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4/10/2017 JacketedVesselHeatTransfer(HalfPipeCoil)ChEGuide

Jacketed Vessel Heat Transfer (Half Pipe Coil)

Agitator equipped vessels with half pipe coil jackets are widely used in variety of
process applications. This article shows how to calculate heat transfer in an agitated
vessel provided with an external half pipe coil jacket.

Overall heat transfer coefficient, U is defined as

1/U = 1/hi + ffi + x/k + ffo + 1/ho


hi : film coefficient process side

ho : film coefficient coil side
ffi : fouling factor process side
ffo : fouling factor coil side
x : vessel wall thickness
k : vessel wall thermal conductivity

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Process Side, hi

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4/10/2017 JacketedVesselHeatTransfer(HalfPipeCoil)ChEGuide

Process side film coefficient, hi depends upon type of impellor, Reynolds number (Re)
and Prandtl number (Pr).

Re = D.N. /
Pr = Cp./k

where, D is impellor diameter, N is impellor rpm, is fluid density, is fluid viscosity,

Cp is fluid specific heat and k is fluid thermal conductivity at bulk fluid temperature. hi
is defined as following :

Nui = C.Rea. Prb. (/ w)c. Gc

hi.DT/k = Nui

where constants C, a, b & c are available in literature for different type of impellors. DT
is vessel diameter. Gc is geometric correction factor for non-standard geometries. / w
is viscosity correction factor due to difference in viscosities at bulk fluid and wall
temperatures. These constants are available in references mentioned below.

Coil Side, ho

Pipe coils are made with a 180 central angle or a 120 central angle. Equivalent
diameter (De) and Flow area (Ax) is
defined as following.

180 Coil

De = (/2).dci
Ax = (/8).dci

120 Coil

De = 0.708 dci
Ax = 0.154 dci

where, dci is inner diameter of pipe.

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4/10/2017 JacketedVesselHeatTransfer(HalfPipeCoil)ChEGuide

Reynolds and Prandtl number are calculated based on jacket fluid properties and

Re = De.v. /
Pr = Cp. / k

where, is coil fluid density, is coil fluid viscosity and k is coil fluid thermal
conductivity. v is fluid velocity in coil.

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Turbulent Flow

For Re > 10000

Nuc = 0.027 Re0.8 Pr0.33 (/ w)0.14 (1 +3.5 De/Dc)

where Dc is the mean or centerline diameter of the coil. Coil outer diameter (Do) is
determined as following.

180 Coil : Do = DT + 2(dci/2) + 2.x

120 Coil : Do = DT + 2(dci/4) + 2.x

Dc = ( Do + DT) / 2

Laminar Flow

For Re < 2100

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4/10/2017 JacketedVesselHeatTransfer(HalfPipeCoil)ChEGuide

Nuc = 1.86 [ Re.Pr.De/L ]0.33 (/ w)0.14

where, L is coil length along the vessel.

Transient Flow

For 2100 < Re < 10000

Calculate NuLaminar based on Re = 2100 and NuTurbulent based on Re = 10,000.

NuTransient = NuLaminar + (NuTurbulent - NuLaminar).(Re - 2100)/(10000 - 2100)

ho is determined as following

ho.De/k = Nuc

ho and hi thus calculated are used to get value of overall heat transfer coefficient U.

Spreadsheet for Half Pipe Coil Agitated Vessel Heat Transfer


Heat Transfer Design Methods John J. McKetta (1992)

Heat Transfer in Agitated Jacketed Vessels Robert F. Dream, Chemical Engineering,
January 1999

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4/10/2017 JacketedVesselHeatTransfer(HalfPipeCoil)ChEGuide

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