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(No Model.

No. 449,287, Patented Mar, 31, 1891,

SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 449,287, dated March 31, 1891.
Application filed April 26, 1890, Serial No. 349,632, (No model.)

?? al/ ??h?? it ??y co?cer?. pressed inward. Fig. 4 is a side elevation of 50

Be it known that I, KARL KRNKA, residing the said cramp with the cartridges removed.
at London, England, have invented an Im On either end of the cartridge-cramp one of
proved Cartridge-Cramp for Magazine Re the sides overlaps the other by its double
5 peating Fire-Arms, of which the following is width. Near the rear wall the sides l are per
a specification. forated and slit at each end l to increase 55
My invention relates to a fitting adapted their elasticity. -
for use to a magazine repeating rifle or fire To prevent the cartridges from falling out
arm, whereby a number of cartridges may be of the cartridge-cramp, both ends of the wings
Io held together in packets and be applied in l are somewhat bent inward at l at a right ??
such packets to the open mouth of the slot angle at each end.
through the stock of the gun communicating To allow of the cartridges being pressed
with the magazine, and my improvements easily downward from the cartridge-cramp,
therein specifically relate to the following the cartridge-rims are not in a straight-line
15 items: The said fitting or cartridge-cramp is groove but in an arched groove, so that the car
so constructed with an arched back that the tridge-rims are not placed beside each other,
cartridges are disposed slightly radially to one but above each other, while at the same time .
another, the rim of each cartridge resting di the front parts of the cases of all five car
rectly upon the rim of the next cartridge be tridges touch one another. The back of the
20 low and not stepped one behind the other. cramp is indented with tongues l on both
The cramp is provided with elastic wings of ends, rising slightly into the bend of the
such a depth as to steady and Secure the car groove (see Fig. 3) to prevent the accidental
tridges in position in the cramp. The cramp slipping of the cartridges. The cartridge
is similarly constructed at either end, so that cramp can therefore be emptied from either
25 it may be applied to the stock of the gun for side, and the sides l, in consequence of their
feeding with either end downward. The side depth and position, effectively prevent the 75
wings are made to terminate with inwardly Shaking of the cartridges and have the other
bent ends, serving to retain the outside car following advantages.
tridge at either end within the cramp,and also As shown in Fig. 1, the filled cartridge
30 serving to automatically discharge the car Gramp is placed in the corresponding recess
tridge-cramp from the stock by the reaction of the shoe. Whether this is done with one
of the said wings upon the rounded surface end or the other the narrow end of one of the
of the last-delivered cartridge, causing the two sides l is always situated upward to the
cramp to automatically spring out of its at right of the rifle. The cartridges are then
35 tachment to the upper spring-wings of the pressed downward with the thumb of the right
magazine. hand one by one, the cartridge-cramp remain
In order that my invention may be the bet ing stationary, as the lower end ll of the two
ter understood, I now proceed to describe the sides l l rest against the elastic magazine-lugs
same in relation to the drawings hereunto an k. Directly one-half of the last cartridge
4o nexed. had left the cramp the latter is thrown up
Like letters refer to like parts throughout Ward out the Stock or shoe on account of the 90
the various figures. elasticity of the two sides l l and the rectan
Figure 1 is a general elevation of my cramp gular bend of the edges l l of the sides slip
filled with cartridges and applied to the car ping suddenly off the surface of the cartridge.
45 tridge-chamber of a magazine-gun. Fig. 2 is In this manner my improved cartridge-cramp
a front elevation, looking between the cheeks is extracted automatically from the gun-stock 95
of the saidcramp, with the cartridges removed. when empty without any special device on
Fig. 3 is a longitudinal section through the the rifle and saves the rifleman the trouble
said cramp, showing the indented tongues l of extracting it by hand. -
2 449,287
Having fully described my invention, what at right angles to automatically throw the
I desire to claim, and secure by Letters Pat cramp out of the receiver when the last car
ert, is tridge has been pressed into the magazine,
A cartridge - cramp in which a trough substantially as set forth.
5 shaped back is extended in a lateral wing on In testimony whereof I have signed my
either side, embracing the sides of the car name to this specification in the presence of
tridge, the said wings being wide at one end two subscribing witnesses.
and narrow at the other, alternated at either KARL KRNIKA.
Side, so that the cramp may be used equiva Witnesses:
ro lently either side upward, the upper and lower REGINALD W. JAMES,
edges!l of the said wings being turned inward RICHARD A. HOFFMANN.