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Name: Rylan Age: 7 Date of Testing: 9/14/16 Grade: K Examiner(s): Emily Pleasants

Phonological Awareness
Rhyme Words & Syllables Blending Phoneme Beginning Sound
Awareness Syllables Segmentation Awareness
7 6 4 1 0 N/A
His task This task was a I had to explain This is where he I only did one of I did not complete this
seemed little more this task to him really began to these because he assessment because
easy for him. complicated for more struggle. He was not fully he was no longer able
While him. He made thoroughly. was only able to understanding the to focus and it was
he did not make is brown one Once he blend one task and had time for him to go
eye contact word and the understood, he correctly and completely lost back to class.
while bus one word. was able to clap that was moun- focus. He got the /m/
speaking the On the the syllables of tain. He was sound of mop, but
answers, he sentence I love some words. He completely lost none of the other
knew all but to eat pizza, often only when segments sounds.
one of them he got the right clapped once were based on
right away. I am amount of for multi- onset-rime or
pretty sure that words, but syllabic words individual
on the last one segmented such as tiger phonemes. He
he was just them in and computer. simply stated
distracted by correctly by back to me the
the other pairs making to eat segmented
testing around one word and version that I
us. pizza two told him.

Alphabet Knowledge Letter-Sound Knowledge Concepts About

Upper Case Lower Case Production Spelling Observations
Letter Recognition Letter Sounds
Rylan could identify
15 N/A 1/15
He was very close to I did not complete this I will need to Rylans strong point front and back of the
moving on, but did not assessment because complete this is not spelling. He book, the title, and the
quite make the cut. His he did not score aspect of the identified the directionality or
teacher said that he greater than or equal assessment next beginning sound in reading. He could
did not know his to 16 on the letter time. Rylan said the word run. For identify 2 letters on
letters, but it seems as recognition section. Im done with the other words, he the page, but not
though he has letters. Lets do simply wrote a punctuation. He
knowledge of quite a something else. random collection of indicated that when
few. Letters he knew So, we moved on to letters. He did write one line is finished
include: M, D, R, F, I, Y, spelling. I guess 3 letters for 3 of the being read, you go to
C, T, W, B, J, K, X, L, that was different words, which was the end of the next
and O. He was enough for him! correct, but none of line. For a small
distracted by the end, the letters were letter he pointed to a
so I think he may know right. period. He could
more but could not follow along while I
answer them when read if I read slowly
prompted to refocus on with somewhat
the task. segmented speech.

Concept of Word Word Knowledge

Pretest Word *WRI *WRC
Pointing Word ID Post-Test ID
List Timed Untimed
0 1 0 0 PRI PPA
1st PPB
The first word He was on track He did the The trend
was on, but he with the lines, same thing continued here.
stated that it but did not here that he did I would like to Dont do this section
was Humpty. As track each for the words in complete this unless you are uncertain
we went down word. He would isolation. Every assessment whether the child is a
the list he just hold his finger word I pointed again with Beginner or an Emergent
recited the at the beginning to was Humpty, something reader. See me if you
poem instead of of the line, then Dumpty, maybe he have questions.
identifying recite that line, then sat, etc. doesnt know
singular words. then slide it to quite as well as
the end and Humpty
begin reciting Dumpty.
the next line.

*for borderline students (emergent beginner), administer WRI using powerpoint

**PP TIMED word list: 5 words correct, administer Readiness; 6-10 words correct, administer PPA; 11-15 words correct, administer PPB
**If 85% or greater on WRC at PPB, the student is likely a Beginning Reader; confirm this finding with additional information

Fluency Word Knowledge Writing Comprehensio
Rereading COW Letter Names Letter Sounds Phonological
What type of Overall Level of Knows: Knows: Area of Spacing: Prior Knowledge:
text? COW: M, D, R, I, C, N/A Strength: Large letters N/A
We will begin 1 Points left to W, B, J, K, X, L, Using/Confusin Rhyme with spaces Interest in Topic:
with short right but O g: between each N/A
nursery pointing seems Using/Confusin N/A Area of UBC: letter. Responsiveness
rhymes as we vague or g: Absent: Words and to Questions:
did with random with no F, T, Y N/A Syllables & Goals: N/A
Humpty consistent Absent: Syllables Write a Other:
Dumpty. He units. U, N, G, S, P, complete
got really A, Z, Q, E, V, H Area of dictated
excited when Instructional Frustration: sentence.
we used Recommendatio Goals: Blending & Places spaces
Humpty ns: Solidify used Segmenting between
Dumpty, so I but confused words but
hope the As we read, we letter names Goals: not between
enthusiasm will track each Move beyond Solidify letters
continues with word letter names words and
other nursery individually into letter syllables by Activities:
rhymes. rather than sound chunking Writing
focusing on recognition sentences dictated
Interest Level: each line. By the end of by word, words
High (I dont Use a pointer tutoring, I counting Draw & label
know about or popsicle want Rylan the words, pictures
his level of stick to make to know 20 and putting Shared
focus, sure that he letter names it back writing
though.) is focused on together.
each word Activities: Accurately
What to work Echo reading Letter hunts identify the
on in and choral Font sorts syllables in
rereading: reading if he Letter sorts a word by
is familiar Alphabet clapping
Choral and with the games (we can use
echo rhyme we are (BINGO, names and
reading working with. puzzles, common
Tracking Block next etc.) words to
activities word until we begin with)
utilizing get to it with letters Begin
pointers and index (uppercase blending
and card and compound
popsicle lowercase) words more
sticks successfully
Chop up
based on
word level

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