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Math - Problem Solving : scavenger hunt

Teacher Name: Ms. choi

Student Name: ________________________________________

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
Mathematical Explanation shows Explanation shows Explanation shows Explanation shows
Concepts complete substantial some understanding very limited
understanding of the understanding of the of the mathematical understanding of the
mathematical mathematical concepts needed to underlying concepts
concepts used to concepts used to solve the problem(s). needed to solve the
solve the problem(s). solve the problem(s). problem(s) OR is not
Diagrams and Diagrams and/or Diagrams and/or Diagrams and/or Diagrams and/or
Sketches sketches are clear sketches are clear sketches are sketches are difficult
and greatly add to and easy to somewhat difficult to to understand or are
the reader\'s understand. understand. not used.
understanding of the

Completion All problems are All but one of the All but two of the Several of the
completed. problems are problems are problems are not
completed. completed. completed.

Working with Student was an Student was an Student cooperated Student did not work
engaged partner, engaged partner but with others, but effectively with
listening to had trouble listening needed prompting to others.
suggestions of to others and/or stay on-task.
others and working working
cooperatively cooperatively.
throughout lesson.

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