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1. Anointing the Outer Court



2. Anointing the Holy Place



3. Understanding the veil of Appearance



4. Anointing The Most Holy Place



5. The Covenant Within the Ark



6. Opening the Seals



7. The Tabernacle Plan





INTRODUCTION We are living in the days of great expectation. Even the very air seems to be holding its breath as all creation anticipates an

imminent outpouring of God to set us free from our captivity. Indeed, in this day, we are much like the children of Israel who had been sent in Babylonian captivity for seventy years, & like Daniel we have been searching for God’s way out of our imprisonment to a flesh nature. It was in response to Daniels persistent beseeching that the angel Gabriel appeared to give God’s directive concerning Israel’s release from bondage. Even today these thousands of years later, we can find in this reply to Daniel an application for us as well. “Seventy weeks are determined for your people for your holy city, to finish the transgression, to make an end of sins, To make reconciliation for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision & prophecy, & to anoint the Most Holy.” Dan 9:24. NKJV. We notice it says, Seventy weeks are determined upon thy


is an important reality for us to understand. Ever since Jesus Christ, transgression is finished, & sin is no longer the issue, Moreover,

the conduct of men’s ways is not the issue. The verse goes on to say, “to make an end of sins, & to make reconciliation for iniquity, & to bring in everlasting righteousness.” In other words, Jesus Christ’s death, burial & resurrection was a turning point to the whole span of time. He is the end of an old world & the beginning of a new one. He is the third heaven & the third earth. He is the beginning of a new world & a brand new race of people. It happened just as it was prophesied; there came a spiritual One, unlike anyone who had ever walked upon the face of the earth. He came in insignificance & in obscurity, & then He went away. But

people & upon thy holy city to finish, the transgression.”


He sent the Holy Spirit to bring us remembrance of all things & to lead us into all truth. Now the scriptures clearly indicate the coming of another man. This coming of another man has been made to seem like it is only going to be wrapped up in Jesus. The coming of this other man has been called the second coming of Christ, the return of the Lord, & so on, but the scriptures show us that the reason He went away & sent the comforter was that through joining with the Lord we could become a part of the appearing of that man. So this new spiritual man that is coming again, represents a new kind of humanity, whose whole life has been turned inside out. Armageddon is a battle that is going to bring an end to a life that we have known up till now, & a new kind of life will be introduced into our being. But, we have to realise that some things die hard. This is no small thing. It is tremendously difficult to comprehend the loss of the perception of life, as we have known it. All our days in the flesh have been spent in the building up of ideas & thoughts & concepts that are as far from the truth as night is from day.

So we praise the Lord that in this hour He has chosen us to be a part of this great company of people. He is selecting people from every race, kindred & nation, It is not limited to any one group. It is a foolish idea to think that God would choose one group above another, when scriptures plainly reveal that He has redeemed us from every nation, tribe & tongue.

I want to get to the very last part of the word to Daniel where it says, “and to anoint the Most Holy.” The Most Holy referred to the innermost compartment of the Tabernacle of Moses, & there was no way to enter that innermost part except through the Outer Court & the Holy Place. The significant thing about this Daniel 9 scripture is that there was going to come a time when God would anoint the Most Holy.


That word anoint in the Greek is Christos or Christ, the anointing. Christ is the visible demonstration of the invisible. Jesus was the Christ; He was the visible out-raying of the invisible God. That’s why He was Jesus the Christ. In Him dwelt all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. Now there is a people who are being joined into Christ, and are coming into this same en-christ-ment so that they are going to become the visible expression of the invisible. More specifically, they are going to be a walking, living & moving Most Holy Place. That which has been obscured, that which has been encrusted, with traditions & lies is now being ripped away, & a revealing is coming forth, & the anointing of the Most Holy is taking place & the knowledge of the Most Holy is coming forth to bring this people into that truth. The time has come for us to Anoint the Most Holy.




We have a wonderful symbol in scripture given to us in the Tabernacle of Moses. When God told Moses to make a sanctuary in which He would dwell, He gave Moses the pattern & plan of the Tabernacle designed into three compartments. These three sections were the Outer Court, the Holy Place, & the Most Holy Place. This plan of the Tabernacle gives us a picture of how we grow, in the realm of the spirit. Each of the three sections had different pieces of furniture as our guide.


The Brazen Altar. Upon entering the Outer Court of the Tabernacle, the first piece of furniture we encounter is the brazen altar. This symbolises the very


first experience we have when when we, are, being brought by the true Spirit of God. A lot of people have spiritual experiences, but if the spirit they are having the experience with doesn't bring them to the brazen altar, they haven't experienced the true God. Now, the brazen altar represents the principle of the cross. There are other concepts found here too, but the very first thing we experience is Jesus on the cross. We don't stay there, but we begin there. We come to the knowledge that there was a cross & a sacrifice on it. In terms of New testament vocabulary, we meet Jesus as our Saviour. In terms of the great feasts pictured in the Bible, this experience is the celebration of Passover. One New Testament doctrine sums up the principle of the brazen altar as justification by faith. All these various characteristics become real to us when the Spirit actually begins to deal with our lives.

The Brazen Laver.

A little further on there was the brazen laver. The basic principle

represented by the laver is Jesus as the Word of God. Experiencing Jesus as our Saviour is wonderful, but when we actually begin to get into the word of God, we experience the reality of Him as the Word. The word of God sanctifies US. That means it separates us from everything. Eph 5.

It will separate what we do, & how we walk in the world. It will

separate our mentality. It is more than just physical separation. It is

an attitude, a state of mind. Through this, we begin to enrich & deepen our experience.

Many people make this their end; they are saved & in the Word of God. They have met Jesus as their Saviour, & they seem to have a better human condition. They feel better about themselves & are freed of guilt & bondage. Their thoughts are primarily centred on changing outer conditions of dis-harmony, discord & evil. When they see someone sick or hurting, they pray to change it, & they


very often see answers to prayer. However, there is another principle found here that the brazen laver represents that those who would stop with the Outer Court experience do not understand. The brazen laver also represents washings. Every priest was required to wash his hands & feet in this piece of furniture under penalty of death before proceeding onward.

A New Testament word for washings is baptisms, & ACTS 2:38 relates being baptised to receiving the Holy Ghost, “Repent, and be baptised every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.”




The Doorway. Next we come to the door of the tent, the passageway into the Holy Place. The doorway speaks of a whole new level of experience, the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Every priest was required to be anointed with oil at the doorway. The significance is that the baptism is not just a doorway; it is an entry way. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is an earnest, a down payment, but religion has made this an end. All this does is give us an entrance into a new realm, the realm of anointing where we meet Jesus in an experience that is much deeper than we had previously known. It is where we meet Him as the Christ, the Anointing.

The Lamp stand. Now the first piece of furniture in the Holy Place was the lamp stand. When we enter the realm of the anointing, we experience what the lamp stand typified. It gave off light as the oil was put into


the bowls. The oil represented the Spirit, & it all points to Jesus, the Light of the World. In addition, it represents how we start to become to become the light. We do that by having oil, the Spirit poured into our vessel. It is then that we actually begin to give off light. In the Outer Court, we were still in natural light, but in the Holy Place, we start to get delivered from traditions .As we come into truth, we begin to give off true light, revelation- knowledge. The word becomes alive. The same verses of scripture we read when we were in the Outer Court suddenly have new meaning, & we experience revelation from God.

It is significant that in Samuel's day the light went out in the Holy Place, which meant there was no more revelation knowledge. Now, the candlestick is also a type of the Church. Surely, in this hour, there is a Samuel company growing up, hearing a word from God, while the church is dying with no light. Moreover there are other things to learn about the lamp stand. The way the fixture was made with its knobs, bowls, & fruit & the number of them also point to the nine gifts & nine fruits of the Spirit.

In the “fruit of the spirit”, we have the light, the nature of God. In the gifts of the Spirit, we have the motion, the ministry of God.

Most people in this “realm-today” are interested in God's motion, His power. Our prayers in this realm are basically, God do this; God do that. Show us a miracle. However in this hour, God is getting a people interested in His light, in His nature. When we get the nature of God, the motion of God is going to flow out of us naturally, not even super-naturally.

However, understand, we only experience these things “in-part” in this realm. In this second stage the consciousness of God was raised in us a little bit. He seemed to be a touch more evident. But at the same time, the light that we received seemed to expose the


other side of ourselves, & we saw that we were living in two worlds. This is a realm of duality, but there are times when we truly are anointed. Sometimes we feel like God, & we reach out & minister. But there has been a lot of ministry done in the flesh, because there is still a lot of the flesh left in this realm. I have seen people get bitter, because a person would stand up in the congregation & prophesy & then go out & have a smoke. But really there was nothing wrong.

Pentecost was a new meal offering, it was sown in leaven. Leaven was sown in the breads that were baked for Pentecost indicating that this second stage of our experience was not given to perfect us. In other words, we're supposed to be a mess. We are in a condition of duality, because on one hand, we have a consciousness of God, & we have a consciousness of ourselves. We are double minded. Let's go to that ever- popular verse in James 1:8 that says, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” This is an observation of fact, not a searing condemnation from a self- righteous preacher.

This identity of our God-self & the identity of our human-self seemingly war against each other & it created instability. We are up for one day or two days or three days, but then, wham, the next day we come crashing down, & we find that we are unstable in all our ways & so what do we do? We immediately condemn ourselves. “Oh how did I miss this? I should be doing better than this, I'm a Christian.” We do to ourselves what the outer world has done to us. But, God never expected perfection from a people who have only realised Him “in part.” This is what the third realm is for.

Moreover, in this second stage of development, even though we have this great gift of God working in us, we are still moved by the opinions of other people. I can recall in my own experience an incident of having to face the issue of a blood clot. I remember


sitting in the hospital that day saying to myself, “Now I'm a preacher; I'm supposed to have faith; I have to live what I preach. I needed to personally find that I believed. However, the only reason that I was in the hospital was because of the opinions of all my family & friends who said to go. Now, I had to reconcile that whole set of issues once again when I was there, because I had already settled them before I ever got there, but then I listened to that which was outside of me. I was moved by the opinions of others.

That is how Pentecost is . We have our high spiritual experiences, & then we have our friends & family, who have a unique way of pulling us back down to earth. I've heard people say, “Don't get so spiritual that you're no earthly good.” But I say, “Unless we are spiritual we can never be of any earthly good.”

So Pentecost involves these two opinions, one coming from within us & one coming from without us, pulling at us & sometimes, tearing us apart.

Because of the up & down nature of this realm, we are like the wicks of this candlestick, & we have to be trimmed, since we have not attained to the stability of the God nature. Sometimes we need to be lifted up. Other times, the High Priest has to cut the wick, because it is too high, too exalted. But it is all part of the process. We are trimmed & shaped until, we give off an even, pure light.

The Table of Shewbread. On the other side of the Holy Place was the table of shewbread. It was around this table that the priests would fellowship in the light of the candlestick & eat the shewbread. At this table, Jesus is the bread of life. This is where we start learning about the true meaning of communion. Communion is only real when it is being done in the light of revelation. We begin to partake of the bread of life when


we start eating His life in the light of the truth. We begin to experience true communion with Jesus. In the book of Ruth chapter 2, Ruth had gotten into the field Boaz owned, but she hadn't yet met Boaz. He came to her & spoke to her & invited her to his table. At the table he told her, “Honey, come here & dip your morsel in the cup of vinegar.” Now, this is what we find out when we have true communion with God. We thought He would prophesy & tell us how great we are going to be, but instead, at the communion table, He invites us to partake of His sufferings. Then, He takes a piece of parched corn & reaches over & feeds us personally, one on one. Prior to this time, we were only gathering what the reapers left. We were just tasting a little bit of the true bread of God. But when we come to the communion table, Jesus personally feeds us in the light of the Spirit of revelation knowledge. In addition, on the table are two crowns of gold typifying the five fold ministry of God: apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers & pastors. The five fold ministry is given to perfect the saints, not the church. Who are the saints? The word “saints” means sanctified- ones. The five fold ministry will never perfect the Church. They don't want to be perfected. It is given to perfect those called-out ones who are going all the way with Jesus.

This ministry we are coming into is swallowing up the five-fold ministry. The administrators of the new covenant will be priests after the order of Melchizedek not apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers & pastors. The administrators of this covenant will be the sons. There can be no new covenant until there is a people who are the covenant.

The Golden Altar. Another thing that we experience in the Holy Place is the golden altar. Jesus, our high priest at this golden altar, ever lives to make intercession for us. But spiritually speaking, it is here that we begin


to worship, praise, intercede & minister. But as wonderful as this is, we are still in an in-part realm In the Outer Court the feast we experienced was Passover. In the Holy Place the feast we experience is Pentecost. However, neither of these is an end! We cannot stop at either of these places & think we have arrived. We must move beyond the veil that stands between the Holy Place & the Most Holy Place; This veil is the realm of appearance; it is the veil of flesh. When we get beyond this veil, we begin to partake of the Most Holy Place.




Now here is where it gets tough. An important thing to learn at this point is that what God is doing to us for His purpose we cannot impose on others. This is only for us who are initiates. This third dimension of God's Purpose is only for those like the Shulamite in the Song of Solomon, began to taste that His love is better than wine. It is only for those who have seen that His nature is more desirable than anything is He could do, to make us feel good. We have to get to the place where we are falling in love with what He IS not with what He DOES. When we began on this journey, that first stage was so happy & peppy that time just seemed to fly by, but the second stage got to the point where it just seemed to d-r-a-g. And this third stage is a Progression as well. When we begin a third dimension of experiencing God, it does not mean that all out troubles are over. In fact, the baptismal element in this realm is FIRE. The fire is given to burn up & purify, because we still have things that need cleaning up.


But this third realm, this anointing of the Most Holy, requires us come to terms with some things in order to enter it. One is that


nothing has been against us; everything has been FOR us.

Another is that our attention must now begin to leave the sense realm & turn into the spiritual realm. Now this is where Armageddon begins. All our kings are being drawn into the battle as we find the substance of our true nature. We will never see the “revealing of Christ” apart from His own nature in us being expressed. We will never be like Jesus any other way than this. It doesn't matter how many doctrines we memorise or how much knowledge we have.

Recently, I met a man who had a 180 I.Q. By rights he was a genius. He had read every “third dimensional” writing on the market; he understood the concept perfectly, but he didn't have the person. Salvation is not a method; it is a person. When we come into the Most Holy, it is going to be this Person that we find in us in ways & means that we have not known before. We'll find Him as Lord, in control of things.

The first thing which we encounter when entering the Most Holy Place is the veil at the doorway. This veil represents the external realm of appearance or flesh. HEBREWS10:19-20, describes it this way.

19. “Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus.

20. “By a new & living way, which He hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, His flesh-----

The appearance, the realm of outward, external seen things, is a realm of existence. Notice, if we re-arrange the letters of veil, we can get the word evil. That should tell us something. Evil only operates in the realm appearance, in the things we can see, taste,


touch & think about. It doesn't operate in the spirit but in what I call body revelation--the knowledge we have gained by touch, sight, hearing & smell, & by the realm of emotions, intellect & reasoning's. All our lives we have learned, through body revelation. Our body makes judgements & sends the judgement into the mind which acts as a projector, projecting the judgement onto the screen of our life. The result is what we minister to other people. God is saying to literally shrink back from this. This is where all the sin, guilt feelings, & perceptions of evil operate.

1 Thess 5:22 says to ,“Abstain from every appearance of evil.” To abstain means to hold off from, despise, to shrink from, or to go back from. The Greek word “eidos” (appearance) means outward, external, literally, the thing seen or sight. We are to shrink from, hold off from, judge nothing by outward, external appearance seen with the sight. The word evil, “Iponeros” in the Greek, means hurtful, diseased, evil, devil, sinners or guilt.

Why we are told to make no judgements based upon outward appearance? Because judging by the outward appearance involves the concept of good & evil, & good & evil is not God.

Religion has taught that evil is real & good is opposite from evil. The BIBLE says that the fruit of both good & evil is death. Religion teaches that God is good, & the opposite of God is the devil. This is not true. God is God. We cannot put the devil on any level with God. The only thing opposite of God is God. He can be His own opposite, but there is nothing that is Opposite God. However, this is how religion & life have taught us to judge things by good & evil, & both produce death. Only man lives in this consciousness. Duality means the quality or state of being made up of two elements or aspects. Interestingly enough, WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY also gives an additional definition of the word “duality” as the doctrine that the universe is under the dominion of


two opposing principles, one good & one evil. But now God is bringing us into oneness, a singleness where we behold only the Lord. God is God, & the devil is nothing.

If we were to ask most people what is the opposite of day, they would say night. In order to know the reality of something, we have to find its source. The sun is the source of day. It is the source of light, which creates day. What is the source of night? Night has no source, because it is not real. It exists only as the light is withdrawn from it. If we could travel in the rotation of the earth, we would never come out of day. Night, darkness, is merely the absence of light. The darkness of the mentality in the world today with all the demons & devils running around through it is the absence of true light.

Understanding this principle is the most important education we will ever have. All the other education including psychology, has been based upon body revelation. All the judgements, decisions, & weighing of pros & cons has been based upon operating in the realm of a very limited carnal existence. Moreover, religion exists to further the deception. “yea, darkness hideth not from thee; but the night shineth as the day: the darkness & the light are both alike to thee.” Ps 139:12 KJV.

Man lives in the consciousness of light & darkness, good & evil, but God does not. From His perspective, He looks & sees all things working together for good. God is now lifting us up into this realm of knowledge, into a God consciousness.

“Judge not according to appearance, but judge righteous judgement.” John 7: 24. KJV.


Since judgement is a decision-making process, we are not to make any decisions based on anything in the outward realm. We may look at a situation we are in & think that we are having problems or that the devil is after us, but we are making that judgement on what we are experiencing. God would say we are judging by appearance. We can't even begin to judge righteous judgement unless we know the end from the beginning. If we don't know where someone is coming from & where he is going, we cannot, pick out a point in time & look at his life & say this is what is happening. If we judge by appearances we miss the reality. Some elect are sitting on barstools; some are on drugs; they are just not aware of who they are. We are to make no decisions about ourself or anyone else based upon outward, body revelation. If we want to begin to understand this, we have to leave the realm of appearance. Leaving the realm of appearance means taking the emphasis off what is happening in the physical & how we are feeling.

“For we walk by faith, not by sight”---- 2Cor 5:7. KJV.

“While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal, (passing) but the things that are not seen are eternal.” (Age abiding) 2 Cor, 4:18. KJV.

Nothing we see is permanent. It is operating in the realm of appearance which is passing away, therefore it is not real, as God would call something real. It exists, but it is not reality. It is an illusion.

An illusion, according to Webster's Dictionary, is the perception of something existing in such a way as to cause misinterpretation of its true nature. Our body is an illusion. It exists right now in such a way to cause us to misinterpret what we really are.


The world as it exists today, is an illusion, because it causes us to misinterpret what is really happening & the true nature of things. We see all the wickedness & rebellion that is going on, & we say, “Oh God, what's happening it's out of control.” But the BIBLE

we get it by the Spirit, we misinterpret what is actually existing.

says, “The earth is the Lord's & the fullness thereof


All our self condemnation & guilt feelings are an illusion causing us to misinterpret who we are. “WE ARE SPIRIT.” We are the offspring of God. When we, begin to think this way, as we begin to leave the realm of appearance, our whole view of things takes on a new reality.

Going through The Veil. But if we can hear, if the veil can be washed away, if we can relate to the of realm spirit & see the Lord as God, then we will begin to become what we see. In Revelation 4 & 5, John was seeing through the veil into this Lord realm which is the Most Holy Place.

“After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened (Jesus is the door into the spirit realm) in heaven. And the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me which said, “Come up hither,” Rev 4:1. KJV.

Today I could say it this way, “The veil is rent, the door is open.” John went beyond the veil, his flesh; he went within his outward form.

His flesh was merely his outward form. He went within himself to the Father, into the realm of Spirit. If we want to come to this place, we have to go within our outward form. Getting beyond the veil getting beyond the flesh, getting beyond the outward, the externals, the appearance.




The Ark of the Covenant. When we get beyond the veil of outward appearance, we enter into the Most Holy Place. There was only one piece of furniture in the Most Holy Place, & it was the Ark of the Covenant. This was a chest covered with Gold inside & out, signifying the totality of divinity. The lid of the Ark was called the Mercy Seat, & at each end of the Ark was a cherubim made of hammered gold. Inside the Ark of the Covenant was the law of God written in tables of stone. But in this ream, the law is written on our hearts & minds. In Hebrews 8 it is expressed this way:

9. “Behold the days come, saith the Lord, when I will make a new Covenant with the house of Israel & with the house of Judah not according to the covenant I made with their fathers, in the day when I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt; because they continued not in My covenant, & I regarded them not, saith the Lord.”

10. “For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days saith the Lord. I will put My laws into their mind & write them in their hearts & I will be their God & they shall be my people. The Apostle Paul makes a comparison of these two covenants again in 2 Cor 3: 2-6. “You are our epistle written in our hearts, known & read by all men; you are manifestly an epistle of Christ, ministered by us, written not with ink but by the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of flesh, that is, of the heart.” “And we have such trust through Christ toward God. Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think of anything as being from ourselves, but our sufficiency is from God, who also made us


sufficient as ministers of the new covenant, not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills but the spirit gives life.” The old is an outward covenant which was supposed to be operated by reading & doing it. This proved vain, simply because man does not have the ability within himself to keep the covenant. So, Paul is saying that the Spirit is going to do something new. He is going to write this covenant inside us, & make it our nature. The nature can then function within us to keep the Word of God.

To most of the church world, the new covenant has become nothing more than the old covenant, because they operate it in the same way. They read the law, & they try to do it in their own flesh. It can't be done. The knowledge of the new covenant was given to be a vehicle, not an end. But People have made knowledge their end.

Christendom today doesn't teach the new covenant; it teaches various principles. People repeat, “By His stripes I am healed, until they work up enough belief in the verse & it works. Mind over matter is a very powerful force. Christian Science heals. I'm not saying that is good or evil; I'm simply saying that I'm looking for that union which will transform my character. THE NEW COVENANT IS NOT THE MESSAGE OF DIVINE PRINCIPLES; IT IS THE MESSAGE OF UNION WITH SPIRIT. When we come into union with the spirit, then there will be an outflow of all these principles.

When Moses was upon the mountain receiving the Law of God, it was given to him, as he, in his own sense of being was elevated. When he came down from that mountain, Israel was worshipping a golden calf, & the Psalmist says that they changed their glory.

As long as people have an image of themselves that is likened unto a beast then the commandments of God are broken; they do


not have an effect in their life. The only way that those commandments can really find expression is if the people were to climb the same mountain that Moses did. This is why we do not find much expression of God in the earth, or for that matter, in the church. Why? Each one has to climb that mountain. If we remain in the level of consciousness that all Israel was in, we still have an image of ourselves that is like unto a beast. We don't have an image of ourselves as God. That is the only place that those commandments are going to operate effectively. Our own conscious awareness of what we are by nature must be raised to what He is. So in these scriptures, God was saying, “I'm not going to give My people a covenant of do's & don'ts & rights & wrongs, because they can't do it anyway. I'm not going to give them a religion that tries to change their effects; I'm going to make a covenant where I'm going to write My laws, or the principle of My being, My very nature, in them, & also in their minds & in their hearts. And I will be their cause.”

He is going to be the CAUSE of our expression. That cause is in the Most Holy, in that innermost realm that has been obscured by all that activity of the Outer Court, by, the celebration of the Holy Place, & by the veil that was before it. All this has prevented us from going into the deepest, innermost part of out own being & finding--- God.

The very nature that we are produces the effect. It produces the performance of the covenant. This new covenant is not like the old one. It is not based upon what we can do; it is based upon Himself. He swore by an oath that what He has begun in us He will complete. He took the responsibility of it upon Himself & said, “I'm going to be their Cause.” They are going to find out that I am them, & they are Me, & we are one, & there is no difference. I am going to be their Cause, & they are not going to fail.


He has not left this thing up to chance; He has not left it up to us. Even the universal plan has been in His hand the whole time. The entire program has been progressing according to the universal purpose that He has purposed in Himself. No matter what it appears to look like in the outer realm, God is in control. The scriptures clearly indicate that He is Lord. Fear not what man can do unto us. God is in control.

If we can get a hold of this principle that God is cause, we will never lack again. We won't be sick; in fact we won't die. Who else

has done this? Jesus has. Has anybody else? Enoch.


In this realm, Jesus becomes enthroned upon the Mercy Seat on top of the Ark. What changed the Mercy Seat from being a judgement seat? THE BLOOD His life turned the Mercy Seat from what we once were, a criticiser & a judge, into a people of mercy, grace, & compassion.

In this realm there are no other gods before us, not the devil, not Adam- no carnal god. It is here, in the Most Holy Place, that we begin losing our duality. This whole process is happening within us. We start partaking of the hidden manna & the resurrection life. And this experience is now finding expression in this third day from Jesus, the day of resurrection.




What does this covenant in the Ark mean to us personally? We know that the old Covenant, written on tablets of stone, was the


letter of the law, & trying to read it & do it resulted in death for us, because every failure we encountered pushed us further & further toward self-condemnation &, consequently, further & further away from God.

However, this new covenant, written on the tables of our heart, is the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus, & it is this law that sets us free from the Law of Sin & Death.

The Law of Life is not actually a new law, for its substance is ageless & eternal; it is the Alpha & Omega, the Beginning & the Ending, God Himself. When the Bible says, “In the beginning,” it is not referring to a place in time, but to a realm of consciousness, a state of being. The beginning is a Person, whose name is the Word, & this Word is Spirit & Life.

Now, this word formed itself into a book called the Book of Life, & it is this book that we encounter, in the Ark of the Covenant within ourselves.

There is an experience being held out to us in this hour, & it is the experience of entering this book of the new covenant contained within the Ark.

When the apostle John was on the Isle of Patmos, he entered the experience of opening this book & Revelation 5 deals with this very book contained within each one of us. John said; “And I saw in the right hand of Him who sat on the throne a book written within & on the backside, sealed with seven seals.” Rev 5:1.KJV.

Here we have this book

within us, the Book of Life, the word of God, the Law of the Spirit of Life, our very own being & nature, but it is sealed. In order for

The book was sealed with seven seals


it to do us any good, the seals have to be broken so that we can get to what is within the book.

The word “within” is the Greek word “esoteros”. It is #2082 in Strong's & it means interior, inside, within. We get the English word “esoteric” from it, Webster's Dictionary definition of esoteric is “designed for, or understood by the specially initiated- alone.” Esoteric is that thing only understood by those initiated.

Now, we also have an outer book that we call the BIBLE, and many have stopped with that book, calling it the “word of God.” The Bible could be defined by the word “exoteric” which is the opposite of “esoteric”, & it means, “to be imparted to the public” (everybody), belonging to the outer or less initiate circle, lay-man, outsider, the doctrines or discourses for the uninstructed or general public.

The Bible is the outer-book. This book is written for the general public, but it is to lead us to the book within. We can't read the Bible & meet meet God. This book is one big fairy tale, unless the spirit initiates us into the book that is written within the book. If we get the Spirit, the spirit will bring us to the book that is written for only those who are initiated. The mysteries are given to those who are instructed.

The book was sealed. The word “sealed” #4972 in Strong's, & it means a stamp or a private mark for- security & preservation from misappropriation, to keep secret.

The ancients used seals for various reasons. They were a guarantee against tampering, providing for safe delivery. They would seal an object, & if the seal was broken, they knew the contents has been tampered with.


The Spirit is taking some of us within. It is as we go inside that we begin to discover Spirit & God who is Spirit. As we begin to discover God, we discover who we are, because we came out from Him. Paul said that we are, offspring of God, & like begats like.

The first reason the seals are there is to do this whole thing in secret. What God has been working within us has been a secret. However, it was only supposed to be a secret to the world, but unfortunately, it has been as secret to most believers as well.

“In whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated according to the purpose of Him who worketh all

things after the counsel of His own will

trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your

salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise,” Eph 1:11,13. KJV.

In whom you also

“And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption.” Eph 4:30. KJV.

Our inner book of Spirit has been sealed, & the seals are what have kept the expression of spirit locked away, but only until the day of redemption.

The day speaks of the day of the Lord, & redemption is a word that means to free fully, relieve, release, & loose. We've been sealed till the day of loosing. The day of the Lord is the day of loosing. The day of the Lord is when the seals begin to be loosed & we see the performance of Spirit, which had previously been sealed. This is why we are hearing this now. We must wake out of our sleep! We are not our mind! We are not our body! We are SPIRIT! We are coming into union with the Spirit of Christ, & the


seals of our inner book are going to be opened, & we will bring forth the performance of the new covenant.




The Book of Revelation says that John was in the spirit on the Lords day, the day of loosing. When he became in spirit, he began to tap into that book within his Ark. He saw this book was sealed with seven seals, & he heard an angel proclaim:

“Who is worthy to open the book, & to loose the seals thereof? “And no man in heaven, or in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon.” Rev 5:2,3. KJV.

Then John asked, “Who is worthy?”

Religion would answer, by outward appearances.

“Nobody is,” because religion judges

John said he wept much, because no man was found worthy to open the book & read it or even to look upon it. No human can open the book. If we still see our self after the flesh, we will never open the book. If we still know ourself as a carnal man, we will not be able to open the book. We can't do it. We'll never be worthy (in that sense) to do it. We are measuring ourself with ourself by outward works & effects.

And one of the elders (someone with maturity) said unto John, “Weep not. There is an elder, people who are gaining some insight, & they are not crying any more, because they have a new message.


Their message is, “There is one who is worthy; there is someone to open the book”. There is someone in us that can release the seals within us. Behold look, see, there is somebody standing up in the Most Holy Place! There is a Lambkin, a lamb standing up in the heavens within us, He is worthy. Don't cry, See! “---behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open (not will open) the book, & to loose the seven seals thereof. And I beheld, & lo, in the midst of the throne & the four living creatures, & in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb”--- Rev 5:5-6. KJV.

Who is The Lamb? If we are truly beginning to get hold of the scriptures, what is standing up in us is a lamb, not a lion, a reconciler, not a condemner. The Greek word for lamb is lambkin, a baby lamb, the lamb's offspring. The lambkin is a lambkin, because it hasn't tasted flesh milk.

This means the Lamb of the tribe of Judah has stood up to open the book. Understand we are not taking the place of Jesus. The more I see this the more I want to worship & glorify Him. But Jesus, in His human form, speaks of something else to us.

“And I saw no people there: for the Lord God Almighty, & the Lamb, (lambkin) are the temple of it.” Rev.21:22. KJV.

We know who the Lord God Almighty is. Jesus is on the throne. In Rev 4:11, the living creatures were worshipping Him saying, “O Lord, thou art worthy.” As they were worshipping Him, they were saying, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty.” If He is the Lord God Almighty, who is the lamb? We are the Lamb.


This is what happens when we start to come into the Most Holy Place. A lamb nature stands up in us, & begins to open the seals of the book.

This lamb had seven eyes, perfect insight, which flows out into a ministry of seven spirits which is the spirit of perfection. This is not seven different spirits; it is one spirit flowing out in perfection. If we look at the seven spirits of God in Isaiah 11 & we count them, we find there are only six listed. Why are there only six? Because He is the seventh. We get the first six, & they bring us to the seventh.

When we start coming into the Most Holy Place we get a revelation of the Lamb. Scripture says that the Lord Himself shall descend. There has been a revelation of this Himself One throughout scripture. There has been an expanding revelation of the lamb from the time of Genesis. When Abraham was walking up the mountain with Isaac, God told him that the Lord will provide Himself. The Bible says in James 1:18 that He begat us that we might become creatures of Himself. He said, “Behold I send you as lambs in the midst of wolves.” Here, in the Most Holy Place, we are getting a revelation of the lamb. A lamb begins to stand up in us, & the ministry of perfection is going to be sent out into all the earth & bring reconciliation to all things.

“The seven Spirits of God are sent forth into all the earth. And He came & took the book out of the right hand of Him who sat upon the throne. And when he had taken the book the four (living creatures) & four & twenty elders fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, & golden vials full of odours, which are the prayers of the saints. And they sang a new song, saying thou art worthy to take the book, & to open the seals thereof, for thou wast slain & has redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, & tongue, & nation, & people; &


hast made us unto our God kings & priests; & we shall reign upon the earth. And I beheld & heard the voice of many angels round about the throne & the ( living creatures) & the elders: & the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, thousands of thousands (myriads of myriads); saying with a loud voice, worthy is the lamb (lambkin) that was slain, to receive power, & riches, & wisdom & strength, & honour & glory, & blessing (as a result). And every creature which is in heaven, & on the earth, & under the earth, & such as are in the sea, & all that are in them, heard I saying, Blessing & honour, & glory, & power be unto Him that sittest on the Throne, & unto the Lamb for ever & ever. Rev 5:6b- 13. KJV.

When the Lamb stands up & the seals are loosed, a people with the Lamb nature will come forth, & having insight into the, ministry of perfection, they will go forth as the Lamb company bringing reconciliation to the entire creation.

AWAKE” This is the day; this is the hour. We are the Lamb. We are the deliverers of Creation.