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Quality & Service

TQM Six Sigma TOC Lean

Meet customer Increase Maximize Deliver value to

expectations Customer throughput multiple
Improve satisfaction Improve net stakeholders
profitability and Create profit Build
shareholder- economic sustainable
value wealth network

11.04.2015 Quality Management Principles

TQM Six Sigma TOC Lean

Determining Concentration Conentration Improvements

customer on specific on production of all
expectations prioritized processes operations,
Improve core business Elimination of processes and
business processes weak points functions
processes Focus on (bottlenecks) Emphasis on
Integration of reducing of value exchange
main variation for among
operations improvements stakeholders
Establish Managing
strong link to complex
suppliers interdependenc

11.04.2015 Quality Management Principles

TQM Six Sigma TOC Lean

Top-Down Bottom-Up Both directions Top-Down

involving heavy involving from Involving strong
multi-level- structured bottleneck leadership
management management Involving support and
engagement management engagement

Use portfolio of Using the Using Using

practices, tools DMAIC structured structured
& techniques process processes for
employing enterprise-level
focusing steps

11.04.2015 Quality Management Principles

TQM Six Sigma TOC Lean

Continuous Continuous Continuous Continuous

process process- operational process and
improvents specific improvement inter-proces
Understand & improvement Improve improvement
fulfill customer Adopt workflow Collaborative
expectations customer- Concentrate on relationships
Ensure a heavy focused culture key leverage Deliver
leadership Reduce al sorts points customer-
involvement of variation Protect pulled best
Close links to Practice data- production line lifecycle value
customer and driven Ensure stability
suppliers management and
open teamwork synchronized
organization flow

11.04.2015 Quality Management Principles

TQM Six Sigma TOC Lean

Partially Not appropriate Not appropriate Stress long-

suitable for for strategical for network term-thinking
networked goals enterprise, not Affect to
enterprises Aimed at strategical schedules
Difficult to certain point, Aimed at (everyone can
choose correct no global view certain point, stop the line)
leader / change Not involving no global view Reduce
peoples minds everybody Does not flexibility, cause
Huge load of improve cogestions in
management customer supply chain
No tangible satisfaction Not applicable
improvements in all industries

11.04.2015 Quality Management Principles

Differences in 4 quality techniques
Focus on customer
1. Plan
2. Do
3. study
4. Act
Continued improve

Increase customer satisfaction

Achieves customer loyalty
and improves

No tangible improvements,
unclear notion / Similarities and differences between TQM, six sigma and lean

They potentially complement each other in

important ways.
Lean, TQM and SixSigma are tightly
interconnected and can be used together for
first approximation core integrated
management system, with the Lean enterprise
serving as the central organizing framework

11.04.2015 Quality Management Principles