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Address: Chacabuco 758, Pilar Centro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Email: alberto.jose.eduardo@gmail.com; Contact: +54 91123612288

A highly motivated and result driven Professional utilizing enthusiasm, perseverance and strong
desire to contribute and make a positive difference to the organization. Excellent ability to adapt
and perform in new environment; Seeking challenging assignments as.....
Technical Product Manager-Owner / AWS SysAdmin

A competent professional with over 12 years of rich experience in Managing, Developing with
specific emphasis on Agile, Traditional PMP (Waterfall) and Lean Startup Methodologies,
Web/Mobile Dev, Q/A, Software Architect and Marketing, Project Management, Operations,
Project Planning & Execution, Site Management and Man Management
Ability to handle all aspects of project completion. Open minded and able to work in complex
projects, environment and architecture. Can work well in both team environment and individual
Acumen in regularly visiting sites and administering the quality, safety and progress of the sites.
Successfully engendered diverse responsibilities and deliverances with available resources
within allocated timeline and costs and completed relevant projects.
Results driven and focused professional with immaculate work habits, time management, and
communication and leadership skills.
Demonstrated successes in technology transfer and facilities start up/ turn around through
continuous Improvement Processes, experience in the preparation of proposals, preliminary and
detailed designs, traffic engineering, feasibility studies, site surveys and financial analysis
Strong documentation writing, brief development and presentation skills, strong interpersonal
and communications skills.
Gained experience in People Management, Industrial Management, Budget Management, KPI
Management, Quality, Project Planning and Supply Chain Planning.
Motivational leader, persuader and lobbyer showcasing strong interpersonal skills while
contributing to best business solutions, as per company and corporate governance procedures.
An enterprising leader, possess excellent communication, interpersonal and people
management skills to positively contribute to organizational growth.


Project Management High Avalability and Cost effective SaaS

Cost Control Contract Management
International Project Management System Integration
Solution Architect Purchasing Negotiations
Technical Analysis Operations Management

Elab Innovation (Shareity) Jan

2017 Current
AWS Cloudformation Stack Designer Architecture and automated CodePipeline
Solution stack architect for microservices based on VPC, Application
Load Balancer (ELBv2), ECS Cluster, DB Cluster (Aurora), Service autoscaling, Docker
for task definitions, CodeCommit Repo (1 click stack launch)
Codepipeline stack architect, based on CodeCommit source,
codebuilding (dockerfile to ECR), CodeDeploy to ECS Cluster instances.
Serverless pipeline architect based on Lambda functions, Code
Commit, Dynamodb

Elab Innovation (Shareity) Aug

2015 Jan 2017
Service Delivery Manager / PMO
Cost and Expenses Control
Microservices Architect & Designer
Risk Control
Delivery Responsible
Daily Meeting & Sprint Planning & Review Responsible
QA/QC analysis
UI/UX validation & Lean Responsible
Time planner and Estimation Responsible
AWS Solution Architect for high availability (using EC2, RDS, ELB, S3, Cloudwatch, Cloudtrail, CloudFront, WAF,
API Gateway, SG, VPC, Aurora, Cognito, ACM and Code Commit)
Dockers implementation (Machine, Swarm, Compose) with Kubernetes .
Agile Methodologies:
SCRUM, and DAD (Disciplined Agile Delivery) using JIRA (Bamboo, Confluence)
Jenkins, Travis and Bamboo for continuous integration and deployment (Docker and
Programming Languages and Frameworks used:
PHP, Python, Node JS, JS, JQuery, C++, between others

Jan 2010 - Jul 2015 Senior Project/Product Manager, SysAdmin

Product Owner for Multiple Mobile and Web Projects.

AWS Cloud Designer expert
Product Manager for new product and features, Interaction with Marketing Team, UX/UI
validation following Lean Startup and Agile methodology for the SDLC.
Genetic Algorithms designer for different UI test cases, Bandit Algorithms for UI decision
Scrum master for Multiple Mobile and Web Projects.
Automatic Q/A implementation supervisor: Unit Testing, Functional Testing, Smoke Testing,
Stress Testing, Fitness testing, API testing, Mobile App Testing, Test Automation during
integration: JUnit, PHPUnit, JsUnit, Fitnesse, Appium, Robotium, AWS Device Farm, TestNG, Test
Object, Sellenium, SOAPUI.
Continuous Integration & Continuous delivery supervisor: Jenkins, Team City Backlog Grooming
and managing.
Collaborative tools for virtual and local team implementation responsible, Eclipse Doc Share,
Eclipse Che, Floobits, Cloud9, Zeplin, Invision App.
AWS Solution Architect expert
Agile Methodologies:
SCRUM, XP and KANBAN integrated with Lean Methodologies (Lean
Startup/Lean UX/ Lean Agile) using JIRA and TFS
AWS EC2, RDS, Lambda, Beanstalk, ELB, Auto Scale, S3, Cloudwatch, CloudTrail, Jenkins for
Continuous integration and testing automation, Appium and Robotium for mobile testing,
Amazon Device Farms, Test Object for mobile testing, Junit, Pyunit and PHPunit for unit testing,
Fitnesse for acceptance test, SOAPUI for REST API testing.
Programming Languages and Frameworks used:
Serverless, PHP, Python, Node JS, JS, JQuery, PyQT, Socket.io, PhoneGap,
between others

Jun 2006 - Till Date
CTO / Entrepreneur
Entrepreneur Company/Project. Web Mobile & Software Developer & Outsourcing

Acquiring and adapting new technologies in the company: Continuous Server Integration, TDD
Agile & Lean SDLC and Marketing, Mobile and Web testing Automation, Pair programming
Business Intelligence & Tech Roadmap for company Ideas & Products. UX/UI validation using
Lean Principles Product & Technology Innovation & Research.
Products Owned by the company:
RealTime News Agregator for 6 countries:
Brasil: http://www.jornaisnoticias.com.br
Spain: http://www.noticiasespanolas.es
Mexico: http://www.noticiasmexicanas.com.mx
Venezuela: http://www.noticiasvenezolanas.co.ve
Colombia: http://www.noticiascolombianas.com.co

Argentina: http://www.noticiasdeargentina.com.ar AI Project, actually under

Real time soccer suite. The user is able to check through the app all soccer
games scheduled for the day, livescores, highlights and more. The app allows the user to
favorite teams and games gets Game incidences in real time by Push notifications. *Real
Time Bitcoin Market & Alter Coins Alerts, Calculator, News and more...
Agile Methodologies:
PM Traditional Methodologies:
Lean Startup:
Lean UX
Jenkins for Continuous integration and testing automation, Appium and
Robotium for mobile testing, Amazon Device Farms for mobile testing, Junit, Pyunit and
PHPunit for unit testing, Fitnesse for acceptance test, SOAPUI for REST API testing.
AWS for web and mobile apps.
Programming Languages and Frameworks used:
PHP, Ruby on Rails RoR, Adobe Flash. C++

Jun 2005 - May 2006
Web Developer & Team Leader
Web Developer and Software Engineer. Team Leader and Architect.

DB Design, PHP Lead Programmer, Action Script 2 integration.

UX/UI validation. Use cases design. Flow Diagram.
UML designer.
E-R diagram
Development Server Administrator
Web Master


2003 - May 2005 Software Developer, Web Server Administrator

E-R diagram
Development Server Administrator
Web Master, Junior Full Stack Developer


Master of Marketing and Commercial Management , Marketing/Marketing Management, General,

2016 - 2017

Master of Senior Management, Business Administration and Management, General, 2016 - 2017

Computer Software Engineering, Artifitial Intelligence and Information Systems, 1998 - 2005

Bachiller en ciencias , Ciencias, Swiming National Team, 1987 - 1997

Colegio Santo Toms De Villanueva

Date of birth : 15/03/1980

Languages : English, Spanish. Arabic Elementary.
Nationality : Venezuelan applying for Argentinan.