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au Tel: 03 9670 8868; 0425 465 522 Address: Level 2, 388 Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Repeat Sentence Question Bank

Official Guide
(Lauren Kennedy, 2012)

1. Professor Smith will be late for todays lecture.

2. The circulation desk is located on the ground floor.
3. Tutorials are held for two hours, every Thursday, during semester.
4. International students can get help with locating housing near the university.
5. The student welfare officer can help with questions about exam techniques.
6. Most students were not able to attend Professor Greens seminar.
7. Some of the references in the essay were old and out-of-date.
8. We will divide the class into three discussion groups.
9. Every student in the class passed the exam without trouble.
10. There is more detail in the table on page five.
11. You can get to the college by bus, train or car.
12. We should divide the assignment into three parts and work together.
13. Next weeks tutorial, on Tuesday, has been cancelled.
14. Im going to attend the briefing for students.
15. The chemistry exam results were posted on the website yesterday.
16. I need a short extension in order to finish the assignment.
17. To be graded Distinction, a score of at least 80% is needed.
18. The key points are contained in the summary on pages three to twenty.
19. Before you start your essays you should revise the issues we discussed today.
20. All of these historical sources should be referred to in the project.
21. I thought the last two chapters were the hardest to understand.
22. The resources are provided as links on the home page.
23. Semester 1 ends the last week in November.
24. Please hand in your assignment before three oclock.
25. Always underline the available time in an exam and note any compulsory sections.
26. First skim the exam paper, then read it carefully.
27. The key to effective study is being organised.
28. At a representative of the Student Council, attendance at all meetings is compulsory.

Email: Tel: 03 9670 8868; 0425 465 522 Address: Level 2, 388 Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

29. Dr Browns office has moved to level 2.

30. The Economics Faculty building is located on City Road.
31. The course outline can be obtained from Professor Hills assistant.
32. The diagram shows the four main causes of this problem.
33. Lets meet after class to discuss these issues in more detail.
34. All students are required to submit a summary of their findings tomorrow.
35. We will need the equipment in the main lab for this experiment.
36. The results were not what we expected, so we conducted the experiment again.

Practice Test Plus

(Kate Chandler, 2013)

1. Factors such as cost and function influence the design of a bridge.

2. It's important that humans dispose of their waste in appropriate ways.
3. If you are unable to complete the task in time please notify me by email.
4. The financial report for the last quarter will be available this afternoon.
5. Extra seminars will be scheduled to assist you with revision.
6. Please switch off all electronic devices when you are attending a conference session.
7. It is important that you work as a team on this project.
8. The study showed that people's mood can be affected by news and weather reports.
9. Detailed analysis of population growth has revealed some alarming predictions.
10. Please note that the college laboratories will be closed for cleaning next week.
11. Students who wish to apply for an extension should approach their tutors.
12. The research looked at neighbour mood cooperative schemes such as community gardens.
13. Visual aids can make presentations clearer and more interesting.
14. Economy of scale is the increase in efficiency that occurs when more goods are produced.
15. The University is working towards being more environmentally sustainable.
16. Unlike applied arts, fine arts do not serve a practical function.
17. Modem poetry often tests the conventions of language and rhythm.
18. The Law Library is closed on Sundays and public holidays.
19. There are no places left in the morning tutorial.
20. The conference is predicted to draw greater numbers than last year.
21. This module develops our understanding of the theory behind advertising campaigns.
22. Computer software has changed a lot in the last year.
23. Exam results will be available next week from the course office.
24. The most modern agricultural equipment is now extremely expensive.
25. The number of students registering for postgraduate research has risen.
26. This semester we plan to specialize in educational psychology.
27. The new drug will be tested in North America.
28. Books which are overdue will incur a daily fine.

Email: Tel: 03 9670 8868; 0425 465 522 Address: Level 2, 388 Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

29. Distance learning has become far more popular these days.
30. You need to write a proposal for your research.
31. Studies suggest there may be a correlation between educational achievement and family size.
32. Tomorrow's lunchtime seminar on nuclear engineering has been postponed.
33. During that period heavy industry grew rapidly in the north of the country.
34. Students must hand in their assignments by Friday.
35. Most students on last year's course did well in this module.
36. Tuesday's lecture on social psychology will now take place in the Central Hall.
37. Anyone who has a problem with their accommodation should speak to the Welfare Officer.
38. The fertile plains in the east of the region provide excellent land for farming.
39. Opposition to the government's tax policies was widespread across business sectors.
40. Students with queries about this term's timetables must speak to their tutor immediately.

Test Builder
(Taylor, 2012)

1. Please come to the next seminar properly prepared.

2. You'll find the economics section on the second floor of the library.
3. Next time, we'll discuss the influence of the media on public policy.
4. There is plenty of cheap accommodation off-campus.
5. The lecture on child psychology has been postponed until Friday.
6. The meeting will take place in the main auditorium.
7. You must establish a day and a time with your tutor.
8. There will be no extensions given for this project.
9. New timetables will be posted on the student noticeboard.
10. All students are encouraged to vote in the forthcoming elections.
11. The Arts Magazine is looking for a new Assistant Editor.
12. The lecture will deal with the influence of technology on music.
13. Make sure you correctly cite all your sources.
14. There are hundreds of clubs and societies to choose from.
15. Does the college refectory offer vegetarian dishes on a daily basis?
16. All essays and seminar papers submitted must be emailed to your tutor.
17. He was not the only one to call for legal reform in the l 61h century.
18. The Drama Society is now auditioning for parts in the student play.
19. There is a position available for a Junior Lecturer in Media Studies.
20. There will be a significant rise in tuition fees starting next year.
21. You will be informed of the results by e-mail.
22. Please have copies of your seminar papers in the library a week in advance.
23. Most students are not eligible to claim housing benefit.
24. If you want to quit the student union, tell the registrar.

Email: Tel: 03 9670 8868; 0425 465 522 Address: Level 2, 388 Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

25. Does the university have an ice-hockey team?

26. Without doubt, his primary motive was economic.
27. The modern approach to the problem is to stress the symbolic side of human nature.
28. Many privately-owned firms have been eaten up by larger corporations.
29. I'm afraid Professor Jones doesn't suffer fools gladly.
30. Most of these criticisms can be shown to be false.
31. You are not permitted to take reference books out of the library.
32. The seminar will now take place a week on Tuesday.
33. You don't have to be on Professor Smith's course to attend this lecture.
34. The library will be closed for three days over the bank holiday weekend.
35. I think we should get together over the weekend to discuss this assignment.
36. There's an hourly bus service from the campus into town.
37. This is the third time you've asked for an extension on this project.
38. They say Professor Jones's lectures are always interesting, and funny.
39. Being a student representative on the union really cuts into my study time.
40. I've got a tutorial in an hour and I haven't had any time to prepare for it.

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