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Mayank Jain

IIM Udaipur
Maharaja Surajmal Institute Of Technology
C-4, Janakpuri, New Delhi

Alumni Survey
Vision, Mission and PEO (Program educational objective) are the core of the outcome based
education (OBE) process. They encapsulate what program stands for and what it is trying to
achieve. Accordingly, they serve as terms of reference for all the operations of the all OBE
Process. Computer Science Engineering (CSE) program of MSIT is in process for accreditation
and it is required to define Vision, Mission and PEO for quality education. You therefore
requested to kindly provide input according to the survey questionnaire for the same.

1. What is your view about CSE Program?

CSE is the amalgamation of various concepts from different field in order to provide a
holistic view and understanding of the computer. It deals with the management of
information system of both s/w and h/w. Students can have a real time corporate
experience by coding in different languages like Linux, Java, C++ etc. The state of art
curriculum promotes independent thinking and learning at an individual's pace. A choice
of subjects makes the program flexible according to the needs and interest of the students.
The curriculum is aligned with the industry practices which succor the students to meet
the expectations of the developing IT sector.

2. Why you will recommend CSE program?

The answer to this question is purely on my experience in MSIT, so the points may be
relevant or not depending on the reader
- Courses such as ADA and JAVA are the core subjects and must be taught over 2
semesters and not only one, as the time devotion to such crucial subjects is not
enough is current curriculum.
- Promote students to participate in competitions going in other colleges. Make a team
that promote and floats news regarding any event coming up. Benefits of such
competitions are manifold (college and students get exposure, learn a lot, implement
the learnings, motivation for students, healthy competition).
Mayank Jain
IIM Udaipur
- Remove subjects (if possible) which are not adding any value to CSE. (Take a survey
from passing batch about each subject and ask for suggestions)
3. What are your expectations from CSE Program?
As a student, I will like to learn different languages that are used in current industry
practices. After doing CSE, I hope that I should be equipped with sufficient amount of
designing and implementation knowledge that could be leveraged upon easily. Main
motive will be to get the basics clear and able to comprehend the intricacies of coding.
Another expectation is to learn to train mind to solve the problems by designing
algorithms using optimum resources.
4. Which major areas your think need improvement in CSE Program?
Same as answer 2.
Course outline and time allocation for courses must be modified and feedback is

5. What according you should be the objective (Program educational Objective) of CSE
I would like to have a simple objective so as to make students understand the intricacies
of design and implementation and be able to develop on ideas. Free flow of ideas without
any boundaries should be the same. The aim should not be to achieve marks in the final,
rather to understand the basics and industry needs. Placements are important but that
should not be the sole criteria

6. How CSE program will get benefited from you?

As an alumnus, I will give full support to my college in whatever way is possible. I can
help in feedbacks of the similar kind to this, could help in conducting surveys for the
students, participate in discussions, can help some other people from industry to make a
visit to college.
It will be a great pleasure for me to help the college in any way possible.

7. Define VISION for CSE Program of MSIT.

There is often a careful balancing act to be performed. Lofty statements of idealism may
encourage a certain (perhaps justified) cynicism about the process, but at the same time it
is important to aspire and inspire and to create a shared image of what your institution
stands for and where it wants to be.
Mayank Jain
IIM Udaipur
This question is tough to answer for me, however I would like to list down few points
which may be considered by defining vision.
- Addressing the current challenges
- Defining the target (to be among top 2 or 3 within X number of years)
- Defining a clear single objective
- Vision should be aligned with the values of the college
- Recognising and resolving these tensions are an inherent element for success

8. How According to you VISION can be achieved.

This is one of the toughest things. It requires continuous efforts without any digression. It
also needs involvement from all people involved (top management, faculty and even
students). The vision statement has to be delivered to students in a way so that they own
it. Every step taken by the college must be towards the vision only.
Evaluation of steps taken and then taking steps to correct the mistakes is a must.
This is a general answer as it is very difficult to built such a culture. But continuous
efforts can definitely achieve it.
9. Rate CSE program on the scale of 5.

1 2 3 4 5
Poor Average Very Good Excellent

Based on my experience, I would rate it as 3 (Very good) but it can easily get onto higher
level. Our qualified faculty and available opportunities can provide a new dimension to
CSE and lead it to new heights.
10. Any other comments and suggestions.
Most of the students are unaware of the courses opted for and their importance. It will be
beneficial for them if there are some course workshops defining the course structure and
the expected learnings from the course. More of project work should be there for
evaluation purpose.