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5th Edition Rules Summary (+5) or Disadvantage (-5).

CONTESTS: Both parties to the contest roll as

weapon that in the other hand. Ability modifers
are not added to the damage of the bonus
move through friends. You can move through
normal, but success is compared to the opposing attack, unless that modifer is negative. If either hostile creatures space only if the creature is at
THREE MAIN ROLLS party's roll rather than a DC number. If there is a weapon has the thrown property, it may be least two sizes larger or smaller than you
tie, the situation remains unchanged (e.g., one thrown instead of making a melee attack. (creatures space treated as difcult terrain).
ATTACK ROLL: d20 + ability modifer + attempting to force open a door, and the other GROUP DAMAGE ROLLS: If spell of efect Moving beyond foe's reach provokes opportunity
weapon or magic profciency + situational attempting to force it open), or neither party deals damage to more than one target at same attack unless disengaging.
modifers. If the total of your roll plus modifers succeed (both attempting to grab the same time, roll damage once for all targets. DIFFICULT TERRAIN: Traversing difcult
equals or exceeds the targets Armor Class (AC), item). IMPROVISED WEAPONS: Do 1d4 damage. terrain increases movement cost by 1 foot per
the attack hits. FREE ACTIONS: Drawing a sword, pulling out NONLETHAL DAMAGE: PC declares theyre each foot moved. If no other movement
CHECKS: d20 + ability modifer + a potion, etc. dont require an action. dealing nonlethal damage. Deal damage as penalties apply, this halves movement speed. If
circumstantial Modifers. REACTIONS: Take max one reaction per normal, if reduce target to 0 HP or fewer, target other conditions apply, the efects are
SAVING THROWS: d20 + ability modifer + round; you can't take another one until the start simply has 0 HP and falls unconscious. cumulative, e.g., crawling through difcult terrain
profciency modifer (when applicable). of your next turn. CRITICAL HITS/FAILURES: Natural 1 = Auto uses 3 feet of movement per each 1 foot of
Fail, 20 = Roll all of the attack's damage dice distance traversed.
SKILLS COMBAT twice and add them together. Then add any FALLING: Take 1d6 bludgeoning damage per
relevant modifers as normal. Spells with attack 10 feet fallen, max 20d6. Land prone unless
18 Skills by Ability Type
rolls can also have a critical hit or failure. damage is avoided.
Strength Wisdom Time
RESISTANCE: If target has resistance to that PRONE: Dropping prone is a free action.
Athletics Animal COMBAT ROUND: 6 seconds type of damage, damage halved. Standing from prone costs half movement
Handling VULNERABILITY: If target has vulnerability to speed.
Dexterity Efects & Spell Efects
Insight that type of damage, damage doubled. MOVEMENT WHILE PRONE: Crawling costs
Acrobatics When an efect (e.g. spell) lasts for a round, it
Medicine an extra feet of speed per foot moved (1 foot
Sleight of Hand
Perception lasts from current turn to same turn next round. Actions in Combat movement costs 2 feet). Crawling through
Survival ATTACK: Using attack rules. difcult terrain costs an additional foot of speed
Intelligence Surprise
CAST A SPELL: Using magic rules. (1 foot movement costs 3 feet).
Arcana DM determines who might be surprised. A DASH: Move your speed as an action in SQUEEZING: A creature or player can move
Deception creature can be surprised even if its allies arent.
History addition to your normal move. through spaces one size class lower, but may
Intimidation Surprised creatures cannot move or take other
Investigation DISENGAGE: Disengage as your action and only move up to half their speed and sufer
Performance actions until after their frst turn in the battle.
Nature your movement doesnt provoke an opportunity disadvantage on attack rolls and Dexterity saves.
Religion attack. Attacks against a squeezed entity have
DODGE: Imposes disadvantage on attackers, advantage.
WIS is used for awareness and senses (e.g. d20 + Dex Mod, TIES resolved by DM (if advantage on DEX saves.
between players and monsters, or between Grappling
Tarzan). INT is used for deductive investigation HELP: Helped creature (within 5 feet if
and interpretation (e.g. Sherlock Holmes). monsters), by players (if tie is between players). attacking) gets advantage. Use an Attack action to grapple. The target of
HIDE: To hide, DEX (Stealth) check, opposed your grapple must be no more than one size
Cover Rules
by passive WIS check of creature who might larger than you, and it must be within your
1/2 COVER: +2 AC, +2 Dex ST notice you, or active WIS check of creature reach. Using at least one free hand, seize the
DIS/ADVANTAGE: For Advantage, roll 2d20, 3/4 COVER: +5 AC, +5 Dex ST. actively searching for you. Attack while hiding target by making a STR (Athletics) check
take better roll. For Disadvantage, take worse. FULL COVER: Cant be targeted directly. gives advantage, usually reveals position. contested by the targets STR (Athletics) or DEX
FRACTIONS: Round all fractions down. READY: Sacrifce current action to have an (Acrobatics) check (chosen by the target). If you
Special Attack Rules
INSPIRATION: The DM may award a player automatic reaction to a specifed triggering succeed, you subject the target to the grappled
an inspiration bonus when they role-play their RANGED ATTACKS: Can target something event. condition.. You can release the target whenever
character, as defned by its personality traits, outside attacks range. 1st number is normal SEARCH: Make a WIS (Perception) check or an you like (no action required).
ideals, bonds and faws. Inspiration which grants range, 2nd is long range you roll with INT (Investigation) check. ESCAPING A GRAPPLE. A grappled creature
advantage to one roll. You can never have more disadvantage at long range. USE AN OBJECT: Objects which require can use its action to escape. By succeeding on a
than one Inspiration. Players can give their RANGED ATTACKS IN MELEE: When hostile special interaction such as a potion. STR (Athletics) or DEX (Acrobatics) check
Inspiration to others. creature is within 5 feet you get disadvantage on contested by your STR (Athletics) check.
GROUP CHECKS: Everyone attempting the attack roll. Movement MOVING A GRAPPLED CREATURE. When
same action rolls. If at least half the group beats TWO WEAPON FIGHTING: If attacking with a BREAKING UP MOVEMENT: You can break you move, you can drag or carry the grappled
the DC, the efort succeeds. light melee weapon that one hand, use a bonus up movement (e.g. PC with speed 30 can move creature, but your speed is halved unless the
PASSIVE CHECKS: 10 + Modifers + Advantage action to attack with a diferent light melee 10, attack, then move another 20). creature is two or more sizes smaller than you.
Shoving movement and attacking does not interfere with throws. If not healed, will remain unconscious DEAFENED: Character automatically fails all
concentration. Casting another spell which until regain 1 HP after 1d4 hours have passed (at ability checks requiring sound.
SHOVING A CREATURE: Special melee attack requires concentration, being incapacitated, or which point you regain 1 HP). FRIGHTENED: Disadvantage on attacks while
to shove a creature which either knocks it prone being killed breaks concentration. STABILIZING A CREATURE: You can use your source of fear is visible. Target cant willingly
or pushs it away. The target must be no more STACKING: Spell efects stack except same action to administer frst aid to an unconscious move closer to source of fear.
than one size larger and it must be within your spell cast multiple times (which takes highest creature and attempt to stabilize it, which GRAPPLED: Speed=0, regardless of bonuses.
reach. You make a STR (Athletics) check bonus). requires a successful DC 10 Wisdom (Medicine) Condition ends when grappler is incapacitated,
contested by the targets STR(Athletics) or DEX RITUALS: Advantage is id doesn't consume a check. or when an efect removes grappler from reach.
(Acrobatics) check (the target chooses the ability spell slot, but it takes longer and consumes SPENDING HD WHILE STABILIZED: Not in INCAPACITATED: Cant take actions, or
to use). If you win the contest, you either knock magical components. the rules but clarifed by the designers: a reactions.
the target prone or push it 5 feet away from you. SPELL COMPONENTS: Typically, spells stabilized PC (i.e. at 0 hp) can spend HD (if he has INVISIBLE: Cant be seen without special
Weapon Rules require mystic words (verbal component) and any remaining) after a 1 hour short rest even sense or aid of magic. Is considered heavily
intricate hand motions with at least one hand though the PC will regain 1HP after 1d4 hours. obscured when hiding. Attacks against have
ARMOR PROFICIENCY: Wearing armor (somatic components). HEALERS KIT: Has 10 uses. You can expend disadvantage, attack rolls have advantage.
without profciency prevents spellcasting, and COPYING A SPELL INTO A SPELLBOOK: one use of the kit, as an action, to stabilize a PARALYZED: Creature is Incapacitated, and
results in disadvantage on ability checks, saving When you fnd a wizard spell of 1st level or creature that has 0 hit points without doing a cant move or speak. Auto fail ST and Dex saving
throws, and attack rolls that use STR or DEX. higher, a wizard can add it to their spellbook if it Wisdom (Medicine) check. throws. Attacks against have advantage. Any
ARMOR REQUIREMENTS: Heavy armors is of a level for which they have spell slots and if HEALING: While HP < 0, healing frst brings attacks from within 5 automatically crit on a hit.
have a strength requirement, which if not met, they can spare the time to decipher and copy it. HP to 0, then adds HP as normal (e.g. youre at -5 PETRIFIED: Target is transformed (along with
results in a 10 foot speed penalty. HP, cure light wounds grants 8 HP, you now have all non-magic objects carried or worn) into a
FINESSE WEAPONS: Choose either STR or
DEX for the attack and damage rolls. Must use
HEALING & DEATH 8 HP). solid, inanimate substance. Target is
Incapacitated, cant move or speak, and is
the same stat for both rolls.
WEAPONS WITH REACH PROPERTY: Add 5 Hit Points RESTING unaware of its surroundings. Attacks against
have advantage. Character automatically fails
feet to characters melee attack range. At less than half HP, show signs of wear (cuts SHORT REST (1+ Hours): With a short rest (1+ STR and DEX saves. Resistance to all damage.
WEAPONS WITH THROWN PROPERTY: May and bruises). hour), spend 1 or more HD, roll die, add Con Immune to poison and disease (current
use these for melee or ranged attacks. Both INSTANT DEATH: If reduced to 0 HP and modifer. After the roll, you can optionally spend afictions are suspended).
ranged and melee use same abilities. damage remains, you die if remaining damage more HD, up to your max HD. Regain HP equal to POISONED: Disadvantage on attack rolls, and
WEAPONS WITH VERSATILE PROPERTY: >= your HP maximum. total. Once HD spent, long rest required to ability checks.
Can be used one or two-handed. The number in 0 HP: If damage reduces you to 0 HP but fails regain them. PRONE: Only movement option is crawl.
parentheses indicates two-handed attack to kill you, you fall unconscious and must make LONG REST (8 Hours) : Around 8 hours, no Disadvantage on attack rolls. Attacks against
damage. Death Saving Throws. more than 2 hours on watch. Need at least 1 HP within 5 have advantage.
SILVERING A WEAPON: Costs 100gp per DAMAGE AT 0 HIT POINTS: Each time a to take long rest. Only once per 24 hours. At end RESTRAINED: Speed=0, regardless of
weapon or 10 pieces of ammunition. Provides creature with 0 hit points takes damage, it of rest, regain all hit points and half of your bonuses. Attacks against have advantage, targets
bonus damage to creatures with resistance to or sufers a death roll failure and is no longer maximum number of Hit Dice. attacks have disadvantage. Disadvantage on DEX
immunity from non-magic weapons. stable. If the damage equals the creatures hit Not in rules but clarifed by the designers: saves.
RECOVERING AMMUNITION: After battles, point maximum, it dies. Elves cannot use their Trance to get the STUNNED: Target is incapacitated, cant
you can recover of your expended DEATH ROLLS: Roll a d20. If roll is 10 or beneft of long rest in 4 hours instead of 8; they move, and can only speak falteringly. Auto fail ST
ammunition. higher, you succeed. Otherwise, you fail. On your still need 8 hours rest (they simply spend only 4 and DEX saves. Attacks against have advantage
third success, you become stable (see below). On of it zonked out.). UNCONSCIOUS: Target is Incapacitated, cant
MAGIC your third failure, you die. On a natural 1, saving At 1st level, if you take a long rest, you regain move, speak, and is unaware of its surroundings.
throw counts as 2 failures. On a natural 20, 1 HD back (despite rounding down of .5 = 0). Drops everything, and falls Prone. Auto fail ST
SPELL SAVE DC: DC to resist a spell is 8 + regain 1 hit point. and DEX saves. Attacks against have advantage.
magic ability mod + profciency bonus.
SPELL ATTACK MODIFIER: Profciency Bonus Healing CONDITIONS Any attacks within 5 automatically crit on a hit.

+ Ability Modifer. FIRST AID: DC 10 Wisdom (Medicine) check to BLINDED: Character automatically fails any 2014 Stan Shinn. Created as a free fan work. Visit
SPELLCASTING IN ARMOR: Requires use frst aid to stabilize without healers kit. ability requiring sight. Attack rolls against www.swshinn.com for this and other cool stuf. Last
profciency in that armor. Wearing armor without MEDICINE SKILL: A dying creature or player creature have advantage. Creature has updated 2014-11-19.
profciency prevents spellcasting. can be stabilized with a DC 10 medicine check. disadvantage attacking.
CONCENTRATION: Taking damage while [P76] CHARMED: Cant attack or target charmer.
casting a spell forces a CON saving throw of the STABILIZED: If stabilized, creature is Charmer has advantage on any social interaction
higher of DC 10 or half the damage received. unconscious but no longer makes death saving with target.
Failing the save interrupts the spell. Normal
5th Edition GM Reference Light EXHAUSTION COPYING SPELL SCROLLS: Copying a spell
scroll into a Wizard's spellbook will consume the
SOURCE BRIGHT LIGHT DIM LIGHT Exhaustion scroll (not in rules; clarifed by game designers).
CHARACTER STATS Lantern, bullseye 60 foot cone additional 60

ARMOR CLASS: If you arent wearing armor, Lantern, hooded 30 foot radius additional 30 LVL EFFECT TRAPS
Torch or Light spell 20' radius additional 20 1 Disadvantage on ability checks
AC =10 + DEX modifer. Otherwise, AC = numbers Determine the DCs to 1) notice (WIS), 2)
given for your armor and/or shield. Shield = +2 2 Speed halved search and fnd (INT) and 3) disable the trap
Vision Abilities
3 Disadvantage on attack rolls & STs (DEX). List any Saving Throws to defend against
ABILITY SCORES BONUS: (Ability -10)/2, BLINDSIGHT: Perceive surroundings without 4 HP max halved damage or entrapment. Successful saves often
round down). relying on sight. give half damage, failed saves full damage. When
5 Speed reduced to 0
PROFICIENCY SKILL BONUS: Characters DARKVISION: See in darkness as if the attempting to disarm a trap, a bungled check
need not be profcient in a skill to attempt tasks darkness were dim light, cannot see colors. 6 Death
often causes the trap to trigger.
(or make checks) associated with a skill. TRUESIGHT: See in normal and magical
Finishing a long rest reduces exhaustion by 1, DCs to Disarm Traps
Profciency allows a character to add a darkness, see invisible creatures and objects,
profciency bonus to a check relevant to that skill. automatically detect visual illusions and succeed assuming ingested food and drink.
on saving throws against them, perceive original
DC 10 Keep triggered pit trap from opening
MONEY form of shapechanger or creature transformed TRAVEL TIMES
by magic, and see into the Ethereal Plane. DC 15 Keep scything blade trap from triggering
Party takes 10 hours to travel 24 miles a day DC 20 Prevent springing of poison needle trap
Standard Exchange Rates
(additional 8 hours for rest and 6 hours to
DCs make/break camp, prepare meals, forage, and
DC 25 Disarm an intricate trap
COIN CP SP EP GP PP DC 30 Disarm a magic trap
DC Shortcut: Is it easy, medium or hard? = hunt as time permits). Difcult terrain halves
Copper (cp) 1 1/10 1/50 1/100 1/1,000
10, 15 and 20. Add +5's up to 30 if need be. your speed. Example Traps
Silver (sp) 10 1 1/5 1/10 1/100
Travel Pace BRONZE BELL ALARM TRAP (DC 15 Wisdom
Electrum (ep) 50 5 1 1/2 1/20 DIFFICULTY DC
check to notice, DC 10 Intelligence check to search
Gold (gp) 100 10 2 1 1/10 Very Easy (DC 5) PACE HOUR DAY EFFECT and fnd, three successive DC 10 Dexterity checks to
Platinum (pp) 1,000 100 50 10 1 Easy (DC 10) Fast 4 miles 30 miles -5 passive WIS (perc.) disable) Disabling allows character to cut the
Medium (DC 15) Normal 3 miles 24 miles lines to the bronze bells. Jumping over trigger
SELLING LOOT: Equipment in good condition requires DC 15 DEX check to sneak as part of the
Hard (DC 20) Slow 2 miles 18 miles Able to use stealth
generally sells for half value. Monster weapons jump.
Very Hard (DC 25)
and armor is rarely in good enough condition to FALLING CEILING TRAP (DC 15 Intelligence
sell. Gems, jewelry and art, as well as trade
Nearly Impossible (DC 30) MAGIC ITEMS check to locate and a DC 15 DEX check to disable) A
goods, sell for full value. Magic items vary by creature that enters trapped area triggers it. Any
type; the more wondrous, the less readily a FALLING item will give you a sense that it is extraordinary.
in area when the trap is triggered must make a
buyer can be found. DC 11 DEX saving throw against falling debris
Take 1d6 bludgeoning damage per 10 feet Identify spell reveals its properties. With a short
and take 9 (1d10 + 4) bludgeoning damage on a
fallen, max 20d6. Land prone unless damage is rest with concentration and physical contact, at
failed save, half damage on a successful one.
LIGHT avoided. end of rest character learns its properties.
When the trap is triggered, it is destroyed and
POTIONS: A little taste will tell taster its
In dim light and other lightly obscured areas, area becomes difcult terrain due to rubble.
creatures have disadvantage on WIS (Perception) SUFFOCATING ATTUNING: Some magic items require user
checks that rely on sight. 2014 Stan Shinn. Created as a free fan work. Visit
Creature can hold breath equal to minutes = 1 to attune to them before properties can be used. www.swshinn.com for this and other cool stuf. Last
Situations + CON modifer (minimum 30 seconds). At start Requires an uninterrupted short rest with updated 2014-11-19.
of next turn after this time elapsed, drop to 0 HP concentration (subsequent to short rest to ID it),
LIGHTLY OBSCURED (dim light, moderate
and dying. in the form or prayers, weapon practice or
foliage): Disadvantage on Wis checks requiring
meditation. Item can be attuned to only one
character at a time, and you can attune to no
HEAVILY OBSCURED (dense foliage,
more than three diferent items.
darkness): Blinded.
Attunement ends after items has been 100+
feet away for 24+ hours, or when you die, or you
can voluntarily end attunement with an
additional short rest.