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Chapter 4: Working with Queries

Lesson Plan
Methodology to start with the
Pre-Requisite chapter Teaching
Objectives Topics to be Covered Outcome
knowledge Aids

To explore Students Students will be provided Students will explore Planed Students will be
about the should with the table containing field feature: Activity able to group, sort
advanced have a basic and data and will be asked Queries Exercise and filter the data
features of understanding various questions based on in an organized
Relationship Worksheet
Microsoft of using MS the database. The students manner using MS
between Tables and Projector
Access 2007 Access 2007. will thus be exploring various Access feature
known as answers to the question asked Laptop and thus solve
Queries. by the facilitator such as find the Sorting and various problems
A4 Sheet
students who have received the Filtering by applying
marks more than 95. Find the Queries on the data
Computers & Applications

number of male students in the or on the table.

class etc. thus by introducing independently.
them to the chapter.
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