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DATE: March 17, 2017

TO: Nina Barton, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Innovation, Research & Development

FROM: Kiana McKenna, Marketing Account Intern

SUBJECT: Athenos Feta & Watermelon Yiayias Way Magazine Advertisement Concerns

After reviewing advertisements included in our Cooking with Yiayia promotional series, I would
like to raise your attention to social and ethical concerns that I have regarding the Feta &
Watermelon Yiayias Way advertisement that we recently placed in Glamour. You can find
attachments of this advertisement following the completion of this address.

The advertisement, which shows a six-step recipe to making Feta & Watermelon Yiayias
Way, includes the following steps:

1. Organize arranged marriage for daughter.

2. Crumble Athenos Feta over watermelon in bowl.
3. Sprinkle cucumber and mint over salad
4. If daughter resists, call priest,
5. Exorcise demon from daughter.
6. Enjoy feta and watermelon salad.

I believe that this advertisement is in bad taste, will be taken offensively by our audience, and
moreover, does not represent our companys values or the intent that we have for our Cooking
with Yiayia promotional series. Although Yiayia is supposed to represent a grandmother-figure
that doesnt approve of much, except for the use of Athenos products, depicting a conflicting
cultural practice in a negative light to promote a brand is unethical. Furthermore, our audiences
would firstly, not appreciate a joke made out of what appears to be directions for taking away a
womans right to choice, but secondly, would also not appreciate a joke about what may be
someones modern-day cultural practices. Our company, which strives to be inclusive and
respectful of all demographics, needs to deeply consider that what we market is a reflection of
who we are as a company, and this is definitely not it.

In addition to the above social and ethical concerns, Athenos, a subsidiary of Kraft Heinz, is at
high risk of being in violation of the American Marketing Associations (AMA) Code of Ethical
Norms and Values. The AMA Code states that, Marketers must embrace, communicate and
practice the fundamental ethical values that will improve consumer confidence in the integrity of
the marketing exchange system. Specifically, we are in violation of the areas of openness and
respect, which the Code states must be further upheld by marketers. Please see the following:

Respect - to acknowledge the basic human dignity of all stakeholders.

o We will value individual differences even as we avoid stereotyping customers or
depicting demographic groups (e.g., gender, race, sexual orientation) in a negative
or dehumanizing way in our promotions.
Openness - to create transparency in our marketing operations.
o We will strive to communicate clearly with all our constituencies.
o We will accept constructive criticism from our customers and other stakeholders.

By depicting a cultural practice to sell a product, we are violating these statements and not
practicing ethical marketing. We are disrespecting any persons culture that still practices
arranging marriages by depicting their group in a negative and dehumanizing manner. In
addition, I do not believe that we are striving to communicate our intentions clearly to our
audiences with this advertisement, which is meant to be funny and relative due to Yiayias
cranky, disapproving, and grandmotherly nature.

Lastly, this advertisement is in disagreement of the consumer sovereignty test. The consumer
sovereignty test is a three-dimensional test with establishing adequacies that marketers can use to
determine if they are acting ethically within their practices or not. The three dimensions include
consumer capability, information, and choice. Although the consumer capability and choice
dimensions do not apply here, this advertisement is in violation of the information dimension of
the test because it does not provide the consumer with adequate information to make a good
decision on the product, since the information included on it is extremely misleading and could
potentially be taken the wrong way by many individuals.


I recommend that we first, discontinue this specific design of the Feta and Watermelon Yiayias
Way advertisement and stop sending it out to all of our advertising mediums such as Glamour.
Second, I recommend that we redesign this advertisement, so it better aligns with the AMAs
Code, the consumer sovereignty test, and our company values as well as the intentions that we
have for our Cooking with Yiayia promotional series. We could accomplish this by keeping the
layout of the advertisement as it is right now, but revising the recipe, so it explains clearly to the
consumer what is trying to be accomplished. The recipe could be something like the following:

1. Crumble Athenos Feta over watermelon in bowl.

2. Sprinkle cucumber and mint over salad.
3. Convince Yiayia that this recipe is better than her own.
4. Enjoy feta and watermelon salad.

Our intention with the Cooking with Yiayia promotional series is to appeal to audiences
through charm and wit. Having a bothersome and picky grandmother in your kitchen cooking
with you can be very relatable and the Athenos Team should strive to promote our product using
this appeal with consumers, not by depicting conflicting cultural practices in a negative light.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please feel free to contact me by email or phone to
further discuss the concerns that I have laid out or if you have any questions. As a leader in the
food industry and the global community, it is our job to act ethically, and I truly believe that the
revision of this advertisement will only enhance our company and its practices for the better.