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Special Notes and Quotes and Interesting Stuff

that persons have a basic human dignity deserving of respect is at the heart of the health
professional and patient relationship
- week one slides on Respect
- the basics -

in deepening our understanding of ourselves, both professionally and personally, we can develop
a greater capacity to objectively tend to the needs of our client.
- week one slides on Self -
- the answer to why discussion into the Self is relevant to the massage therapy program

Reflection is an active process of witnessing ones own experience in order to take a closer look at
it, sometimes to direct attention to it briefly, but often to explore it in greater depth.
- week four slides on Reflection -
- the answer to What exactly is Reflection?

to allow the possibility of learning through experience, whether that is the experience of a
meeting, a project, a disaster, a success, a relationship, or any other internal or external event,
before, during or after it has occurred.
- week four slides on Reflection -
- the answer to What is the purpose of Reflection?

A set of guidelines, ethics or ideas that represent the most efficient or prudent course of action.
Best practices are often set forth by an authority, such as a governing body or management,
depending on the circumstances. While best practices generally dictate the recommended course
of action, some situations require that such practices be followed.
- week 5 slides on Reflective Practice -
- the answer to What are best practices?

Circle of Care is the term used to refer to those people in the healthcare team who are involved
in the care or treatment of a particular patient and need to access the patients
information for that purpose.
- week 8 slides on Practical Privacy -
- the basics -

CMTO - Code of Ethics

Principle 1 - Respect for Persons
To value the dignity and worth of all persons regardless of age, race, culture, creed, sexual identity,
gender, ability and/or health status.
- week 8 slides on Practical Privacy -
- the world would be a better place if these were the code of ethics for LIFE -