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Running head: ARTICLE REVIEW 1 1

Article Review 1

Honey Grace Bandola Morante

Universitas Pelita Harapan


Summary and Review

The article is titled What Makes Effective Teachers Effective? and is written by

James H. Stronge and Xianxuan Xu. They explicate the different factors of what makes an

effective teacher. This article is accurate when it comes to explaining that there is not one

formula to being an effective teacher. It also gives good insight on how top teachers typically

are. The authors of the article used data from researching public schools in North Carolina to

find out the differences between top and low teachers. Since they researched within an

American context, then the article might not completely relate to every culture but there still

are common aspects in teaching.

Based on the article, effective teachers make use of their time and varied resources to be

able to plan carefully. They clearly inform the objectives to the students, assess students in

different ways and improve their effectiveness through assessing them as well. Effective

teachers are the ones that affect student achievement but there are some limitations. Just as it

mentions in the article, effective teaching is much more than implementing a number of

pedagogical principles and content knowledge. No matter how skilled a teacher can be, the

achievement of the student may depend on his/her background, SES (socio-economic status),

or even gender.

Reflection and Evaluation

I agree on the article that it is not simple to list down the traits of an effective teacher.

Regarding how a teacher should be in order to be effective, there still remain many

unanswered questions since there are many factors that need to be considered. The

effectiveness of a teacher may depend on where he/she studied, lived, and may even differ

due to his/her beliefs.

There is, however, one thing that I think that the article lacked. There is no emphasis on

relationship between the teacher and the student. I strongly believe that if a teacher and

his/her students have a good relationship, the students would likely be high achieving. One of

the things I learned from my cooperating teacher during my two-week practicum is that the

students would be more accepting of their teachers whenever they make mistakes or seem

unprepared especially when they have a good relationship with the teachers.

From the article, I gained more understanding of what a top teacher typically is. I realized

that I shouldnt work by myself all the time. I always thought that working with others would

just distract me. I would feel burdened to adapt to my partners personal time and choices.

However, now I know that working with people would benefit me. That is one of the things I

have to improve as I learn more to be an effective teacher.


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