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Arti Yadav, Ritika Singh, Dilip Kumar

Department of Electronics & Communication,

JSS Academy of Technical Education,

Noida, India.


Ration distribution is one of the big issues that involves corruption and smuggling of goods. The
only reason of this to happen is because every work in the ration shop involves manual work.
These irregularities activities are happen like the entries which are incorrect in collection
record of store containing wrong stock information of the products that is supplied to the
peoples, at times it may chance of distribution of minimum quality products than the actual
products given by the Government for providing to the public, also the information regarding the
available stock quantity in a ration shop that is supplying by the Government to the public. In
this paper we propose the concept of changing manual work in public distribution system by
automated system which can be installed at the ration shop with ease. This would bring the
transparency in rationing system as there will be a direct communication between user and
Government through this system.


In this section, we are going to provide a whole introduction about automatic rationing for PDS
system using GSM module and RFID to protect irregularities. Using the RFID card and phone
details, the Government can send a SMS to the users, containing Information regarding quantity
of products allotted to any user in a respective shop. Users who are accessing the ration shop for
benefits in the cost of products would be allotted a electronic ration card. This card is RFID
based card containing all information about the users, name and count of family members, their
profession, age etc. The system, installed at the ration shop would have three parts i.e. smart
card interfacing to 8051 microcontroller, GSM module interfacing to microcontroller as well as
central database provided by the Government. The user would have to swipe the RFID Tag on
the system placed at ration shop. Once authenticated, the automatic rationing system would get
information regarding the existing benefits for the that user. Further to protect destructions in
distribution of materials.

Every consumer is provided with a RFID card which is registered by the Government authority.
At the time of ration distribution at ration shop, first password of consumer is verified. User ID
verified with the database provided by the Government authority which is stored in the
microcontroller. Once verification is successful, consumer is asked for a select type of material
and quantity required through push buttons and keypad respectively. Based on type of material
chosen, the motor or solenoid valve is activated. The load cell or level indicator is checked for
proper quantity.

After collecting proper quantity material motor or solenoid is disabled. GSM module will send
the information in form of SMS to the user as well as PDS authority. Current stock in the ration
shop is displayed using LCD.


1) The 8051 microcontroller (AT89S52)

2) The RFID Reader Module


1) MCU 8051 programming

2) Embedded C


Increased corruption can be prevented if automated system is used.

Increased adulteration in consumables can be prevented.

The problem of hoarding PDS Stores that give materials to price hike can be prevented.

Cost effective approach.


Efficient for Public Distribution System.

Needed as OTP (one time password) is one of feature of our system.

Private or any Government sector where large database require.


The conventional system has drawbacks like malpractices, low processing speed, long waiting
time at ration shop to get material and material theft in ration shop without any
acknowledgement to Government and consumer. To overcome above problems, automatic ration
shop played important role.

The automatic ration shop involved RFID as well as GSM technology to distribute the kerosene
or grain material. Ration card is replaced by RFID and information is sent to onsumer using
GSM module.

The proposed system creates the transparency in public distribution system as the work becomes
automatic. With the help of this system, it is possible to make public distribution system efficient
and free from malpractices. The proposed system has advantages like it is helpful to prevent
malpractices at ration shop, maintain data properly, reduces paper work, time saving approach
and cost effective.

We obtain this prospect to gratefully acknowledge the inspiration, encouragement, guidance,

help and valuable suggestions received from all our well-wishers. We would like to thank our
project guide Suvarna N A who have helped us and made available much useful information to
complete this project report. We solemnly express my heartiest gratitude to our head of the
department, Sampath Kumar for his guidance and encouragement.


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