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University of the East


College of Nursing

Elective II Quality Assurance

Daily Report in Ward Rounds in UERM Hospital


September 9. 2016


MEDICAL WARD Turning is done by S/O however q2h

turning schedule is not being
Category III: 3 clients followed.
Category IV: none
No time when turning was done/

No policy observed for pressure

ulcer management

NEURO WARD No documentation of time when the

procedure was done
Category III: none
Category IV : 2 clients
Assessment is only done visually, no
other interventions was done

SURGERY WARD Three out of five post of clients has

Braden scale

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Only one client has only q2h turning
but with poor compliance

All patient are ambulatory. No noted

client has developing or developed
pressure ulcer

OB WARD No Braden scale was used in all

chart. When NOD was asked why,
the latter verbalized that pressure
ulcer was not a priority due to less
case of pressure ulcer in the ward.
No pressure ulcer was noted on the
clients of the OB ward on this day.
No assessment on pressure
ulcer/skin integrity was noted on
11/11 charts. No Braden scale was
seen available on the form racks of
the ward.
No protocol noted in the nurses
station for pressure ulcer.

Prepared by:

Gilbuela, Ma. Nikki E.

Gonzales, John Paul V.

Suniga, Geof N.

Elective II (Quality Assurance-Pressure Ulcer Team)

AY 2016-2017

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