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Name: Jessica Powell

PART A: Students will be given a topic or a famous person to create and publish an original video. They will pull pictures,
videos, and music for extra materials needed to create the video. Students will be given the opportunity to create the video with
teacher monitoring but student leading the assignment, creating the directions and rules for how it should look. Also, the students
will design a project, create, and publish to a collaborative publishing site where others (the audience) can care and use the
project for other uses.
Grade Level: 3rd Grade
Content Area: Social Studies
Technology Used (check all that apply): Movie Audio Podcast Vodcast Other: (list)

Content Area/Grade/Standards/Topics Addressed: SS3H2 The student will discuss the lives of Americans who
expanded peoples rights and freedoms in a democracy.
a. Franklin D Roosevelt

Brief Description of Learning Experience: As the teacher, I will have taught a lesson and give students free-reign to
create a video, for example on a famous person. Students will be given broad instructions: what materials needed
(images, music, video, etc), and the basic steps to create a movie. Giving a lesson on a famous person I will demonstrate by
showing students a video I created, giving them an idea of what and how to create. Given the information to create the
video, it should take about 1 hour depending on the student and how much time is given. Once the student completes
their movie, they will use an online publishing site talked about in class, sharing with an audience that will use and care
for. Parents and other family/friends will be given the opportunity to see what their child/student has created.

The audience is very broad as it is published to a publishing site but is limited to those who care and use what is created
by the student. Students will be assessed by the teacher who will check to see how they created a video, using their prior
knowledge of the topic given to them. The teacher and the audience (parents and other family/friends) will comment or
give the teacher feedback to share with the class after the assignment is completed and published.
Student Engagement/Higher-Order Thinking: What LoTi level would this lesson be and Why? This lesson could be
LoTi 4 or higher because students have minimum guidance with the project and have free-reign to create an original movie and
publish it to a publishing site.
Importance of technology: Using the multimedia authoring tool is critical to the project because it gives the students the
opportunity to create an original movie. This project could not be completed without Movie Maker because the purpose of the
project is to publish a movie which would not be possible without a computer or iPad. Without using Movie Maker, students
would lose the opportunity to publish an assignment, and not be able to use the computer for creative uses. The technology used
for this assignment would be a computer or iPad.
Internet Safety and Student Privacy: One major issue while using the internet and keeping children safe is the
publishing aspect of the project. Although students will be using a safe publishing site, it is important to remind students
the safety precautions to take when publishing original work. Students will be told and reminded that using the internet
is a privilege and if it is abused they would not be able to work on a computer and given an alternative assignment. I
would also send out an email, including the administrator and the parents making them aware of what project we will do
in class and also give them a brief overview of the safety precautions we are taking in the classroom to provide a safe
learning environment using the internet.