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North Central Missouri College

Technology for Teachers

Individual Technology Plan Template

Individual Technology Plan should include at least five goals, ordered based on priority.

Goal Statement Timeline Needed Educational Rationale for Goal

(start to finish) Resources/Materials
(include people)
Build an Start as soon as Boxes An extempdex is a database
Extempdex Im hired it should Computers for quick to access articles that
be finished within Articles are already categorized by
the first year. Students in topic and saved/printed for
However, it will extemporaneous students in the event
need constant speaking extemporaneous speaking. In
updating for the Printer this event students have 30
rest of my career. minutes to think of a 7 minute
speech. Without the
extempdex getting articles is
much harder and many places
dont allow internet connection
so you need to have these
saved on something otherwise
students have no statistics at
Start applying for ~$300 per laptop (to be Laptops allow students to do
Get laptops for the grants as soon as obtained through grants last minute research for
speech and debate Im hired they or school budget) debates and speeches (in
program should be tournaments that
obtained within allow/provide internet) It also
three years allows us to bring tems that
may be unsavable/unprintable.
Also if we forget hard copies of
necessary items we can use
the laptop to retrieve them.
The number of laptops needed
will vary on program size.
Get a collection of Should start Students in Poetry Many speech and debate
poetry collecting poetry Computers events are poetry orientated.
for events as soon Printer with scanner Having a collection of poetry
as Im hired. Boxes gives a quick easy to use
Within two years Poetry database for students to find
the collection pieces they need to do their
should be events. As students do poems
significant enough they will need to be scanned to
for consistent use. show alterations they made to
Like the make the piece more
extempdex it will presentable to help future
need constant students.
Get a collection of As soon as Im Students This makes students proud of
speeches hired I will begin Computer their work and encourages
collecting Speeches them to do well. It also gives
impressive students entering the program
speeches students to see the work others have
write to show done. Also in some cases you
future students can use the speeches of others
past work. At the to do events.
end of the first
year this should
be compiled, but it
will be added on
to every year.
Get magazine This will be Students in Articles are nice, but what you
subscription to The started and Extemporaneous find can be unreliable and
Economist for maintained as speaking organizing miscellaneous
extempdex soon as the $12 per 12 weeks (from articles can be frankly
program budget program budget or grants unorganized. Magazines, such
allots it. if necessary) as the economist, are
Extempdex consistent and easy to use.
Computer This allows an expansion to the
extemptdex to further help
students in this event. Once
this subscription is obtained
the articles inside will be
cataloged and put in the
extempdex. Having worked
with magazines for the
extempdex I felt The
Economist had the most
articles and most useful
information for its price.
Different magazine
subscriptions can be added
based on need and budget.