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28 March 2017 Lectured by Jerelyn Pillay and Alicia Nair

1. Develop a java application. Your application should have two classes, a Stock class and a test/main class. Design a class named Stock that contains:

A string data field named symbol for the stock’s symbol.

A string data field named name for the stock’s name.

A double data field named previousClosingPrice that stores the stock price for the previous day.

A double data field named currentPrice that stores the stock price for the current time.

A constructor that creates a stock with the specified symbol and name.

A method named getChangePercent() that returns the percentage changed from previousClosingPrice to currentPrice.

Create a test/main class to create your Stock objects and invoke your methods.

2. Develop an application to manage a database of multimedia items. The user has many multimedia items that include audio CDs, DVDs and PC games. The application/project must allow the user to :

Store his multimedia items

Search through the database of stored items to find particular items.

Print out items


Create a project called DOME, within that create a package called dome.

2. Write a class called Item. The Item class represents all that is common between various multimedia items. It should have the following attributes :

- A String name to store the name of the item

- A String comment to store a comment about the item

- A double value to store the item’s cost

3. It should have the following methods :

- Getters and setter methods for all the attributes

- A toString method

4. Now create two additional classes to represent the multimedia items, CDs and DVDs, we store. (Note: the use of inheritance)

5. Write a CD class that extends the Item class. The CD class has a String artist field and an int playTime field.

6. Write a DVD class that extends the Item class. The DVD class has a String director (the director of the movie) and an int runningTime. Provide the correct constructors and override the toString() method.

7. Write a main class/ test class and create objects to test your classes