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NOT TO BE PUBLISHED GUNS, MACHINE, CAL. -30, BROWNING, MI9I9A4 FIXED AND FLEXIBLE ILLUSTRATED IDENTIFICATION LIST .0.D. May, 1942 (Technical Branch) WEEDON FOREWORD For guide to easy reference, it is pointed out that the components of these weapons are arranged in Group ‘order, numerical sequence of American Catalogue Numbers being followed in each grouping. British Designation and Catalogue Numbers are merely shown to enable any necessary reconciliation with. ‘American Numbers to be made, and under no circumstances will be used. S.N.L, A.6 "in addition to American Designations and Numbers will always be quoted on all Demands and other documents relating to these weapons. The following shows the Group and appropriate page numbers :— Back plate group (fixed gun). use veneers nee es Page S Back plate group (flexible gun). sie enone teense Page Calny eeupeco sc RC ee nei aie Re Cover group tie Heras, ea ane ae a Wagar Page AT Rest sight group Gu tee are ee Fe, ae RRS: Balt groups tet se esc ae i geese ea ote Pie 8. : Barrol extension and lock frame group... ws oA Pagel Front ghee Gu ecten tice ae ew tage Aen, et POL. Tripod mount and accessories se sete eee tue Pages 21, 23, 25, 27, Collectors Manuals High Quality Digital Archives $ BrowningMGS.com/Manuals.htm ‘This manual is distributed free to the collector community by BrowningMGs.com. You may down- load it for personal use or redistribute it from another site so long as it remains free. NOTE: Based on its content, this British manual, published during World War 2, is probably a reprint of an earlier American version.