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Unit Plan: Color Theory

Ms. Sampson, Abingdon High School, 2nd Block

Week of 1/31/2017-2/10/2017

Unit Aim The student will learn the concept of color by learning the color
theory. The student will learn the concept of color schemes.
The student will learn how to effectively use the color wheel.
The student will understand and be able to make tints and
shades of primary and secondary colors. The student will use
knowledge of Pablo Picasso to complete a cubism inspired
monochromatic project. The students should have two projects
completed: a Hidden Color Wheel and a Monochromatic

Student Learning AI.1 The student will maintain and use a process art portfolio
Objectives (SOLs) (e.g., sketchbook/journal and working portfolio) for planning
and as a resource in the art-making process.
AI.2 The student will identify and use steps of the design
process, including brainstorming, preliminary sketching,
planning, reflecting, refining, elaborating, and researching, in
creative problem solving.
AI.4 The student will describe and demonstrate craftsmanship
(artisanship) in works of art.
AI.11 The student will analyze major art movements and
influential artists according to events, places, cultures, and
historical periods.

Assessments 1. Color Wheel worksheet

2. Tints/Shades/Hues worksheet
3. Hidden Color Wheel project
4. Monochromatic Guitar project
5. Sketchbook (things you love)
6. Sketchbook (zentangle book)
7. Picasso Quiz

Vocabulary - Primary Colors

- Secondary Colors
- Tertiary Colors
- Warm Colors
- Cool Colors
- Complimentary Colors
- Analogous Colors
- Rainbow Colors
- Tints
- Shades
- Hue
- Pablo Picasso
- Monochromatic
- Cubism
- Rose Period
- Blue Period

Materials 1. Color Wheel worksheet

2. Tints/Shades/Hues worksheet
3. Notebook paper (for notes)
4. Drawing paper (2- 1 per project)
5. Practice paper (2- 1 per project)
6. Pencil, Color Pencils, Sharpie Markers,
Markers, Watercolor Paints, Acrylic Paints
7. Projector- for powerpoints

Lessons/Instruction Tuesday 1/31/17 Students will learn appropriate vocabulary

Overview as well as create a color wheel.
Wednesday 2/1/17 Students will create sketches for their
hidden color wheel project.
Thursday 2/2/17 Students will continue to create a hidden
color project.
Friday 2/3/17 Students will finish their final for their hidden
color wheel project.
Monday 2/6/17 Students will learn how to make tints and
shades using black or white and a pure color. Students
will review the color wheel.
Tuesday 2/7/17 Students will learn about Pablo Picasso, a
few of his stylistic periods of art, the meaning of
monochromatic, and guidelines for their project.
Students should begin sketching their projects.
Wednesday 2/8/17 Students will take a quiz on Pablo
Picasso. The students will also be finishing their
sketches of their monochromatic guitars.
Thursday 2/9/17 Students will begin their final of their
monochromatic guitars.
Friday 2/10/17 Students will finish their monochromatic

EVERYDAY: Students will begin class with their sketchbooks.

The students should complete an entire sketchbook by Friday.