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Date and title Main points New language

RSA Animation: If people can get reward, Freaky: Very odd, strange, or
Drive: The people will work more eccentric.
surprising truth Call into question
effectively or better .
about what Incentivize performance
motivates us Monetary reward
Performance require Mechanical skill
mechanical skill led to Rudimentary cognitive skill
better performance by a Vaguely: In a way that is uncertain,
larger reward, while indefinite or unclear; roughly.
Conspiracy: A secret plan by a group
performance require to do something unlawful or harmful.
cognitive skill led to worse Notorious : Famous or well known,
by a larger reward. typically for some bad quality or
It is easy to show good Replicate: Make an exact copy of;
performance in a simple
Anomalous: Deviating from what is
purpose, but it is not standard, normal, or expected.
happened in the case of Conceptual creative thinking
complicated task. Demonstrably: In a way that is
clearly apparent or capable of being
Autonomy, mastery and logically proved.
Is to pay people enough to take the
purpose is important points issue of money off the table
for better performance and Autonomy: The right or condition of
personal satisfaction. self-government.
Mastery: Comprehensive knowledge
or skill in a particular subject or
Array: An impressive display or
range of a particular type of thing.
Let me get out of your way
Irrational: Not logical or reasonable.
I want to run it past you
Sceptically: I n a sceptical manner;
with doubt or hesitation.
Discretionary: Available for use at the
discretion of the user.
Unmoored : not or no longer attached
to a mooring.
Crappy: Of extremely poor quality.
Paramount : More important than
anything else; supreme.
Herald : messenger, courier, bearer of
Better off : In a more desirable or
advantageous position, especially in
financial terms.