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Task Force
on Media


Cam. Norte registers

International cycling event 34 HIV cases in 2016
returns to Legazpi City DAET, CNORTE - Thirty-
four persons were tested
positive for human immu-
nodeficiency virus (HIV)
LEGAZPI CITY- in Camarines Norte last
Mayor Noel E. Rosal has year, while 5 of them had
announced the return already developed into
to this city of the eighth full-blown AIDS cases, an
edition of the cycling official of the provincial
competition Le Tour De health office (PHO) here
Filipinas on February said.
18 to 21. He said 75 bik- Ed Guao, HIV/AIDS
ers from various interna- provincial coordinator said
tional and local cycling the number is more than half
teams are expected to join of the 19 cases registered in
the four-stage competition 2015 for the province. more urban towns of Daet
in Southern Luzon that Most of those hit by and Labo registering the big-
will carry the slogan 8s the virus which weakens gest number of cases with 7
Amazing. the bodys ability to fight each.
Rosal said the event that disease-causing organisms From 1984 until 2015, the
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Barangay San Felipe, Naga City 473-8888

3rd Floor, GERONIMO BLDG., BARLIN ST., NAGA CITY TELEPHONE: (054) 884-93-76 CP 0921-3183720 / 0929-245-7353 / 0920-5337766

EDITORIAL New CPA FS Certificate

Pres. Trumps (Atty. APA chairs Acyatan & Co.,
CPAs-DFK International is past chair
demand, and increased probability of
further Fed rate hikes, the BSP said.

Towering Wall OPINIONS

of ASEAN Federation of CPAs, PICPA The higher mean inflation forecast
past president and Hall-of-Famer, considers the increase in domestic
and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement fuel prices and its impact on hous-

Awardee). ing and transport - as well as effects
At the boundary of Palestine and Israel,
FS COMPILER: There is a new re- on prices of the proposed tax reform
the latter erected a wall where the British quirement imposed by the Professional measures, and higher government
guerilla aerosol artist Banksy stenciled Regulation Commission (PRC) and spending. Chinas weaker economic
several scenes of domestic life as well as Board of Accountancy before business growth and the looming deflation in
financial statements (FS) could be filed Japan and Eurozone have balming ef-
the universal dove symbol. with the BIR and SEC. All such FS of fects, too.
Between the border of the U.S. and businesses with gross service revenues Atty. TONY (APA) ACYATAN DUTERTE-TRUMP: There seems
or sales of more than P10 million need to be parallelism in the ascendancy to
Mexico, new American president Donald to be accompanied by a Certificate of an statutory FS to BIR and SEC. presidential power of our own Presi-
Trump plans to build a 1,900+plus miles of accredited CPA that he has compiled the dent Rody Duterte and the USAs
The threshold is P10 million in annual
wall which even in its nascent stage has FS, together with the covering notes to gross sales/receipts/revenues reported Donald Trump. Both of them cam-
already received its share of indignation, the financial statements. in the FS. The gross covers those from paigned on the issues of Change and
The CPA Compiler must be different operations, non-recurring activities, pas- Reform. No wonder, all over the world
disgust and opposition; from reasons like from the External Auditor who is attest- sive income and others. Compiling pro- there are shocks and consternation as
the ironical beneficiary of its building, ing said FS. Even the other accredited fessional services may be outsourced to Pres. Trump assumes office. Every-
a Mexican cement manufacturer, to its CPAs in the External Auditing firm are a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) one is praying that their current status
environmental effects; from the Berlin prohibited from signing as FS Compiler. Company, provided the signing CPA is in life and livelihood may not be dis-
However, an insider staff of the business duly accredited by the PRC-BOA. Un- mantled by him. At the forefront are
Mayor to Mexican President Pena- who is accredited by PRC-BOA can sign der present rules, a foreign service pro- the undocumented immigrants (in-
Nieto. Expectedly, Israeli Prime Minister as compiler. Accredited external audi- vider can ba accredited as compiier for cluding our TnT Kabayans).
Benjamin Netanyahu sounds like the tors may also sign as FS compiler but the local (regional) office of a foreign The Roman Catholic Church
solitary supporter to this upcoming not those of their external audit clients. company. stands against the day-to-day extra-
The requirement covers mandatorily all INFLATION: The depreciated peso judicial killings which the government
symbol of apartheid. FS for periods ending June 30, 2016 and and rising global oil prices prompted pri- says are not of their own doing. The
We have a longer historical tie with onwards. vate sector economists to predict a high- church also objects to the about-to-be
DIFFERS FROM SMR: The Certifi- er inflation rate of 3% this year, versus approved bill re-imposing the death
Mexico than the United States. The Manila- cate of Compilation (and Notes) differs penalty, and the distribution of free
1.8% in 2016. The latest survey results
Acapulco galleon trade which started in from the existing requirements to submit also indicated that the average inflation condoms for senior high school stu-
the 16th-century catapulted the country the accompanying Statement of Man- will likely increase to 3.1% in 2018. These dents (allegedly to prevent AIDS and
into what was a pre-global market; while agement Responsibility (on the FS) be- forecasts were higher than previous sur- teen-age, pre-marital pregnancy). Un-
fore their submission to BIR and SEC. vey (end-September 2016) of 2.7% for less the antagonism between church
the U.S. plunged us into the war of The responsibilities of the CPA compiler and state is remedied, peace and or-
2017 and 2.8% for next year. Whatever
superpowers when they ousted Spanish are discussed in the Phil. Standard on it is inflation may not be so high as to der in our country may be in peril.
rule at the fin-de sicle. Related Services 4410 (Revised), Com- disturb as yet our economic gains. PROVERB: A patient man has
pilation Engagements. Organizations Analysts attributed their higher in- great, wise understanding, but a
Spain ruled us via Mexico, and so the covered are stock, non-stock and/or non- flation expectations to a weaker peso, quick-tempered person always dis-
friars who introduced us to Christianity profit) and persons required to file annual higher global oil prices, robust domestic plays folly.
were veterans of their conversion project
in South America; while the Americans
who vanquished our feeble resistance
were also veterans of their scorch-earth
Its about time
campaigns against the native Indians. I wish to mention the name of my politician whose ambition was to
neurologist, Dra. Cabanatan which was become president, and just like all
So, to quote Frost: is Trump walling
in, or walling out? American creditors?
omitted in my column dated January
15-21, 2017. I follow her prescriptions FROM other presidents the country had,
preserved the interests of the class
Mexicans who gave them tacos and and the messages of Sto. Nio thru he represents.
helped Texan independence? Terrorists
who think theyre God they want to snuff
Matet which I believe help me recover
fast. To be able to get up in three weeks
MY He never worked for the interest of
masses. In fact, Gadons allegation

after a stroke that made one half of my the three malfeasances he was
out our lives? body (right side) paralyzed is a source of referring to might actually be true
wonder and blessing for me. as Ninoy wont stop at anything just to
His is clearly a paranoid move which ***** pursue his political ambition.
will have wider implications in geopolitical The following column of Charlie O.
relations even in the case of our kababayan Manalo entitled Its About Time in the
NENITA FUENTEBELLA-PEONES He was assassinated at the tarmac.
By whom? And on whose order?
Green Card holders. Daily Tribune dated January 24, 2017 The Cory administration and her
deserves study and consideration by so-called Jabidah massacre in 1967 allies made us believe it was the doing
This is a step-back to the libertarian those concerned. Im quoting it here for and sabotaged our countrys claim to of Ferdinand Marcos. But she had the
ideals enshrined in Emma Lazarus poem the sake of correct history of our country. territory; opportunity to prove it, and yet she
New Colossus on the Statue of Liberty: Last week, lawyer Larry Gadon (b) Playing a role in the reestablishment did not.
and actress Vivian Velez led a group of the local communist party and guerrilla Her son, the countrys biggest
Give me your tired, your poor, your huddle in initiating a petition to revert Ninoy mistake, assumed the presidency in
army under Maoist control in 1968 to 69.
masses, yearning to breathe free. Aquino International Airport (NAIA) to its (c) And his mysterious absence during 2010. He also had six years to prove
previous name, the Manila International the bombing of the LP rally in Plaza it was Marcos or his loyal people who
Or to use an American word, boondoggle. Airport (MIA). Miranda in 1971 despite his being the could have assassinated his father and
According to Gadon, the administration most popular and frontrunner candidate yet, he chose not to do so.
which renamed MIA to NAIA gravely erred and the secretary general of the Liberal Ninoys family did not accept the
in its decision to rename the countrys Party. findings of the body created by Marcos
premier airport in honor of former Sen. So, what exactly did Ninoy do to to probe the assassination. They
Benigno Ninoy Aquino as aside from the deserve the honor of having the countrys accused Marcos of trying to hide the
three malfeasances the late senator of premier named after him? And with the truth. So what was the truth behind
which he had been responsible, Aquino additional bonuses of the Rizal Memorial Ninoys assassination? Why did they
did not meet the most basic requirement Compex also named after him and his not pursue the investigation so that
for having a place, edifice or anything face printed on the P500 bill? the truth could finally be revealed as
named after him that he should have Just because he was assassinated at they claim?
been dead for at least 10 years. the airport tarmac does not necessarily They had their chances but they
But no, the administration which mean he is a hero. opted to ignore them. And still they
renamed MIA to NAIA did not err. It Of course, his assassination want the people to believe, Marcos
simply abused its power for the then strengthened the Anti-Marcos movement whitewashed the Ninoy assassination
administration was led by no less than then as traditional politicians who were probe. What an irony!
Tel. No. (054) 475-6262 Ninoys widow, Cory Aquino. on the opposite side of the fence joined Thus, in essence, we are honoring
And the Cory administration forces with revolutionary forces, both someone who was killed for reasons
d e l i b e r a te l y i g n o r e d th e a l l e g e d from legal and underground, working to of which we have no idea.
malfeasances Gadon has cited in his oust the former strongman. The petition of Gadons group
groups petition, to wit: But we have to remember, Ninoy should be given attention. Its about
(a) Authoring the fake account of the is from the ruling class, a traditional time we correct history.
0939-604-3144 VISIT OUR WEBSITE:
Head, Advertising Associates

Sunday Gospel: Mt 4:12-23

When Jesus saw the crowds, he went up the
National Arts Month Giraray
mountain. He sat down and his disciples gathered
around him. Then he spoke and began to teach Pangenot na notisya ini para sa Sa Albay pa giraray, may
them: Fortunate are those who are poor in spirit, for
theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Fortunate are those
who mourn; they shall be comforted. Fortunate are
selebrasyon kan National Arts Month sa
Naghihiriro na an mga lokal na
Dis*Karte pighahaman man an grupo na Jimpol
Borlagdan asin Richard Uy na mga
aktibidad sa literatura, musika asin
the gentle; they shall possess the land. Fortunate
are those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they
shall be satisfied. Fortunate are the merciful, for
parasurat, sa espuerso kan mahigos na
Godmother kan Bikol culture, an dating *Kusyon visual arts.
Sa SM City sa Naga, mamontar

professor kan De La Salle University na man an apat na mga pintor na sinda Fr.
they shall find mercy. Fortunate are those with pure si Dr. Doods Santos, asin mga artistang Nunz Bancaso. Fr.Alberto Balderas,
hearts, for they shall see God. Fortunate are those biswal, musikero asin sa teatro, nganing Bernadette de los Santos asin an
who work for peace; they shall be called children of
magkaigwa nin mga aktibidad katakod saindong lingkod nin arts exhibit sa
God. Fortunate are those who are persecuted for the
cause of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of kan taunan na okasyon. Pebrero 19-23 na may katuyuhan
heaven. Fortunate are you, when people insult you Kabali sa mga listahan iyo an FRANK PEONES JR. makagundo nin pondo para sa mga
and persecute you and speak all kinds of evil against pagbunsod kan Daing Linaw an Hinaw, nagin biktima kan bagyong Nina.
you because you are my followers. Be glad and an katiripunan kan mga osipon sa Si Bidibid mismo igwa pang one-
joyful, for a great reward is kept for you in God. For Bikol ni Marissa Redburn sa Pebrero magin musical arrangement; magin an woman show, Wild About Flowers sa
that is how this people persecuted the prophets who 18 sa Jacks Blue Plate sa Magsaysay, Diyos Makina ni Raffi Banzuela kan Ayala Mall mapoon sa Pebrero 1.
lived before you. Daily Gospel 2017, Reading and an 1st Biladawat Rinconada (poetry- Albay. Baka may makadagdag pa sa
Reflections, Claretian Communications Foundation, Inc. performance) competition para sa mga Magkakaigwa giraray kan Aklat-Ani, listahan na ini.
H.S. asin college students sa Anthosia an taunan na book sale na pigtutulod Tibaad magarunga, magdala,
Sa gabing galit ang kalikasan Caf sa Iriga; and pagbunsod kan Girok, kan Ontario-based na Albayonong makisumaro an publiko.
an multi-genre erotic anthology kan mga parasurat na si Godi Calleja magpoon Suportaran an mga Bikolnon na
Ni Bernadette S. Occiano - Teacher I,
rawit-dawit,osipon, paintings, pelikula, Pebrero 17-19. artista asin kultura!
Nabua Central Pilot School, Nabua East District

Sa gabing galit ang kalikasan

minarapat ko na matulog na sa'king higaan, Bohol Mom wins CARD MRIs Pagkilala
sa mga Likha ni Inay Awards 2016
nag'goodnight na sa aking minamahal
at sinabayan ng taimtim na pagdarasal.

Ngunit, tila di ako makatulog,

sa lakas ng naririnig kong tunog, Mrs. Mera Flor R. Dum-
kumuha ako ng papel at bolpen alaoron, a member-borrow-
pagsulat ang naisip kong gawin. er of CARD, Inc. Pinayagan
Sur, Tubigon, Bohol won
Sa tulang aking isinulat, the Pagkilala sa Mga Likha
"Bagyong Nina" ang inilapat, ni Inay 2016 Awards held
karanasang di malilimutan on December 16, 2016 held
ng kapwa ko Nabueo at Nabuean. at the CARD MRI Develop-
ment Institute (CMDI).
O Bagyong Nina,
Winners of the PMLNI
hindi namin inaasahan,
na ikaw ay dadalaw, Awards were selected from
sa araw ng kapaskohan. each financial institution of
CARD MRI. Dumalaoron
Ang masayang salohan, who has been supported by
kwentuhan at tawanan, CARD for 7 years is a coco-
ng pamilya at magkakaibigan, nut charcoal manufacturer,
agad napalitan ng kalungkutan. sari-sari store and school
canteen owner, and copra and and Mrs. Carmelita C. Da- loan Branch and Mrs. Arlene Formerly known as Gal-
Takot at pangamba na nararamdaman, coconut shell buyer and sell- panas as Gawad Malikhain Mabute from Antipolo City ing ni Nanay, is a nation-
sa nagagalit at sumisipol na hangin,
er. Other awardees were Mrs. Awardee. Branch, both from Rizal wide program of CARD MRI
kasabay ng di nagpapapigil na pag-ulan,
walang awa mo sa'ming pinararanasan. Wilma N. Pillejera, sari-sari I thank God, my family, Bank, Inc. that searches for clients who
store, bakery, and agri-vet and CARD MRI for being CARD MRI will con- are exceptional in their hard
Aming dinarasal na ika'y wholesaler and retailer from my solid partners in my busi- tinue to recognize the hard work, integrity, and entrepre-
humayo at magpahinga na, CARD Bank, Inc., Masbate; ness and I do hope CARD work of our clients. Next neurial spirit
nang sa gayon aming Mrs. Anita M. Aranda, crop MRI will continue to give year, we should add another CARD MRI continues
damdamin ay mapanatag na. producer of cucumber, am- blessings to other people, award category and that is to to empower socio-econom-
palaya, and tomato, from said Dumalaoron during her recognize the importance of ically challenged women
Huwag sanang sirain mga kabahayan, CARD SME Bank, Inc., speech. family in the success of the through access to financial,
mga pananim na aming ikinabubuhay, Batangas; and Mrs. Maria During the awarding cer- enterprise, said Dr. Jaime micro-insurance, health, edu-
maging halaman at hayop na nabubuhay,
Cristy P. Panisa, carinderia/ emony, CARD MRI also rec- Aristotle B. Alip, founder cation, livelihood trainings
dito sa aming lalawigang tunay.
eatery and food establish- ognized last years PMLNI and managing director of and other capacity-building
O aming Diyos na minamahal, ment owner from Rizal Bank, business who were selected CARD MRI. CARD MRI services and will continue to
masaya kami sa'yong pagsilang, Inc., Paranaque City. Special as finalists in the 2016 Citi values the Filipino families acknowledge its clients hard
sana'y tulungan mo kaming malampasan, awards were also given to Microentrepreneur of the and they are a big contribu- work in building a brighter
ang hagupit ng bagyong dumaraan. Mrs. Rosalyn P. Espenorio as Year. They are Mrs. Car- tion in the success of our cli- future for their family and for
Gawad Masigasig Awardee melita Aguilar from Sini- ents, he added. the community.
will cover the same route as be able to circle the 360 de- Educators: A Strong Motivational Factors of Learning
last year when it started in gree Mount Mayon Volcano. By NAOMI DORONILLA, Teacher-I
Antipolo City to Lucena City According to race organizer Tamban Elementary School, Goa District
in Quezon, to Daet in Cama- Ube Media Inc. Le tour De
rines Norte and to Legazpi Filipinas is the only Interna- God remind us in the bible Be extra careful with what are not likely realized without effective strategy. There
City with the majestic Mayon tional Cycling Union Road you teach, God will hold man responsible for every bit is a famous saying that you cannot give, of what you
Volcano as backdrop. It will Race in the Philippines duly of it. Of all the works in Christ ministry, teaching is the do not have therefore, teachers must never stop
be first international sports sanctioned by the Union of most delicate, the most accountable for which holds true learning, she should be provided with training to support
event for the city this year, Cyclists International, Philip- as well as teaching in the secular world. them in this expanded role including more time for peer
said Rosal. He said the for- pine Cycling Federation and Every school head, a teacher and even a business interaction to share views or what is effective, she should
eign squads will come from Asian Cycling Federation as leader would like to create a sound strategy or an be empowered to exercise professional judgment in the
South Korea, Japan, China, a yearly professional road bi- innovation and have it executed well. Accomplishing this, classroom to attain clearly expressed goals.
Netherlands, United Arab cycle race. -PNA however, remains an elusive goal for most organization. One of the important challenges of innovation
Emirates, Spain, France, To become an educator demands a great task. She has a formulation is to thoroughly understand the markets you
England and Australia. The CAM. NORTE . . . mission to accomplish, she must have an understanding serve and the needs and desire of you learner. Every
heart and love for children, she must be cheerful in teacher must know the characteristics of every learner;
local teams will be Road Bike Bicol region had registered a
teaching as well as disciplinarian and she must always be she will realize that they are dealing with the unique
Philippines, Team Kopiko total of 422 cases, a 74% rise
willing to teach, For teaching is not only a profession but and frail individuals. Indeed in the teachers hand lies
Cebu and the Philippine Na- compared to the previous year a vocation. Teachers engaged themselves in a battle, the future of the learners, If we have the president,
tional Team, he added. which the Department Health she must equip herself with all information of her task legislators, doctors, engineers and all kinds of careers
Rosal said in Legazpi described as alarming. and must keep striving to become resilient in teaching and profession, it is because there were committed,
City, the bikers will start Last December 1 during lest she may quit and drop her noble calling. dedicated, and determined teachers who stimulated
their race from the Citys the World AIDS Day, the Ca- There are two important figures in the classroom, the the minds and inculcated the thoughts and challenged
Southern Boulevard in Ba- marines Norte PHO conduct- teachers and the learners meaning, learning is a two the young minds of their learners. Teacher wants the
rangay Puro before going to ed awareness campaigns on way process, teachers may learn from her pupils and learners to excel in their God given talents and abilities
Albays various towns and the disease in schools in the vice versa. But every activity should begin first with a thats why teachers are doing their best to become the
returning to the Boulevard to province. -Frank Penones Jr. vision, a purpose, goals and objectives these dreams strong motivational factors of learning.
Presidential Task Force CARD Bank opens 8th
on Media Killings branch in Mindanao

Media players, particu-
larly from the ranks of the
lence of the rights to life, liber-
ty and security of media work-
FOMS regularly monitors and
updates its inventory of media
Publishers Association of ers. The task force is chaired killing incidents under five cat-
the Philippines Inc. (PAPI), by Justice Secretary Aguirre egories unsolved cases, cases
have hailed the recent ap- and co-chaired by PCOO Sec. under investigation, cases un-
proval by Justice Secretary Martin Andanar, Its members der preliminary investigation,
Vitaliano Aguirre of the Im- include the DILG and DND cases on trial, and cases under
plementing Guidelines for secretaries, Solicitor General, appeal.
Malacanangs Administra- AFP Chief of Staff, PNP Di- PAPI incumbent president
tive Order No. 1 (AO1) cre- rector General, NBI Director Nelson Santos, former presi-
ating the Presidential Task and the Executive Director of dents Luis Arriola and Juan
Force on Media Security the Presidential Human Rights Dayang and former executive CARD Bank, Inc., a mi- Buhangin, Matina in Davao Furthermore, CARD MBA,
(PTFOMS). Committee. vice president Johnny Nunez crofinance-oriented rural City and recently in Kabacan, the insurance arm of CARD
Signed and issued by Presi- Its working Secretariat is warmly lauded the approval bank and a member insti- North Cotabato. It plans to MRI is doing partnership
dent Rodrigo Duterte immedi- headed by Undersecretary/ by Justice Secretary Aguirre tution of CARD Mutually open three more branches in with different memorial in-
ately after he assumed office, Executive Director Joel Egco, of the PTFOMS implementing Reinforcing Institutions Nabunturan, Midsayap, and stitutions to provide memo-
the order was in response to a former president of the Na- guidelines and said Filipinos in (CARD MRI), a socio-de- Malita in Mindanao in the first rial plans for member-bor-
Human Rights Watch World tional Press Club, and chief of general eagerly await the even- velopment organization, quarter of 2017. rowers.
Report that the Philippines reporters of the Manila Times tual mobilization of the PT- expands its banking ser- CARD MRI provides The executive and man-
remains one of the most dan- who hails from Gapan City in FOMS and its operating units vices to more families as it more than just financial ser- agement committees of
gerous places in the world for Nueva Ecija. at all levels to seriously address opens its 79th branch. vices. We also have programs CARD Bank and other in-
journalists, and that extraju- Media leaders from PAPI, the continuing violence against The Kidapawan City, on health, livelihood, and edu- stitutions of CARD MRI as
dicial killings and enforced National Press Club, National working journalists who are North Cotabato branch is cation. We also co-invested in well as its members from
disappearances remain a seri- Union of Journalists in the merely doing their jobs to help the 8th in Mindanao. CARD a hospital in Tayabas, Que- Kidapawan attended the
ous problem and rarely result Philippines, Philippines Press develop a well informed citi- Bank opened its first Mind- zon, Marivic Austria, CARD bank opening.
in successful prosecution and Institute and Kapisanan ng zenry. anao branch in Magallanes, Bank president and CEO, said As of December 2016,
punishment of perpetrators. mga Brodkaster sa Pilipinas, They stress the position of Davao City in October 2007. during the opening. We are CARD Bank is serving al-
PTFOMS is specifically UNESCO that the safety of Additional branches were expanding because we want most 2-Million clients na-
who sit as PTFOMS observers
tasked to monitor and ensure journalists and the prosecution also inaugurated in Tagum to reach more Filipinos and tionwide. It is also a BSP
and resource persons, actively
the speedy resolution of extra and punishment of those who and Malalag in Davao del provide them the services hall of fame awardee for fi-
participated in the formulation
kill members of the media are Norte, Mati, Davao Oriental, that they need, she added. nancial inclusion.
judicial killings, enforced or of the task forces implement-
involuntary disappearances, essential to preserve the funda-

Red Cross in Buhi

ing guidelines.
torture and other grave vio- Through its Secretariat, PT- mental right to freedom of ex-
pression, guaranteed by Article
19 of the Universal Declaration
of Human Rights.
The Philippines is a signa- By ANA-LIZA S. perturbed on the side of the marines Sur, team from PRC
tory to various treaties, includ- MACATANGAY road - a testimony of how they Manila headquarters, and
ing the International Covenant were badly beaten by so far the members of the media trooped
BUHI, Camarines Sur --- strongest storm that touched at the municipality of Sangay
on Civil and Political Rights
Always first, always ready, the Camarines grounds. to distribute the relief packs to
and the Convention against
always there, so goes the PRC Camarines Sur wasted 314 identified beneficiaries.
Torture and Other Cruel, Inhu- no time and with a truck loaded Mayor Evelyn B. Fuent-
philosophy that embodies the
man or Degrading Treatment very existence of the Philip- with blanket, treated mosquito ebella warmly welcomed the
or Punishment, which recog- pine Red Cross (PRC), serv- nets, trapal or tarpaulin, mats, group and thanked PRC for
nize every persons inherent ing the less fortunate particu- 10-liter collapsible jerry cans, extending their help to her con-
right to life: that no one shall larly during the most trying hygiene kit from Australian stituents.
be arbitrarily deprived of life, times. Red Cross, immediately co- After typhoon Nina made
that no one shall be subjected Weeks after Typhoon Nina ordinated with the local gov- its second landfall here, we
to torture, or to cruel, inhu- devastated the province of Ca- ernment units of affected mu- knew that many of our con-
CEPPIO man or degrading treatment or marines, many houses in the nicipalities and sent out the stituents will be affected know-
In celebration of the Chinese New Year, two cute dragons punishment, and that everyone provincial outskirts still remain non-food items to household ing very well that there are still
entertained the overjoyed City Hall employees with their lively shall have the right to freedoms unfixed, electrical wires still heads whose houses were to- many families who are staying
Dragon Dance. Time to welcome the year of the rooster with a of opinion and expression. freely dangle from its posts, tally toppled by typhoon Nina. in vulnerable areas. Food items
bang! Happy Chinese New Year! and fallen trees seemingly un- Early this month, PRC Ca- (Turn to page 6)

Noted poet dares writers in Pagsurat Bikol 5

NABUA, CAM. SUR.- the Keynote Speaker of the Borrowing Italo Calvinos and interior life to enflesh Literary Arts represented in lagdan, Estelito Jacob,
A noted English poet and quad-annual gathering of Six Memos for the Millenni- the soul of the people. the region by Frank Penones who recently launched his
translator has urged lo- Bikol writers which was first um, he suggested similar six More than 200 teacher Jr. new poetry collection, Ma-
cal writers to take care of held in 2000 in Legazpi City. ways of making the language and student participants at- During the one-day af- talasay an Dila; Carlo Are-
their language in the Pag- Kilates, South East Asian grow, including writing the tended the gathering who fair, three new books were jola, Adrian Remodo, Roe
surat Bikol 5 held at the WRITE Awardee and recipi- Bikol ortography, unify- were warmly welcomed by launched, Girok, a multi- Jalimao, Paolo Sumayao,
Camarines Sur Polytech- ent of so many other recog- ing its lexicon, engaging in the CSPC President Dulce F. genre collection of Bicol Rizaldy Manrique, Jerome
nic College (CSPC) here nitions like the Palanca for translation, using it to bridge Atian whose school was the erotic poetry, fiction, film and Hipolito who was the Proj-
over the weekend. his poetry, said taking care the gap between the humani- conduit of the project funded art; Daing Linaw an Hinaw, a ect Coordinator; Elbert
Taking care means to of the language doesnt mean ties and the sciences, as well by the National Commis- fiction collection of KABU- Baeta, Irvin Sto. Tomas,
build the language, said making it pure and protect- as linking through language sion for Culture and the Arts LIG president Marissa Red- Jay and Ahj Salvosa, Ho-
Marne Kilates who was ed from outside influences. what he calls the exterior through the Committee on burgn, and Diyos Makina by nesto Pesimo Jr., Julius Bu-
Albay poet Raffi Banzuela. lahan, women writers like
The Ateneo de Naga Univer- Irmina Torres, Eden Velar-
sity Press also sold several de, De La Salle University
titles it had printed, as well professor Jazmin Llana,
as chapbooks and privately- the founder of the Pagsu-
published books in Bicol. rat Bikol when she was
Some of the writers who still head of the Center for
attended included Cong. Culture and the Arts of the
Gabby Bordado, Dr. Paz Aquinas University; tigsik
Verdades Santos, Canada- Queen Aida Cirujales, Ahj
based Godi Calleja, Kris- Eufracio, Bernadette de
tian Cordero, Tito Valiente, los Santos, Dr. Mary Jane
BIKOL WRITERS MEET CONG. GABBY BORDADO Fr. Wilmer Tria, Atty. Luis Guanzon Uy, Eilyn Nidea,
Bicolano writers from all over the country and outside attended the Pagsurat Bikol 5 held at the Camarines Sur Polytechnic Ruben General, Jose Perez, Maria Leny Felix, and Sa-
College in Nabua, Camarines Sur and funded by the National Commission on Culture and the Arts. Victor Nierva, Jimpol Bor- bina Lanada.


days. According to Arnel Gar- Emegrency Brigada Eskwela and
cia, regional director of DSWD- is, so far, the best practice or ini-
Bicol, provision of food packs is tiative in the region since typhoon
an expression of support for the Reming back in 2006.


Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the
compulsory heirs and the legitimate children of the late JUAN
ROBREDO who died intestate on January 18, 2005 at Naga
City, with no known debts and without any will, left a cer-
tain real property with TCT NO. 96-025-0871; that the par-
ties agree to divide and adjudicate among themselves the
described property pro indiviso or in equal sharing; that for
and in consideration of the sum of TWO MILLION PESOS
(P2,000,000.00) receipt of which is hereby acknowledged
, the parties do hereby SELL, TRANSFER and CONVEY,
SIX (76,796) square meters of said property unto AMY C.
GARCIA, all the rights, interest and participation over the de-
scribed parcel of land; as acknowledged before Notary Pub-
lic Atty. Veronica A. Avila, Doc.No. 208, Page No. 30, Book
XVI, Series of 2017.
Published: January 29; February 5 & 12, 2017



Notice is hereby that the named parties are the only

surviving heirs of the late ESMELA B. FRANCIA who died
on July 23, 2016 in Sabang, San Jose, Camarines Sur; that
the decedent left at the time of her death her UCPB Savings
The Tomasinong Bikolano (TOMBIK) in cooperation with the UST Medicine Batch 86 conducted Relief Operation deposit and her benefits as member of PPSTA MAS; that
for typhoon Nina victims including Children Feeding in Barangay San Ramon, in the Parish of Sts. Philip & James said decedent died without any debt; that availing of the
under fellow Tomasino parish priest, Fr. Anthony Imperial, in Lagonoy town, January 14, this year. provision of Section 1, Rule 74 of the Revised Rules of
Above photo shows TOMBIK president Dr. Marimil Bombase and immediate past president Fr. Rex Andrew Court hereby adjudicate unto themselves the said property
Alarcon (partly covered) leading the distribution of relief goods, vitamins, slippers and blankets to the recipients. in EQUAL SHARE; that said Heirs do hereby name, appoint
In upper photo is the UST medicine Batch 86 member Dr. Ed Tanhuri (who came all the way from Texas, USA) and constitute MICHELLE GRACE F. SAN JOSE to be
with classmate Dr. Rollo Milante, Tomasinong Bikolano Director for Bicol, distributing trapals to typhoon victims, their Attorney-in-Fact to do and perform specific tasks ; as
acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Gil Pacamarra, Doc.
while Fr. Alarcon looks on.
No. 500, Page No. 100, Book No. 031, Series of 2016.
At bottom picture are the participating Tomasinos posing for a souvenir photo with barangay and pastoral council
leaders led by P/Bgy. Jocelyn Tejares seated 4th from left, to her left are Dr. Bombase, Fr. Imperial, and Fr. Alarcon. BIKOL REPORTER
Standing (L-R) are Cla Llorin, Dr. Jhingbee Velasquez, Dr. Che Castro, Fr. Bernard Lagatic, Tony Amparado, Published: January 29; February 5 & 12, 2017
Roselyn and JM de la Rosa.

Palmes said some 12 samples nation. were our immediate response ry cans, 2 tarps, 2 blankets, 2 Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the sole
collected from the different When water samples from and now, it is just timely that mosquito nets and 1 hygiene kit and legitimate children of the late RICARDO G. PALANCA
water sources at the Virac these refilling stations turned these non-food items that PRC were extended to a total of 244 and CONCHITA FORTUNO PALANCA who died on June
District Jail and in two positive from ecoli, their had given us will be used by af- families from Barangays Vil- 14, 2001 and August 11, 2013, respectively; without will or
villages with diarrhea cases pipelines were still busted by fected families to rebuild their laflorida, Guinaban, San Jose testament nor any outstanding debts, left a 2 parcels of land
had tested positive for fecal Typhoon Nina. But in the suc- homes. Oras and Sto.Nino in Ocampo, located at Santiago, Bato, Camarines Sur, with TCT NO.
contamination. ceeding three tests after the On January 14, PRC mem- Camarines Sur. There were 32976 and TCT NO. 32977; that pursuant to Sec. 1, Rule
Water samples collected lines were already repaired, bers of the board of directors, also 155 household beneficia- 74, of the Revised Rules of Court, the parties of legal age
from some faucets of the Vi- set foot at the municipality of ries from Sta. Rosa Del Sur, in and with full capacity to contract adjudicate the described
the samples were found nega-
rac Water District, a barangay Buhi to again distribute non Pasacao who received the same property in EQUAL SHARE; that for and in consideration
tive already of e-coli contami- of the sum of Seven Hundred Forty Thousand pesos
waterworks system, and shal- nation, Ramirez said. food items to 196 households items.
low and deep wells were found coming from Barangay Igbak In partnership with the 9th (P740,000.00), receipt of which hereby acknowledged by the
Catanduanes Governor Jo- parties, in hand paid by the Holy Trinity College of Camarines
with fecal coliforms above safe and food items comprised of ID Press Corps, the 9th ID,
seph Cua had earlier asked Sur, Inc., the vendors ROBERTO F. PALANCA ET. AL. do
levels. rice, noodles and sardines to Philippine Information Agency
Health Secretary Paulyn Jean hereby SELL, CEDE, TRANSFER & CONVEY absolutely
Meanwhile, Engineer Con- 239 families from Barangay (PIA) Camarines Sur Provin-
Ubial to help them set up unto HOLY TRINITY COLLEGES OF CAMARINES SUR,
nie Ramirez, DOH-Bicol Ibayugan, Buhi. cial Office and other private
sources of safe and potable INC., their heirs, successors and assigns, the described
in-charge of refilling station Other relief operations institutions, PRC Camarines real property; as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty.
inspection, said that the two water in the typhoon-affected were conducted at Barangays Sur shared 20 sacks of used
communities to prevent a pos- AldricoAbao, Doc. No. 1081, Page No. 106, Book No. XXVI,
refilling outlets found posi- Tagpolo and Bacolod, both of clothing, 200 pairs of Skono Series of 2016.
tive with e-coli, already turned sible diarrhea outbreak. Bato, Camarines Sur with 168 rubber shoes and 200 pairs
negative of the bacteria in re- He asked for mobile filtra- and 166 household beneficia- of doll shoes to children/teen BIKOL REPORTER
cent tests. tion machines that could pro- ries respectively. Food packs beneciaries. Published: January 29; February 5 & 12, 2017
She said they subjected the duce some 5,000 liters of po- were also delivered at Baran-
water samples from these re- table water daily. gay Cabungan in Balatan with
filling stations to at least three Diarrhea cases were report- 205 household beneficiaries.
tests that all turned negative al-
ready from the ecoli contami-
ed to have hit Catanduanes as
early as November last year.
Recipient of non -food
items which consists of 2 jer- Message of Thanks
We, the bereaved family of the late

PAGLINAWAN who passed away in the Grace of our Lord
on January 22, 2017 at the age of 57

wish to express our deepest gratitude to all who offered masses

and prayers, sent flowers, gifts and messages of sympathy, and
extended their loving support during our time of bereavement.

Your dear friendship and fond memories of Pete

are greatly appreciated.
From: Mommy Ellen
Daughters: Nene and Baby
Son: Boboy and wife - Christy,
Granddaughter - Citi
Good governance
advocates formed

LEGAZPI CITY --- A MASA-MASID teams in their

top official of the Depart- barangays since the project is
ment of Interior and Local not limited to illegal drugs
Government (DILG) Bi- alone, Tango said.
col said the agency is now She said priority is only
forming Mamamayan Ayaw given to the 1,114 barangays.
sa Anomalya, Mamamayan In Catanduanes, MASA-
Ayaw sa Droga (MASA- MASID teams have been
MASID) teams in over one formed in 148 barangays:
thousand barangays or one with 31 in Viga, 62 in Virac,
third of the total number 5 in San Miguel, 27 in Bato
of barangays in the region and 23
which have been affected by In Camarines Sur, teams ENERGY READY STUDENTS
the illegal drug program. have been organized in 78 DOE-Consumer Welfare and Promotion Office staff led by Helen B. Arias with Engr. Arlyb Joy R. Pestana and Engr. Pia Louren
Grace Joy Tango, informa- barangays with an orientation C. Gatinga from the DOE-Energy Resource Development Bureau; Engr. Eduardo B. Fernandez of the DOE-Electric Power
tion officer of DILG-Bicol, already held in 27 barangays. Industry Management Bureau and Engr. Martha Isabel S. Dealino and Engr. Katrina Mae S. Royo from the Manila Electric
said the program, which en- Tango said individuals Company as guest resource persons pose after the ENEReady: A Career Talk on Breaking Gender Stereotypes in the Energy
Workforce last 24 November in Fort Bonifacio High School, Makati City.
courages volunteers to fight who want to volunteer will
crimes at the barangay (vil-
lage) level, targets to imple-
ment the MASA-MASID
undergo screening to be con-
ducted by the Ugnayan ng Ba-
rangay at Simbahan (UBAS),
DOE pushes for Energy Conservation
program in 1,114 out of 3,471 a technical working group that Taguig City ---As part of Pitogo, San Jose, and Nemesio electricity supply chain, in- as to the roles of women and
barangays in the entire Bicol monitors the delivery of ser- its mission to empower energy Yabut Elementary Schools in cluding fundamental electricity men as perceived or dictated by
region. vices while promoting good consumers, the Department Makati City attended lectures concepts and a laboratory tour society.
She said the barangays governance, transparency and of Energy (DOE) headed by and performed Science experi- at the DOE-Lighting and Appli- More than 400 Grade 10 pu-
were selected in terms of the inter-faith participation at the Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi en- ments at the DOE Central Of- ance Testing Laboratory. pils benefited from this activity
degree in which they were grassroots level. joins the academe to inculcate fice in Taguig City. Meanwhile, as part of the through interactive and experi-
the value of energy saving to The sessions were capped agencys efforts to mainstream ential learning with the female
affected by the proliferation UBAS also aims to de-
their students. by the kids Pledge of Com- Gender and Development energy experts who shared their
of the illegal drug problem velop barangays as centers of We are here to guide our mitment to be Energy Cost (GAD) in the energy sector actual experiences, including
as reported by the Philippine development by empowering younger generation who will be Busters by practicing energy programs, activities, and proj- the challenges they hurdled in
National Police (PNP). citizens into good governance the ones running not only the efficiency and conservation ects, the EnerREADY Project order to achieve their career
The program encourages advocates while strengthen- energy sector, but the nation as measures in their own homes. was pursued by the DOE-CW- goals.
support from the grassroots ing cooperation between the well, Cusi said. Among those who partici- PO on-site in the following With the continuing Con-
to the regional level to fight barangay, church and govern- Supplementing the learn- pated in the DOE program were schools in Taguig and Makati sumer Education Program of
corruption, criminality and il- ment for the effective deliv- ing process of the students students from the College of City: Bangkal High School, the CWPO, public elementary,
legal drugs, said Tango. ery of social services, said by exposing them to a real- Computer Engineering & Com- Fort Bonifacio High School, high school, and college institu-
world working environment munication and Engineering, Bagumbayan National High tions interested in visiting the
She said DILG will not Tango.
helps arouse their interest and STI Global City; College of School and Gen. Pio del Pilar agency located at the Energy
engage in recruiting volun- The MASA-MASID pro- unleashes their potentials to Technology students and se- National High School. Center, Rizal Drive cor. 34th
teers to the program but will gram was among the topics become future scientists, engi- nior high school students from EnerREADY is a Career Street, Bonifacio Global City,
encourage the people in the included in the first regular neers or energy experts, Cusi the University of Makati and Talk that aims to promote gen- Taguig, Metro Manila, can get
barangays to volunteer. meeting of the Regional Peace explained. Electrical Engineering students der equality in the energy sector, in touch with Ms. Helen B.
Tango identified three im- and Order Council (RPOC) In the second half of 2016 from the Technological Univer- encouraging young students to Arias, Chief of the CWPO at
plementation strategies of the that was convened last Mon- alone, the DOEs Consumer sity of the Philippines, Taguig pursue technical careers based telefax no. (02) 840-22-67 or
program: demand reduction day by Legazpi City Mayor Welfare and Promotion Office Campus. on their interest, passion, and trunkline no. 4 79-2900 local
through advocacy and educa- Noel E. Rosal, who was new- (CWPO) facilitated the conduct More than 200 students strength in technical subjects 329; email at energycwpo@
tion campaigns; supply re- ly appointed to the post by of 11 half-day consumer work- were given an overview of the and not on gender stereotyping gmail.com.
shops dubbed as EnerSmart
duction through information President Rodrigo Duterte.
Kids Program and EnerREADY
gathering and reporting; and During the RPOC meeting, Project attended by various stu-
community-based rehabilita- authorities underscored prob- dents in Metro Manila.
tion. lems on the aspect of rehabili- For the EnerSmart Kids
She said in the demand re- tation and treatment of thou- Program, a total of 200 Grades
duction stage, volunteers will sands of drug surrenderers. 4, 5 & 6 from South CEMBO,
inform, educate and dissemi-
nate information to fellow
villagers on the ill effects of VACATION LOTS FOR SALE
illegal drugs, criminality and
"This is not only about il- HOMES ARE NOW ON SALE. LOCATED
team can report any barangay CAROLINA, NAGA CITY TOWARD MT.
official who is corrupt or in-
volved in any anomaly, said
She added volunteers can
also report on criminals hid- LOTS MEASURE 700 SQ.M. EACH. YOU
ing in the locality. CAN HAVE AMPLE AREA FOR ORCHARD,
Tango said during the sup- FLOWER/VEGETABLE GARDEN OR
ply reduction stage, which is a BACKYARD POULTRY.
more sensitive stage, the vol-
unteers are tasked to gather CALL TONY ACYATAN (CP 0917 852 7391)
information and report to au- FOR DETAILS & DISCOUNTS.
thorities the information they
have gathered.
They will be the ears and
eyes of the government, she
Meanwhile, the communi-
ty-based rehabilitation stage
consists of a 48-week pro-
gram designed by the DILG
for the light to moderate
drug surrenderers.
The program consists of
a series of activities that will
be facilitated by medical pro-
fessionals, religious or faith-
based organizations in their
respective cities or munici-
We are not discouraging
other barangays from creating

The Nephro Group of Dialysis Centers, in a joint venture project with the City Government Ceremony & Inauguration recently at the City Health Building. Nephro Synergies Inc. is
of Naga, proudly opened the new Naga City Dialysis Center during the Ribbon Cutting one of the fastest growing operating free-standing dialysis clinics in the country.

More Post-Nina Dehydration claims

farmers life

efforts in Bicol
LEGAZPI CITY --- Health authorities, who made
followup investigations of the lone post-typhoon Nina fa-
tality, had confirmed that the 36-year-old farmer of Ba-
By JULIUS EMBILE rangay Sto. Nino in Virac, Catanduanes died of severe
of the region SIGNED a marines Sur and Catanduanes. call for an Emergency Brigada dehydration due to diarrhea, and not cholera as earlier
Memorandum of Agreement To some schools, like those in Eskwela wherein communities
LEGAZPI CITY --- With reported in the media.
(MOA) for the rehabilitation the towns of Tiwi and Polangui are asked to participate on the
tropical storm Nina leaving France Genorga, food and water-borne diseases program
of schools affected by the said in Albay, suspension of classes cleaning and rehabilitation of
behind scores of heavily dam- coordinator of the Department of Health (DOH) in Bicol, said
typhoon. subsisted even weeks after the schools before classes resumed.
aged or totally demolished they conducted a revalidation following persistent reports in
Based on the report present- storms passage due to the de- Under the said MOA which
school facilities in the Bicol the local and national media that the farmer died of cholera
ed by DepEd earlier this month, gree of damage that was sus- was signed last January 10,
region, the Department of and that this disease was fast spreading out in the typhoon-hit
typhoon Ninas strong winds af- tained by the facilities. DepEd, DSWD, and Funda-
Education (DepEd) and the villages of Catanduanes where Nina made its first landfall on
fected a total of 788 schools in This prompted DepEd-Bi- cion Educacion Y Cooperacion
Department of Social Welfare Christmas Day.
the region, most of which are cols leadership, under regional (EDUCO) are to initiate a proj-
and Development (DSWD) Catanduanes Health Officer Dr. Hazel Palmes confirmed
in the provinces of Albay, Ca- director Ramon Fiel Abcede, to ect, dubbed Food for Work. that the dead, whose name was withheld, had been diagnosed
In this program, victims of the with acute gastroenteritis with severe dehydration.
recent tropical storm encour- She said a fecal sample of the victim showed he was in-
aged to become community vol- fected by Entamoeba Hystolica, a kind of bacteria, after
unteers who will be given food reportedly drinking water from Inagasan Falls, a few meters
while taking part of in the clear- away from Barangay Sto. Nino in Virac town.
ing and rehabilitation efforts in Quoting reports from a DOH-Bicol inspection team,
(Turn to page 6)
RD Abcede stressed that
the Food for Work program
is of great importance to the
beneficiaries and volunteers as
they themselves were victims of
the typhoon. The program also
looks to boost the communities
participation on the Emergency
Brigada Eskwela.
The regional director also
noted that typhoons bring eco-
nomic and livelihood decline,
which results to a drop of learn-
ers attendance in schools as
children would tend to help their
parents secure the needs of their
family. The goal of the program,
according to DepEd, is to pro-
vide intervention efforts aimed
at reducing the absenteeism and
drop-out rate of students, while
reinforcing the livelihood ef-
forts in the community.
For DSWDs part in the
"Food for Work" program,
the department has distributed
13,620 food packs to volun-
teers in various municipalities
in Albay, Camarines Sur, Cat-
anduanes, Sorsogon and Mas-
The City Government of Naga entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), together bate. As of last week, DSWDs
with the GIZ Urban Nexus and the ICLEI-SEAS, in continuing to expand their cooperation food pack contribution totaled
in the implementation of city projects which focuses on the topics of secure water supply to about Php 3.7 million, while
and sanitation systems, energy security and efficiency, land use, physical planning and food Php 1.7 million more was con- NEW MICRO CHIP ATM JMTS/DANREY/RBMJR/MMEC
Camarines Sur Gov. Migz Villafuerte has allowed the
security. tributed by EDUCO. Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) with assistance
The GIZ has been a partner of Naga since the implementation of the Urban Nexus Phase I Every food pack that was from the Human Resource Management Office (HRMO) to
from 2013- 2016, where the Phase II project will be built on from 2016 until 2018, as signed in given to volunteers contained conduct mass replacement of ATM cards of Capitol employees
the MoU. canned goods, rice an instant in compliance of a directive from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
The parties will further be seeking to integrate the Nexus innovations in the urban planning coffee which can last for two (BSP) to safeguard ATMs by embedding microchip memories
and project development takes of the city. (Turn to page 6) to prevent its hacking by unscrupulous elements.