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Classroom Pet Handling


Dear Parents,

In our class, we have two classroom pets. We have two Dumbo rats.
Their names are Spot and Whiskers. Like all pets, they require care and
attention. I will do my best to ensure that all the animals we care for
are child-friendly; however, even docile animals do, on occasion bite
or scratch. If you want to allow your child to interact with our rats,
please fill out the permission slip at the bottom of the page. Please
understand that I will not be able to allow your child to help care for
our pet without your written permission.

Thanks you,

Miss Catlett


My child_______________ MAY/MAY NOT (circle one please) help care

for our Dumbo rats, the classroom pets is Miss. Catletts room. Care
may include cleaning the cage, feeding, and or helping with water.

Concerns for my child regarding this animals includes (ex. Student

allergies, other medical sensitivities, sanitation practices, etc.)

Parent Signature_______________________________________ Date:_________

Classroom Pet Rules

I will treat every animal in our class with kindness and respect.
I will be gentle with our pets.

I will not do anything intentionally that would cause our pet to

bite or scratch.