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Continuous Assessment
Peer Microteaching - Reflection
Programme: BSc (Hons) in Education (Design Graphics and

Year: 1

Module: School Placement 1

Module Credits: 5

CA Weighting: 50%

Internal Examiner(s): Ms. Ann Foley

External Examiner(s):

Submission Date/Time: 11/4/2017

Post Lesson Reflection: 6/4/2017

Unless accompanied by a signed absence sheet, late submission will not

be marked

Instructions to Candidates:
Please read the following information carefully

Student Name: Kyle Rooney-Kane

Student Number: G00347556

Module: School Placement 1

On Friday, March 21st my group of teachers and I completed our
microteaching practical where we took turns in class to teach our peers
how to construct a tangent to an ellipse using the internal method. Using
a lesson plan that we made together we worked out that we had 7
minutes to complete our part of the lesson each, I went 3rd out of the four
of us.

When it came down to it I feel like our group presented ourselves
and the lesson in a very professional and educational manner. There was a
lot of things like worksheets and key words that needed group input and I
was relieved that we worked so well together on that.

I feel like overall my timing was good other than handing out the
sheets I feel like if I asked them to pass them around it would have been
better. And saved a minute or two.

Both teacher and student are teaching each other through their
daily relational behaviors (Rogers, 2008, p. 7) I really seen this through
the micro teaching as not only was I teaching the students but when I was
walking around to check the students work I seen that I had been
inaccurate in my drawing and this allowed me to go back and correct
myself. I am counting this a strength as if I had not corrected it, it would
have been a major fault in the drawing and given the students the wrong

A major challenge I faced with my group right from the start was
drive and it wasnt until right before there was a due date would they get
together and work. I found myself in the computer lab working on our
lesson plan on my own a lot up until the night before it was to be handed

A personal challenge I faced before and during my practical was

nerves. Because of this I found myself not looking around enough and as
one of my examiners pointed out I may have been rushing slightly.
Looking back at this Im kicking myself as I know I can do better but since
Module: School Placement 1

I have just come from the leaving cert I am aware that real classes are
nothing like this and I feel they are a lot more laid back as there is no one
in the wall looking at you and the teacher has more time while the class is
completing exercises.


Looking back on my experience I feel like if I had more practice it

may have settled my nerves a small bit and when it came to the real
thing. On the other hand, a lot of the time when you over practice a role
you worry a lot more because thats all you know and I find that I do
better when I wing some of the presentation or in this case the class. By
wing I dont mean to completely make it up but to have my main sections
to talk about, know about them and then come up with my script on the
spot. This practice could have calmed my nerves could have made it
easier to look up across the class and to break all my actions down which I
feel like may be necessary for a first-year class.

Also, I think if I made the exercise more practical it might have

made the class more interesting and got the class more interested and got
them to engage with the lesson. What I could have doing is make the
frame that we were drawing and show them the strings hitting the ellipse
at a point of contact.



By the end of the micro teaching I realized groupwork was designed

to build up operative and social skills (Polland, 2008, p. 7), although I
got along better with my group I was very relieved that I no longer had to
work with them. Through my time with them I seen just how selfish, lazy
and how much they didnt know. I understand I may not have been the
best group player either but I feel that I tried to get along with the others
and be understanding when they didnt show up whether it be for class,
group work or practice. I was forced get all the words for the word wall,
make part and edit the lesson plan on my own and it wasnt until the night
Module: School Placement 1

before that the group decided to ring and want to get together to make
sure it was right. I understand why I was put with the group I was with,
and overall it was helpful as two of my groupmates were very strong in
their presentation skills where that was where I was lacking and I had
good attendance and participation so I feel I was put with them to get
them to show up more and participate more. I feel like this worked well
overall and I will be taking this with me to group making in the future.

Polland, A. (2008). Reflective Teaching (Vol. 3rd). China: Continuumbooks.

Rogers, B. (2008). Clsssroom Behavior. A Practical Guide to Effective

Teaching, Behaviour Management and Colleague Support (Vol. 3rd).
London: SAGE publishers.