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Fashion Is Challenge

Rough Draft

Maria De Jesus Borrell Fernandez

Lee High School

Brian Cahoon

April 13, 2017


Maria De Jesus Borrell Fernandez

Mr. Brian Cahoon


April 13, 2017

Fashion Designer

Art is expression of creative and passion, as fashion design is the art that can be show to

the world and be at the same time unique for each individual. Fashion designers affect the world

as they leave legacy through their life career. One of the most influential figures in the fashion

world, Coco Chanel always declared that In order to be irreplaceable, one must be always

different and fashions work is made this possible. The work of fashion designer affects how

people feel by designing the clothing based on body type, the color and fabrics used, and by

following current trends.

The designers focus on hourglass body to make their designs, not anymore in this era.

Designers around the world decide to make pieces for other type of bodies as Christian Siriano,

who think all individuals cant wear the same designs and that his creation are based on the

person itself. In his spring collection 2017 show, his models were very different from ethnic to

race and mostly body shape, even he include what in the fashion world call plus size models

(Safronova, 2016). In addition Mallorie Dunn believe that media portray woman with a perfect

body type which actually difficult to find provoking other woman who doesnt possess the

hourglass body type to be shame. Dunn became inspired at the moment she realized how a

specially group of women struggle actually in something simple as go into shopping. Because of

this frustration Mallorie Dunn decide to created her own fashion line, Smart Glamour, which is

dedicated to all size women (Thompson, 2016). This revolutionary idea frequently get rejected

by the strict standards of the fashion world, and the stars power is the one that interfere and help

this movement to became a reality, as they did with Christian Siriano (Safronova, 2016). On the

contrary with designer Mallorie Dunn were the people that affect her improvement in the

renovate fashion world, by feel in a comfortable zone when they can be what they desire

(Thompson, 2016). All bodies are perfect in their own and unique form, and the confidence to

show your body the way it is, is actually what is called style.

The color and fabrics of the clothes affect the worlds view and feelings in many different

ways. The designs are based on color and pattern that are attractive but the way a person feels

and perceived color vary drastically. The colors may affect the emotion that provokes on the

clothes as red in intense known for passion, yellow instead would be a more energized color. By

this the designer would introduce their design with a one color or different tones for the people to

choose what is their preference or what emotion they desire to exposed (Chapman, 2010). Is

need to be add that patterns are just like colors itself they represent countless feelings as strength

which can be represent with a animal printed pattern. Additionally the colors and pattern that a

person choose to dress is dept that what it sees, in the case of men, normally trend to gave a more

simply wardrobe and to be able to perceived their emotions is through the colors in their clothes

(Weaver, 2012). The key for the fashion designer to growth on population among different

generations is not just pattern or shapes but colors, the color influence all people from different

ages from a child to an elder. The interaction between the people and the color is simply to obtain

what they want to feel (Picardo, 2017). According to this rule the designers inspiration for the

color they used in their creations are more based on feelings that creativity itself. Proclaim that

people used what they want to feel.


The fashion world is ruled by trends the people follow creating the tendency itself. The

trends are created by designer and the trendency by the people. The triumph of a trend is by the

people acceptance and how in their own emotions and behavior conduct them to follow the new

trends that appears in the fashion world (Venkatasamy, 2015). Trends is a one life moment and

can be influenced by the surroundings; the trends are principally developed by people that wear

it and influence the rest to see it, as celebrities. The celebrities play an important role in trends

success by which their determinate what is the fashion world is called season trend (Alexander,

2014). The human behavior to follow trends is considered worldwide, as this pattern are not a

considerable differ between countries, or ages. But it need to address that young generation are

deeper into the follow trend, principally by the web connection that allowed to see the fashion

trend from a celebrity to a friend (Venkatasamy, 2015). Although the celebrities events from

concerts to red carpet or even interview would affect fashion, what their wear is what their fans

would desire to wear as well, just but the fact of the thinking to close to that person or look like

them, which were considered important in their day a day life (Alexander, 2014). The trends can

vary from continent to continent, what it could be a huge trend in Latin America would be very

different from what is the Western Europe or Southern Asia (Venkatasamy, 2015). However in

the contemporary world the trends circulate around it and if the people acceptance is high it

would be inplant in the area of the world.

A fashion designer principal job is to created designs that affect how a person feels based

on body type, colors and patterns and lastly the following current trends. By this many designer

from the contemporary era believes that every body type deserve they own and unique design to

fit with their body and feel confident with it. Color and pattern sees under other circumstances

are very important on people's feelings and emotion. In this term the designer include a variety of

color in their design for people to choose based on their emotions and attractions to certain

colors. As all in fashion world the important of current trends and make people follow is highly

crucial, the trend are created by the people that fall for it, making the creation of a big mass of

the population to follow it as well, in this case the bigger benefactors of the trends are the

celebrities and their influence on the present world. Fashion is a challenge, day a day, the

creativity and imagination next to the effort is how fascination this industry appear to be. Under

all the star and light of this world remain the challenge to create what people would desire to


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