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The Boarder the CFSD Community

A Summary Report of the April 11, 2017
C F S D Governing Board Meeting

Boys and Girls State

CFHS Juniors Sam Mulay and Rodrigo Guerrero were
selected as delegates to the American
Legion Auxiliarys Boys State, and CFHS Juniors
Shivani Patel and Sarah Strickland as delegates to
the American Legion Auxiliarys Girls State.
The American Legion Auxiliary works with local high
Superintendent Mary Kamerzell shared the following school educators to identify boys and girls who have
student achievements. demonstrated leadership qualities. Boys State will take
place in June at NAU, and Girls State will take place in
Speech and Debate June at the U of A.
The CFHS Speech & Debate Team placed at the
Southwest Tournament at Hamilton High School, Hugh O'Brien Youth (HOBY) Leadership
Chandler, in early March with the following results: CFHS Sophomore Aaron Green was nominated to
Josh Cohen, 3rd Place, Lincoln Douglas; Max Quint, attend the HOBY State Leadership Seminar at ASU in
1st Place, Extemporaneous Speaking, and Sammi June. This is HOBYs flagship program that allows high
Swayze, 1st Place, Novice Lincoln Douglas. Speaker school sophomores to recognize their leadership
awards were earned by Josh Cohen, 1st Place; Sammi talents and apply them in becoming effective, ethical
Swayze, 4th Place, Haseeb Irfan, 6th Place; Scott leaders in their homes, school, workplace, and
Wisnom, 8th Place; and Memi Maruflu, 10th Place. community.

The team took 3rd Place at the recent state Entrepreneurship

competition. Individual results included: Congressional Zoe Benson, CFHS sophomore, is hailed as a future
Debate - Meena Venkataramanan, 4th Place; Maxim entrepreneur in a recent Inside Tucson Business
Quint, 5th Place; Josh Cohen, 6th Place; Lincoln- article. She'll present her product, No More Scorpion
Douglas Debate - Josh Cohen, 2nd Place; Maxim Stings, to a U of A Eller College panel in "shark tank"
Quint, 3rd Place; Sylvia Zarnescu, 3rd Place; Meena style.
Venkataramanan, Quarterfinalist; Public Forum
Debate - Hunter Ackerley and Halley Chen, Scholar Athletes
Quarterfinalists; Prose Interpretation -Meena The Southern Arizona Chapter of the National Football
Venkataramanan, 2nd Place; Poetry Interpretation - Foundation and College Hall of Fame recently
Meena Venkataramanan, 3rd Place; Program Oral announced their ten graduating senior football 2017
Interpretation - Mitchell Kaufmann, 4th Place; Duet Scholar-Athlete Award recipients. Two of the ten are
Acting - Sameed Irfan and Josh Cohen, 6th Place; CFHS athletes, Cullen Drenkhahn and Mason
Impromptu Speaking - Maxim Quint, 1 Place Westmoreland. The mission of these organizations is
Extemporaneous Speaking - Maxim Quint, 5th Place. to promote and develop leadership, character and
academic excellence through amateur football.
Model United Nations
The CFHS Model United Nations Club won the Odyssey of the Mind (OM)
following awards at the Model UN Conference at the Four OM teams from Manzanita did very well at the
University of Arizona recently: Bassil Ramadan state tournament held on April 1st. The number shown
(Guatemala), Distinguished Delegate, Economic and in parentheses is the student's grade
Social Council; Juliana Cazzato and Sophie Metzler level. Odyssey Problem: To Be Continued: A
(Ivory Coast), Best Position Paper, Historic Security Superhero Cliffhanger, 1st Place - Avery Brown (4),
Council (1965). Caileen Feeney (4), Madeline Reed (3), Jacob Toole
(4), Johnny Yu (4). Odyssey Problem: Odd-a-Bot, 1st
Chorus Place - Dillan Douglas (4), Keona Kuo (5), Maggie
These CFHS vocal musicians were named to the Toole (5), Carter Willems (3), Katherine Willems (5),
Arizona All State Chorus: Claire Adams, Inge Pham- Montana Wright (5). Odyssey Problem: Classics... It's
Swann, Julia Crocoo, and Samantha Jorgensen. Time, OMER, 4th Place - Jordan Andrews (5), Bryce
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Falkoff (4), Eli Hanna (3), Anissa Madrid (5), Ava C.A.P.; Connor Gillespie, 1 Place, The paper airplane
Mercaldo (4), Jocelyn Swift (4); Odyssey Problem: showdown; Isaac Leviton, 2 Place, Cutting
Catch Us If You Can, 4th Place, Hayli Pinto (5), Bodhi Butter. Ventana Vista: Kindergarten Zeke Bialis,
st nd
Sethi (5), Avery Stemick (5), Tanner Aros (6 OG), 1 Place, Does Organic Matter?; 2 Grade Sophia
Logan Douglas (6 OG), Nathan Kuo (7 OG). Rucker, 2 Place, Mars: Where do we land first?;
rd rd
3 Grade Ethan Bialis, 3 Place, Harnessing the
th nd
Economic Education Wind; 5 Grade Diana Klestadt, 2 Place, How Far
The Arizona Council for Economic Education sponsors Will Rubber Bands of Different Temperatures Stretch?
a case study competition where students are asked to
analyze a family's current financial situation and Young Authors
provide recommended strategies. Based upon Noah Wellman, Orange Grove student, and Hannah
students written submissions, top finalists were invited Levin, Sunrise Drive student, were published in the
to present in person at the April 7 state Young Author's Competition Anthology of Winners from
final competition at the Mayors Challenge for the 2017 Festival of Books. There were 250 entries in
Economic Education at Mesa Community College. Six K-12 and only 18 student winners.
teams from the entire state made it to the finals.
Orange Grove Middle School had two of the six. The Science Olympiad
two teams were Hugh Ganem, Preston Helfand, Ajay The CFHS Science Olympiad team won second place
Partha, Max Rubin-Toles; and Sydney Loudermilk and in Division C at the recent state championship
James Yang. tournament. Team members included Ayla Ahmad,
Kacie Bauer, Rebecca Bauer, Kathyrn Burkey, Mark
Update: At the state competition last weekend, Sydney Cai, Victoria Carotenuto, Deven Carmichael, Emma
Loudermilk and James Yang won the competition. Finkelstein, Amanda Fordyce, Donovan Guard, George
They are the state champions. The head judge Jiang, Andrew Liu, Jack Liu, Jesse Liu, Richard Lu,
commented at the Awards Ceremony that their case Emily Mahadeven, Danilo Malo-Molino, Irene Meikle,
presentation was better than most professionals JiHwan Min, Insoo Oh, Emma Potter, Stephen Pryor,
working in the field. Walter Rahmer, Sophia Reiland, Ryan Shallcross, Kara
Thompson, Ryan Thompson, Shane Vincent, Alaa
Southern Arizona Research, Science, and Engineering Zahlan, and Martha Zeng.
Foundation (SARSEF)
The following CFSD students had winning 2017 Two Esperero Canyon Middle School teams won
SARSEF projects. Canyon View: 4 Grade Class Z second and third place in Division B. Team
rd st
Factor Program (Sleep Study), 3 Place; 1 Grade Purple members included Aditi Ghosh, Rohini Ghosh,
Rhys Gibson, 2 Place, Static Electricity; 5th Grade Charvi Goyal, Will Grobe, Emily Kamp, Jason Kross,
Julia Beskind, 2 Place, What are you putting in your Hannah Lehrfeld, Natalie Mast, Mark Meikle, Ty Pham-
eyes; Larissa Limesand, Rock Hound Award, Rip Rap: Swann, Josh Raposo, Josh Tint, and Bella
Its not Hip Hop its Erosion Stop; Joseph Markowski, Wexler. Team Gold members included Jerry Barela,
rd rd
3 Place, The Fight to the top; Kaijtek Zreda, 3 Place, Zachary Crampton, Krista Dewanta, Sarah Farley,
Water flow in Sabino Stream. Catalina Foothills High Sophia English, Bhargav Ghosh, Sevren Jackson,
School: Sylvia Christine Zarnescu, Yale Outstanding Travis Laster, Hannah Nielsen, Sarah Nielsen, Mia
Science & Engineering Award, Rethinking the Bandit: Prucinsky, Aidan Roberts, Kulindu Vitnanachi, and
An Analytical Approach to the Explore-Exploit Bailey Williams.
Dilemma. Manzanita: 5 Grade Siena Davoli-Boen,
2 Place, Calamitous Crickets; Nicholas Eliopoulos, Approval of Professional Salary Schedule for 2017-
2 Place, Which Plant Absorbs the Most CO2?; Martin 2018
Emmons, Arizona Science Center Never Stop Assistant Superintendent Denise Bartlett presented the
Wondering Award, Does Spicy Cure?; Isabell Ijams, 2017-2018 professional salary schedule. The proposal
st nd
1 Place, Just Breathe Salt; Kate Mansfield, 2 Place, included increasing the beginning base salary to
How Does the Force Affect the Break?; Jessica $39,000 and supporting one vertical step movement for
Roudebush, 2 Place, Marshmallow Sweeteners; current certified employees returning next year. The
Forest Saxe, 2 Place, Plant Growth in Different Light cost of the increase to the Maintenance and
Wavelengths; Montana Wright, 3 Place, Bacterial Operations (M & O) budget is $456,547.00. The
Counts. Sunrise Drive: 1 Grade Greta Barber, governing board approved the salary schedule and
3 Place, Would you eat a cricket?; Audrey Dessent, step movement.
st th
1 Place, Kindness in my classroom; 4 Grade
Vivianna Colson, 1 Place, Super Powered Solar
th rd
Tracker; 5 Grade William Ames, 3 Place, Save
your smile; Torin Claggett, 1 Place, A Cap on the

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Approval of District Contribution to Cafeteria Plan Grade 8 Global Connections, in the sequence of the
of Employee Benefits Global Solutions program (grades 6-8) for
Dr. Bartlett presented the proposed benefit renewal implementation in the 2017-2018 school year. The
options for qualifying employees for 2017-2018. The program serves the academic needs of students who
proposed district sponsored plan, Classic Gold, is the were enrolled in the CFSD elementary Spanish
same plan offered during 2016-2017. There will be a immersion program and heritage learners. The
premium rate increase from the current $4,992 to academic standards are designed to continue students
$5,520 for the employee-only plan. The development of Spanish language proficiency.
recommendation was to continue to underwrite the cost Students will examine global issues presented in each
of that plan for eligible employees. The M & O cost unit of instruction. They will also analyze thematically-
increase will be $224,400. The district will also once related Hispanic literature in order to gain insight into
again offer the opportunity for employees to purchase a the societal, historical, and linguistic dynamics of the
buy up plan, Co-Pay Gold, or opt for a lower cost Hispanic culture. Dr. Conery reviewed the Project
plan, Value Gold. Based Learning (PBL) model used in the pathway.
Through PBL, students use diverse skills like writing,
Dr. Bartlett reported that all other offerings under the interviewing, and collaborating to produce authentic
districts cafeteria plan of benefits will be at their work products like multimedia presentations,
current rates: the dental plan options of Employer documentaries, policy proposals, community education
Dental Services or Delta Dental, SightCare, Basic and events, and public service announcements.
Voluntary Employee and Dependent Life Insurance,
Voluntary Short-Term Disability, and United Pet Care. Fiscal Year 2018 Maintenance and Operations
P & A Administrative Services, a third party Budget Proposal
administrator, will continue to provide COBRA and Dr. Kamerzell presented the administrative proposal
Flexible Spending Account management with no for the FY 2018 Maintenance and Operations (M&O)
increase in cost. The governing board approved the budget. This budget recommendation maintains all
$5,520 district contribution and the list of benefit student programs and services at their current level as
providers, as presented. well as the district staffing formula that defines the
student-to-teacher ratio in district schools. It also
Approval of Firsts Round of Certified Contracts for includes a recommendation to begin an
2017-2018 orchestra/strings program at the elementary level next
Dr. Bartlett presented a list of professional staff year with a plan to build the program grades 4-12 over
proposed to be offered contracts and addenda for the the next six years. There is also a proposed new
2017-2018 school year. This was the first round of budget allocation to fund the implementation of
contract offerings for next year. The governing board Professional Pathways; Continuum of Learning and
approved the issuance of these contracts, as Leadership in CFSD, a professional development
presented. program to extend learning and leadership
opportunities for CFSD educators in years 4 and
Consideration of New Middle School Courses, beyond of employment. The budget proposal also
Math 6 Accelerated and Grade 8 Global included increasing the M & O support of high school
Connections (first reading) athletics.
Associate Superintendent Mary Jo Conery presented
the first reading of the academic content standards for 2017 Arizona Legislative / Governmental Activity
a new middle school math course, Math 6 Accelerated. Board members discussed information regarding the
The academic standards are focused, coherent and Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program
designed to provide a consistent, clear understanding that the Arizona Legislature just approved. The ESA
of what a student is expected to learn to prepare for program will make it possible for parents to secure
Math 7 Accelerated and successive high school math vouchers that can be used toward private school
courses. Essential questions and understandings have tuition, homeschooling, and other education-related
been created along with recommended instructional expenses.
practices/strategies, examples of problems, and deep
learning proficiencies. Using examples, explanations, Consent Agenda Items
and strategies, the district has personalized the The governing board approved the following consent
curriculum framework to attain district goals and to agenda items.
extend and enrich the educational experience for
students. March 25, 2017, special governing board meeting
Dr. Conery also presented the first reading of the March 28, 2017, regular governing board meeting
academic content standards for the new third course, minutes

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March 28, 2017, executive session board meeting
Expense voucher memorandum
Personnel memorandum
Gift and Donations memorandum
Approval of Updated Estimate for FY2016-2017
Cooperative Purchases memorandum
Approval of fund raising request memorandum
Approval of field trip request memorandum

Upcoming Board Meeting

The next regularly scheduled governing board meeting
is Tuesday, April 25, 2017, 6:30 p.m., at the
Professional Learning Center at Valley View Early
Learning Center.

The tentative agenda is:

Approval of New Middle School Courses, Math 6
Accelerated, and Grade 8 Global Connection
(second reading)
Approval of Second Round of Certified Contracts
for 2017-2018
Fiscal Year 2018 Maintenance and Operations
Budget Discussion
Presentation of Professional Pathways: Continuum
of Learning and Leadership in CFSD
Presentation of Strings Program Proposal
Public Hearing on Revisions for Fiscal Year 2017
Approval of Revisions to Fiscal Year 2017 budget
Fiscal Year 2016 Audit Report
Pima County School Board / Superintendent
Collaborative Meeting Report


Please welcome this new CFSD staff member:

Kenneth Mars, Security Monitor, Weekends, CFHS

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