature of God in us will
naturally oppose sin in us. For the new man in Christ is able to love God, he or she will
be able to see Gods nature of holiness created in them; to desire to be holy and pure
like God.

The new man in Christ will learn through the help of the Holy Spirit that holiness begins
with God, seeing the beauty of Gods holiness, amazed by its majesty, immersed in
Gods moral perfection and purity. Understanding why such a Holy God is against sin
and punishes it. More importantly the demand of Gods Holy character led him to take it
out on His Son the wrath of God, who became our sin-bearer, facing death for us on the

While we may know all the above truths, we may not hate sin exactly the way God hates
sin? We may still love the sensual nature of moral sin, and also desire not to sin. We
may get accustomed to only focusing on moral sin that are major ones like adultery, or
alcoholic addiction but ignore sins such as living for self rather than pursuing the
sovereign will of God.

We fall into the trap where we have mentally characterized sins into that which is
acceptable and that which may be tolerated a bit, and focus on big ones. Not realizing
that as partakers of the divine nature, we share the same view as God to see sin the
same way He sees it.

We fail to recognize that by making us partakers of Gods divine nature, Christ has
become our holiness 1 Cor 1: 30. We now need to live out Christs holiness with the help
of the Holy Spirit. We dont try to live out holiness by trying to change our sinful nature to
holiness. Instead, out of the divine nature of Christs holiness in us, we deal with our
sinful nature. We also learn & know our Holy Heavenly Fathers heart that hates sin.
(Habakkuk. 1:13)

We love our Holy Heavenly Father and hate sin the same way He hates it. We feel the
same pain that He has and how we grieve Him when we sin. We realize how our sin
affects Him. We feel the pain it would have taken Him to punish His Son on our behalf
for the sins we commit.

Our attitude towards sin:

1. We are more concerned over our own victory over sin than about the fact that our
sins grieve the heart of God.
2. We do not take seriously how sin affects God. We peacefully co-exist with them.

3. We are confused why we are not able to overcome sin without understanding we
cannot overcome sin with the mindset of a sinner or with the identity of a sinful
4. We dont want to give up the pleasures of sin to satisfy our selfish nature.
5. We do not hate sin as we silently crave it out of our sinful nature.
6. We deal with sin on our determination and toggle between being spiritual and
7. We are focused on major sins and tolerate to live with sins that may not look
serious to others like gossip or jealousy.
8. We love what God hates, which is the pleasures of this world.
9. We are not sensitive to the fact that every time we sin, we are doing what God
10. We think gospel is only for unbelievers and forget the truths of the gospel
continues to be the daily gospel message for a believer to deny self, take up his
cross and to follow Jesus.

What attitude should we have towards sin:

We need to cultivate in our hearts the same hatred God has towards sin.
We need to cultivate the same attitude of Joseph in Old Testament, who refused
to sexual immorality stating, How could I do such a wicked thing against God?
Gen. 39:9
We need to pray to the Lord to enable His ability to hate sin out of our divine
nature so that we can enjoy the holy relationship and love of the Heavenly
We need to learn to kill sin with the help of the Holy Spirit.
We need to flee youthful lusts and train in godliness
We need to respond willingly to Gods holy calling to love to live a holy life.
We should not categorise sin whether big or small, but view all sin against Gods
sovereign will, moral will as an offense against a Holy God.
Take responsibility to do our part to live holy by depending on the ability of the
Holy Spirit.
To cooperate with the Triune God, who works in us to produce hatred towards
sin and a godly life? Titus 2: 11 to 13

Responding to lifetime call of God To be holy (1 Peter 1: 15 to 16.)

Our lives can be lived without a calling, just following what ever life may be for us
or be driven to achieve something in life out of all determination. However,
whether we like it or not, the good news of the gospel is an invitation to live a life
of calling. The call is to pursue a holy life. In fact this call began before the
foundation of the world, which God desired that those he would call will be called
for a holy relationship with Him in love. Eph. 1.4.

When we believed in the Lord Jesus as our Saviour. We were called out in other
words separated from this world, our sinful nature to live for God in holiness.

The word saints used in the Bible does not refer to a character of a person but a
state of being. For us the state of being is the holiness of Christ that is given to

us in our divine nature. We are made holy and separated. Probably before we
develop our calling statement for life. We should ask these three questions:

1. I was separated from what?

2. I was separated for what?
3. I was separated for whom?

Paul answered the three questions and knew his calling and lived it out. In fact
every child of God has the same calling. Paul says in Phil. 3: 12 to 14
Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to
make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own. 13 Brothers, I do
not consider that I have made it my own. But one thing I do: forgetting what lies
behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, 14 I press on toward the goal for
the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

A. Press on toward the goal Holiness, Righteousness, Influencing being the

salt and light, being trained for reigning, having fellowship in suffering with
Christ. Eager to do good, Titus 2:14, being fishers of men, showing
compassion to people that are hurting.
B. Prize of the upward call Exaltation and eternal rewards. Victors crown 1
Cor 9: 25-27; Martyrs crown Rev. 2:10; Elders crown 1 Pet 5: 2 to 4; Crown
of righteousness 2 Tim 4:8 & Crown of rejoicing 1 Thess. 2: 19 -20.


1. Discuss in your group what influences of this world make us to love it?
Why? What should we hate, and how should we engage the world as children
of God who are called out of this world and then sent to this world as
ambassadors of Christ?

2. Living our lives according to our own will is violating the sovereign will of God,
this includes our lifes journey on the educational path or career path or
decisions of our life taken out of self needs or interest, without considering
Gods will for our lives. The call is So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever
you do, do all to the glory of God. 1 Cor. 10:31. If we dont do it for the glory
of God then it is a sin. Why is this sin not seen within our circles with same
severity as moral sin? How could we deal with this independent nature of this
sin, because we may not see this as something we need to hate like a moral
sin? How does our self-made plans affect God?

3. What is our attitude towards the list of sins we seem to tolerate compared to
sexual immorality or something that blows off our reputation? How can we
start hating them as God does, and what difference would it make in our

3.1 Ungodliness
3.2 Anxiety and frustration
3.3 Discontentment
3.4 Un-thankfulness (Thankfulness in difficult circumstances)

4. Pride
Moral self-righteousness
Pride & correct doctrine
Pride & achievement
An independent spirit
5. Selfishness
Our personal interests
Our time
Our money

6. Lack of self-control
Eating and drinking
With ones temper
Personal finances
Mobile phones, social media, media entertainment, impulsive buying,
social parties.
Impatience & irritability
7. Anger
Anger towards God and Others
Enmity and hostility
8. Judgmentalism
Over differing convictions
Over doctrinal disagreements
A critical spirit
9. Envy, Jealousy, and Related sins
10. Sins of the tongue

Harsh words, sarcasm, insults and ridicule

(Question 3 to 10 lists taken from Respectable Sins book by Jerry Bridges)



Session 4
Do I love God the way He should be loved? Cry of a divided heart?

1. When you hear this statement, we are to love God? What thought do you get on how you
got to love Him?

2. What are your ways of showing your love to Him?

3. In your loving relationship with the Lord have you known & experienced about His loving

4. God wants you to keep his first love for Him always first? How have you been responding
to his loving request?

5. What are the competing forces that fight for your hearts love that you are more
affectionate to than loving the Lord?

6. When you are in love, your heart is connected to Gods heart, which enables to get to
know his love for you. Not only that you are able to know what are his desires, and out of
affection you do not want to affect him. If we say we love someone and hurt them, then what
type of love is it? Is it true love in first place?

7. You recognize out of the divine nature, which God has shared with you, He pours out His
love into your hearts through the Holy Spirit. Giving you the resource and ability to love
Him and others, just like Him. How will our relationships be if we start loving as Christ


8. What if we STOP our efforts from NOT sinning, instead START putting all our efforts to
love God with all our hearts, all our soul, all our mind, all our strength and to love others.

8.1. What difference will it make to our doctrinal understanding of dealing with sin?

8.2. What changes do you think it will bring in your relationship with God, compared to your
current relationship that comes out of focusing to work on NOT sinning as your effort to
obey God?

8.3. How does focusing your efforts on NOT sinning working out? Have you been able to live
a sinless life?

8.4. How does focusing only on loving God help you to live out your life as God commands it
to be according to the scriptures?

8.5. God says He is love and if we do not love, then we are people who dont know Him?
What do you think we are doing to ourselves when we dont love God and others? How does
focusing on loving Him and others help overcome the foundational basis of Gods term on
how He states on what basis He is going to `have relationship with us?


How about focusing

our energy and STOP
about Focusing on
eort to love God
our focus
with all our heart, NOT Sinning
all our mind, all our iNstEaD
& energy
soul, and all our
on NOT
strength, and loving
sinning? Focusing on
others as well?


Freshness of His Love

Spirit of God IniPates Love of Christ that controls

For the love of Christ controls us,

hope does not put us to shame, because we have concluded this: that CAUTION FOCUS ON
because God's love has been poured THE LORD JESUS
one has died for all, therefore all have DONT FOCUS
into our hearts through the Holy Spirit ON SIN
who has been given to us. Rom 5:5 died; and he died for all, that those THE SON OF GOD
who live might no longer live for
themselves but for him who for their
sake died and was raised. 2 Cor 5:14


Christs Personality Pa_erns Christs Personality Pa_erns CHRIST MY WARRIOR ENVIRONMENT IN WHICH HE
Best environment or situaPon All SituaPon
MoPvaPon that drove behavior SUPRA-CONFLICT
Conict Within 12 disciples
Contra- leaders)
SUPRA-CONFLICT (Religious Public conict
WITH DEVIL leaders) Unable to heal sick
Fathers Will INTRA-CONFLICT boy.
Within 12 disciples Interpersonal conict
who is greatest
EXTRA- Intergroup conict
CONFLICT who belongs
EXTRA- Bystanders Spiritual conict lack
CONFLICT Members of faith and
Bystanders Neighbors understanding

Christs Personality Pa_erns Christs Personality Pa_erns Christs Personality Pa_erns

Behavior Accepted Rejected in Others PersonaliPes Strengths and Weakness: How did He respond in tension?

Accepted: Repented Sinners

Fruit of Spirit Clear CommunicaPon
Tested in all ways Yet I can do all things Love, Joy, Peace, Word of God
Self-Righteous, HypocriPcal, Sinner who did not repent, without Sin Replaces our through Christ who Suered
PaPence, Kindness,
strengths & strengthens me Gentleness, Goodness, Endured
weakness Meekness, Self-control Not inPmidated
Lavished UncondiPonal Love towards all without Not disappointed
parPality, because He is Love, was able to cope up with Not Threatening

disciples of dierent personaliPes including a betrayer

and a traitor.

Christs Personality Pa_erns Christs Personality Pa_erns

How did He saw value and contribuPon of others? How did He use Pme and major decision?

30 Years in the Led by the Spirit
school of HOUR HAD COME
poverty & Fathers Will
human life Filtered TradiPon
PEOPLE WHO Lived by Faith


Session 5

Pure Heart

My Act of Sin Aects








Strategy of Satan
Satans Deceiver Destroyer Ruler Accuser

Satans Target My Mind My Body My will My Heart &



Satans Purpose To make me To make me To make me To accuse me of
ignorant of impaVent with independent of me of guilt and
Gods will Gods will Gods will shame before

Your Defense Inspired Word Imparted grace Indwelling Spirit Interceding Son
of God (The of God of God of God
Armor of God)



Session 6 Following Personal Purity, Relational Purity, & Spiritual Purity within
the family of God.

Attitude of worthiness expressed worship

Worship comes in spirit and truth when God is treasured above all.

Example: Luke 1: 46,47

And Mary said, My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit has rejoiced in God my

Luke 2: 18 and 19

And all who heard [it] wondered at the things said to them by the shepherds.

But Mary kept all these things [in her mind], pondering [them] in her heart.

Personal Walk Worthy of the Calling

1. Wise builder building his/her life on the rock - Lord Jesus Christ.
2. With mind of Christ making wise decisions Putting Off & Putting On

Four steps of how to make decision with the mind of Christ: Lord Jesus our example

1. Foundation: Lord Jesus looked at all decisions through the lens of Gods Word
to know what God says about it.
2. Focus: Lord Jesus focused on both the principle of sovereign will and moral will
from Gods Word.
3. Filter: Lord Jesus filtered out every barrier like cultural views, traditional views,
mans wisdom, Evil ones deceit, so that He makes wise decision according to
Godly wisdom.
4. Faith: Four pillars of faith is applied to put it to practice.
a. Faith on the invisible God who reveals his character through his name
Whos word he is trusting?
b. Responding to Gods character revealed through his name: Attitude of
feeling and Knowledge which leads to behavior or action or practice.
c. Eternal value of responding to His will.
d. Out of love for the Lord through the help of the Holy Spirit, make the
decision and experience glorifying God.

Relational Attitude with saints and our circle of influence in the society

Attitude within the Body of Christ:

What follows in the discipleship pattern is identical in order in both Colossians and
Ephesians: (Colossians 3.15-16 & Ephesians 5.15-18)

"let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly" (Col 3.16)

and "be filled with the Spirit" (Eph 5.18)


Four definite mindsets:

Teaching with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs the group teaches through the
emotional port-of-entry in song, according to the local culture

Singing with your heart to the Lord

A radical inner attitude shift to a praising mindset

Thanking God for all things, and whatever you do in word/deed, doing all in the name
of the Lord Jesus

Submitting to one another in reverence of Christ

A culturally revolutionary pattern of mutual reciprocity

ACTIONS: The basic obedience in the Lord for each

Wife: submit - Husband: Love

Child: obey Father: Teach & Train

Slave/Employee: work hard Employer: Be fair and Just

Insider: devoted to prayer Outsider: Be wise, seasoned speech

Christian: be in subjection Authority: Praise good, punish evil (Rom. 13: 1-10)


For our struggle is not against other people, but against the rulers, the powers, the
world forces of this present darkness, the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly
places (Ephesians 6.12). And in this ministry we never lose heart, for even if our good
news is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing, "in whose case the god of this
age has blinded the minds of the unbelieving, that they might not see the light of the
gospel of the radiance of Christ, who is the image of God." (II Corinthians 4.1-6)

We are to

Watch and Pray: as a wrestler (Eph6.12) for our struggle is against

the rulers
the authorities
the powers of this dark world
the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Stand and Resist: as a warrior (Eph 6.13) and put on the whole armor of God

1. Belt of truth

2. Breastplate of righteousness

3. Shod feet with gospel of peace

4. Shield of faith

5. Helmet of salvation

6. Sword of Spirit

7. Prayer of the 4 alls


Thus, we boldly, frankly witness with great joy, even in tribulation, which we know is our
destiny (I Thessalonians 1.2-10, 3.1-13, 1 Peter 2.11-12), telling of His excellencies Who
called us out of darkness into His marvelous light, making us a global people (I

So, then, while there will be those who sneer, there will also be those who desire to
hear more, and even some who believe and join us (Acts 17:32-34).

Those who believe and join us are those who have come to know Jesus as their Rock