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GRADE: 2nd
TIME: 10:00-10:50
DATE: 17th March 2017
THE TITLE OF THE LESSON: I am, You are! The Verb To Be

to know the meaning of the verb to be;

to be able to use it in easy sentences;

to recognize the affirmative and negative form;

to remember and memorize the new words and the verb forms;

AIDS: book, notebooks, worksheet, song to be

TYPE OF LESSON: communication of new knowledge
METHODS: conversation, explanation, exercise
INTERACTION: T-Ss; Ss-Ss; pair work



Warm up Good morning. How are Good morning teacher. 1

you? Fine, thank you.

Introducting the new The teacher tells the The pupils will listen to 4
lesson students her name the teacher and will try
emphasises the verb to to recognize the verb
be in the structure. The and the theme of todays
teacher also gives other lesson.
examples of the verb to

Presentation of the verb The teacher will begin The pupils read aloud 15
to talk about the verb to the forms of the verb
be and to write down on from the blackboard.
the blackboard the
forms of the verb (both
affirmative and

The teacher will play

the To be song.
The children will listen 5
to the song and try to
repeat the lyrics and
sing along.

Practice The teacher will

handover the
worksheets to the pupils The pupils will check
and ask them to work in their answers with the
pairs. teacher when they finish 10
the given worksheets.
The teacher will help
the pupils if they need.

Practice game The teacher will pair up

the pupils and have
them ask their partner
questions using the to be

Eg. You are happy

and the answer will be
The children will
I am happy follow the teachers
instructions for this 10

They will continue to game.

create easy sentences
and when one of the
students says I am a
dinosaur everyone will
run towards the wall

Feedback The teacher asks them The students must

questions (eg. Are you answer the questions
happy?) (eg. Yes, I am) 5