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I. Aims:
By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to understand and retell the story The lost shoe
II. Language contents
1/Grammar: Past simple tense
2/Vocabulary: cruel (a) upset (a) fairy (n) magically (adv) rag (n)
To fall in love with immediately (adv)
III. Techniques: Brainstorming, Prediction
IV. Teaching aids: Word cards, stereo
V. Procedures:

Teachers and students activities Contents

1.Warm up
T asks Sts some questions Marks(10)
Sts answer 1. Do you like folktales? ( Yes/ No)
T has Sts say the names of some folktales that 2. What usually happens at the end of a
theyve read folktale? ( Its happy at the end of a folktale)
T corrects and give marks 3. Name the titles of some folktales you know
( Tam Cam, Thach Sanh)
One hundred-section bamboo

Tam Cam

The frog Prince the lost shoes

T writes the new words Seven-mile shoes

St give the meaning of the words 2.Pre-reading:
T guides Sts to read (chorally, individually) cruel(a) tn nhn
upset(a) kh chu
fairy (n) cng bng
magically(adv)-> magical(a) k diu
rag (n) gi lau
to fall in love with
T checks the words by Slap the board immediately(adv) ngay lp tc
T asks Ss to read the story and find Slap the board
information about 3 people Prediction
1/ Little Pea T/F statement predictions
2/ Stout Nut a/ Little Peas father is a poor farmer
3/ Stepmother b/Her father got married again after his wife
Ss check their predictions and correct the died
false sentences c/Her new mother was beautiful and nice to her
d/She worked hard all day
T has Sts guess the statements true or false e/She didnt have new clothes to take part in the
Sts do in groups festival
3.While- reading :
T has Sts read the text: the tale the lost The Lost Shoe
shoes Guess Answer Correction
T reads a ........ T
T gives feedback b T

Teacher: Nguyen Thi Thu Trang 53 English 8

c F
d T
e F

Answer the comprehension questions

T has Sts answer the questions a/ She was a poor farmers daughter
Sts do in pairs b/ She made Little Pea do the chores all day
T corrects their mistakes c/ Before the festival started, a fairy appeared
and magically changed her rags into beautiful
d/ The prince decided to marry the girl who
fitted the lost shoe
e/ No, it isnt a true story .Its a folktale
4.Post- reading:
.Do you like the story?
T asks Sts some questions about this story .Who do you like/ hate? Why?
Ss give their own answers .What is the moral lesson firm the story?
T corrects and can give marks to Sts The moral lesson:
One good turn deserves another -> hin
T says The moral lesson is One good turn gp lnh
deserves another -> hin gp lnh 5.Homework
-Learn new words by heart
-Retell the story , play role of stepmother or
Little Pea
-Answer the questions again
-Prepare next period : Lesson 5 Write
+find the words
+get the story How the tiger got the stripes
+ Write the story .using the cues words

Teacher: Nguyen Thi Thu Trang 54 English 8