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1 Complete the phrases with the words in the list.
football | the news |photos| a bike | a club | computer games
0 playing football 2 joining 4 riding
1 playing 3 watching 5 taking

2 Complete the sentences with at, in or on.
0 My music lesson is at five oclock. 3 Do you get up late Sunday mornings?
1 My birthday is 4 November. 4 I never do my homework night.
2 I dont like going to bed late the evening. 5 The days are very long summer.

3 Complete the sentences. Use the present simple of the verbs.
0 Julia enjoys (enjoy) doing sports. 3 Tony (tidy) his room every morning.
1 My father (watch) the news every night. 4 My friends (play) football with me.
2 My grandfather and I (go) for a walk on 5 School (start) at nine oclock.

4 Write the sentences from Exercise 3 in the negative form of the present simple.
0 Julia doesnt enjoy doing sports. 3
1 4
2 5

5 Write the questions. Then write the short answers with yes or no.
0 you / play computer games (yes) Do you play computer games? Yes, I do.
1 you / go out with your friends / at the weekend (no)
2 your dad / collect bottle tops (yes)
3 Tessa / play rugby / on Saturdays (no)
4 your teachers / use a whiteboard / in class (yes)
5 your mum / watch football matches (no)

6 Circle the correct words.
0 I watch usually / usually watch TV in the evening. 3 My friends occasionally do / do occasionally
1 We rarely are / are rarely bored at weekends. homework with me.
2 Sarah always enjoys / enjoys always playing the piano. 4 My dad is never / never is late for work.
5 How often do / do often you go to the cinema?


Think Level 1 Test 1 PHOTOCOPIABLE Cambridge University Press 2015

7 Rewrite the sentences with the adverbs. Sometimes more than one answer is correct.
0 I do the housework. (sometimes) I sometimes do the housework.
Sometimes I do the housework.
1 Julia rides her horse. (every Sunday)
2 I collect stamps. (never)
3 Tom is on his own. (often)
4 I go to the gym. (twice a week)
5 I have English classes. (every day)

8 Complete the sentences. Use the words in thelist.
play | relax |watching|no|how|like|doesnt|writes|dont|does|times|do
0 A Why do you play the piano?
B It helps me to relax .
1 A often do you play football after school?
B I play football three a week.
2 A your brothers study French at school?
B No, they .
3 A Do you writing blogs?
B , I hate it.
4 A Julia usually talk with her friends on the phone?
B No. She always emails to them.
5 A Do you like films on your computer?
B Yes, I .

9 Match the sentences.
0 f Kens tired. Hes a have a shower.
1 Barbara is smiling. Shes b having a problem.
2 I love dancing and I always c having a good time.
3 Ive got a pizza. Lets d have dinner.
4 The childrens legs are dirty. They need to e have fun.
5 This homework is really difficult. Im f having a rest.

Write sentences so they are true for you. Use like, hate, enjoy or cant stand.
0 (do homework) I like doing homework.
1 (invent) games
2 (have) parties
3 (swim)
4 (eat) sandwiches
5 (give) my brain exercise



Think Level 1 Test 1 PHOTOCOPIABLE Cambridge University Press 2015