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Notes tatwa shuddhi

- Page 2 [desire for Samadhi is essential, for without the burning desire
you can never get there ]
- Art of looking within
- PracticeTransformation of consciousness through experience at every
- Personal growth & evolution
- Utilizing forces(passion, anger, jealousy, guilt, shame & hatered) & unite
them with their opposite to experience unity rather then separation. //
think how??
- Purification(gross, subtle, causal)- release of energy from matter to unite
with pure consciousness.
- Tattwa shuddhi practices- purification at all levels
- Higher sadhana possible require deep concentration; when mind
transcended matter & vibrates at subtle frequency of pure energy [page 3]
- Dig deeper in to the mind as mind has potential power to create & destroy
- Shatkarmas vs tattwa sudhi Tattwa sudhi works on subtle layers too
- Tantara- Sanskrit work {tanoti or expansion + tarayati or liberation};
method to expand mind & liberate dormant potential energy.
- Time , space, matter limiting adjuncts of mind
- Subjective experience( by expanded mind) more accurate & precise than
objective experience (finite mind, dependent on presence of object,
senses & the min in relation to both of them)
- To experience beyond relam of the senses, time , space, matter avoid
bounded by sensory experience, avoid mind operating through the
senses , avoid let ting ego categorizing all experiences according o
raga(like) and dwesha( dislikes) as by all this imposition of the mind
creates distorted knowledge received from the experience; & does not
allow for growth of the pure, refined knowledge.
- Practice tantra & yoga to accelerate liberation of energy from matter &
manifest pure innate consciousness which is the source of all knowledge.
- Use of mind( for perception & cognition for everday life activites) acts
through senses.
- Need to introvert sense, turn mind inwards, let mind manifests itself
through inner experiences & expanded mind matter is separated from
energy, thus liberating energy/ shakti, which then unites with shiva or
consciousness, creating homogeneous awareness.
- Expanded ind no restriction/ limition/ receptor transmitter of truth
- Brahman (Vedanta philosophy) indivisible ( exist as one or the
whole);expanding consciousness present in each one of us; responsible for
highest knowledge
- Unconditioned consciousness which exist as silent witness within each of
us ( Brahman of Vedanta philosophy; purusha of Samkhya philosophy,
Shiva of Tantra)
- Different methods & paths to achieve this aim no same path, different
level of evolution

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