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North Central Missouri College

Technology for Teachers

Individual Technology Plan Template

Individual Technology Plan should include at least five goals, ordered based on priority.

Goal Statement Timeline Needed Educational Rationale for Goal

(start to finish) Resources/Materials
(include people)
August 2019- May $15,000 dollars for I would like to be the best for
I will further my 2023 tuition and books. my students, so furthering my
education in School supplies education is the best choice
teaching by Computer professionally for my students
completing my Time and myself.
graduate degree Administrator
online at Mizzou approval.
University. Completed
I would like to September 2021- Administration I would like my students to
search for an November 2021 approval. have the best chance they can
educational grant Need to acquire have at success. I believe this
to upgrade the grant specifications technology will give them a
technology in my Completed grant foot up in understanding and
classes, ie: tablets application. being competent in dealing
or I-pads with every day technology.

I would like to August 2022- Administrator I would like every student in

search for an December 2023 approval my school to have experience
educational grant Other teachers with technology on an even
to upgrade the cooperation playing field. I believe that
computer lab. Need to acquire giving every student that
grant specifications possibility is detrimental to
Completed grant their success because of the
application. advancing technological world
we live in today.
I will further my January 2023- Administrators I would like to be the best for
education by January 2023 approval my students by being able to
participating in a 1 Time every evening recognize when a student is
week online web between 7-9pm. having a hard time. I would
seminar about Notebook like to be prepared with
bullying and Computer with preventative measures to be
prevention at camera and internet able to help my students fully access. and recognize signs of a
ntion/training-center/. Pencil student who is struggling.
Required printable
worksheets for
I will further my October 2023- Administrators I would like to help prepare my
education by October 2023 approval. students for their future by
participating in a NCTE membership helping them prepare for
one day seminar for free viewing. college and their future
titled Connecting Note pad careers. I know what students
College and Career Pencil or pen. need to prepare for is always
Readiness Computer with changing, so staying current
Standards to camera and internet on what tools they need for
Authentic Learning access. success is detrimental.
Opportunities at