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Business Plan


Pastry Menu

Mixed Fruit Tart Rs.180

Pastry crust coated with chocolate, filled with rum-flavored
custard cream and topped with assorted fresh fruits.

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake Rs.200

Chocolate Mousse and puree of raspberry between chocolate
sponge cake covered with dark chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Mousse Cake Rs.220

Chocolate Mousse layered between chocolate sponge cake
dabbed with Grand Marnier liqueur, frosted with chocolate
mousse and covered with dark chocolate shavings.

Chocolate Mousse Cup Rs.175

Chocolate Cup shell filled with chocolate mousse, topped with
chocolate shavings and a fresh strawberry.

Cheese Cake Rs.200

Traditional moist cheese cake decorated with fresh fruit.

Strawberry Tart Rs.180

Pastry crust coated with chocolate, filled with strawberry-flavored
custard cream and topped with fresh strawberries.

Tiramisu Rs.185
Layers of sponge cake and Marscapone cheese dabbed
with expresso coffee, covered with buttercream frosting and
dusted with cocoa powder.

Pralinsko Rs.220
Dark, moist chocolate cake filled with creamy hazelnut-flavored mousse.

clair Rs.180
Traditional eclair filled with chocolate mousse, vanilla or coffee cream.

Napoleon Rs.200
Layers of thin, crisp pastry and rum-flavored custard cream.

Carrot Cake Rs.185

Traditional moist carrot cake with cream cheese filling.

Black Forest Cake Rs.220

Moist dark chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse and cherries.

Business Plan


Coffee Menu
Brewed Coffee Flavors

Coffee Mugs Blend Rs. 120 Regular Flavor

House gourmet blend in full city roast. Caramel Rs.40
French Roast Rs.140 Hazelnut Rs.40

A blend in a darker, French roast Irish Cream Rs. 40

Coffee Mugs Decaf Rs.120 Raspberry Rs. 50
Gourmet swiss water process decaf blend Toffee Nut Rs.50
Flavor of the Day Rs.140 Vanilla Rs.50
Gourmet flavored coffee Sugar Free Flavors
Coffee Mugs Shooter Rs.145 Caramel Rs.50
Brewed coffee with espresso Hazelnut Rs.50
Caf au Lait Rs. 140 Vanilla Rs.50
Brewed coffee with steamed milk

Espresso Drinks Other Drinks

Espresso Rs. 160 Hot Chocolate Rs. 160

Freshly pulled golden honey Chocolate and steamed
Latte Rs. 185 milk, topped with whipped cream
Espresso with steamed milk Chai Tea Rs.125
and a touch of froth Exotically spiced black tea with
Mocha Rs. 180 steamed milk
Same as Latte except with chocolate Hot Tea Rs.120
White Mocha Rs. 190 Premium loose leaf green, white and red teas
Same as Mocha except we use available
white chocolate Iced Tea Rs.180
Cappuccino Rs.200 Fresh brewed with ice
Espresso with lots of frothy milk Steamer Rs.200
a little steamed milk topped with Steamed milk with flavoring,
whipped cream topped with whipped cream
Americano Rs.200 Soft Drinks Rs. 30
Espresso with water Juices Rs. 80
Breve Rs.220
Same as Latte except we use half
and half instead of milk
Candy Bar Drink Rs.240
Snickers, Almond Joy ... you name
it, with whipped cream