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General Feat Prerequisite Benefit

Chakra Presence Chakra Pool 50+ Your impressive Chakra can weaken nearby foes
Chakra Restoration - Your natural Chakra recovery rate doubles
Chakra Control 6,
Empowered Resilience Use an instant action to improve your saves for a round.
Chakra Pool 16
Force of Personality Cha 13 You use Cha for your Will saves instead of your Wis
Knowledge (E & L sciences) 6 You can use Knowledge (earth and life sciences) to perform autopsies.
Forensics Training
Treat Injury 6

Genin You gain wealth and a skill bonus,

Know at least 4 techniques as well as the 'Licensed' license in your village.
Heroic, level 6, Genin, You gain wealth and a skill bonus,
Chuunin Cha 12, special* as well as the 'Restricted' license in your village.
Heroic character level 12,
You gain wealth and a skill bonus,
Jounin Cha 13, Genin, Chuunin,
as well as the 'Military' license in your village.
Special *
Improved Chakra Pool Gain +3 Chakra Pool and +1 Chakra Reserves.
Int 13, BaB +6,
Improved Combat Expertise You can substitute a greater amount of attack with Defense
Combat Expertise
Improved Feint Int 13, Combat Expertise You can feint as a move action
Improved Grapple Str 13, Combat Throw You can grapple without provoking attacks of opportunity
Insightful Reflexes Int 13 You apply your Int modifier to Reflex saves instead of your Dex
Heroic character level 6,
Keen Senses You are better at Sensing Chakra
Wis 13, Sense Chakra ability
Light Sleeper Con 13 You can rest and recover with only 4 hours of sleep
Resist Poisons You gain a +4 bonus to resist poisons and diseases
Skillfull Assault Wis 13, Heroic character You can avoid killing opponents with weapon attacks
Specialist's Gaze Counter Wis 13, BaB +3 You are better at Averting One's Eyes
Talented Shinobi You gain extra skill points to use

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