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Mn: Ting Anh

TRNG TH H v tn:


CURIE Lp: 5.

Hc sinh lm bi vo kim tra

Fill in the blank with ONE word
One day in April last year, a (1) landed in a field. It was
only four oclock in the morning but the noise and the lights (2)
Jake up. He looked out of his bedroom window.
There was a (3) object, like a round ship, in the field
behind his house. A door opened at the bottom of it and some people started
walking out into the (4)
They had large heads and small (5) and they (6)
all green. Jake watched with his mouth open. Am I
dreaming? he (7) Who are those people? Where are
they from? What language do they speak? he wanted to ask them. This was
more (8) than any dream.
He put on his jeans and a T-shirt, went (9) and opened the
front door. His mom and dad (10) still in bed

Give the correct forms of the verbs in brackets
1. My head hurts too much. Sit down and I (get) .. you an
2. Did you phone Maria? Im sorry. I completely forgot. I (do) ..
it right now.
3. Its four oclock now. We (miss) .. the flight.
4. What are your plans for the holidays?
I (visit) .. my parents for a few days.
5. Would you like to come to my house for dinner and talk about this?
Good idea. I (bring) .. some wine.


I Circle the best answers to each question
1. Nam and his brother going to have a picnic.
A. is B. am C. are D. was
2. We are going to visit Ha Long two days.
A. on B. for C. with D.
3. Mr. Smith gets up at 7 oclock and eats
A. big breakfast B. the big breakfast C. a big breakfast
D. a breakfast big
4. going to the Festival in Da Nang? Thats a good idea.
A. Would we like to B. What do we do C. Are we going to D.
What about

5. What did Mr. Johns daughter ? She drew a picture of landscape.

A. drawn B. drew C. draw D. draws
II Fill in the blank with ONE suitable word
1. Which games and sports students play at the festival last
Monday? Football, chess, and hide-and-seek.
2. A person who goes to outer space is an
3. She listens to music her free time.
4. What part of country are you ?
5. How does he go to the table-tennis club? Once a week.
III Reorder the words and phrases to make meaningful sentences
1. shop / you buy / What did / at the souvenir / yesterday?

2. Thanh Giong do / was broken? / when his rod / did / What

3. How / Da Nang tomorrow? / travel to / going to / are you

4. last week. / bought / My parents / for me / a dictionary

5. go on / next summer. / Ba and / vacation / his family will

- The end -